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Weak Missouri RINOs, propped up by sad, national RINOs, are seen as frauds across the country.
To be human is to err. To be Catholic is to seek forgiveness. And to deserve forgiveness, we need to say we’re sorry.
If we were starting a new political system that had two crucial features of the one we have today, a powerful high court and strong political partisanship, we might well put term limits on judges. Getting from here to there, though, seems impossible.
We want justice, because we value liberty. So we must demand true justice, while staying principled conservatives.
Maduro has always had the power to ease the economic pain being inflicted on Venezuela. So far, however, he has chosen his own survival over that of his country.
Growing up in Texas, Juneteenth has been a holiday for me all my life. A time to BBQ, a time to pray, and a time to celebrate freedom.
President Joe Biden all but gave away the farm during last week's meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin - and mainstream media refused to acknowledge that the meeting was anything but a rousing success.
The Alaska political landscape shook like a 7.0 magnitude earthquake on June 18, the day Donald J. Trump endorsed Kelly Tshibaka for Senate.
If little else to brag about, Joe Biden has made good on his pre-election promise that he would be entirely unlike Donald Trump … with no more of those annoying tweets.
It was refreshing when Hart recently made the decision to weigh in on cancel culture. “When did we get to a point where life was supposed to be perfect?" Hart asked.
This week, Juneteenth became a national holiday. For me this is a dream come true.
Don’t say you haven’t been warned.
By Michael Reagan with Michael R. Shannon
When we see the flag flying during summer holidays, let us remember the men who sacrificed for our freedoms. Let us celebrate the men who are prepared to do the same in our age.
Joe Biden’s soft-on-slavery policies surely have Abraham Lincoln, the Great Emancipator, rotating in his casket.
The only titles on this list eligible are productions where a sitting U.S. president (real or fictional) is the main character or the principal plot is about the presidency in some form or fashion.
At least half the US population can’t wait to get back to normal; same goes for the folks in the Intermarium, also because of energy security. Otherwise, go nuclear!
Not only do Americans' views on religion and morality collide, but we also seem ever more rancorously divided now on matters of history and race. If we Americans cannot even agree on which heroes and holidays are to be celebrated together, does that not tell us something?
CRT seeks to upend the progress America has made toward acceptance and understanding among the races.
The Last Days of New York is a sobering read that ably describes why “under de Blasio and the Progressive ascendency, New York has seen a turn towards seediness and decay.”
Historical accuracy was never the point in promoting Juneteenth.
Joe Biden has found his niche of voters; that segment of the electorate who know fully well he is not Donald John Trump.
You’ll hear more about Iran in the coming days as the Biden administration announces its re-entry into the Iran nuclear deal. That misguided plan has serious implications for the American people.
By Bryan E. Leib with Len Khodorkovsky
We await all the anti-Catholic bigots who will maintain that we have too many Catholics on the Supreme Court.
Grace is not merely standing by, doing nothing or turning the other cheek against God’s enemies. No, not at all.
I believe that model of fatherhood was his greatest gift to his children, especially his two sons. And, because he taught my brother and me, by example, how to be good dads, that model was also his greatest gift to our children, the grandchildren he never knew.
This unnecessary summit will promote this perception and bolster the leader of a state determined to undermine U.S. interests globally and support American enemies.
Can the DOJ engage in a fishing expedition looking for leaks? Can it obtain personal records of members of Congress? Can it silence those who know about this?
Because as the Southern Baptists go, so goes the nation.
While we can learn something from virtually every culture, to say that all cultures are the same is ignorant. They are not. ...
In the survey, the concept of America as a melting pot was described as a place where immigrants and new ethnic groups assimilate into our nation’s mainstream culture. ...
The Biden administration is desperate to depict Obamacare as a success. But the latest coverage figures from HHS tell a different story -- one where more Americans depend on a broken government entitlement and the least well-off patients face additional barriers to care.
The chaotic nature of USPS fiscal management truly demands that we don’t throw away essential precautions. ...
This escalation of political skirmishing is what helped to create today’s extremely contentious atmosphere. The united opposition to Trump includes militant advocacy groups and a large socialist contingent.
''Love your neighbor as yourself.'' This is the only constitution that is suitable for our country and our people, and the only mode of governance that will make Israel a welcome state among the nations. ...
The country has apparently been mesmerized by fear of COVID-19 and by faith that forcing everyone to get injected is the one and only key to release us from lockdowns.
Advocates of the policies of equitable prosperity, like Arthur B. Laffer, valiantly conquered the policies that fostered misery. ...
American citizens should befamiliar with  Senate Democrats being fiscally irresponsible, but Republicans should be outraged that 38% of their Senate conference opted to vote for an act that is ambiguous and unfurnished.
Israelis have a romantic optimism about their future.
Our media is just Marxism plus 24-hour news cycles. ...
The U.S. must not allow itself to be degraded by our friends or our foes. Global peace and stability depend on the strength and influence that America projects.
Trump hobbled regulations, made foreign policy strides, and had legislative victories. Unfortunately, they are all being reversed in the Biden era.
Democrats control the House and the White House, while the Senate is equally divided, and Vice President Kamala Harris has the deciding vote in case of a 50-50 tie. Republican senators can avoid that situation if they meet demands of at least one Democrat.
Banning ICBMs would undermine and destabilize the foundations of nuclear deterrence in ways more likely to realize the worst fears of anti-ICBM activists.
If voters don't have confidence in the integrity of elections, we will be unable to continue using elections to determine who will hold offices. The system needs to be iron-clad enough so that bad losers claiming that an election they have just lost was "rigged" would be laughed out of town.
Key to regaining our liberty is making government officials abide by the same rules against the initiation of violence that apply to private citizens.
This energy will be unstoppable wherever there are Americans ready to take back their country.
Netanyahu successes far outweigh his mistakes. Even if he never returns to power, Netanyahu was a transformative leader.
America is now seriously teetering on the brink of tyranny. The great intellectual Thomas Sowell warned back in 2011 that if Biden became president: "There may be no turning back."
To understand what is at play here, one has to understand the gamesmanship of Washington, D.C.
Happy Birthday, Mr. President. Thanks for your service to our country.
"Everyone has different talents, but we all have something to contribute. And that's what needs to be fostered in kids. Everyone, everyone has something to contribute."
Nowadays, not only do we not understand opposing arguments, for far too many, we’re not even exposed to opposing views.
It is as dangerous to our nation as throwing a lit match into a pail of gasoline—it could explode.
The issue of hacking is certainly not exclusively an American problem, as globally, an attack that mimicked elements of the monumental 2017 WannaCry attack targeted the Irish healthcare system just days after the Colonial Pipeline Hack.
Prominent Democrats make a point of never discussing, much less apologizing for, their party’s very own long and horrific history of systemic racism. Because, among other reasons, they still need and use race to win elections.
A man and woman have been charged with the shooting of a 6-year-old boy on a California freeway, involving firing at the victim's car after a traffic dispute. People across the nation are asking: why? What factors cause driving disputes to turn deadly?
If Democrats are serious about reducing crime, let’s start by prosecuting violent criminals to the fullest extent of the law and defending, not defunding, our police because not just Black lives, but all lives matter.
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