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Oleg Deripaska, the Russian oligarch, is another odd character who hovers on the fringes of this story. Manafort tried to impress Deripaska with his Trump credentials, presumably hoping it would prove lucrative.
Throughout history, those in power harness the minds of the masses to control all individuals.
Do you work in an office with a Water Cooler Hero? The gossip that cannot wait to share the scandalous and salacious details of the day?
Ok, right now the French press says this latest tweet, an attack on the president’s own Justice Department and FBI run by his own appointees constitutes a threat to American Democracy.
Unlike Barack Obama, President Trump will explicitly reach out to and work with the people of Iran against a regime that is now "running scared."
Good leadership is essential to any properly functioning organization. A non-partisan Speaker could help our congressional zoo get its act together and help it resume acting as a responsible guardian of our people.
On May 21, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered a speech that outlined our new Iran strategy, in wake of withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear deal.
So if Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, have children, the nonsense of racial superiority will continue to take hits as people find love in many, varied places. This is a bigger deal than the election of President Barack Obama.
Secretary of State Pompeo gave what can perhaps be considered the most comprehensive Trump Administration policy statement on Iran, and it is a memorable moment.
For the last year, special counsel Mueller and his staff of Democratic donors have investigated the possibility of the Trump campaign somehow colluding with the Russians.
The truths being jettisoned built the greatest civilization known to man. Will the invented truths of our new egalitarianism survive the arrival of the new barbarians?
We are currently engaged in a high-profile negotiation that may or may not succeed in getting the Chinese to buy more of our stuff.
The problem is not Haspel, it’s not John Brennan, it’s not our lack of confidence. The problem is the CIA itself.
In his first major address as secretary of state, Pompeo outlined a new strategy that overturns three key assumptions that underpinned the Iran policy of Obama and his top diplomat, John Kerry.
That figure includes 19 percent who believe they will be common within five years. At the other extreme, Gallup research found that 15 percent of Americans believe it will take more than 20 years for self-driving cars to be common in the U.S.
Here’s an idea: let’s stop giving the time of day to those who thrive on dividing, and instead focus on celebrating the incredible diversity America offers.
Recently the Mascot Police made a raid on the campus of George Washington University in Washington, D.C.
By Michael Reagan with Michael R. Shannon
Democrats lost 63 House seats in the 2010 midterm shellacking. At the rate they’re going, they may be in for another shellacking come November.
The fate of a 15-year-old Nigerian girl could decide whether sectarian war breaks out in Nigeria, authorities warn.
At a 2018 university graduation, eight former Assistant United States Attorneys (AUSAs) and FBI agents (Formers) celebrated with their various family graduates. They also gathered to revive friendships and relive past professional experiences.
The Democrats plan to run as the resistance to Trump may not look as good as it did. The president’s numbers continue to improve. There’s a lot of road to cover between now and November, but a few more left turns by the Democrats might just lead them off a cliff.
For over thirty years I had the privilege of calling the dean of America’s School of “New Journalism,” Tom Wolfe, a friend.
There is no celebrity chef more adored by elites nationwide than Mario Batali.
The necessary factors in any election are: voter intensity linking to turnout, candidate/party organization and campaign resources.
Could someone please draft Jimmy Kimmel to run for president ASAP?
It now seems increasingly likely that when powerful federal bureaucrats sensed that candidate Trump was a threat to their most cherished political and cultural beliefs, they concluded that he had to be dealt with.
If politicians do see any value in academia it tends to be as high-tech incubators, with laboratories spawning computer-science or biotech startups.
Once again, this time in Santa Fe, Texas, America experienced another school shooting by a deranged, angry-at-the-world student.
Florida, is one of the most "purple" states in the nation. Florida does lean "red," but not always, and not heavily. There are a huge number of "blue" areas in the state, and they are livid with a grocery company they love.
Two flimsy excuses are being bandied about in the mainstream media for the ongoing displays of hostility at the Gaza border.
The full requirements of the Fourth Amendment should be fulfilled, with no intrusions into citizens’ privacy without probable cause determined by a court of law, upheld by affirmation or sworn oath, setting forth precisely what will be confiscated.
I’d like to offer three reflections on the past week’s long overdue move of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and the violence on the Gaza border.
Only time will tell if the denuclearization talks will produce real progress, or even whether they will occur at all. In any case, the outcomes will establish a defining moment one way or another.
Can't believe I [Alveda King] actually met Meghan Markle one day in New York City at a local restaurant. She was having lunch with her agent, and Yours Truly was on break from a day at Fox News Network.
Cutting the red tape that makes it so difficult for small and emerging growth companies to go public would give ordinary investors and entrepreneurs many more happy anniversaries to celebrate!
Hillary Clinton is still looking for opportunities to re-litigate the 2016 presidential election.
You're glad you at least have done your good deed to fight global warming. I surmise that the real purpose of this California law was to give a boost to the flagging solar panel productions of Mr. Musk and his liberal friends.
Media outlets that presented Trump’s remark without mentioning the MS-13 lead-in did their audience, and Trump, a disservice.
In another substitution of one story for another, Trump turned uproar over a hateful insult out of the White House aimed at Sen. John McCain into one about an investigation into “the traitors and cowards” who leaked it.
On election night 2016, Mark Schlissel, the University of Michigan's president, addressed more than 1,000 students, declaring that the 90 percent of them who had favored the losing candidate had rejected "hate."
It is increasingly clear that the Trump-hating holdovers from the Obama administration and their media enablers — together, the duumvirate — are not protecting "our democracy" but subverting it by fraudulently scandalizing and delegitimizing President Trump.
Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week, and I intended to write on the subject, but a more newsy topic intervened. That's an apt metaphor for what is happening to the plight of teachers in America today.
With Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Ca., taking over the House Intelligence Committee, you can bet your boots Democrats would find “New Evidence” to put a fresh coat of conspiracy paint on the “Trump Russian” caper.
West expressing himself as he does will always draw major reactions.
Thursday, May 17, marks one year since Robert Mueller became special counsel. His mission: To search from sea to shining sea for collusion between Russia and Donald J. Trump’s presidential campaign.
The system of the U.S. Renewable Fuel System (RFS) has little to do with free-market economics and should be done away with entirely. Moves taken by the Trump administration are steps in the right direction. President Trump is draining the infamous swamp.
Palestinians have termed the creation of the State of Israel their "Nakba." Nakba means "catastrophe." Every year, on the Gregorian date marking the creation of the Jewish state, Palestinians join together to mourn.
If the "less is more" logic behind the decision to eliminate the White House cybersecurity coordinator position doesn’t work, Bolton may be making his most critical mistake since advocating for Iraq's invasion.
Just because evil may prevail for a time, God will only allow it for a while. There will come a time of reckoning. How can America pretend that God Almighty is pleased with the blood of 60 million unborn babies on our hands?
It may sound like a silly question, but how many Americans were up at 3 a.m. last week to see the North Korean hostages return to Andrews Air Force Base? It may sound silly, but it is a question that should terrify Democratic strategists in this election season.
Several killed Hamas members were sons of prominent Hamas officials, including deputy labor minister Musa al-Sambak. Hamas political bureau chief Ismail Haniyeh's son and two of his nephews were also wounded in clashes.
The desire to develop and build hypersonics clearly exists, but we can’t move forward effectively without adjustments to our budgets, both military and societal.
We who have worked in EMP for professional lifetimes are enormously frustrated to see amateurs, academics, reporters, and even some scientists untrained and uninformed posturing as experts. It's extremely dangerous.
In 1992, Congress passed a statute authored by then-Sen. Bill Bradley of New Jersey, who was a former Princeton University and New York Knicks basketball superstar, prohibiting the states from authorizing sports betting.
At some point, you will begin to wonder, what is this all about? What is the meaning of life? The answer to life can be found in learning to live. Live the best you can . . . you have only one life.
If this were the first time that Hamas deliberately provoked Israel into self-defense actions that resulted in the unintended deaths of Gaza civilians, the media could be excused for playing into the hands of Hamas.
But there's another reason: Young people understand that some of the things old people see as "political correctness" aren't necessarily the product of a Marxist virus that somehow escaped a laboratory at Berkeley.
The judge asked what Mueller’s authority was for the Manafort case. Incredibly, the Department of Justice (DOJ) attorney said he was not allowed to say. It was a secret.
As we in Israel rejoice today for the diplomatic and religious achievements that the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem represents, we Israelis must also thank America’s Christian Zionists.
In an effort not to be redundant or waste your time further, here are some titles you might not be aware of and should consider seeing, in order of their slated New York/Los Angeles release dates.
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