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President Trump is right. The EU's subversion of NATO and U.N. Security Council priorities they have purported to champion is an intolerably hypocritical travesty.
Mueller's indictment shows how a dozen Russian military intelligence officers probed, hacked and pilfered the servers of the Democratic National Committee, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the campaign of Hillary Clinton.
We agree there is a foundation based in New York State that deserves close scrutiny from the AG’s office, but it is not the foundation named after Trump.
By Michael Reagan with Michael R. Shannon
In recent days, after returning to the U.S., an American missionary told a Chicago area newspaper that Christians and their churches in China are currently undergoing a "fiery trial," fiercer than anything experienced since the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s and 1970s.
Criticism of President Trump’s tone and perceived relationship with Putin notwithstanding, Russia sees a formidable rival in Trump. Things have changed.
62 percent of Americans are at least somewhat comfortable with their level of savings. That figure includes 24 percent who are very comfortable with their savings.
As a social scientist who has analyzed and written about polling data for many years, I am always taken aback when I encounter dishonest surveys.
Ronald Reagan was hated globally. He is considered by many as one of America’s greatest presidents. One survey actually ranks him as the greatest. His Pershing 2 missiles helped end the Cold War. The truth of history is that many presidents are despised, even in office.
Strzok himself issued a broadside against the congressional hearing during his opening statement. He characterized the hearing as “just another victory notch in Putin’s belt and another milestone in our enemies’ campaign to tear America apart.”
The administration’s tariffs on imported steel and aluminum harm companies that use those inputs to make their own products, and these companies employ more Americans than the steel and aluminum industries themselves.
Our nation needs to face the truth about abortion. We need a breath of fresh air on our Supreme Court. We need to bring the Roe v. Wade film to the screen. We ask for your prayers and support as we work to complete this important and honest movie.
Of the twenty-nine NATO countries, only five (U.S., UK, Poland, Estonia, and Greece) are meeting their commitment to spend 2 percent of their GDP on defense.
Many have previously noted that the normal statistics used to calculate income use money earnings but do not include the value of government transfers to people or subtract taxes paid to arrive at actual income.
How far we have strayed from the Framers. We have a federal government far more powerful than originally conceived, one willing to intrude into all aspects of life. Even more disturbing, we now have one of our political parties, the Democrats, committed to the expansion of the powers of government.
The U.S. and its European allies gathered together again this week at NATO headquarters in Brussels to discuss the mutual security commitment that has helped keep Europe at peace for almost 75 years.
Democrats calling to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement, known as ICE, got their bluff called Thursday. When push came to shove, it was all bluster on their part.
Representative Maxine Waters has made herself the poster child for the Trump Resistance movement and that was her prerogative — until she crossed the line recently to incite harassment of Trump officials.
This is the time for President Trump to stand with the opposition, even more, and build a stronger relationship with it. Iranians need help to finish the job, with their escalating, expanding, and continuous protests for a free Iran.
Before departing Brussels, Trump upped the ante on the allies, urging that all NATO nations raise the share of their GDPs that they devote to defense to 4 percent.
Business Insider ran a column defending actress Scarlett Johansson from fierce criticism for her decision to play a transgender man in a forthcoming film called "Rub and Tug."
Trump's loud charge against Germany this week — that it has become too dependent on Russian natural gas — does have considerable merit.
In an era of partisan polarization, it is rare to get agreement on anything, but about this there should be a consensus: The Supreme Court is an undemocratic institution whose power should be carefully circumscribed.
The solution to carnage is inescapable. Democrats and the left must be crushed in the midterm elections. After an unambiguous shellacking, Democrats at last might see that America rejects their unhinged, demented, increasingly socialist worldview.
When the U.S. was trying to make nice with the Iranians, the Iranians didn’t let up. During that time, the Iranians chanted "Death to Obama," and "Death to Kerry." Also, Iranians set up a booth to throw shoes at President Obama, and hung him in effigy.
On Monday night, President Trump announced his pick for Anthony Kennedy’s replacement — D.C. Circuit judge, Brett Kavanaugh.
NATO has entered a new stage of growth. In simpler terms, a stage where the children grow up and accept their fair share of responsibility for protection and security. The parent has footed most of the bills far too long and wants the children act like adults.
As much as Obrador is left-wing he is not blinded by the ideal. Steeped in political education and with an enviable political resume, Obrador gives the impression of a man not tied to strict ideology.
The Muslim Brotherhood seeks to impose its seditious Shariah-supremacist doctrine on pro-American Muslims as it works to destroy Western civilization from within
I have written so many columns detailing the radical views and mental derangement of liberals. It’s hard to believe, but it’s getting worse!
As a veteran, the 4th of July is a significant time for me.
Great relationships incorporate the gift of shared time in terms of both quantity and quality. It appears that for couples motivated to maintain a loving, satisfying relationship, it is presence, not absence, that makes the heart grow fonder.
Professional activists and newly minted victims staged a yet another protest outside the United States Supreme Court this week.
Israel and Syria may soon be at war in the Golan Heights. Iran, Russia, Hezbollah, and the United States are all poised to either play a part in the conflict or to direct the brinksmanship that will avert the conflict.
Minorities need to know that our rights can withstand a change in power and a shift in public opinion. Only the Constitution can provide that guarantee. Only constitutionalist Justices, like Judge Kavanaugh promises to become, can secure the Constitution.
When Kennedy paid an unprecedented visit to the Oval Office two weeks ago, ostensibly to tell the president of his intention to retire, he also had a secret purpose — to recommend his replacement.
In fact, it’s not asylum seekers acting illegally. It’s Trump with his disgraceful violation of the Refugee Act of 1980, which codified America’s long practice of offering asylum to those facing persecution and death in their home countries.
How long does it take to reverse years of progress on Defense cloud strategy? Ninety days.
Soon we can expect another contentious battle in the Senate over a Supreme Court nominee. For the last few decades, in all such battles, there has been one issue (spoken or unspoken) underlying so much of the fierce fighting: abortion.
There is less, yet considerable, speculation about the status of Chancellor Merkel.
Since the announcement of the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy, the Left has been obsessed with Roe vs. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion throughout pregnancy.
It is, and always has been, the best food for babies. There is no controversy about the benefits of breast milk, but its politicization is giving us food for thought.
The election of a new Georgia Governor in 2018 is a microcosm of what is happening throughout the United States — uncertain coalitions, extreme left and right views, identity politics, and corruption, all playing out with an undercurrent influence of President Donald J. Trump.
In a very small regional jail in Warsaw, Virginia, sits Bob Mueller's big fish, Paul Manafort.
In the business world, one's political habits often correlate with one's behavior. The music industry's anti-free market politics match up perfectly with its anti-free market business practices.
Liberals are freaking out over President Trump’s nomination of conservative jurist Brett Kavanaugh to fill the present Supreme Court vacancy.
To end Cold War II something needs to be done about Crimea, and it probably will include international recognition that Crimea is legitimately part of Russia. But Russia must pay a price for this recognition.
It is well-established in psychology that people who purposely hurt others loathe themselves. In the past few months, angry Democrats have attacked notable Republicans in public venues, just for being Republicans.
A true conservative believes in the rights of the individual, over the state.
As the war waged in Syria has moved forward with YPG (Kurdish) troops in the North and U.S.-supported FSA and Iraqi Troops in the East, ISIS took major hits and was reduced in operational functionality over 2017.
The Arts and Media Owj Organization promotes content sympathetic to the IRGC, focusing its work on influencing Iran's film and television industries. It also produces computer games, books, documentaries, and children's videos.
It is well-known that chronic overwhelm leads to anxiety. Overwhelmed people tend to make mistakes due to the toll it takes on their cognitive, nervous and even hormonal systems.
Foreign sovereign immunity is an outgrowth of the diplomatic immunity that allows American ambassadors overseas to do their jobs. If the courts rule that logic means a free pass for cyberattacks, they can expect a hard push back.
"DWHWGFOF" is the politically correct crowd’s worst possible nightmare and will send them into a dose-dive, tailspin tizzy.
In May, President Trump pulled the United States out of the Iran nuclear deal despite Iran living up to its obligations and the deal working as planned.
The Earthquake Early Warning system coming on-line changes much. The EEW sends screaming alerts to millions of cell phones on the West Coast, providing perhaps a few seconds notice in front of seismic waves approaching from quakes already having transpired.
Some people have called Donald Trump a media genius. Others have been less effusive in their praise.
It may be wishful thinking, but perhaps after being the focus of such a nasty, anonymous back and forth the next Supreme Court judge might see firsthand the threat this process poses to our democracy.
The Democrats’ Resist strategy against President Trump is backfiring. Polls on fake news, immigration, and the Senate vote to fill the vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court show that the public strongly supports President Trump.
In knee-jerk fashion, the entertainment press began trashing the film, despite the project not having been completed, edited, or screened.
Mr. Trump has a way of dominating the news cycle. No matter one's politics, everyone seems to be talking about our current president. Not since FDR has a president been able to dominate the current landscape.
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