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Foreign Policy and US Allies: Anti-Trump Establishment's Next Targets

flags of israel and taiwan on flagpoles waving in the breeze
The flags of Israel and Taiwan: Are they the left's next targets to get at Trump? (Liskonogaleksey/Dreamstime)

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The 2020 elections, and the unholy alliance between leftist ideology and "journalism" is causing confrontation in American society like it has never been seen before. The three-prong strategy of the anti-Trump establishment has failed in its first two movements. First, they directly attacked Trump with the Russia hoax, and failed. Second, through the recent riots, they attacked the moral reserves of the Republic, law enforcement, the military and church, they also failed. Their third and last movement will be against the Trump allies, both at home and abroad.

Back in January, in my column titled "2020 Divisiveness and the Wilderness of Mirrors Down South" I wrote the following:

Without a doubt, 2020 will be a tumultuous year for the American people, with such a divisive and ideologically charged election cycle ahead. For sure, an embarrassing lack of civility and respect in the political arena should be expected, as well as unfair and unjust media and social media campaigns to dishearten and silence the conservative silent majority. Moreover, it seems like there is a specific line of divisive rhetoric coming from liberal politicians, pundits, and celebrities aimed at causing confrontation between and amongst races and even amongst minorities.

I wrote this hoping that I would be proved wrong, but convinced that it would happen anyway, because all the signs were there; the leftist masses had been manipulated into a feral, destructive mentality and all they needed was a detonator, an excuse to go out on their propaganda induced, criminal rampage. The outrage over the murder of George Floyd, at the hands of a cop whose badge should have been take away years ago but was protected by a perverse "politically correct system," was hijacked and lost to a devious and dangerous global political movement.

The fourth pillar is falling

It is not the first time that the USA has gone through a wave of social unrest. Since 2008, there have been protests and riots, almost every year. Before that, during the 1960s and '70s racially and politically motivated protests and riots provoked great divisiveness in American society and left some scars that are still visible and felt today.

Undoubtedly, elections have accentuated the tone and the background of these manifestations of human frustration, social dissatisfaction or political desperation. However, the politicized participation of news media, had never been so biased, overt and disingenuous as it is today. It could even be argued that protests and riots in the past have always had the direct participation of anti-American criminal groups, weaponized activism and foreign intervention, but not today's repugnant, dishonest, and willing participation of news media conglomerates.

The hypocritical and shameless partisan disinformation and misinformation campaigns run by U.S. news media outlets, can only be compared to those run by totalitarian regimes around the world, yet with only partial success, if anything. They managed to embolden a paid for, weaponized army of leftist activists, and incite the participation of hordes of criminals that under the cover of "peaceful protesters" destroyed and looted small business and high-end label stores alike.

In other words, U.S. news media justified, legitimized and incited crime, violence and indirectly provoked the murder of many innocent Americans. The purported fourth pillar of society, has been fractured from within, by the dishonesty and unethical "reporting" of corporate news media.

The democratization of journalism saved the day

While the chaos and barbarism of the out-of-control masses was conveniently being ignored by news media, it was being directly recorded and transmitted all over the world by the criminals themselves showing off their violent rampage and by citizens who were honestly participating in what they thought were peaceful protests. The age of social media and mobile phones, has made "citizen journalism" both a positive and a negative part of modern society, that those who seek to inform or influence and deceive, have to take into account and still figure out how it affects (favorably or unfavorably) their editorial lines or propagandist, partisan narratives.

Luckily for the Republic, citizen journalism saved the day, and even though protests and small pockets of violence are still going on, the true intentions behind the protests and the and riots are now obvious: The leftist establishment, including news media wanted to entrap President Trump; they wanted him to make socially condemnable decisions. Through violence, looting, vandalism and propaganda they tried to bait him into ordering the repression of the rioters, and create martyrs for their now debunked and crippled plan.

The writing is on the wall 

Since January, the writing had been on the wall; desperation was taking ahold of all those opposed to the presidency of Donald Trump. The Russian hoax had been defeated, and exposed, and the economy-crippling coronavirus lockdowns had become politically and unsustainable. Furthermore, the lack of civility and divisive rhetoric by politicians, pundits, celebrities and journalists was creating sort of a News Fatigue Syndrome in viewers, listeners and even on die-hard followers.

With all these, they needed to go against the citizenry and national unity — and attack the moral reserves of the country, law enforcement, the military and church. For this, a martyr, a cause and a detonator were needed. Mr. Flynn was murdered, and the rest is history; the protests began and within hours, they were hijacked by political agitators, violent activists and criminals. However, President Trump did not fall into their traps; with the law in his hand (pun intended), he managed to take most of the steam out of the now politicized riots.

Their next tactic, out of the organized crime textbook

Unfortunately, the political war between the Trump presidency and its opponents is not over yet. Just like drug cartels do, Trump's enemies will now go against his administration's friends, at home and abroad, in a cheap attempt to weaken the outer support structure of the administration. It does not take much to figure out which are the two countries — allies of the U.S. and models of democracy and liberty in their regions —that will be targeted by the international cabal, whose survival depends on their ousting Trump from the presidency.

Taiwan and Israel, the next targets

Beyond any doubt now, it is known that China failed to contain the spread of coronavirus and could have acted in bad faith by allowing it to spread beyond the Wuhan region on to the entire world. While the world was dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and the U.S. attention was on the violent riots spreading all over the country, the communist government of China-PRC was busy executing its plan to take over Hong Kong.

As it passed a bill imposing their national security legislation on the island, thousands of Hong Kongers, most of them young students and hundreds of them minors, were being arrested and hauled into prison for opposing China's slow, but secure takeover. It is not a secret that the communist regime's "China Dream" includes the reunification by force of the Republic of China-Taiwan, and during the pandemic crisis, has not stopped harassing and threatening the independence of the small island.

To manipulate U.S. public opinion and make sure that the U.S. would not pay attention to their aggressive maneuvers, China-PRC has paid major U.S. news media over $10 million to print pro-Communist Party propaganda disguised as news reports. Furthermore, as part of its defense and smokescreens, China-PRC has been mobilizing its own army of surrogate trolls, composed of U.S. companies, athletes, actors and pundits, even politicians owned by or paid (overtly and covertly) through the Chinese Communist Party's investment strategies and schemes.

The guerrilla-like ANTIFA movement, that has been spreading throughout the world in the last several years, behind its path of violence and destruction, always leaves a trail of clues and marks that hint at the involvement of organizations that relish in their antisemitism and hate for the state of Israel. Even during the recent Floyd protests and riots in the U.S.; vandalism, pamphlets, tweets, and threats against the Jewish community and Israel were distributed and spread, mainly in California, Virginia, Washington D.C. and New York.

Just like in every protest and riot where ANTIFA and leftist activist organizations have participated, anti-Israel and antisemitic propaganda was disseminated, and surprisingly not sufficiently covered nor condemned by mainstream news media, politicians, pundits and public figures. It is ironic that many of these leftist groups protesting against racism all over the world, actively partake in antisemitism and openly promote and justify hatred and violence towards the Jewish community and the people of Israel. Even during the worst part of the coronavirus crisis, these groups spread propaganda blaming Israel and the Jewish people for the creation and spread of the coronavirus.

The close relationship of the Trump administration with President Tsai Ing-Wen of Taiwan, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, and the assertive foreign policy decisions that have strengthened the U.S. position in the Middle East and the Asia Pacific regions, put both Taiwan and Israel at risk of becoming targets of the anti-Trump establishment's actions, especially during these last few months prior to the elections.

The writing is on the wall, Trump's friends at home and abroad will be targeted, through smear campaigns, disinformation, bad-faith diplomacy, and maybe even direct actions (terrorist attacks, blockades, censorships, boycotts, etc.). As the old adage goes, "Hard times will always reveal true friends", these hard times prior to the elections will reveal the true friends of the USA, and the republic for which it stands.

Mario Duarte is the youngest and longest serving Secretary of Strategic Intelligence to hold office in Guatemala, as well as one of the youngest intelligence chiefs in the world. His professional credentials include more than 18 years of experience in the fields of intelligence, national security, consulting, and strategy development in several countries. Mr. Duarte earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Houston, MBA from Rice University, postgraduate degree from Ortega Gasset Institute-Spain, and completed his PhD studies in National Security at San Carlos University Guatemala. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram: @mario_a_duarte. Read Mario Duarte's Reports — More Here.

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The three-prong strategy of the anti-Trump establishment has failed in its first two movements.
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Thursday, 11 June 2020 08:18 AM
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