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It has certainly been a rough year, and with COVID19, rioting and looting across the country, financial losses, and inability to see friends and neighbors and attend gatherings, it may not seem there is much to be thankful for.
Highly questionable Biden family dealings in China have received less media attention than those in Ukraine. They potentially deserve more scrutiny due to Beijing’s importance as a U.S. economic and military adversary.
Former Vice President Joe Biden’s failure to denounce the radicals of the left that helped seal my vote for Trump this year.
On Monday Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien sent the Commission on Presidential Debates a letter protesting the change in focus away from foreign policy.
The mainstream media ignores the proliferation of books by Black authors supporting Donald Trump and the record numbers of Black Republicans seeking federal office.
Biden and Harris are exploiting the pandemic for political gain but their revisionist history of events don’t line up with the facts.
Many of the polls included in the average of polls on aggregator sites are really just the products of Democratic Party front organizations, such as Vox, Politico, Quinnipiac, Monmouth
Our "Instapoll" results showed listeners had a decisive preference for Curtis, 82.9%, with Bloom trailing at 15.85%.
According to RealClearPolitics, former Vice President Joe Biden leads in states with 216 Electoral College votes while President Trump leads in states with 125.
If they don't get asked, voters and journalists may want to file them away for the final weeks of the campaign, or even for contemplation on the way to the polling station.
Critics have quickly dismissed Barrett without truly knowing her.
The whole criminal justice system of the federal government was co-opted to attempt to frame Mr. Trump. The media cheered them on.
De Blasio has learned nothing from the failure of the "Liberal Experiment" carried out by Mayors Robert Wagner and John Lindsay in the 1950s, '60s and '70s.
Matters, such as the evidence of extraordinary profiting by Vice President Biden’s family, or the Obama administration’s employment of agencies to undercut Trump are apparently off-limits in the media, banned from digital platforms, and not part of the debate agenda.
Democrats fear that Amy Coney Barrett's appointment to the Supreme Court will endanger the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The danger, however, exists only because current constitutional law rests upon an outdated understanding of federal-state relations.
Like Lou Gehrig, Neil spoke to me with the same courage and passion that I imagined that Lou Gehrig would have displayed.
We only hope the president will devote more time to preparation and nullifying the baleful impact of the leftist selected as moderator.
By Michael Reagan with Michael R. Shannon
Can we overcome the worst pandemic since the Spanish flu of 100 years ago, and deal with a national divide and racial crisis as bad as any since the 1960s, if not the Civil War? We're going to find out.
There is no need for endless negotiations with the Taliban on what the country might look like or should look like when we get out. Just get out of Afghanistan. Just come home. Nineteen years fighting a losing battle to re-shape a country is more than enough.
I am not sure where the Democrats and their media cohorts can go to get their consciences back. But I do know where the American people can go to get their country back.
Biden not only saw nothing wrong with an eight year-old boy transitioning, he openly mocked the idea that an eight year-old might be anything other than 100 percent earnest, justified, and biologically compelled in expressing a desire to live as a girl.
Lifting restrictions on cities and states, allowing businesses and organizations to resume operations, and shifting schools from virtual learning to in-person instruction may help to calm the deadly violence erupting on our nation’s urban streets.
First, let us understand that politics is only a tip of the iceberg when it comes to societal health, so the current political uproar is only symptomatic of a deeper cultural malady.
Calabria's FHFA has proposed a regulatory capital framework that would move the GSEs out of the government-run conservatorship they were placed into at the dawn of the 2008 financial crisis when the government found them to be nearly insolvent.
The U.S. Justice Department should seek an immediate injunction to halt mass mail-in voting, and require Americans to seek requested absentee ballots or cast their vote at socially-distanced polling places on election day.
In the United States this past week we saw our own iteration of domestic terrorism against free speech.
Feinstein congratulated Barrett during the hearings for her "impressive" command of the facts. That was kind of her. Now if she could only sit down and spend some time really listening to people like Barrett.
Two weeks out is a dangerous vantage from which to predict Senate races, particularly with the presidential race in flux. But, as of the time of this writing, (Oct. 16, the Democrats have a very slight edge in the race to capture the Senate.Republicans now rule the upper...
Enjoying the present is better than focusing on the air-brushed, often exaggerated highlights of an event in the past — that was likely not nearly as exciting as described. In other words, you likely did not "miss out" on anything.
Like anywhere else in the world, the coronavirus pandemic has drastically transformed life in the former Soviet states of Georgia, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan. Without high-speed internet it will be very hard to cope with the prevailing challenges there.
There are those who will jump at any opportunity to attack Israel. It stems from true, unadulterated hatred. It's as unfair as it is typical and commonplace.
The Democratic Party talks about being the party of the working-class, but it’s President Trump who’s showing them how to do it.
Since day one of the coronavirus pandemic he has sought to downplay the role of Communist China as the source of COVID-19, a country openly declaring its intent to assume global domination at America’s expense.
If the Chinese government does nothing as boats under its flag pillage Latin America, how can the region trust any Chinese company?
I miss John Paul II, whose centennial of birth we have been celebrating this year and whose anniversary of the elevation to the Throne of Peter is coming up shortly.
President Donald Trump, in an interview with Newsmax TV on Wednesday, accurately stated that the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic is suppressed in America, and he justifiably blasted Democrat Andrew Cuomo of New York for having the worst record among the nation's governors.
London was adamant that President Barack Obama didn't have the right direction for his foreign policy agenda in the Middle East.
if Joe Biden prevails, the ensuing far-Left agenda will be the steep price that 330 million Americans pay to satisfy the Trump haters’ burning desire never to see his face again.
I am a little sick and tired of people trying to make excuses for Harris by saying that her mediocre debate performance (and Pence was by far the better debater, which was expected) was due to her fear of being viewed as a nasty woman.
More than 70 years after the creation of the "Palestinian problem," the Arab world is fed up, finally realizing that there is no solution that will satisfy the naysaying Palestinians.
Most of America's political elites misunderstand politics. They think elections, and the endless political skirmishing between them that has replaced governing, is about personalities. Or issues. Or policy.
Leftism is a disease, capitalism is the only way to run an advanced society. Pope Francis’ recent encyclical reveals the dangers of leaders who live in ornate mansions, but don’t understand how the world really works.
Policy agendas have real impacts – both direct and indirect – for everyone.
Have you ever seen a Biden hat? A Biden shirt? A Biden yard sign?
Politicians and bureaucrats often spin sensitive investigations to incriminate targets in the court of public opinion before charging them in a court of law. That’s exactly what happened during Russiagate.
What if we all make conscious choices to move about as before or to stay sheltered, based on our own exercise of our own informed free wills and not on the basis of governmental edicts?
As someone who lived with both the plusses and minuses of the Senate’s higher threshold for action, I know that tinkering with power is tempting. It’s also dangerous.
Beasley is known for doing what he believes is right, regardless of the consequences. He's also not your typical U.N. bureaucrat, going so far as to tell a reporter that he’s "not a UN kind of guy."
Modern confirmation hearings have largely been designed to grease the skids for judicial nominees. In Judge Barrett’s case, they’re working as intended.
Just this week, law enforcement in California recovered $8 million of stolen merchandise from a crime ring in the Bay Area. The criminals had stolen goods from CVS, Target and Walgreens.
Mandating masks has probably deprived us from gaining natural immunity and thus made the disease more fatal.
The differences between the Nazi era and our era are stark indeed, so stark as to leave one mystified how they could have escaped the attention of Ms. Hawker.
Hopefully, the aftermath of the election will not be as contentious as the months leading to it have been, and the president will be able to do his job in a more constructive atmosphere than in the past four years.
The Commission on Presidential Debates is collapsing under the weight of its own bias and establishment elitism.
California cannot continue to have some of highest taxes and most burdensome regulations in the country and expect that companies and people will stay.
Let's be honest, shall we? The Democrats and their allies in the controlled media will do anything to get rid of Donald Trump.
China’s economic aggression fuels its expansionism, as it seeks to extend its sphere of influence globally.
My hope is that we as Americans can align our family core values with our societal core values, including freedom of speech, in a responsible manner.
"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."
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