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In 2017, the top four wedding dates were the Saturdays between September 30 and Oct. 21. Number five on the list was Nov. 11.
Congratulations, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, you've done the unimaginable: You've made our politics even uglier.
Vladimir Lenin once said, “The goal of socialism is communism.”
So the Senate Judiciary Committee has agreed to delay its vote on Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court until after he and Christine Blasey Ford, who has accused him of sexual assault, testify Monday.
Usually phishing operations are interested in bank accounts or identity theft. In this case, the project looks like it was designed to yield political intelligence of interest to the Qatari government.
Where is the American electorate trending in the long term? Is it with Trump's new brand of Republicanism, or with the Progressive wave we’ve witnessed over these past few months? In all likelihood, it’s the latter.
Our prayers are with the communities affected by Hurricane Florence as they heal and rebuild. As the residents slowly regain a sense of normalcy, research and practical experience predicts their diets and nutritional regimes will as well.
Gilda Radner led a charmed life and the bookends at the start and end of her existence would crush most of us, yet she handled all of it with a smile.
SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Ford, has been revealed, and her attorney Debra Katz made some bizarre comments on CNN that raised a red flag for me as to Ford's credibility.
It’s time for the Air Force to fire Elon Musk — or, at the very least, put his services on suspension.
The stability Kim is pursuing means preserving his nuclear arsenal, not eliminating it, and achieving unification with South Korea on his terms.
This practice is one of the main reasons why the Trump administration has taken specific measures against the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) in recent weeks
Although directly regulating prices — except for public utility monopolies — is not a legitimate government function, prices for fossil fuels can be raised indirectly by imposing higher taxes on them.
The last time we visited the tale of the one-percenter’s sinking penthouse, the in-aptly named Millennium Tower had “unexpectedly” sunk 8.3 inches into the San Francisco landfill on which the 58-story apartment building was constructed.
By Michael Reagan with Michael R. Shannon
Palpable here is the desperation of the left to derail Kavanaugh, lest his elevation to the high court imperil their agenda and the social revolution that the Warren Court and its progeny have been able to impose upon the nation.
Serena Williams just served up a whopping fault. She owes it to the umpire, her fans, and the game of tennis to apologize. Otherwise, her reputation as a preeminent role model will be forever tainted — game, set, match.
"Not normal" is a regular refrain of the president’s critics. One thing that doesn’t seem normal is to have a country in such apparently healthy condition so down on its president. If Trump makes it to 2020, his big challenge will be to turn that mood around.
Many believe that the polls are rigged. This unflattering brand attribute isn’t the most positive and claims of being “fair and balanced” are not exactly the case.
I mentioned that Dr. Lawrence Rocks — a frequent guest on my radio program — regularly warned me about methane gas produced from livestock.
The outrage of those who find their power and influence reduced and their ill-gotten gains diminishing is understandable, but the program this president has undertaken, inclusive of his judicial appointments, are laudable and must be allowed a chance to succeed.
The recently concluded hearings for soon-to-be-confirmed Judge Brett Kavanaugh sparked, among other things, an ongoing controversy over what Judge Kavanaugh said about the case my organization, Priests for Life, brought against the Obama Administration a few years ago.
It’s déjà vu all over again. Senate Democrats dusted off an old tactic for use against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.
Obama is reminding American voters why they threw the Democratic Party out from top to bottom, across this country. They ruin the economy and jobs, then they lie about it.
John Kerry appears to be unconcerned about the remarks he made regarding his potential illegal behavior, focusing instead on how his humor is playing out with the leftist base and the greater public.
As we head into final stretch of the midterms, there’s a plethora of chatter on the cable news channels about a blue wave (Democratic sweep).
A review of North Atlantic tropical storm and hurricane patterns fails to reveal any worsening trend over more than a century. In fact, the frequency of all U.S. land falling hurricanes between 1900 and 2017 has declined.
On paper, the Mets look like the MLB team that would benefit most from the National League’s potential adoption of the DH for 2019. Their star outfielder Yoenis Cespedes, who will be earning in excess of $27 million next season, will be returning midseason.
Institutions continue to argue, through their lawyers, that the families of the original owners did not move fast enough in making their claims and as such, they have forfeited their ownership.
On a daily basis, the president is called a racist, a misogynist, a Nazi, and a terrorist.
“Are you better off now than you were two years ago?” Republicans should ask voters this key question during the 2018 midterms.
Scholars have argued that the movement of countries toward democracy has slowed, stopped, or reversed. When we think about this problem, inevitably and rightly we worry about Donald Trump. But there is also a worrying erosion of a core democratic norm taking place on the left.
Greg Kraut, his family, his home, his town are for real. He is running as a Republican in a Democrat stronghold against a Dem incumbent.
Following Cohen’s guilty plea, pundits across the political spectrum have claimed that since Cohen stated in his allocution that he paid hush money “at the direction of a candidate for federal office,” President Trump is now an unindicted co-conspirator.
Despite the frequent conflict between pro-business and pro-environment forces, it’s a historical oddity that Republicans were the midwives of environmentalism.
A much better way than imposing tariffs would be the gradual imposition of quotas on certain products as means to reduce the quantity of imports from China. This of course should be done gradually.
The United States is the freest and most prosperous country in history. But without the rule of law and its respect for constitutional fidelity, personal liberty, private property and legal norms, the U.S. would be just a beautiful piece of real estate.
Today the New York Mets announced that their long time public relations director Jay Horwitz will be reassigned to another position after doing it so magnificently for so many years.
I hope the day will come that neither China nor the West will continue to burn or to ban the Bible, but instead, to open it up and to learn of its rich legacy available to all.
Author Ben Stein pinpoints three key areas that threaten to send our booming economy into a bust.
Serena Williams is one of the greatest athletes of all time.
The mystery is why Mueller, for all his experience and vaunted probity, chose a gang of rabid Trump-haters to conduct this operation, and why, when he must have realized it was a wild goose chase, he didn’t fold it up, turning it into an investigation of Trump’s enemies.
The good news continues to be that the U.S. economy is growing at a solid pace of nearly 4 percent, while unemployment is now below 4 percent.
Here we have a person who is supposed to be one of the leaders of the Democratic Party encouraging the Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump from office, all based on a non-verified source.
The mainstream news media, the Congressional Democrats, and the left-leaning talking heads of television clearly loathe President Donald J. Trump and Republicans.
The implicit Trump pledge in the 2016 campaign was of jobs good and stable enough to make a decent living and raise a family. That should never be over-promising.
The recent decision by the Trump administration to defund the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) was nothing less than a long-overdue moral imperative.
Defense Department bureaucrats are currently planning to award a long-term contract to handle all of the Pentagon’s data (from battle plans to soldiers’ dental records) to a single cloud services provider.
Whoever penned the op-ed did a great service to the President. It did more to unite his White House and his government than anything Donald Trump, himself, could have ever done. It forced a confession of public loyalty.
President Trump, an EMP Manhattan Project is necessary because the bureaucratic politics of EMP protection are even more formidable than the scientific, technological, and financial obstacles that faced the original Manhattan Project’s development of the atomic bomb.
Given their obsessed derangement against President Trump, watching the Democrats handle an entitlement-caused economic crisis would almost be worth having them win the next election.
The United States may not want to wait and play defense to counter Iranian terrorist threats.
On the 20th of January 2018 the United States Government ran out of money and this nation had what is called a “government shutdown.”
British Prime Minister Theresa May is promoting foreign aid to Africa. Her so called “aid” is laced with abortion and chemical/artificial device-laden death care.
It's not only the media who is floating a false narrative of the Catholic Church, it's their left-wing friends in Hollywood. Their goal is to intimidate the clergy from speaking out about moral issues, thus allowing their libertine views on sexuality to triumph.
While most Americans are saying goodbye to summer and getting ready for the new school year, 239 Jews did something remarkable last week.
Many are unaware that oil fields globally have refilled to a degree. This is something suggesting the existence of much greater reserves deeper and which on no account could have been created from organic source material from Earth’s surface.
If these opponents consider this kind of ambivalent service a morally sound course of action, they thought so already. If they think it is cowardly, an anonymous op-ed won’t change their mind.
Backing a player from a deep red state was most likely unacceptable for the progressive suits at Nike. Its decision to put progressive views before profit and the interest of its shareholders is going to cost the company dearly.
Achieving a college degree has long been a pillar of the American Dream.
With God’s help, we can reduce the political bullying. Spread the word that you want people in office to straighten up.
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