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Everyone who wishes America well must always hope that an incoming president of the United States is successful.
We don’t know for certain what will happen after Murdoch walks through the front door of Fox News and the Daily Mail is just speculating, but it will be interesting to watch.
By Michael Reagan with Michael R. Shannon
Strangely, for a country that traditionally prides itself as a beacon of democracy, the transition of power took on the darkly ominous atmosphere of a banana republic scene.
Do you talk to your TV, especially the news? I always have, in my head or out loud (and to the irritation of anyone else watching with me). The inauguration made it clear my unfortunate habit will get worse.
Biden didn't mean he wanted to unify all of America — just those who were already on his side.
Europe, including the Intemarium, has been hit hard by the second wave of COVID-19. Or is it a third wave? No one really knows.
We need solutions that don’t stifle our innovative system or crash our economy in the process, and quite frankly, Bidencare just doesn’t get it done.
Oregon and Washington state and local politicians are unable to control violence in Portland and Seattle. Or do they encourage criminal behavior or do they ignore it?
Before long everyone will realize that the path to power lies through the offices of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and, possibly, Susan Rice and that they owe Biden nothing more than the polite pretense of respect.
There is no racial or ethnic group in American history that has made significant socio-economic success without first believing in their ability to do so. Most of them faced bias and discrimination at one time or another - some more than others - but all of them overcame.
Disinfectants are one of our greatest weapons in the fight against COVID and other infectious diseases, yet they have been misused for decades and COVID has unfortunately not changed this reality.
The direction and policies regarding the Middle East of the new U.S. administration remain to be seen.
Joe Biden's inaugural was the most confusing, contradictory and incoherent ever delivered from the steps of the Capitol, reflective of the mind of its author and the state of the Union he now leads. Good luck, Mr. President. You will need it, and so will we.
Regrettably, the early consequences of last year’s election will be a weaker and more divided, not United States.
In the wake of the Capitol riots and President Trump's less than ideal response, an age-old tenant of American democracy has been at the center of media discourse - the right to free speech.
They didn’t do so on the Fourth of July. In fact, the Congress formally voted to declare independence on July 2, 1776.
An aggressive political battle over the shape of your retirement is beginning in Washington D.C.
On Tuesday, Secretary of State nominee Anthony Blinken said the Biden administration would participate in a World Health Organization (WHO) project that calls on richer nations to regard vaccines as a global good, and share the supply with poorer nations. It's a bad idea.
Another anniversary of Roe v. Wade is upon us. And in recent days, the pro-life movement has suffered some serious political setbacks.
I thought that narrative would have changed once the caravans of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants started flooding over the border in the Obama administration.
Why do government officials want to silence their opponents? They fear an undermining of their power. The dissenters might make more appealing arguments than they do.
To avoid student "break downs" let me suggest a simple strategy: work first, then play!
We need to come together not on the basis of false unity, but rather on the principles on which America was Founded, starting with the right to life, including of children in the womb.
Now America inaugurates Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. president of the United States. Farewell to President Trump.Politics is forward-looking. We voters aren't even ''What have you done for me lately?'' to our elected officials. We're ''What are you going to do for me next?''...
The axis of the political Left, the racial Left, and the media Left (which is basically all of the media with a few exceptions) simply would not be denied. So Trump, staked to the tree like St. Christopher, was penetrated by a thousand arrows from his enemies.
Joe Biden's plan for a $1.9 trillion coronavirus package throws the Hippocratic Oath to ''do no harm'' to the curb. Billed as the American Rescue Plan, his proposal will cripple economic growth, undermine personal responsibility and create an immigration magnet ...
For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. It is a fundamental law of physics that is taught to every science student
How does idol infatuation develop in the first place? Research reveals that at least chronologically, the answer is perhaps sooner rather than later.
If a Republican, in the mold of the great Fiorello La Guardia (1933-45) or Rudy Giuliani (1994-2001), is not elected in Nov. 2021, the city will continue its precipitous decline.
In 2012, Burns pursued the first secret talks with Iranian officials through the offices of the late Sultan Qaboos of Oman that led to the 2013 interim nuclear agreement that preceded the one negotiated in 2015.
He didn't take the outside of the box approach that President Donald Trump and senior adviser Jared Kushner took to bringing peace to the Mideast.
This purported substance is said to make up a vast bulk of the cosmos but can't be seen, smelled, heard, tasted or felt.
Having practiced immigration law for over two decades, I am intimately familiar with what happens when governments decide that certain thoughts are dangerous, certain views are unwelcome and certain questions should never be asked.
A country, on some level, gets the politicians it deserves, just as it gets the press it deserves. So the across-the-political-spectrum tendency to blame the media may itself be a sign of a kind of denial, a way of avoiding confronting one of the hardest truths of all.
Neither side has to give up its principles or ideology to join in the larger proposition that we are all Americans and as Americans we have an obligation to make our civic culture of freedom, the rule of law, and orderly self-government work.
Maybe these thugs had ESP, read President Trump’s mind, and enacted his wishes before he stated them out loud. Which he didn’t.
What happened in D.C. must not happen again. Emotion and fervor must not bankrupt reason, sound judgment, and the rule of law which is adherence to the Constitution. But we must recover together.
From Big Tech to Big Media, the push is now on to silence conservative voices.
Big Brother was a fictional boogeyman in the fictional book 1984. Current events are now showing that the work may prove to be more prophetic than imagined.
Troyke, Weltlinger and other musicians will perform a livestreaming concert commemorating the liberation of the Auschwitz Nazi concentration camp, April 27.
We have a unique opportunity, informed by history, to denounce the warmongers and push for a peaceful and non-interventionist foreign policy.
The next few months will tell us how serious the Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) Infection is in Washington.
Sham That Is Ballot Harvesting Unelected Trump
This is just the beginning revenge against Donald Trump, but the question remains, who will be the next unfortunate victims? Who will ultimately stand up and declare, enough is enough?
I saw firsthand the ugliness of war with no end in sight in either Afghanistan or Iraq. I also saw firsthand the destruction of outsourcing jobs overseas and its impact on people and communities.
What may surprise some is the relatively unorthodox path Milius followed in becoming a creative triple-threat (writer/director/producer) in an industry so lacking in both conservative and female filmmakers.
Instead of denying our fellow citizens the right to air their grievances, we must listen and figure out what needs to change then begin the hard work of reform.
When we learn to value the human personality, and understand that we are one blood and one human race, we can learn to live together as brothers and sisters and we won’t perish as fools.
The Tesla and SpaceX CEO recently praised China's government, going so far as to say that its officials may be more responsive to its citizens’ needs than those in America.
I have several reservations about requiring the COVID-19 vaccine to all school-age children at this time.
Americans, and others globally, this is not a time when we should sing more loudly,  this is a time when we all must speak louder.
The cry of anguish coming from every corner of the United States in the aftermath of the January 6 rioting has resounded everywhere in world headlines and extensive media coverage.
In September of 2020, we released a study revealing that 353 U.S. counties had 1.8 million more registered voters than eligible voting-age citizens.
As our nation looks to observe Martin Luther King, Jr. (MLK) Day on Monday, January 18, we are reminded of a leader who encountered great adversity without compromising his beliefs.
Almost one-fifth of all U.S. dollars ever created are just under one year old. In about the same time, Bitcoin has quadrupled in value. Currency competition is here, but the blessing for consumers is seen as a serious threat by the oligarchical elite. Just as our country...
Many were optimistic about the Republican Party's identity after the Nov. 3 election, even with losses in the Senate and President Trump losing reelection to Joe Biden. It would simply be a death sentence for Republicans to forget the base that taught the old guard.
Donald Trump may have no interest in speaking to, meeting with, or even handing over the reins of presidential power to Joe Biden come Jan. 20.But in a funny way, Biden is listening to his soon-to-be predecessor. We see Biden's acknowledgment in many of his appointments to...
President Trump did not incite the riots. He encouraged his supporters to come to Washington for a "Stop the Steal" rally.
So many people caved so easily to other influential individuals and groups, whom they most longed to please, and whose continuous acceptance they still desperately desire. It's a hollow choice that these people made. Fame is fleeting, but misfortune oftentimes lingers.
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