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Latest Opinion Posts
Are Stocks in Electric Utility Companies a Good Buy?
One can be grateful, that our political establishment finally noticed that atomic power plants are the only ones not spewing CO2, and again allowing construction of such plants. The problem is, that it takes 10 to 12 years, before a new plant comes on line.
Team Biden Echoes East Germany on Free Speech
When Democrats claim that Republicans cheat, they win applause. When Republicans claim that Democrats cheat, they get stopped by the FBI, confronted in public, deprived of their cell phones, subjected to house raids, arrested in front of their families and friends, and tossed in jail.
Soft on Crime Makes It Hard for the Rest of Us
The United States was enjoying some of the lowest crime rates in history. Then leftists decided to throw it all away by coddling the worst of us. There’s nothing like the city council talking about "defunding the police" to tell officers they are no longer wanted.
By Michael Reagan with Michael R. Shannon
Nicaragua a Country of  'Intense Waves of Repression'
Ortega worked to mend fences with the Nicaraguan people and the Catholic Church. He presented himself as a reformed reformer, who really meant it this time! After two more electoral defeats, he was finally returned to power, with only 38% of the vote, in 2006.
Jill Biden Wrong: Not All Books Belong in Schools
The students do not have the standing to say that they have a right to demand that any book they desire be made available in a school library, or to write anything they want in a school newspaper.
In Midterms Ploy, Biden Raids Strategic Petroleum Reserves
The Biden administration has finally discovered an energy emergency after all … inflationary gas, food, and other commodity prices that pose dire threats to their party’s hold on a congressional majority.
We Need Counteroffensive Against New Puritans: Progressives
If conservatives do not quickly unify and initiate a counterculture offensive, they will find themselves declared by the censorious left "enemies of the state" and imprisoned for expressing contrary opinions.
83 Percent of Voters See Russia as Serious Threat
Eighty-three percent of voters see Russia as a serious threat. A Scott Rasmussen national survey found that 81% see China as a serious threat, 73% view Iran that way, and 72% view North Korea similarly.
Putin's Threats, Drawn-Out War Are Nuking Himself With Allies, Foes
The regional defeat in eastern Ukraine has jolted the Kremlin itself. Russian President Vladimir Putin cannot tolerate defeat.
Dems Can Still Seize Crime Issue and Win
The Democrats, for once, have gotten their acts together, coming up with a package of bills to fund police departments that is supported both by moderate Democrats and by the Congressional Black Caucus.
NY AG's Lawsuit Against Trump Will Go Nowhere
Why is James going through these legal gymnastics? Desperation. Four years ago she ran for attorney general on a single promise: to get Trump. Now she’s up for reelection. Despite New York being a deep blue state, her campaign is foundering.
How Biden Has Committed US to War Over Taiwan
One wonders: If China invades and seizes Taiwanese-claimed and -occupied islands within sight of the Chinese coast, and Taiwan resists, what would Biden do?
Left Close to Breaching Nation's Sacred Social Contract
Last week, on Sept. 17, was the day we celebrate our Constitution's birth (Constitution Day). In light of that milestone, let's not now, or ever, forget the unnatural consequences of inaction at a time like this in our nation's history.
Nothing Dysfunctional About US Healthcare - Period
By putting patients in charge of how their healthcare dollars are spent, this arrangement would introduce the kinds of market dynamics that drive down costs and improve quality.
Reforming Welfare State Could Reform Immigration
At a time when the American economy could use more people, restrictions on immigration continue to trap a lot of unused talent in low-productivity countries. To unleash it, the United States could simply let these immigrants in and let them work.
The Toughest Call - Forgiving Infidelity
Infidelity does not have to mean the end of a relationship; it is often the beginning of a deeper partnership in terms of understanding the necessity of love, loyalty, honesty, and respect.
Biden Department of Justice? Hardly
President Joe Biden's Department of Justice is going after conservatives in a way eerily reminiscent of the tactics employed when the state of Alabama went after the NAACP in the 1950s.
Govs' Immigrant Relocation Drives Dangerous, Abusive
Until their hearing dates, each immigrant is lawfully free to move about or stay put, and each enjoys the protections of the Constitution.
N.Y. Case Proves Left Fears Trump Like Nothing Else
Could this have anything to do with his imminent announcement of his candidacy for reelection in 2024? Or with his dominance in the Republican party primaries this year? Or with his lead over Biden in several national polls?
Are the Woke the New Pharisees?
The Pharisees were the virtue signalers of their day. The woke crowd are in effect the Pharisees of our day.
Survey of Catholics Offers Promising Results
The extent to which Catholics — even the non-practicing ones — find their faith to be important, is great news.
Israel's Many Miracles in 125 Years Since First Zionist Conference
Since Israelis, diaspora Jews and millions of other supporters will celebrate 75 years of independence in May 2023, a recounting of the Jewish state's spectacular successes is timely.
Action Will End Democrats' 'Defund the Police' Crusade
The left is slow to acknowledge the horrific acts committed by known criminals. Instead of having celebrations at the White House, Joe Biden should follow our lead. Tennesseans, and all Americans, are demanding action on crime.
Disenrolling Turkey from NATO Worst Possible Plan
At a time when Turkey's frustration has boiled over and there is no recognition of a NATO ally’s domestic challenges to remain in good standing, is a provocative Speaker Pelosi visit to Armenia the medicine our beleaguered ally needs? History should instill reticence in leaders.
No Religion Renders Religious Freedom Meaningless
Religious freedom is an integral part of American identity.
A Timely Interview With Dr. Peter Navarro
As if a recession, nations at war and inflation weren’t enough, imagine facing criminal charges today. Where mere mortals would crumble, the best and brightest make the most of the moment.
Kenneth Starr (1946-2022)
Outside of the Lewinsky scandal, the independent counsel ended up convicting 15 people in relation to Whitewater. Starr uncovered a series of crimes in Arkansas.
What Anti-Green Spin Doctors Always Ignore
Professional anti-green writers recite many interesting facts in their analysis of energy problems. But they also exemplify the fact that, as poet William Blake (1757-1827) put it, "a truth that's told with bad intent, beats all the lies you can invent."These writers, like...
Nothing Threatening About Patriotic, Religious  Americans
President Biden referred to President Trump’s voters as "MAGA Republicans," calling the America First movement "semi-fascism." These declarations smeared the good character of almost half the nation.
The Rum 'Cover-Over': Crony Capitalism Masquerading as a Handout
Crony capitalism is a vile practice that turns even the most respectable companies into complete scoundrels. Let’s hope that Congress does the right thing, so we can wake up one day and rejoice that the rum cover-over is finally gone.
GOP on Autopilot Doesn't Guarantee Midterm Win
I’m afraid we’ve assumed that just because Biden is such a terrible president, people will automatically vote for good, conservative candidates. It’s not true.
Elitist Biden Out of Touch With the People
Joe Biden showed what it looks like when the ruling class loses all connection with the realities of the pain and stress of the people it serves.
Val Demings Is Dangerous for Fla., Nation
Demings, as do all Democrats, want the election to be about abortion; not crime, school choice, illegal immigration, or Biden’s skyrocketing inflation with its plummeting stock market, high gas prices, and deteriorating economy.
Truss, Kwarteng Could Usher a Miracle on the Thames
The power of stable money, no rationing, sensible regulation and low, broad-based, tax rates to restore equitable prosperity is well known. Kwarteng assuredly knows them.
Digital Dollar Increases Govt Control Over Our Finances
Programmable digital currency gives government leaders something they have never had before — the ability to limit or even stop altogether the purchases of all persons engaged in the digital currency’s use.
DeSantis Shows GOP Way to Win
Over the past few decades, very few real fighters have been in positions of power in the Republican Party.
Abraham Accords Improved Mideast, Best Yet to Come
It has been two years since the Abraham Accords were signed.And it can safely be said that, over these past twenty-four months, specifically because of the Accords, the Middle East is a drastically different place. A drastically improved region.There is more on the horizon....
Are Wars 'Out of Control' in Mideast?
It has become increasingly clear that since the Biden administration’s chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan what one might coin as “wars out of control” could spread in the Greater Middle East, causing danger to U.S. interests, national security and the security of our regional allies.
Martha's Vineyard: Time for Leftists to Live Up to Words, Ideals
Island residents stood up and proclaimed their immense "compassion" for the new arrivals while scolding DeSantis and his supporters for a "stunt" that they are too conceited to admit was pulled at their expense.
Block the Pending Arms Control Folly
Lt. General Bradley Saltzman, the nominee to lead the U.S. Space Force, correctly observed in his Senate Armed Services Committee Confirmation Hearing that space is "a warfighting domain."
Biden's College Loan Bailout Is a Bad Idea
Since the 1970s, universities have indoctrinated their students in social activism, socialist ideology, and the evils of capitalism, churning out naïve voters for the Democratic Party. Biden and the Democrats are paying the schools to keep ’em comin.'
Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month: 3 Historical Insights
September 15 kicked off National Hispanic Heritage Month where our nation celebrates its rich and diverse history. The mid-month commemoration coincides with independence day observances for several Latin American countries - honoring the price of freedom.
Revolution Threatens Iranian Regime
Challenged at home by an angry population, the Iranian regime has never been this fragile and should never be allowed a lifeline through a new lousy Iran deal by the Biden administration.
By Ted Belman with Mudar Adnan Zahran
DC Not Source of Solutions But Problems for Poor, Minorities
Making ends meet is much more difficult today than one year ago or before the pandemic. Runaway inflation at 8.3% forces Americans to work harder just to buy less. If you weren't working with significant earnings to start, rising costs on essential items are stealing your...
Attacks on Judeo-Christianity Are Attacks on Western Civilization
Among the most persistent and insidious attacks are those against the Judeo-Christian heritage that is inseparable from the advances of the West, including its art, architecture, commerce, music and education, as well as political, economic and social philosophies.
Elizabeth II: Few Shaped History With Greater Impact, More Grace
It’s clear, she developed a reputation for engaging with a wide spectrum of personalities and leadership. Long may her legacy endure.
Will Faustian Bargains With Radicals Bring Some Democrats Down?
Democrats all over the country will lose their seats because of the Faustian bargains they made with radical leftists ...
Elizabeth II's Charm, Humor Strengthened UK-US Bond
She had a sharp wit and great comic timing which were, at times, on display when unanticipated humorous incidents occurred during her visits to America.
Is Europe Committing Suicide with Sanctions?
How is it possible in 2022, when Switzerland and the rest of the political west have achieved the greatest economic success in history, that the European continent faces a winter like something out of the dark ages? Sanctions.
Memphis Museum Under Fire Over 'Family Friendly' Drag Show
The beloved Pink Palace in Memphis has undergone a rainbow-colored transformation.The Museum of Science and History (MoSH) announced they will host their first-ever family friendly drag show.
May Legacy of Queen Elizabeth II Live On
Despite gossip, scandals, and politics, the Queen rose above triviality and focused on the needs of the British. Her commitment to serving her country for her entire life never wavered.
By Callista Gingrich with Fmr. Speaker Newt Gingrich
By Cultivating Our Connections We Can Overcome Scarcity
If we begin to learn that happiness lies not in material possessions, in having more stuff, but in cultivating our connections with each other, we will discover beautiful things.
America the Best Entity God Ever Created
America is prosperous. No one, or almost no one, goes to bed hungry at night, contrary to the lies of various fundraisers. This still is the golden land. The tears in my friend’s eyes, the tears in my eyes, are for a true miracle of God. And that miracle’s name is America.
Greet Success, Failure With Grace
Becoming overly enthralled with success or overly disheartened by failure is to miss the point on the quality of character in an ongoing life.
Prevent Next 9/11 by Streamlining, Reforming Intelligence Agencies
On this 21st anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, let’s talk about how a future U.S. president can build American intelligence by streamlining and reforming our intelligence agencies to make them leaner, more efficient, and take politics out of their work.
Beasley's Success Blueprint a Must for US Leadership on World Stage
In countries across the globe and on all continents, David Beasley, for almost six years, has been seen as the American who gets thing done. At a time when we need American leadership, David Beasley has shown the world what real American leadership looks like.
Ending Today's Public Education Tragedy Won't Be Easy
You might think that we the people control the schools because we elect our local school board trustees. Not true. Mostly, we elect the liberals that the teachers’ unions allow us to elect.
GOP Needs Shift in Focus, Renewed Energy to Win Midterms
Republicans have got to unite in a populist approach to a victorious strategy.
A Timely Interview With 'My Son Hunter' Director Robert Davi
Since his 1977 debut in "Contract on Cherry Street" starring Frank Sinatra, Davi has appeared in close to 100 films and TV shows.
Giorgia Meloni Offers a Chance for Italy's - and Europe's - Salvation
The Italian people seem to be fed up with the unnatural order of things in their country.
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