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Latest Opinion Posts
Americans Must Say 'No' to Biden, 'Yes' to Freedom
Biden’s approval rating is dismal as it stands at a weak 37%. In a hypothetical match up against Trump, Trump leads by 9 percentage points, 51% to 42%.
Base, Middle and Other Voters Won't Forgive Pence
The base won't forgive former Vice President Mike Pence for putting country before Trump, and the middle won't forgive him for supporting Trump during four roller-coaster years. Pence is in the back of the pack, with no bright badge for his courage on Jan. 6.
God's Rule Means We Rule Ourselves First
The founders of America gave us limited government, which requires people to act in self-controlled manners, not giving in constantly to temptation.
Good Intentions Make Housing Crisis Worse
America needs more housing. Pressure for reform is only growing as available homes get less and less affordable. Unfortunately, rather than addressing the root cause of high housing prices -- an epidemic of local overregulation that prevents enough homes from being built --...
Don't Let Senate Dress Code Issue Fade Away
While the debate over the Senate’s dress code, or lack thereof, has its merits, this writer's greater concern isn’t about what Fetterman ultimately wears to do his job, but whether he possesses the mental acumen for the office he holds.
Is the Gov't Now Punishing Thoughts?
Which is more harmful to personal liberty — planning to harm the government and then not harming it, or agreeing to uphold the Constitution and then assaulting it?
Kagan Speaks Out on SCOTUS Ethics Crisis
That stature has taken a beating in recent years for at least two reasons. One is the view that the Supreme Court is just another political institution.
Medicare Bureaucrats May Work Against Seniors' Health
Newly hired federal employees are currently embarking on a monumentally important task, one with profound consequences for tens of millions of Medicare enrollees. Right now, there are few safeguards in place to ensure these new hires are free from conflicts of interest.
Anti-family Fare May Seal Disney's Fate
Disney CEO Bob Iger should have stayed in retirement. These are not good days for the former family-friendly entertainment giant. He can only blame himself. When he left in 2021 as CEO, he passed the baton to Bob Chapek, but he never really retired. He shadowed Chapek,...
Dems Remove Masks in New Poll, Results Not Pretty
Democratic leaders may want to reexamine who they are, what they stand for, and where they want to take the country.
Abbas Gets It Wrong on Holocaust
During the last four decades, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has disseminated many abominable lies about World War II and the Holocaust.
Biden No Savior of Democracy
Democracy depends on a free marketplace of ideas. Biden is busy destroying that marketplace.
Dershowitz: Menendez Indictment  Not Equal Justice
Whether he stepped over the line will be determined by a jury after both the government and the defendant present their evidence. No one should rush to judgment. Nor should Menendez resign his seat. The presumption of innocence means just that.
Biden Polls Show Dems Badly Need '24 Plans B, C, and D
Reasons for dismal Biden poll numbers are numerous and deep.
Woke Handbook Seeks to Redact History With Statue Removal
Centuries-old historical figures and their counterpart statues are presently being deconstructed by activist left-wing zealots.
Iran Not Worried, Hindered by Israel's Bluster
Iran is so secure in the success of its own strategy and power, that at the very same time that the UN General Assembly paraded its finest, Iranian leadership paraded its newest military machinery through the streets of Tehran.
55 Percent: Gov't Aid Traps Recipients in Dependency Cycle
A Scott Rasmussen national survey found that 33% of voters believe the opposite.
Public Schools - Too Big to Fail, Too Indifferent to Care
Many parents and graduating high school seniors are avoiding the expense and indoctrination of leftist universities in favor of trade schools where students can learn a high-paying trade without being burdened by college debt.
By Michael Reagan with Michael R. Shannon
Hey Republicans: Remember Growth, Prosperity?
Americans want prosperity far more than they want a balanced budget. We all want a balanced federal budget in principle, but more important to voters is that their own family budget is growing.
Let's Hope Drug Companies Win Price Controls War
The IRA has brought Europe's anti-innovation policies to the United States. Once the law's price controls take effect, medical science may never be the same.
Is It Global Warming 'Science' or Hype?
Yes, Science is a human activity requiring reliability and validity to be accepted as credible. That is why we should always be skeptical of our findings when using the scientific method, no matter how compelling we think they should be.
Biden's 'Accomplishments' Destroying America
What has his amazing legislative record of accomplishment done to address these bread and butter issues for the American electorate?
National Security Falls Victim to the Swamp, Incompetence
If you hold a position in the military or are an official carrying the public’s trust, you're compelled to exhibit unrelenting loyalty to the Constitution. Leadership at defense had better start evaluating the myriad of threats to our Constitution.
China's Conquest Strategy Not Only Military
Xi Jinping and other CCP-PLA leaders of today’s China are steeped in the philosophical strategic thinking of Sun-Tzu as written in his 5th century BC “The Art of War.” They know that strategic objectives of conquest can be accomplished by many means other than military.
ABC Poll Means Biden Should Quit Race
Stephanopoulos would never have permitted ABC to go with a poll that shows Biden losing by 10 points unless he wanted to send a message to his party: Dump Biden.
Ruddy: Sen. Menendez Is Presumed Innocent
Senator Robert Menendez deserves the presumption of innocence and every American should afford him this right. The concept of "innocent until proven guilty" is a pillar of our justice system and for good reason.
Why Loneliness Is a Voluntary Condition
There is a place for intimate friendships, and perhaps a larger place for sharing moments in life with people who enjoy mutual values and experiences. Volunteer your life to reaching out and savoring the pleasures of sharing happiness with others.
Staten Island Can Escape NY Left, by Seceding
The price of independence will not be cheap. Will it be worth it? To get out from under the thumb of City Hall radical left-adherents who despise the conservative-minded Staten Islanders and enjoy making life miserable for them, I think so.
Being Anti-Abortion Now Risks Jail Time
Of course, the real violence takes place every day inside what the Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles termed an “infanticide factory."
Are We Losing Ground to China  - Undersea?
The new land rush for minerals extraction has taken to the seas, as it were. Modern technology has opened up vast, new frontiers of mineral wealth deep below the ocean surface.
AI Means Upskilling No Longer Optional, It's a Mandate
However, some experts say that AI won't completely eliminate certain career paths as we will still need humans at specific touchpoints within the process that AI automates.
American Culture Can Be Transformed - One Note at A Time
For decades, his writer has been both a witness to, and practitioner of, transformative visionary justice. This does not mean she has been a mere spectator!
Society Can't Function Without Standards, Dress Codes
The United States Senate, once known as the "world's greatest deliberative body," will now permit its members to grace its chamber floor wearing whatever clothes -- no matter how casual or unprofessional -- they happen to fancy on any given day.
Don't Be Shocked by Crises, Warnings Signs Always There
Our Founders saw patterns as well, in the aggregation of government power and the abuses that follow. They drafted our Constitution to limit the power of government for that very reason.
UN Shamefully Gave Raisi a Megaphone
It's not a question of diplomacy or engagement but rather a question of principle. The United Nations must uphold its own principles and standards by refusing to provide a platform to leaders accused of war crimes and human rights abuses.
Thank Poor Border Control for Increased Terror Threat
Democrats would like us to believe that the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants who are flooding across the southern U.S. border represent no risk to America.
Why the US Must Win AI Race
We cannot let Beijing win the AI race. America's position as the world superpower is at stake.

Remembering Saints Keeps Us Focused on the Good
Saints have played important roles in our nation's history by sharing their compassion and love for Jesus Christ with others.
Is It Time to Consider Impeachment Alternatives?
No constitutional expert believes that impeachment was intended to be a partisan weapon. And yet impeachment is now becoming a partisan weapon. Perhaps we should find an openly political alternative, preserving impeachment for rare but grave situations.
It's Always Midnight in Joe Biden's America
Depression overcomes one and all when reminded of the person occupying the once esteemed office of the president. Hmm . . . George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan and Joe Biden? We have reached the end of history.
Only ' We the People' Can Restore Our Free Nation
If there is one overriding theme of the Biden years, it is the systematic degradation of American freedom, pushing the lives and freedom of private citizens aside as government expands and takes over.
If Statues Must Go, Should New York Name?
The obvious question upon learning of this, is: when will the New York City Council, not to mention other New York politicians, set about removing their own names?
Messing With Musk Is Big Business for Sen. Warren
President Trump must be happy Elon Musk came along like a lightning rod. In recent weeks it is Musk, rather than Trump, who has come under unrelenting fire from the government, headline-grabbing Democrats, and their lapdog media allies.
Why Trump Should Hold Rallies in Black Precincts
Trump should ask Black voters a question, "What have the Democrats done for you lately?" If Trump can attract 20% to 25% of disillusioned Black voters, Democrats will be cooked like Thanksgiving turkeys.
Is it Twilight for Steel in Pittsburgh?
Everything has an expiration date. U.S. Steel has had a good, albeit bumpy, 122-year run here in this region.
Two Films Call Us to Protect Children of All Ages
It's this writer's ardent hope that those whose consciences have been awakened by "Sound of Freedom" will be equally awakened, if they aren’t already, by "Bella,"
Joe Biden Determined to Trash UN General Assembly's Relevance
The Trump administration successfully convinced the Security Council to pass six resolutions against North Korea’s missile and nuclear programs. Leaders see Biden’s weak national security policies, foreign policy failures, and growing indications of mental decline.
Never-Trump Efforts Backfiring on GOP's 'Wise Wing'
Thankfully, it was a disastrous week for the “wise wing” of the GOP. Not only did they lose Romney, but they also lost in their attempt to impeach a strong Trump supporter, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.
Pat Boone: Patriot, Performer, Faithful Christian
“I think people have learned: I’m not condemning anybody. I have beliefs that America had all along. I have family who don’t believe what I do. I’m gonna stand up and promote my way of life.”
Thank 'Bidenomics' Farce for Latest GM-UAW Strike
Bidenomics has bred a virulent and persistent stagflation which, over the course of Joe Biden’s regime, has significantly eroded real wages, particularly for blue collar manufacturing workers like those in the UAW.
Schools, Don't Look to Team Biden for Cybersecurity
In this era, digital literacy is as important as traditional literacy, and students must take a role in safeguarding themselves online. The 2023 school year brings with it opportunities for learning and growth, but it also carries challenges in the form of hacking attacks.
Creating Chemistry Key to Workplace Peace
And regarding message delivery, just as the Bible teaches that a soft word turns away wrath (Proverbs 15:1), a calm, measured, unemotional conversation about specific behavior is far more likely to produce positive results.
Joe Biden's Brain Works Just Fine
Biden's physical presentation --- the slow and careful walk, the slightly pitched posture --- suggests age more than his words. But, bottom line: He is perfectly capable of thinking on his feet. Too many Americans have come to believe that he is in sharp mental decline.
Consensus Doesn't Equal Science
"Whenever you hear the consensus of scientists agrees on something or other, reach for your wallet, because you're being had."So said the late Michael Crichton during a guest lecture at CalTech.
What We Sadly Didn't Hear in GOP Debate
How are any of these candidates going to bring integrity back into government? How are they going to restore the faith and allegiance of the public in our, what is supposed to be, the people’s government?
Biden's Incumbency Advantage Evaporates, Harris No Help
Elites don’t feel it, but elevated prices are drowning working-class Americans. That makes a hip-hop fest at the vice president’s residence seem all the more out-of-touch and unlikely to convince Blacks that this administration jives with their needs.
Education the Last Thing on Our Public Schools' Minds
Note to parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles and just plain human beings who may not have children: this is God’s clarion call. Do not ignore it under any circumstances. If you aren’t upset and angry now, you may never be.
Death Penalty Not Applied Fairly - End It
In theory, I believe the death penalty is appropriate when it comes to murder and treason. In practice, I do not believe the death penalty can be applied fairly.
Social Justice Crusades Destroying American Identity
And while Americans once knew who they were, what they stood for, and their place in the world, now the very idea of America itself and what means to be an American has come under serious question.
Message to GOP: Soft Blows Against Biden Won't Work
By participating in the debates, each of the candidates has an opportunity to affect the outcome of the 2024 presidential election. They should embrace this opportunity to further the GOP's cause.
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