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Research has established that loud music creates stress, excitement, and arousal, and low volume music promotes relaxation.
For Democrats like Joe Biden facts are much less important than a higher "truth" they claim to pursue. For them, what is sought is a means of preserving the ideology of Obama, the progressive desire to replace personal choice with centrally-dictated mandates.
A controversy recently arose over cancellation of 2020 Republican presidential primaries in several states. This upset Donald Trump's Republican challengers, but some Democrats also joined in denouncing the cancellations as "undemocratic."
There’s a credo in the legal profession: If you have the facts on your side, pound the facts. If you have the law on your side, pound the law. If you have neither, pound the table.
Leftist California Gov. Gavin Newsom has gleefully signed a bill that will go a long way toward training California’s next high school shooter.
By Michael Reagan with Michael R. Shannon
The establishment reaction to the Yemeni oilfield strike reminds me of a hearing in the House Foreign Affairs Committee just before the U.S. launched the 2003 Iraq war. I pointed out that Iraq had never attacked the United States.
Biden and Trump are constrained by American popular opinion, which oscillates between interventionism and isolationism. Neither one of them wants to be maneuvered into a long-term war, but neither one of them wants to appear impotent,
If the attack on the Saudi oil field and oil facility at Abqaiq proves to be the work of Shiite militia from inside Iraq, would the United States attack that militia whose numbers in Iraq have been estimated as high as 150,000 fighters, as compared with our 5,000 troops in-country?
Only the New England Patriots — and the teams they play — should worry about how well Antonio Brown can execute a Red Right Slot Y Banana 72 Stick.
Trump came in with an idea and an instinct, Dr. Skinner and her team helped make it a doctrine.
The issue here is not about volunteer firefighters, or even about Haverford at all. The issue is that Bruce McClay was punished not because of his actions, but because some people think they can predict his actions.
For those who follow horse racing, an “also-ran” is a horse that ran the race but did not win, place, or show in the final standings, when all bets are made good. To turn a phrase, they “also ran.” They were not winners. Only participants in the competition.
We know that the left-wing leaning debate moderators were careful not to ask any tough questions of any candidates — that’s today’s major media.
Democratic presidential candidates, three of them with legal backgrounds, said Sunday that Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh "must be impeached," based upon the flimsiest of unsubstantiated allegations.
In the 1980s tobacco companies defended against lawsuits, many times successfully, by asserting that smokers knowingly assumed the risks when they began smoking, including the risk of cancer.
The sheer scale and devastation of Saturday’s attack (the Saudis estimate that half of their oil production has been taken out) counts as an escalation. The effects are not limited to Yemen or the Persian Gulf. The world economy will suffer.
The departure of National Security Advisor John Bolton from the Trump administration can hardly have come at a worse time. America’s enemies loathed and feared him, because he was clear-sighted, experienced, and tough.
Trump is on the greatest winning streak of his presidency.
Last week’s Democrat debate was largely as one would expect from this bloated field of barely viable candidates grasping for relevance.
A growing number of state Republican committees are cancelling presidential primaries, citing cost-saving and suggesting that it helps President Trump.
Take a firearms training course such as one offering concealed carry permit classes. Although they won’t make you a marksmanship expert, they will instill basic safety protocols and important knowledge regarding legal restrictions and liabilities.
Most (59%) believe that a ban on fracking would significantly increase the cost of gas and oil in the United States.
The gravity of the Brexit political and legal crisis, the UK exit from the European Union, evokes for the British the question of their national identity and independence and for their European neighbors the viability of Europe as a supra-national governing body.
President Trump made the correct decision in canceling the peace talks with the Taliban of Afghanistan.
While the death penalty is pretty randomly enforced (with the location of the crime being the largest determinate in sentencing), there is one thing most capital cases have in common — inadequate representation.
foreign policy is about long-term relationships, not about solo transactions. Both sides have their own politics and constituencies. Each needs to be able to say it has achieved success. If Trump can stomach that, he could emerge with an actual foreign policy win.
O’Rourke’s racism springs not from hatred. He would lynch no one. Rather than loathe blacks, Robert Francis O’Rourke deigns to pity us.
Israel did not steal the food of the Arab world. They did not appropriate it. Some Jewish communities dated back thousands of years, to a time way before there was Islam. To a time when the tribes were pagans and Jews were the only monotheists.
All FBI determinations made by Peter Strzok or Lisa Page should be reconsidered by impartial FBI professionals through the “normal process.” How transparent would that be?
The probable election of Alberto Fernandez as president of Argentina in October and the departure of John Bolton may give a dangerous boost to the Maduro regime and increase its hope that pressure on the regime may lessen.
“Boogeyman” is a word that conjures images of evil or terror. Most people have an automatic thought of something specific that scares them when they hear that word.
Everyone knows that “politics makes strange bedfellows,” but it’s still strange to hear George Soros singing President Trump’s praises.
This past Tuesday, President Trump’s firing of John Bolton as the National Security Adviser has stirred up many opinions, both supporting the decision and opposing it.
In 1993, U.S. Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan penned an essay for The American Scholar titled “Defining Deviancy Down.”
By this, his third debate, Biden should be in fighting shape. It may be a split decision but that’s all Biden needs. His blunders, his aides say, are baked into the cake and he benefits massively from the priceless presumption that he possesses the ability to defeat Trump.
Something very interesting is happening in Hong Kong. The young students there who have been demonstrating for greater democracy and freedom have taken up waving American flags and singing the U.S. National Anthem as they confront police.
How often is a baby born alive after abortion?
Thanks to the First Amendment, no one should hesitate to express any opinion publicly for fear of incurring the wrath of the government. And no government can punish or isolate any person or group because of their exercise of the freedom of speech.
Amb. Bolton will presumably now return to another, and perhaps even more important, role he has long-played with great skill and impact, that of an authoritative surrogate.
In some cases, those who fall away may have done so because they associate pain with the faith. In some cases, it could be temporary discouragement. In others, it could be a result of burnout. We all need breaks.
Exfiltration is any operation to safely remove an asset-in-place who has been working for your service.
I will always be grateful to George Steinbrenner, John Hart and Tom Giordano for agreeing that I needed to go to Cleveland to babysit Doc Gooden. The Boss literally checked on Doc and me several times. This also introduced me to the world of sports psychology and how important it is.
Joe Biden and the Fog of War
IRAs, established by 1974 federal legislation, have assets totaling almost $9.2 trillion. Anyone with earned income can contribute but these vehicles have no employer matching function like a 401(k).
Space cannot be left to chaos or the authoritarian and totalitarian dictatorships.
This week, President Trump is still keeping his word to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). He’s slated to speak at the HBCU Conference today, where he is expected to unveil recent advances in his successful strategies.
The media has been weaponized, particularly on the left, and its goal now is not to establish the facts but to create them and to convince the American people of their authenticity.
When Iranians rose up against crimes of corrupt dictators, President Trump did not stay silent. He said, "America stands with the people of Iran in their courageous struggle for freedom." 
Cloud-shouters to Millennials and Generation Z, have a front row seat as Rep. AOC and her minions seek to deconstruct memory and "courageously" replace it with their "bad**s" global view — conveyed of course with the depth and reliability of a tweet or meme.​
Celebrity and fame too often are used to dismiss the pageantry, regal blush, and class of monarchies which lend themselves to an understanding of from whence we came.
It’s likely that the coworking trend will continue, at least for the foreseeable future. Remote working opportunities, freelancing, and entrepreneurship are all increasing at tremendous rates.
European globalists like multinational coalitions because they promote liberal internationalist goals like the Paris Climate Accord, defeating Brexit, and trade agreements which favor Europe.
The Judge Jeanine Pirro has had a challenging year when it comes to her career in front of the camera.
Why do people always have to defend the Democratic Party by bashing the GOP? Or defend the GOP by bashing the Democratic Party? That tells me neither can defend their party.
Donald Trump stands at one of history’s most monumental crossroads, wielding the unique means to lift millions out of virtual slavery.
The next African-American in the United States Senate may end up coming from Georgia!
On August 24, the Democratic National Committee unanimously passed a resolution, spawned by the Secular Coalition for America, that formally embraced agnostics, atheists, and the unaffiliated.
When the national discussion isn’t about Israel’s security, economy, or place among the family of nations, playing matkot or backgammon is surely a more productive way to spend one’s time.
President Trump is rightly taking credit for helping to end the war in Afghanistan.
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