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A prescription opioid is a legal, controlled substance which, if used as directed, can provide profound relief to a patient suffering from pain associated with a traumatic injury, surgery, or degenerative disease.
Lying and politics are closely related.
Missionary John Allen Chau wanted an isolated tribe to learn about Jesus, the only hope for salvation, who died in the place of sinners, receiving in his own body the due penalty of our sins.
Those who use the Internet more frequently are just as likely as other young teens to have at least one close friend. And they are just as likely to fit in easily.
Can religious symbols be displayed on public property? Yes, but it is a qualified yes.
We must start by heeding and amplifying these strong female voices speaking out for women and girls being silenced, and worse, by Sharia-supremacism.
In the days after the death of President George H. W. Bush, the American public was made aware time and time again of a person who had a major influence on his life and actions: Robin, his daughter.
For readers who enjoy, as I do, giving books as Christmas presents to political junkie friends and relatives, here are my 2018 gift book picks. Happy reading in 2019!
The minor stir Pope Francis created a year ago when he first suggested the English translation of “The Lord’s Prayer” was flawed has since escalated now that he’s officially calling for a word change.
Believe Google’s Promise to Be Transparent About China The company’s employees will let the public know its plans even if its CEO doesn’t.
What the president is trying to do is extort Congress into giving him a political victory on trade. Legislators need to stand up to Trump, even if his substitute trade deal is not a lot different from the original.
In the 1990s, not long after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the world began to experience a rapid transformation.
By David Stuckenberg and Ambassador R. James Woolsey
One of the most important conclusions in a new report by the U.S. Air Force’s recently established Electromagnetic Defense Task Force (EDTF) is traditional deterrence, based on threat of retaliation, may not work against nuclear EMP attack.
Modern scientists are listening to black holes colliding from distances too overwhelming to comprehend. How much more astonishing it would be though should it turn out that the genius of the ancient Greeks might have had it all pretty much figured out.
The Trump administration declared the opioid epidemic a “national health emergency” in October 2017.
How much representation do you and main-street America lose in the political process to the jurisdictions that inflate their share of the national demographics by illegally harboring undocumented immigrants?
Whatever steps President Trump does take on the campaign finance law front, it’s hard to imagine he can do any worse than his Republican predecessors, Nixon, McCain, and George W. Bush.
Recognize the power and reality of groupfeel.
The Global Compact for Migration (GCM), signed in Marrakech on December 10 in the presence of UN Secretary General António Guterres, is a landmark agreement aiming to address how governments manage the flow of people across borders.
We're supposed to worry about carbon dioxide, invisible dust particles, and imperceptible phobias and isms. Not just worry, but shut down industries and shut out dissenters from public discourse. We need an outbreak of common sense.
Fox News reports — we’re sure with a great deal of relish — that CNN has fired commentator Marc Lamont Hill “after he gave a speech at the United Nations in which he used language critics describe as a dog whistle advocating the elimination of Israel.”
By Michael Reagan with Michael R. Shannon
To all the soldiers and families of the 354th Movement Control Battalion (MCB), may you have a wonderful holiday season. Our nation is safer and stronger because of what you do for us each and every day. Thank you.
For the next two years, we'll preoccupied with whether paying hush money justifies removing a president, and exactly when Michael Cohen stopped talking to the Russians about building a Trump Tower in Moscow. We are a nation engaged in trivial pursuits, in a serious world.
By the time this piece is posted we should already know who President Trump's choice will be for his new chief of staff.
The revelations of the last few days are, though disguised, the crash in ignominy of the Robert Mueller putsch.
There has been a dramatic change in the relationship between China and Japan during the past two years. This coincided with the start of the U.S. “tariffs” against China.
With more advanced crime-solving technology comes some friction. Many in the general public want to know how much surveillance is too much, citing worries about Big Brother-like advances that could soon spin out of control.
We have unwisely created institutions, such as the special counsel, untethered to responsible restraints, with incentives ceaselessly to harass and hound. It's long past time that we put a stop to this. Our politics is broken. Our constitutional system is at risk.
We suffer from too much bipartisanship when it comes to the welfare-warfare state. This bipartisanship has resulted in a national debt that is rapidly approaching 30 trillion dollars.
I hope that this commentary will cause you and your industry to wake up and start protecting America seniors.
Milton Maltz is a relentless philanthropist, perpetually promoting tolerance in all he does.
After loads of liberal media gloom and doom regarding the GOP's fate, it may be a surprise to hear that despite the midterm election results, Republicans are in a good position retake the White House, the U.S. House, and maintain the U.S. Senate. That's if they're able to focus on key elements.
Windy energy solutions merely promise more hot air. Wind farms impose large land and economic costs. During 2013 alone, adding over 3,600 miles of right-of-way and lines to remote wind farms cost Texas taxpayers $7 billon.
The time for debate and political posturing is over. It’s now time to do the right thing and pass The First Step Act legislation.
Recently President Trump drew the outrage of the outrage-based media when he said the United States should have its own foreign-oriented network to rival CNN International, one that broadcasts an explicitly pro-U.S. message abroad.
With the advent of the #MeToo movement, strategies have been constructed to keep more men out of possible trouble, if not learning the importance of every woman being respected and valued as a human being.
When we hear the expression "fake news" we automatically think President Trump and his tweets.
Intelligence collected last year by Egypt's interior ministry suggested that the Muslim Brotherhood is establishing "terrorist entities," including the Hasm Movement and others, to carry out attacks in an attempt to conceal the Brotherhood's responsibility.
I am not calling for a revival of the WASP establishment. I am asking, can we learn something from its virtues? Today's elites should at least live by one simple old-fashioned, universal idea, that every human being has equal moral worth.
How about a five-minute penalty for roughing in a hockey game, and then jail time to complete the penalty? Farfetched?
Presidents are sometimes enraged by the supermajority requirement to end a filibuster in the Senate because it gets in the way of one-party rule. This is when it is most important!
For twelve of the eighteen years I served in the U.S. Senate, George Bush loomed large on the national scene, first as a loyal Vice President to Ronald Reagan, and then as President at one of the most turbulent periods since World War II.
Rejecting the Faustian bargain that European society placed before them, Zionism was the Jewish liberation movement, providing Jews with both an outlet to embrace their 2,000-year-old dream to return to their homeland and a safe haven from rising anti-Semitism.
Federal criminal prosecution is not beanbag. The courts have ruled many times that prosecutors, FBI agents and police may lie, cheat, threaten, intimidate, coerce, and deceive to extract cooperation and obtain evidence from witnesses.
The media is having a feeding frenzy, trying to interpret the sentencing memo just filed in Michael Flynn’s case, but most of these interpretations are misplaced.
Today the spark of the Yellow Jackets represents certainly the opportunity for change but also a danger to the political and social stability of the country.
For anybody who thought Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un were the oddest of odd couples, we have a new bromance going, with Vladimir Putin and Mohammed bin Salman high-fiving each other at the G-20 summit last week.
Prayers and deepest condolences to the families of President George H. W. Bush and all experiencing loss during this holiday season. Praise for President Trump’s support of the First Step Act.
As an example of his kindness and sensitivity, I opened my mail one day to find a nice handwritten note from the then-Vice President commending my comments on “Black News,” a local news show on Saturday nights on WTTG-TV, which featured news impacting blacks in the nation’s Capital.
Coming to Washington for the first time this week, Stormy Daniels jumped into the deep end.
There is no question that the president should release the FISA documents.
While watching a cable news slugfest last week, I heard a pundit state with certainty that the 2017 tax cuts blew a hole in the deficit. It was stated as fact. The only problem is, it’s unquestionably, and verifiably, false.
On the morning when the world discovered President Bush had passed away, I received an email from an old friend who I fought many political battles alongside.
President George H. W. Bush was the last member of the “greatest generation” to serve as President of the United States. He was a patriot who epitomized “country above self.”
In the short run courageous political reformers like Secretary DeVos can open up some badly-needed opportunities but the more critical need is for more bold private entrepreneurs to create actual profit or non-profit private competition.
For years, experts have known that China wants to take control over low earth orbit in order to gain a military advantage over the United States on Earth, so why would bureaucrats create an environment that gives them a better hand of cards?
It’s time those on the right realize that the death penalty is another failed big government program, filled with all the ineffectiveness and corruption as the others. Clearly, when this much secrecy is needed to carry out the death penalty, it’s not operating correctly.
Today, if we wish to rise above our ego and try to connect positively with others, a completely new upper force will be revealed within us, and with its help, we will be able to bring peace, love and unity to the world.
Thousands of people streaming north out of Central American nations that are plagued by poverty and violence have been in the headlines for weeks now.
When I reflect on the “Greatest Generation,” I’m always amazed at the selflessness that characterized them. Men and women stood tall, rolled up their sleeves — fought in Europe and the Pacific and saved the world from tyranny.
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