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Bragg Has Opened a Pandora's Box
The tactic of using a local jury to indict for alleged federal or national wrongdoing was long advocated for by a few prominent local district attorneys with strong views on national issues and has culminated in Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg's opening up a legal Pandora's box.
Redemption Still Possible in America
In a world eager for scandal and redemption, the story of Carl and Laura Lentz stands as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.
Are Grandmas Always a Blessing?
Sadly, I get way too many calls from grandmothers about hurt feelings.Here is an example: A grandmother complains that in her opinion, she should have certain rights and expectations with respect to the grandkids.What? There are no such automatic rights and privileges.
62 Percent of 'Elites': Reducing Emissions Outweighs Affordability
Sixty-two percent (62%) of RMG-described politically active elites say that reducing greenhouse gas emissions is more important than keeping the price of cars low enough that families can afford them.
Is Your App Selling Your Data to Insurance Companies?
Smartphones are a big part of our lives now. We use them for everything: getting directions, checking social media, tracking our workouts, and shopping. But did you know some apps are collecting your data and selling it to insurance companies?
Coming to a Neighborhood Near You: Crime Epidemic
It happened right in front of my house. Last Friday morning, at 3:30 a.m. to be exact, my nanny heard noises. She went to the window and saw two men climbing under her late model Toyota Tacoma truck.
EVs Lose Their Spark; Can Trump's Policies Ignite Demand?
Former and prospective future President Trump has said that if elected he will end a Biden administration mandate requiring EVs to comprise half of new vehicle sales by 2030 and eliminate a current preferential EV purchase tax credit worth up to $7,500.
SCOTUS: Congress Makes Laws; White House Implements Them
The term "machine gun" is defined in 26 US Code §5845(b) as "any weapon which shoots, is designed to shoot, or can be readily restored to shoot, automatically more than one shot, without manual reloading, by a single function of the trigger."
Next Chapter in the Newsmax Success Story? An IPO
Chris Ruddy founded Newsmax as a digital media company in 1998, it has survived the internet crash, the Great Meltdown of 2008, and the Obama era. Since the 2020 election, Newsmax has grown faster than any other major cable news channel.
Gov. Kathy Hochul is a political lightweight. Her inability to manage the staggering cost of government and destructive quality of life policies is destroying the Empire State fiscally, economically, and culturally.
Biden White House Can't Even Get Dog Obedience Training  Right
The Biden’s have had two dogs in the White House and both had to be sent away after repeated attacks on personnel. After a while we begin to wonder if maybe the dogs are just reflecting the personality of their owner?
By Michael Reagan with Michael R. Shannon
Biden Is Hell-bent on Handing Hamas Victory - Why?
An Israeli victory would deal a crushing blow to the Obama-Biden realignment project, empowering Israel in the eyes of its Arab neighbors. So, for Team Biden, Hamas’s survival is necessary. A necessary evil.
EU Parliament Turns Noticeably Right, Left Shrinks
Although the EU Parliament is largely symbolic, and the so-called "far-right" that is gaining ground in Europe could pass as a center-left, anti-immigration party in the U.S., the good news is that common sense is prevailing. Let’s make sure we maintain this momentum.
Bidens' Actions Don't Pass Smell Test
You see, there's another issue that follows the first relative of a president to be convicted of a felony — greed.
Trump Should Plan for Transition to Presidency - Now
By Election Day 2012, Romney's team had selected all 4,000 appointees, and it had detailed plans for each agency. It could be helpful to implement some of the strategies from Romney's transition Team as well as those from other transitions.
Pope Meets With Comedians; Who Has the Last Laugh?
Stephen Colbert has compared the Eucharist to Doritos.
Justices Not Immune to Partisanship, but Should Model Respect
Every public figure, for better or worse, needs to assume that nothing they say outside their own homes is truly private.
If We Can't Pray, Our Spiritual Roots are Lost
That shows how far down the road we have gone away from our spiritual roots as a country. But Patrick Henry warned us: “It is when a people forget God, that tyrants forge their chains.”
Is Pittsburgh Stronger Than Antisemitism's Hatred?
A little over five years after the deadliest attack on any Jewish community in the United States, barefaced antisemitism has emerged from the darkness with a blatancy and boldness that is breathtaking to behold.
Israel Defends Itself, the World Says It's Genocide
Time has passed all too quickly. in late 2020, when there was still excitement in the air about the election, I, a Jew, the descendant of eons of Jews, did not even think that my daily life would be largely run with ominous music playing all day and all night in my head....
Left Hates Hearing Byron Donalds' Truth
Florida Republican Rep. Byron Donalds, a Black conservative and someone whose name has been floated on Donald Trump's "short list" of possible VP running mates, is getting a taste of the unpleasantness of personal attacks.
There Is No Equating Trump, Biden Trials
Trump found himself in a hostile venue, featuring conflicts of interest, star witnesses with credibility gaps, and evidence short on relevance and long on salaciousness. On the other hand Hunter’s trial played out in a friendly venue.
AI Can Recreate History, and Pose Dangers
Seventy years ago, Chief Justice Earl Warren read the Supreme Court'ss opinion in Brown v. Board of Education. I recently listened to a recording of Warren announcing the decision in 1954. This would be unremarkable had not recorders been forbidden in the court then.
'24 Elections About Getting Left Tyranny Out of Politics, Schools
In last week's European Parliamentary elections, citizens in country after country rejected left-wing policies. Predictably, left-leaning major media outlets across the globe decried these results as Europe "lurching" to the "far right."
One Word Describes Joe Biden's Asylum Program: Ridiculous
Can you imagine a scenario where anti-crime advocates were pushing weak district attorneys to prosecute those committing aggravated assault, rape, or shoplifting? Can you imagine the district attorney saying we will limit our authority to prosecute any of these people?
On Economy, Biden Should Follow Javier Milei's Lead
Our current president would be more successful if he reversed course, ending the spending orgy that's undermining the American family and restoring a sense of fiscal responsibility to the nation's budget.
Stop Believing Lies and 1984 Can Be Stopped in '24
Americans still read George Orwell's "Nineteen Eighty-Four," 75 years after it was first published on June 8, 1949. At the time, the year 1984 was far in the future; now it's 40 years in the past. Yet our present feels more than ever like Orwell's dystopia.
Short or Long War, Israel Will Fight On
Modern-day Israel is not built for long conflicts. Short wars - think the Six-Day War - is where it excelled. And while its desire for short wars is both a source of pride and a necessary reality, Israel will not give up if a war drags on. When it must, Israel will fight on.
To Win, Conservatives Must Learn Key Elements of Persuasion
While snowflakes both left and right whine about "big" money in politics, billionaire Rep. David Trone, D-Md., just spent $62 million to lose the primary election for U.S. senator from Maryland to a county executive, Angela Alsobrooks, despite his outspending her 9-1.
GOP Must Learn Fast That Winning Doesn't Equal Governing
We always underperform. And, then we show our dysfunction to the whole world by needing thirty votes to elect a House speaker. What’s our problem?
Time for Real Truth About the Pandemic
A group of Dutch medical researchers is igniting a firestorm by calling for an investigation of the deaths caused by vaccine mandates and lockdowns imposed on the public during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Ukraine War Survivors Have Long Road to Healing
Galina Itskovich is using Zoom to provide emergency mental health advice to Olena Yahupova. A war crimes victim in Ukraine.
Car Wreck: Granting Illegal Immigrants Driver's Licenses
Not only has Biden opened our borders, now he is granting rights and privileges reserved for Americans to criminals who have infiltrated our country. As citizens, we cannot stand idly by while our country is compromised from within.
'Badfellas' Joe Biden, Robert DeNiro: Raging Peas in a Pod
Biden, 81, and DeNiro, 80, deserve each other. They are a pair of mean, cranky, decaying Democrats, gushing anger, resentment, and hate at their political opponents. In a word, "Badfellas."
Jill Biden Not Giving Up First Lady Gig Anytime Soon
She did not have to make four 3,741 mile trips, across the Atlantic Ocean to France and back to the United States, crossing six time-zones, on the taxpayer’s dime.
Trump's Legal Woes Part of a Broad Strategy to Suppress Dissent
The New York legal system political vendetta attacks on Trump are an attack on the American spirit. Justice is being sacrificed for power and political control. Election 2024 is about saving the soul of America.
When It Comes to Speaking, Biden Should Learn 'Less Is More'
Let's stipulate that Ronald Reagan’s Normandy speech at Point-du-Hoc, Normandy on June 6, 1984 was masterful, powerful, evocative, and ageless.
Palestine Not Legitimate; World Should Not Recognize
The recognition of the naked emperor, in this case the recognition of a non-existent Palestinian state, is a grave error that continues to be perpetuated by world leaders who refuse to see the truth.
Libertarian Party a Consistently Idealistic Elections Spoiler
In an election cycle marked by unpredictability, at least one thing remains constant for voters: the Libertarian Party. True to form, the party continues to champion their own cause with passion and zeal, even if it means forever playing the spoiler.
Why Next President Needs to Scrap Enhanced Subsidies
The Affordable Care Act's defenders are sounding the alarm over the health law's future under a possible second Trump presidency.The conventional wisdom suggests that, should Donald Trump win in November, the enhanced premium subsidies signed into law by President Biden.
Hiding Presidential Illness a Disturbing Pattern
This is not the first time a president’s medical condition was hidden from the public. Democrats have done it four other times.
Are You an Age Imposter, Disliked for Looking Young?
Although socially, physical appearance is a relevant factor at any age, genuine qualities such as kindness, interest, attention, and respect are ageless and timeless. First impressions involve both looks and likability, which includes the way other people make us feel.
The Time for Talk Will End Soon, WW III Looms
If this national security team has failed at everything they have done, and they have, do we really want to trust them to guide us through the Third World War? Decide quickly; your life depends on it.
Left Has No Idea What Lawfare Has Unleashed, and Don't Care
But the Democrat-lawfare complex's serial overreaches have now removed any doubt as to the blatant impartiality and patent unfairness of our regnant legal order. It is impossible not to be jaded or cynical.
Revoking of Steve Bannon's Bail Reckless
This is not a violent crime or one involving guns or state secrets. There’s no intrinsic rush or societal need for Steve Bannon to be incarcerated.
Congressional Veterans Inspire by Honoring Greatest Generation
I am concerned that many of our younger generation don't understand what it really means to be an American and don't have an appreciation of what our men and women in uniform have done over the years to give us the freedom we enjoy today.
Normandy 80 Years Ago: Recalling Complex Hero Gen. Patton
His leadership during Operation Cobra, a coordinated air and ground attack, demonstrated his ability to execute large-scale maneuvers with precision and speed.
Our Portfolios May Grow, but Will Our Morality?
Let’s be clear: it was not "conservative culture warriors" who injected the trans controversy into beer sales promotions. It was Bud Light/Anheuser-Busch who did so, either to virtue signal to a desired clientele, or to advance its own particular cultural values.
Can Biden Pin Hopes on Guilty Verdict for Trump?
Liberals hope that typing "Guilty" 34 times in a row will push just enough anti-Biden voters from Donald Trump to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to give Democrats four more years of power.
'Israel Day on Fifth' Subdued, but Still Inspiring
While everyone at Sunday's rally wants the safe return of the hostages, the staid and serious walk by some of the more seasoned marchers represents a solidarity with Israel that is rooted in the deliberate and noble aim of bringing the hostages home.
American Dream's Private Property Rights Under Siege
Not only can the government take land through eminent domain, but they can also restrict what you do with your private property. This right, essential to individual liberty and the pursuit of prosperity, is being undermined.
D-Day Can Still Inspire Leaders Today
It’s important that we honor the memory of the brave men who fought and died for our country, both as a nation and as individuals. One way we can do that is by being challenged, inspired and humbled by their sacrifice.
Biden's 'Mass Amnesty' Will Bring Disaster
Since 2022, more than 350,000 asylum cases have been filed by migrants. However, the U.S. government has been closing them in droves, using the reasoning that the applicants didn’t have any sort of criminal record, meaning they aren’t a threat.
French Foreign Ministry's Support for ICC Irrational
The French Foreign Ministry advanced two claims as the rationale for its decision to support the International Criminal Court - both equally risible and ridiculous.
Trump Guilty of Unfailingly Embracing American Exceptionalism
From the perspective of Trump’s unhinged enemies, show trials should have "neutralized" the Trump campaign months ago and even more importantly he should now be a footnote in history, a cautionary tale for anyone else who would dare stand up for America’s interests.
Trump Gets Taste of Same 'Justice' Deck Stacked Against Blacks
With the future of the country at stake, Americans need to know that Republicans are as willing and able to exercise their power to protect and advance their values and beliefs as Democrats are theirs.
Hey Joe: Where Are All the EV Charging Stations?
Here's another mystery. Why can't Pete give us an exact count on the progress when the number is small enough to use his fingers? At this pace, they may get 500 built by 2030 — not the 500,000 promised.
Why AI-Generated Visuals Can Never Be Art
Some have called AI-generated patterns a veritable renaissance of artistic creations. Why? Because it’s new?
Joe Biden's Absences at Summits Disturbing
According to recent reports, U.S. President Joe Biden is planning to attend a fundraiser with Hollywood actors George Clooney and Julia Roberts in Los Angeles, rather than participate in the Summit on Peace for Ukraine.
Children Renew Our Hope for Peaceful Future
Pope Francis told the crowd, “In you, children, everything speaks of life and of the future,” and encouraged them to “go ahead with joy.”
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