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Millennium Tower - A Brick-and-Mortar Metaphor for California's Decline
At least Millennium Tower officials have been persuaded to attempt a fix. California politicians still don’t think there is a problem.
By Michael Reagan with Michael R. Shannon
Presidents Need a Daily Majority
It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy, and thus the cycle of cause and effect continues onward.
Just Say 'Hell No!' to Democrats' $3.5T Budget Disaster
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi plans a vote soon to push Sen. Bernie Sanders' $3.5 trillion socialist dream budget one step closer to law. The news grows worse from there. Every other detail about this onerous legislation merits scorn, revulsion and rejection.
Drug Price Controls Inflict Worse Harm Than Even Critics Recognize
And good thing. Levying price controls on prescription drugs will cost us years of medical progress, hundreds of new cures, and the lives of countless Americans.
The Coming Climate Crisis Shakedown in Scotland
Among the climate elites, how many will be traveling to Glasgow on jets, and how many will be battling climate change by arriving by boat, bus or bicycle? If this New World Order crowd wanted to set an example and cut the carbon footprint, why not do a virtual summit?
A Man for the US to Admire: Cardinal Wyszyński Beatified
May Cardinal Wyszyński inspire Americans in their battle for freedom and truth.
Where Europe Is Going
More and more, I have been hearing about the worsening economic situation in Europe. Friends and students from all over the continent have been telling me that life in their country is deteriorating, that it's getting harder and harder to make ends meet.
Compared to Others, US Elections a Breeze
There are elections, and elections in name only, as well as gray elections in between.
Government Only Enslaves Us When We Timidly Consent
All this can happen only if we let it. But, because the 13th Amendment only prohibits involuntary servitude, the feds can surely enslave us when we are timid enough to consent.
ACLU Dishonors RBG's Memory by Denying Who She Was
The late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was an icon of the left and a champion for women's rights both on the bench and at the American Civil Liberties Union. And the ACLU repaid her legacy by denying the very existence of women.
Biden's Puppeteers Pull Dangerously Tangled China Policy Strings
Haplessly ensnared in a sticky web of self-baited Beijing traps, there is little wonder why President Joe Biden and his teleprompter scripting team glaringly made no disparaging references to China during his Sept. 21 remarks before the U.N. General Assembly.There are a...
The Importance of Nose Breathing for Immune Defense
In the ongoing discussion about a respiratory virus, the issue of how we breathe has been overlooked.
Why We Laugh at the Bubble of 'White Privilege'
The true color of privilege is the color that defines your world view, one that allows you to preach and prattle on about how we need to take care of the poor, all the while draping yourself in diamonds and disdain and traipsing around for the cameras.
If Biden Cared About  Minority Women Businesses He'd Drop Budget
All small businesses face an even more uncertain future than they did during the pandemic if the president and congressional Democrats succeed in ramming through trillions in reckless spending and oppressive labor restrictions.
Most Voters: Congress Should Have Time to Read Reconciliation Bill
Eighty-one percent of voters believe members of Congress should be given time to read the reconciliation bill before voting on it. A Scott Rasmussen national survey found that 8% disagree and 11% are not sure.
'A Republic, If You Can Keep It': It's Not Looking Good
Indeed, President Biden’s “relentless diplomacy” is an echo of former President Obama’s “leading from behind” strategy that now is being executed by many of the same people in more influential senior positions.
Anti-Christian Elites Try to Dishonor Apostle of California
The politically correct folks who are bent on stripping America of any of its godly heritage have aimed their sites against Father Junipero Serra, whose statue graces Statuary Hall in the U.S. Capitol. ...
GOP Can Still Save California From the Status Quo
Despite dwindling Republican voter registration, California voters have been partial to initiatives supported or opposed by Republicans for decades.
The Reasons Why the California Recall Failed
While virtually the rest of the nation sees Newsom as a radical left-wing California Democrat, in blue state California he is a seasoned and savvy politician with a solid bench of sycophant constituents, benefactors, strategists and advisers. ...
'Justice for J6 Rally': A Set-Up or a Psy-Op?
This failed rally is a success for Team Biden on one front: very few would now dare to hold a rally calling attention to the shocking injustice that continues to stain the prosecution of so many January 6th protesters.
The Bidenization of America
Those responsible for the elevation of this regime are still clinging to the theory that the dangers of a second Trump term justified drastic, including apparently unconstitutional, means to install an alternative regime.
The GOP Needs to Take Action on Biden
Republican leaders have to stand up with meaninful action if they want to win in 2022 by energizing their base by proving they will do something with the power they have instead of rolling over.
Patriotic American by Choice: Journalist Malika Bowling
With recent events in Afghanistan, Bowling has a unique perspective on fleeing to the U.S. under difficult circumstances, much like the babies thrust into U.S. Marines’ arms.
Texans Should Approach Tesla's Gambit Energy Proposal With Caution
Given its past performance and the issues Tesla has experienced to date with its solar roof tile project, it is not unreasonable to question their ability to function as a retail electricity provider in Texas.
Biden's 'Build Back Better' Still on the Road to Nowhere
Congress loves spending your money. The president’s plan is no cause for celebration. It’s a cause for alarm. President Biden may get his champagne, but American households will get the hangover.
Reporters Should Avoid Perpetual Horse Race Mode
Reporters perpetually stuck in campaign mode don't provide the nuanced news perspective needed to encourage effective citizen participation.
There Will Be No Warm Welcome for Biden at the UN General Assembly
Let’s pray that that Biden shows more discipline and common sense at the UNGA.
Biden's Mandate About More Than Vaccines, And States Must Resist
It was never believable that President Joe Biden would keep his promise and refrain from imposing a nationwide vaccine mandate.
Texas Abortion Law Is Saving Lives
That is indeed cause for rejoicing, and for gratitude, to Gov. Greg Abbott and the pro-life legislators of Texas.
No Pity for Failed French Submarine Deal
The inescapable interpretation is that France, and by broader implication a European Union that no longer includes the UK, is strategically and militarily less important in the face of a still powerful America committed to a "Pivot to Asia" and a revitalized "Global Britain."
Speak for Life
Again, stay tuned for the upcoming chapters in a life well lived. God bless you.
Biden's Slide Toward Dictatorship
Communist dictatorships are marked by political purges and draconian edicts designed to control people's lives to a totalitarian degree. Last week President Joe Biden gave the American people both.
Hollywood, World at Large Mourn Loss of Norm Macdonald
A natural stand-up talent, he followed the universally relatable comedic tradition of observational humor, which has been practiced by so many iconic figures of the comedy world, including the greats: Richard Pryor, George Carlin, and Jerry Seinfeld.
McLaughlin Poll: Trump's Coming Electoral Landslide
In a potential 2024 national election, without Biden running in 2024, President Trump leads Vice President Harris 49% to 47% and leads among suburban voters 52%-43% and among women 50%-47%.
How Saul Alinsky Can Rescue the Biden Administration From Political Annihilation
Can President Biden avert a crushing legislative defeat that would terminate his honeymoon and effectively paralyze his presidency? It's a dramatic moment.
Biden's Next Foreign Policy Fiasco Will Be Reviving the Iran Nuclear Deal
He and his staff should gauge whether rejoining the JCPOA is worth the scrutiny and criticism that may ensue and endure for years to come.
'American Marxism' by Mark Levin Is an Extraordinary Book
It is my hope that readers get through the book because it is an education in Marx’s ideological doctrines and his influence on contemporary progressives, democratic socialists, and community activists dedicated to destroying our economic and religious freedoms.
A Printed Circuit Board Factory-in-a-Box?
Great inventions are successful when they drive some combination of improved speed and/or ease of use, better quality, or greater ability compared to the preceding product or service. We have seen this all around us.
More Than Half of Voters Can Do Without Masks; Government Should, Too
The COVID-19 pandemic has truly shown us the ugly side of how our government (and some of our bureaucrats for that matter) can treat those who don't "follow the science."
Overwhelming Evidence Demands Biden Impeachment
If there’s any a time more compelling to impeach and remove a president from office, it’s now. People died on Joe Biden's watch. It’s time for him to go.
US Support for Israel Ironclad No More
It was once axiomatic that United States support for Israel was ironclad and crossed over the aisle - that election after election, term after term, almost every member of Congress appreciated just how important Israel was and how essential it was to support Israel.
The Newsom Problem
Welcome to California.

Biden's Medical Apartheid Puts Bull's-Eye on 'Deplorables'
Biden has imposed a medical apartheid that places a bull's-eye on the backs of the ''deplorables'' while exempting key groups he deems more worthy. ...

A History of Money and Debt
Money creation and distribution is and will always be the exclusive privilege of the state, for no other reason than to manipulate its value for international commerce needs. ...
America's History Lesson: Don't Sell Us Short
It’s no surprise that some Americans are now feeling pessimistic about the future of our country and are saying our best days are behind us, but that viewpoint is actually short-sighted.
Post-Afghanistan Debacle: What Is the Future of Global Terror?
Based on the already horrifying early returns, America may be set for a period of unprecedented difficulties.
Behind Biden's Catastrophe in Afghanistan
"While Biden did not join the antiwar protest movement in his youth, his formative experience growing up was the Vietnam War."
Gov. George Pataki's Bipartisan Leadership Needed Now More Than Ever
George Pataki has shown us all what real American leadership is. It’s a blueprint to help heal our divide, get America back on the right track and enable our nation to be a neighborhood once again.
Dems Appropriated Child Tax Credit From GOP; Republicans Must Regain Ground
While it's a relief to see Democrats embrace a policy regarding children that doesn't involve mask mandates in schools, it would be nice if they gave credit where credit is due: They've borrowed the idea of a Child Tax Credit from Republicans.
Stopping the Next Historic Attack on the United States
Will Washington never learn the lessons of Pearl Harbor and 9/11?
'Turning Point 9/11' a Great History Lesson - If We'll Learn It
What's most impressive with this docuseries is how balanced and unbiased Brian Knapperberger remained throughout. He doesn’t look at the situation with a jaundiced eye, nor does he take ideological sides.
Desperate Biden Spin Reveals Panic Stricken Disaster in Afghanistan
Neither President George W. Bush nor President Trump would have let this happen.
The Crisis Makes the Man
9/11 will be remembered and commemorated for many reasons. Most in the nation will focus on those killed and those who risked all during those first few hours and days.America was blessed that it had the exact right president for this same period in time.
Masking Kids and the End of Debate
Taking the country back now means taking our children back, which should be done even if it means embracing the discomforting reality of the culture war being fought over them.
If Union Chief Can't Expose Corruption, Rank-and-File Workers Don't Stand a Chance
Is International Association of Machinists national President Bob Martinez more adamant about punishing a fellow IAM officer who blows the whistle on corruption than he is about punishing an officer who misappropriates thousands and thousands of dollars?
Bush Set an Example of Leading Through Tragedy
As the 20th anniversary of 9/11 approaches, let us not forget the individuals who lost their lives in these atrocious events.
A Radical Racial Reeducation Program at Google
A Google employee program claims that America is a "system of white supremacy" and that all Americans are "raised to be racist."
It's Time for an Artificial Intelligence Reality Check
The Singularity is coming! The Singularity is coming!If you're getting tired of hearing that "strong AI" is just around the corner, you're not alone.
Democratic Preemptive Surrender
Where does America go from here? What is the antidote?
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