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Until Democrats learn to love their country more than they hate one man, we’ll never be able to move forward together as one great nation.
China could run its ships up and down the Mississippi with high tech electronics in our heartland gathering intelligence and at the same time make America entirely dependent upon them for our shipping and commerce.
To eliminate, in social settings, the myriad of subtleties in facial expressions, and the sublime delight of social communication is dispiriting, anti-social, and inhumane. Not facemasks, but liberty and our faith and traditions will preserve us.
Police, media and citizens all have rights, but almost as important, they also have responsibilities.
I think we should all be very proud of the efforts from our government to find these people and bring them home. No matter how long it takes, we cannot give up hope.
For decades, the unelected bureaucracy of the law enforcement agencies in Israel, including the judiciary, has acted as one prominent left-leaning jurist put it, as if it was an "alternate government."
Whereas wartime circumstances usually tend to draw citizens together in common purposes behind national leadership that transcends partisan adversarial dissensions, this one appears to be a notable exception.
Many oppressed and subjugated people around the world still look to the U.S. with hope. They see the founding ideals of America’s revolution as a promise to emulate. The crisis in Hong Kong is an opportunity for Trump to renew that promise.
In America, we decide for ourselves what produces happiness. We have never delegated to the government, ever, the power to make personal choices for us. Have we approached tyranny already?
Going so "vintage" in this manner right out of the gate was a bold move, but then again, most first films only lead to other great ones down the road when big chances are taken early on.
In Stockholm only 7.3% of all residents have tested positively for it. Elsewhere the level has barely reached 4%. It is obvious that the Social Darwinist strategy of the Social Democrats has been failing.
The Real Reason Blue State Govs Keep States Locked Down
Fear spreads at the speed of light. After 70 years and 100 million users of antimalarial drugs with remarkable safety, FDA is inspiring fear of heart problems from using hydroxychloroquine or azithromycin.
Have you heard of, or have you ever partaken of Holy Communion?
What matters is that the virus is here and it is changing the very fabric of human society.
Those results show little change since early April, suggesting that opinions of the healthcare system have not been significantly altered as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
Daily fatalities continue to decline and have fallen by over 60 percent in the last five weeks. If this trend continues as the country reopens and there is distinct progress on bringing the unemployed back to work, it is going to be extremely difficult to run against the president
Newsom's vote-by-mail mandate is unconstitutional and may cause the votes of countless voters to be thrown out or not counted.
We haven't solved the storage problem yet, but we could evade it by connecting the whole planet into a single electrical grid.
If you’re not a regular reader, make a list of subjects that interest you and put them in order of import. Next go to a bookstore or a library or check online and examine books that address your subject of the moment. Get the one you find most fascinating and read it.
Joe Biden's statement that "You ain't black" unless you back me over Trump should be perceived as an insult to black intelligence.
Kentuckians, like millions of other Americans, need economic opportunity and security, and healthcare they can count on, rather than McConnell's agenda of tax cuts for the rich and extreme, right wing judges on the federal bench for life.
By Richard A. Arenberg with Ira Shapiro
For skeptics of Washington-imposed central authority or big government, the left’s embrace of the 10th Amendment may be a positive effect of the pandemic. What are the chances that it would last into a Biden administration?
We allowed ourselves to become dependent on China for medicines and drugs vital to the health and the survival of millions of Americans. Who did this to us? We did it to ourselves.
Reagan and his family moved seven times before he attended Eureka College, so by the time he was a young man, he was comfortable throwing his hat down and putting his feet up wherever he was.
Like many attacks on homeschooling, the claim that homeschoolers are not "socialized" is the opposite of the truth.
It’s the law in Michigan, and everyone else had one on, but we should stop playing his cultural war game. He’s never going to make the small gesture of wearing a mask to protect others, and that’s no surprise.
Initially I was a bit shocked, but I soon realized that we actually created this Monster.
The moms at the shelter were so happy that some cried because a New York Yankee actually gave a damn about them.
What sneaky legal loophole could the police be exploiting to confiscate the property of those never found guilty of a crime?
President Trump let governors and officials across the land know that religious institutions, and the worship services they provide, play an essential role. He has spoken for the searchers whose life-sustaining spirituality is, and always will be, essential.
The Democrats’ solicitude for the interests of the affluent may not be the aberration it appears to be. It reflects the party’s long-term movement up the socioeconomic ladder, and shows why Democrats may find it impossible to reclaim their historical identity.
The First Amendment reads, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."
By Michael Reagan with Michael R. Shannon
Freedom-loving Americans can look at a map of the country and see how those on the left versus those on the right are delicately handling the crisis. Abortion-loving, church-hating politicians stand in great contrast with their freedom-loving counterparts in red states.
Burt Bacharach, at 92, still performs. Perhaps, he should return to his native city (he grew up in Queens) and oversee a musical tribute in Central Park to Marlene Dietrich, and all the others, who entertained American uniformed personnel during the most destructive war in history.
The goal is to address underlying resentment or perceived inadequacy in a safe environment where feelings can be explored safely, non-judgmentally, and lovingly.
We’re in the fight of our lives but we will win this war. Americans don’t lie down, give up and quit. Now that our strategic game plan is better than ever, we will continue to improve.
Biden is committed to naming a woman as his vice-presidential running mate, and there is growing pressure for him to select a black woman.
If COVID-19 disappears, Americans should vote in person, as we did for centuries, before Democrats defined voting down and encouraged citizens to cast ballots in their bathrobes, while watching MSNBC.
Education is a national security issue. This Memorial Day, teach your kids what Memorial Day is really all about. Teach them what it really means to be an American and of the sacrifices made by their countrymen so that they can live in a free America today.
Thousand of families in New York are suffering because Cuomo’s words didn’t match his actions. There was plenty of data available to execute a science-based policy.
We often have little control of what happens to us in life. But we always have control over how we will respond.
This is a stealth attack on our well-being and way of life like we've never before witnessed.
Illegal alien workers performed an estimated 45% of the work for food grown in the United States in the decades prior to the 2020 coronavirus.
In spite of the violent sickness, horrendous deaths, job losses, and almost complete shutdown of American life as we have come to know it, a silver lining exists.
To date three nations are on record supporting Israel's decision — The United States, Austria and Hungary. Interestingly, presidential hopeful, Joe Biden has made it clear that he is not in favor.
There will always be dissenters, and their right to oppose mandatory vaccinations and other governmental intrusions must be protected.
Barkley on TV crew for Tiger-Phil-Brady-Manning match; Women’s pro golf returns as Hyun Kyung Park wins; LPGA Tour’s restart pushed back; President Trump expresses wish for golf with fans in attendance; Ernie Gonzalez, tour vet, dies at 59.
Cuomo did not lack for decisiveness when he recently declared that "nobody" should be prosecuted for the way nursing homes were managed.
Unfortunately for our constitutional republic, the ethical and moral rot in our institutions is deep, not limited to a small cabal in Washington.
With the economy collapsing due to the coronavirus pandemic, if Trump is blamed, these Catholic voters, who distain the abortion rights "cafeteria Catholic" Joe Biden, may do what they did in 2012: stay home.
Norma McCorvey's pro-life testimony is a gift of love. For many, Norma was our sister, our friend.
Construction sites pose a significant danger to pedestrians and an enormous risk to distracted pedestrians.
The study also focuses on how various Israeli government measures, including major concessions impact different types of Palestinian terrorist organizations.
There has been a lot of preaching from Gov. Cuomo, every day in his press conference, but his words often ring hollow.
In my view, the pandemic has exposed three different types of attitudes. I describe them as resembling the characters in the classic Western movie, "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly."
Emotions are running high, as Arbery’s tragedy devolves into another crisis not to be wasted by the likes of Atlanta’s Democratic Mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms.
It's a D.C. bureaucratic limbo with a 46-year history of half-measures which, due to a lack of legislation, has metastasized, effecting anyone unfortunate enough to encounter the justice system within the small 68 square mile jurisdiction.
Now is the time for Iraq's Prime Minister Khadimi to demonstrate his leadership abilities, by protecting the constitutional rights of Iraqis.
In reality, America and the PRC have been on a collision course since 1949.
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