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Latest Opinion Posts
Backdoor Price Caps on Credit Cards Will Make Them Unaffordable
From preventing people from enjoying fun perks, to the serious impacts the policy would have on lower-income Americans, small businesses, and neighborhood financial institutions, Durbin and Marshall’s plan would hurt almost every American.
Deflate the Inflation Reduction Act
IRA would fight inflation through higher government spending. This is like battling alcoholism with just one more round of drinks.
Don't Look for Inflation Reduction to Come from Capitol Hill
That Democrats would name their reconciliation bill the Inflation Reduction Act is dishonest, even by the low standards of Washington politics. Most of the reform package's proposals would push the economy in the wrong direction.
IRS Burden of Proof: Guilty Until Proven Innocent
This year as you fill out your tax forms, we urge you to remember in the America of the IRS you are always considered guilty until you can prove yourself innocent.
By Michael Reagan with Michael R. Shannon
Wokism at Work: James Madison Now on Chopping Block
Madison, though a slave owner, helped create a framework for one day abolishing slavery. By the standards of their contemporary world, America’s founders were deeply progressive in their desire to eliminate slavery — and far out of step with most of the rest of the world.
Bodycam Footage Shows Why Cops Must Cooperate, Communicate
Life is tough nowadays for cops at all levels - federal, state and local. And this makes cooperation, communication and understanding among them all the more important.A video has been making the rounds on social media the last few days that should terrify not only every...
58 Percent Fear War in Ukraine Will Lead to US-Russia War
Fifty-eight percent of voters are worried that the war in Ukraine will lead to a war between Russia and the United States, including 16% who are Very Worried.
RIP Mike Long, a True Friend to Many
It was an honor to have Mike Long as a friend not because of who he knew, but because of who he was.
Biden HHS Rule Threatens Religious Rights
The Biden administration has already proved to be a radical advocate of abortion-on-demand and transgender rights. Worse, these policies almost always come at the expense of religious liberty.
Dems Release Beast Bill Menagerie Ahead of Midterm Shootout
Facing a predicted loss of their slim congressional voting advantage in November midterm elections, Democrats are pushing to enact massive tax and spend agendas by a last-ditch blitz of legislative fantasies, furies and fiat of brute force.
Dershowitz: Is the Jewish Democratic Council Really Jewish - or Just Democrats?
We certainly should have no loyalty to organizations such as the Jewish Democratic Council that hides its true priorities behind the misleading label "Jewish." There is nothing Jewish about their agenda.
High Court's Dissent Gives Hope to Media Smear Victims
The most famous defense of free speech in the Western world hails from John Stuart Mill. The 18th century philosopher was a free speech absolutist. Mill argued that truth prevails when there is unfettered debate. Mill's argument is delineated in his essay, On Liberty,...
A Modest Proposal to Fix some of What Plagues America
It makes a mockery of the oath of office to seat a member based upon an Oath or Affirmation to support this Constitution unless the elected official had at least a working knowledge of what the Constitution says.
Medicare Resolution Would Be Bad for Today's Seniors, Worse for Tomorrow's
The endless conundrum of modern health care - particularly for a nation-state as enormous as the United States - is that if there were an easy solution, we'd already be doing it.
Left's Green Gimmicks Don't Hide Real Problems
Energy costs have skyrocketed. Families are working overtime to pay their electric bills and bus drivers are switching routes in order to conserve their fuel intake. Biden, however, is guilting these same people for not making "greener" energy choices.
More Congressional Meddling Won't Put More Planes in the Sky
Sens. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and Alex Padilla, D-Calif., recently asked the Department of Transportation to fine airlines for delays and cancellations and prevent airline consolidation. Warren and Padilla's demands will hurt passengers rather than help them.
Reframing Narrative on Abortion Means Seeing It Realistically
On the same day that Kansas (yes, Dorothy, it was Kansas) voted against allowing the legislature to ban abortion, the Justice Department announced that it was bringing suit against Idaho, which has the near absolute bar that Kansas rejected. In explaining the Justice...
Justice Roberts Twists Logic, Prioritizes Court's Image Over the Law
Justice Roberts was fudging his decision to fit a pre-ordained conclusion that might buffer the court from public criticism.
Number of Monkeypox Cases at Odds with Public Health Anxiety
Newsmax reported on July 29 that a survey from the Annenberg Public Policy Center found that 20% of American adults were "worried about contracting the monkeypox virus."
For Now, Biden's 'Never Again' Are Empty Words
On July 14, President Joe Biden stood in Jerusalem next to the prime minister of Israel and said that he visited the Holocaust memorial at Yad Vashem immediately after arriving there "to bear witness, to remember, to renew our vow of: never — never again."
Ruddy: Big Tech Needs to Be Limited, JCPA Does That
Big Tech platforms have destroyed the business models for small publishers and nearly killed off local news altogether.
Here's Five Reasons Why Your Student Should Forgo a Gap Year
If your student is considering taking time off, it's important they understand how their decision can affect their future.
In Washington, Honesty Is Such a Lonely Word
Our president and Congress are imploding in the polls, and what we get from them are word games.
Is Taiwan's Independence Worth War?
An air-naval-and-missile war in the Western Pacific and East Asia would be no cakewalk.
Why There Is No Post-Roe v. Wade Blue Wave Coming
The Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade was merely a strong move toward greater federalism — yet like it or not, abortion shall always remain widely available.
Al-Zawahri's End Reminds: Killers of Americans Will Meet with Justice
The ending of al-Zawahri’s life in 2022, two decades after 9/11, has an historical and emotional dimension for Americans, and bears witness, though it may take long years of pursuit, killers of Americans will be met with American justice under any president.
Iran's Cruelty to Dogs Violates Islam, but Opposes the West
It is hard to conceive of a society where respect for animals is not considered a value. But in Iran, disrespect for animals is the official modus operandi. And it extends beyond stray dogs at shelters. In Teheran, it is illegal to walk a dog in a park.
Putin Prioritizes Abstract Political Goals Over Human Consequences
Russia's war against Ukraine illustrates the danger of excess attachment to abstract political goals, no matter how desirable we may consider them.
No Inflation Relief With Schumer-Manchin Deal
No Inflation Relief With Schumer, Manchin Legislation
Pent Up Demand Means We Should Stop Singing Recession Blues
This writer has been right on this in the past. On June 25, 2009, anchoring my own nightly show on CNBC, I declared the Great Recession was ending. Buy stocks, I advised then.
A Left Win on War of Words Could Change Society
We have seen the signs of an impending war on words within our political divide perpetuated by the left.
Why Mideast Universities Should Be Investigated
In addition to rapidly rising tuition bills imposed on vulnerable and already highly discontented developing world populations, every year AUB and AUC receive millions of dollars in U.S. taxpayer funds and millions more in tax-deductible charitable gifts.
When Politics Prosecute Officers No One Is Safe
As long as officers like Darby can be targeted by corrupt, incompetent, or politically motivated prosecutors, and thugs are allowed to wreak havoc on our communities with impunity, no one is safe.
Heed Alito's Warnings on Religious Freedom
Justice Samuel Alito recently delivered the keynote speech at Notre Dame Law School's Religious Liberty Summit in Rome.The justice's participation in the conference came as a surprise to many, since his speaker role had not been announced in advance.He is one of the present...
US Foreign Policy Has Become Theater of the Absurd
The failures in diplomacy and foreign policy mount. When will we demand accountability from our leaders for a losing record that imperils us at home while we struggle with a recession?
Count on Dems' Tax and Spend to Aggravate Biden Stagflation
Unless and until government officials and voters understand that government spending should be under 25% of the economy, we can expect years of weak economic growth and inflationary pressures.
Tulsa CRT Showdown Demonstrates GOP Weakness
In Tulsa, public educators are flouting a law that bans critical race theory and other racially divisive curricula in the classroom. This is putting Republicans on the spot and unfortunately, they are showing yet again that they are not up to taking on the organized Radical...
How They Flirt Can Give Short-Term Daters Away
If you are looking for a durable relationship, responding to overtures that are ordinary, as opposed to off-the-wall, appears to be a safer social strategy.
Make Wrongful Detention Far More Costly for Our Adversaries
Mr. President, you know the power you have. Use your office. In full-throat, instruct your cabinet to prioritize hostage recovery cooperation in their agencies, sternly and repeatedly.
Enlightened Approaches to Law Enforcement Ruin Calif.
There were 195 fires in homeless encampments in Oakland, California, over two years that ended in March. In April, someone died in a fire sparked by the toxic-stew squalor in the area known as Wood Street.There are frequent fires under freeways, where an interchange near...
Elite Socialism Has Easy Access Through ESG
There are a myriad of forces at work within and outside the United States that aim to remake and advance an elite socialist grip on how businesses are governed and how our economy works.
Roe Reversal a Victory for Human Rights, Not Catholic Theology
If one reads the decision, one will easily grasp that the majority opinion held that the power to legally permit or not to permit abortion resides with the states, not the Federal judiciary.
Has Pro-choice Camp Declared War on Crisis Pregnancy Centers?
Anti-abortion pregnancy centers are not forcing women to have their babies. But many pregnant women consider abortion because they fear it is their only option. When presented with assistance, they feel empowered to make a different choice.
Why Your Firearms Are None of Govt's Business
No sooner had the Supreme Court released its decision last month recognizing the personal right to carry a handgun outside the home than the big-government politicians began to resist the court's holding.
Border Crossings: American Citizen-Taxpayers vs. Migrant Illegals-Cartels ... and Govt Lawlessness
The shocking comparisons between how my husband and I as American citizens were mandated, regulated, harassed, detained, and ... prevented from returning to our own country and the unleashed illegal migrant invasion of America’s borders is crucial to grasp.
Obamacare Enriches Insurers, Bankrupts Patients
In relation to healthcare, it is fair to say at this point that the past few years have obviously been the toughest that Americans have been faced with in the modern era, with an ongoing pandemic and dwindling access to care that is increasing exponentially in cost.
Pa. Senate Race Defies Conventional Wisdom
If you are looking for conventional wisdom metrics that D.C. reporters and strategists use to outline what is going on in the race for the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, the short and the long answer is there are none.
Learning from Afghanistan, Iraq Essential To Rebuilding Ukraine
Right now, we are only giving the Ukrainians enough weapons to extend the conflict, but not enough to win it. The only honorable options are to either give the Ukrainians enough to win this war before the winter or settle this conflict.
Ending Human Trafficking Mandates Commitment to End It
The State Department notes that 21 countries including Cyprus, Germany, and Iceland, were upgraded a tier for their increasing efforts to combat human trafficking. A total of 18 countries, however, were downgraded, including Brunei, Cambodia, and Vietnam.
Going Back to the Stone Age Won't Save Us
We can switch to electric cars and oust gasoline, turn to solar panels for electricity and ban coal, but these will not reverse climate change. The U.N. is a stage for words, but anyone hangs his or her hopes on the U.N., they should not count on it; it will not do any good.
Double Standard of Justice Proving Deadly
As of several weeks ago, 855 Trump supporters had been arrested by U.S. Department of Justice officials for their involvement in the activities of January 6, 2021. Of that group, 300 have pleaded guilty to criminal conduct and 80 have been imprisoned.
A Battle in Kansas to Save Unborn Lives
What the U.S. Supreme Court restored to citizens nationwide should not be taken away from Kansans by their Supreme Court.
Putin Unlikely to Let Up on Ukraine
President Vladimir Putin has no incentive to stop the war in Ukraine. He has no reason to seek a peaceful settlement.
Black Families, Others Casualties of Left's 'Help'
New polling indicates that the Democratic Party is moving away from the party of the working class to the party of the elites. No longer are working-class issues their primary concerns.
Have Americans Moved Past Lockdowns and Fear?
The PSA is like shouting "Fire!" in a crowded theater — after turning out the lights on the exit signs.
End Inflation, Return to Rational Economics by Ending Fed
When the central bank manipulates the money supply, it arbitrarily changes the value of money, making it impossible for market actors to determine those values.
What Did Biden Achieve on His Mideast Trip?
Now that the president’s trip and stops with long-standing U.S. allies is over, I would opine that little if anything positive would be achieved should have been expected, and regrets were much more likely, given the status quo.
It's Not Complicated: Abortion Is Murder
Abortion is murder. It’s not complicated. But why it should be a cheering point for the Democratic Party is a mystery to me. Life is a miracle gift from God. Why it should be taken away without a compelling reason is an evil mystery.
Fleitz: Biden Saudi Visit Does More Harm Than Good
There's a certain protocol when leaders of friendly nations meet. In public, they are congenial and talk about their close relationship. There's a lot of smiling. If there are any contentious issues, they handled in private.
Action Plans Can Take You Out of Problems, Into Happiness
Developing an action plan, I became a happy camper again. I realized I was too busy trying to take care of my problems and I wasn't taking care of myself in the context of them.
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