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Don’t risk your children’s health by relying on rumor-based ‘science’ for your vaccination decisions. Get the measles shot and get it now.
By Michael Reagan with Michael R. Shannon
The release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s 448-page report following a 22-month investigation into Russian interference of the 2016 presidential election should have resulted in a collective sigh of relief from media and politicians.
This coming Sunday, hundreds of millions of Christians around the world will celebrate Easter.
Donald Trump won because his words spoke and still speak for the silent majority including many whites who still feel left out of the discourse on the welfare of this nation.
As President Trump’s foes abandon their thoroughly debunked “Russia! Russia! Russia!” fantasy, they now chant “Obstruction! Obstruction! Obstruction!” Nothing satisfies them, so long as President Trump breathes.
It is a pivotal day in American political history that will not be soon forgotten. Don't brush aside what happened today. I'm calling it the "collusion illusion."
While Jesus’ birth was certainly necessary and monumental, His death and resurrection are the foundation for the entire Christian faith. And this weekend Christians all over the world will be celebrating this holy day.
How about this: let a free market decide what labor should be paid, and encourage technological advances rather than taxing them.
The assault on central banks will not have an immediate effect. But over time, their credibility will be eroded, their effectiveness will wane, and then one day, when the next crisis hits, we will all wish we had institutions that could weather the storm.
From a rooftop in Paris where the smoke and glimmer of fire clouded the evening sky just three days ago, these are thoughts that may provide some context, some understanding, of what Parisians, the French, are feeling and expressing at this moment.
"The president has said that he does not want to see this country involved in endless wars... I agree with that," Bernie Sanders told the Fox News audience at Monday's town hall meeting in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
The White House has successfully kept the peace plan a secret. We have heard only a few details, and even then, nothing that has been confirmed.
According to reports, Bezos legal team is claiming he was the victim of an international conspiracy led by the Saudis.
I hope they can rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral. Let us hope and pray for the resurrection of God’s law and Christ in the hearts and minds of men.
Let's start with the civil libertarian argument. WikiLeaks has published diplomatic cables, videos and emails that have extraordinary news value.
April 8 was the last day that a member of the U.S. House of Representatives signed the discharge petition to bring to the floor for a vote the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.
Many of the more liberal Protestant churches and their leaders have long abandoned basics of the faith. They have also compromised on biblical morality. These are the churches in America that are dying.
It took World War II to demonstrate the importance of air power. Today, we don’t have the time for a "World War II-like" demonstration to convince today’s powers that be that we need a separate U.S. Space Force, separate from the other services
What does Easter mean? Easter means that there's hope for the dead. If there's hope for the dead, then there's hope for the living. But like the colonists who fought the oppression of the king, we the living can achieve our hopes only if we have freedom.
Perfectionists become more neurotic in the sense that they are more likely to experience negative emotions such as anxiety, guilt, and envy. They also appear to lose traits of conscientiousness such as reliability, organization skills, and efficiency.
Given the proportions of the scam perpetrated, the principal actors deserve commendation for the imperishability of their unctuousness. These people seem still to be oblivious to the fact that lying under oath and producing false FISA applications are serious offenses.
Yes, the Cathedral will be rebuilt, but it will never be the same.
Recently I was asked by a local rabbi whether it was time for Jews to leave the Democrat Party. Was it now anti-Semitic?
Perseverance is something that isn’t considered as much these days as it used to be, what with all he participation ribbons and the instant gratification so many people are used to.
Democrats like to make big promises when it comes to their healthcare reforms but the reality rarely lives up to the hype.
The possibility of reintroducing the gold standard indicates the need to return to sanity; to take the air out of the artificial and inflated economy, and restore stability to the entire system.
Two events in Europe this week remind Americans of what they may be losing and how our politics threaten to destroy our culture.
In response to mounting abortion mania from Black politicians and Hollywood Celebrities, I and my sister Black activists are crying out.
The firm "will also have robots that scan shelf inventory at 350 stores." On top of that, "there will be bots at 1,700 stores that automatically scan boxes.
I know people who were baptized there, and one couple who was married by candlelight. I can still see the watercolor of Notre Dame surrounded by flowers, which I bought with my last five francs, a present for my father.
It’s no coincidence that liberal spending New York is the nation’s highest taxed state and is number one as well in outward migration over the last ten years (an astounding 1.2 million).
Christians should in general be wary of claims that the faith points in a progressive direction, or in the direction of conservatism, libertarianism or any other political philosophy or ideology.
Congressional hearings have never been known for their focus on the facts.
The free-market economy in the U.S. and throughout the world is an indisputable historical success.
Our national government currently seems unwilling or unable to grapple with major problems like medical care and global warming. State and local governments may need to step in to fill the resulting policy vacuum.
Mayor Pete Buttigieg could learn a great deal from marketing. This is especially true when it comes to picking fights with Vice President Pence.
Julian Assange will be extradited to the U.S. and he will have dozens of charges piled on. They want him to disappear so that the next Assange will think twice before informing us of our government’s crimes.
As of Monday, April 15, 2019, the official designation of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a Foreign Terrorist Organization took effect.
Yankee Co-Chairman Hank Steinbrenner, decided to come to a game to see his friend Aris Sakellaridis play. The young players, and for that matter all the players, were blown away that Hank would come down to the field to watch everyday people play baseball.
The whole situation is an opportunity for Trump to display some presidential leadership. He could do this by exercising his constitutional authority over the Justice Department and encouraging them to use their prosecutorial discretion to decline to prosecute this one.
President Trump's peace plan for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict surfaced two years ago and to this day — remarkably — only he and a handful of aides know its precise details.
The old playbook has been tech behemoths determining how best to safeguard ensure consumer privacy and security. This overreliance on a few to protect the many is plainly not working.
There was plenty of “news” to choose from this week.
Psychologists advise those hoping to get in shape to not tell friends they’re going the gym.
I was the guy who first recommended President Trump declare a National Security Emergency and allocate the money from the military budget.
The Ethiopian government, who owns the airline involved in the recent tragic crash, falsely asserts that its pilots followed all established procedures. But the data shows that the pilots continued to accelerate at full throttle.
The outcome of this conflict will likely result in an entertainment industry realignment, whereby writers are represented by smaller agencies that agree to collect commissions, minus the packaging or content participation.
A number of U.S. municipalities and businesses that brag about "going 100 percent renewable" are seriously ripping off taxpayers and consumers who get stuck with the considerable penalties.
Senate Republicans are missing a huge opportunity by denying former Kansas City Fed chairman and one-time presidential hopeful Herman Cain a seat on the powerful Federal Reserve Board.
Let’s "Lyft" up smaller entrepreneurs and middle-class investors by reducing regulation, rather than bring them down further with more red tape.
Instead of seeking compromise with President Trump on issues important to Americans, such as border security, Democrats are bowing to the demands of left-wing activists on anything at all connected to the president.
You know what’s ironic? America has become more pro-life than ever at the very moment that America’s abortion advocates have become more extreme and more aggressive than ever.
Based on their actions and rhetoric, one would think that the growing socialist wing of the Democrat Party must really assume that blacks are gullible non-thinkers who will fall for anything or any message.
South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg has chosen Palm Sunday to announce his presidential bid. It is no accident: It accurately reflects his religion agenda.
The installation of Chinese surveillance systems, acquired through PRC government donations or commercial contracts, is a growing phenomenon in Latin America and elsewhere.
The recent resignation of Kirstjen Nielsen from the role of U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security may not be all too surprising, but it does beg the question: what went wrong for this team?
In the next few years, the majority of homes on the market, whether new construction or older, renovated homes, will be expected to contain at least basic smart home devices. That’s good news for buyers, tech companies, and the environment,
Israel’s parliamentary system is based on proportional-representation (in U.S. terms, the entire country serves as one large district) in which the government needs a majority to rule, at least 61 of the 120 seats.
As another baseball season is upon us, it is fitting to note that baseball, our traditional national pastime, is teaming up with our modern national pastime, political correctness.
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