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Latest Opinion Posts
How to Cope With an Abusive Mom
Forgive yourself for all the time and emotion you wasted thinking you actually had control over another human being, but somehow failed. Not everybody gets on the right line for a mother before they are born. 
Calif. Puts Portugal in Line for the Next 'Paradise Lost'
There's no real upside to encouraging people who don’t speak the language, don’t value the culture, tend to congregate with other foreigners and who have a special sense of entitlement to migrate to your land.
Dems Use Sick Buffalo Shooting to Slur Open Border Opposition
Charges that elimination of American border sovereignty is racist are patently contradictory. If that were true, we wouldn’t see rapidly growing numbers of Hispanic and Black populations voting Republican.
Terrorists Have Easy Ride Atop Dems' Illegal Aliens Tsunami
Among an estimated 700,000 "got-aways" who penetrated America’s boundaries without permission and then burrowed within, how many are terrorists? Who knows?
Biden Will Mistakenly Strengthen Sino-Russian Partnership
Rather than breaking up the Sino-Russian partnership, Biden is strengthening it, risking to erode the process of globalization that characterized the world after the end of the Cold War, and to polarize it between two blocks, as it was 40 years ago.
Ill. Bar Goes Woke: Time to Elect Conservative Judges
At a time when Democratic leaders are abusing their power, as we’ve seen over the last two years of the pandemic, now is the time to elect more conservatives, and that includes judges and Supreme Court candidates.
Don't Be Hoodwinked by Dems' Sudden Opposition to Revoking Title 42
Democrats, fearing for their political lives, are now making Title 42 the litmus test as to whether one supports chaos at the border. That’s nonsense.
Vital US Interests Dictate No War With Russia
In any Russia-China alliance, there is no doubt who will be senior partner. And it is not the U.S. that covets and wishes one day to control the resources of Russia from Novosibirsk to the Bering Sea.
Congress Forgot Their Function, and Who Pays the Bills
Congress has forgotten that this isn’t their money — it’s the taxpayers’ money, which is becoming less valuable each day as inflation (fueled by profligate spending) robs Americans of purchasing power.
69 Percent at Least Somewhat Enthusiastic About Voting Midterms
Sixty-nine percent (69%) of voters are very or somewhat enthusiastic about voting in the midterm elections this November. A Scott Rasmussen national survey found that 36% are very enthusiastic, and 33% are somewhat enthusiastic.
Is China's Military Command Prepping for War?
The immediate Chinese military objective is conquest of Taiwan along with achieving a sweeping complete control of the South China Sea.
Erratic Calif. State Govt Ensures Unending Homelessness
What's the matter with California? "It's suffering from San Fransickness," which is "pathological altruism," answers Michael Shellenberger, author of the book "San Fransicko: Why Progressives Ruin Cities.
Let's Hope #Me Too Resurgence Is Short Lived
We got rid of the public stocks, but there is still this need to shame people for breaking some unwritten code that keeps changing. It’s not as fierce as it once was, and the Salem Witch hunt aspect seems to have calmed, but we are still ready to "believe all women," even when facts don’t add up.
Senate Opts for Status Quo on Bad Fed Policy
I therefore should not be shocked that Powell's re-nomination as Fed chairman sailed through the Senate. Under these circumstances, don't be surprised by the continued pursuit of bad policies.
Macron Appoints Elizabeth Borne as PM, Will Help Him Face Challenges
He hopes that her experience in serving in several governments, including governments headed by socialists, will offset his image as being too close to big finance and the French elites and help him gain the confidence of a wider swath of the French population.
AI Will Overtake Humans, If We Let It
The futurists assume there’s a bridge between narrow applications of AI and the general intelligence humans possess. But no such bridge exists. As Erik J. Larson explains in his book The Myth of Artificial Intelligence, we’re not even on the right road to such a bridge.
Hochul Sinks to Blaming Constitution for Buffalo
Within hours of the tragic killings of 10 Americans — nine Black and one white — in a Buffalo supermarket by a deranged white racist last week, the governor of New York began calling for infringements upon personal liberty.
Biden Seeks to Subordinate Health Care Crisis Management to WHO
In earlier times any notion of U.N. interference with the sovereignty and independence of the United States would be unacceptable because most understood that the U.S. Constitution not the United Nations was the controlling authority.
Left Conveniently Ignores Tragedy of Black Abortions
An even greater tragedy and disgrace are how little if any attention and concern the major media, the Democratic Party, and their allies on the left have given to the disproportionate impact of abortion on Black women.
Roe's Overthrow Could Signal Beginning of the End of Left's Twilight Zone
If Roe is overturned, we will witness the beginning of the end of the left's long Twilight Zone cultural hegemony.
No Saving Ukraine by Imperiling US Economy
The Biden administration’s recent request for $33 billion for military aid to Ukraine was shocking. Surely a coalition of antiwar progressives and budget-hawk Republicans would oppose the dangerous, expensive involvement of the U.S. in the Russia/Ukraine conflict?
Turning Tide on Mental Illness Means Speaking Up, Checking In
Turning the tide on mental illness starts with speaking up. It begins by checking in with our loved ones and offering our support. This month, I encourage you to have honest conversations with those closest to you about mental health.
Sen. Warren's Hearing Aid Gambit Adds to Her History of Failure
It must be hard to be Elizabeth Warren, with her long history of failure.
How Democrats Gamble with Tennesseans' Safety
The left regularly gambles with our safety on behalf of radical policies, and when it comes to crime and the border; they are going all in. The Biden administration should put America first.
Why All Americans Must Seek a 'New Birth of Freedom'
The work must continue. The special responsibility of Black Americans, with their unique and troubled history, is to show that evil occurs because men sin. Not because the vision of American freedom is flawed, as we hear from progressives.
Biden's 2020 Win: Not Impossible, but Extremely Implausible
With the passage of time and the accumulating evidence of the gross incompetence of the Biden administration, the sense of unease that something was gravely awry in the conduct of the 2020 polls has grown.
Dick Morris: Rand Paul's Dangerous Stall on Ukraine Aid
As Ukraine remains in a life-and-death struggle for its existence, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., took to the Senate floor last week to temporarily block U.S. aid to this embattled nation.
Exclusive Premier For Rising Country Star Adam Warner
This singer-songwriter is a former Marine and a graduate of MTSU. He was part of the songwriting team behind the 2018 Tennessee Titans anthem "Welcome to the South"
A Conservative Case for Medicare for All
The case for Medicare For All is a strong one, but it is complicated. It would take true leadership to convince voters it is a good idea. Whatever one may think of Trump, he was a marketing genius who could have sold the idea to the country.
Crimson Using Harvard's Name Lends Credibility to Antisemitism
If the Crimson were editorializing today in favor of Nazism, the KKK or other bigoted ideologies, there would be a demand to eliminate any confusion by requiring the Crimson to drop the name Harvard from its masthead.
Roe, Alito and Justice for the Unborn
Reaction was immediate, and unhinged, from abortion activists, the lucrative abortion industry, their ever-faithful media lapdogs and pro-abortion politicians.
Palin Serious About Return to Politics, Will Others See It That Way?
Since her resignation as governor in 2009, Palin has become a powerful force in the conservative populist movement — first dubbed the Tea Party during the 2010 midterm elections.
MAGA Will Win Out Over Malarkey
Biden is the ideal representation of nonsense. As a senator, a presidential candidate and as president, Biden has given the American people a continual stream of that which is meaningless.
Repealing Roe Will Help GOP in the Fall
Even if a majority of Americans embraced what the minority progressive left and the Democratic Party demand, abortion at any time, for any reason, it would still make little difference in November.
Left Cherishes Rule of the Mob, Not Law
It's ironic that the left often uses the name of the late pro-abortion Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in their "Alinskyite" tactics because Ginsburg admitted that Roe was poorly argued, which could one day lead to its overturn.
Why Iran Is Winning
Iran is winning for now, and will continue to do so until America finds a better alternative to funding Iran’s rulers’ policies.
Values, Principles Could Count More than Partisanship in Midterms
The reenactment of Jan. 6 in summer hearings, reminiscent of the Watergate hearings 50 years earlier, will bring Trump to center stage just as the final ruling by the Supreme Court overturning Roe will trigger laws prohibiting abortion. It could be a long and hot summer.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Shows Other Prodigals the Way Home
Convicted of first degree murder, Duane was sentenced to five years in a Texas prison and wound up serving 18 months at the state penitentiary. Through it all, the future bounty hunter was guided to a deeper relationship with God.
The Vichy Syndrome in France, Russia and Ukraine
If this conflict was just over territory and NATO membership, diplomacy might be possible.
Interpersonal Violence That's Invisible - Economic Abuse
Because intimate partner violence is about power and control, this often extends to control over money.
On Posturing and Religious Fidelity, Biden Fails Both
He may fool some by walking around with a rosary in his pocket, but more savvy Americans, not just Catholics, are able to distinguish between posturing and fidelity to one's religious tenets.
 New Right GOP Firebrands Can Still Renew America
Those who voted to impeach Trump, voted for spending packages that needlessly waste taxpayer funds, and went with the flow; that is went wherever the establishment GOP machine told them to go, explains why, incumbents are getting primaried.
Mr. Musk: Yes to Free Speech, No Free Rides for Terrorists, Haters
Mr. Musk has an honorable goal of restoring the social media outlet as a centerpiece in the Marketplace of ideas. That Twitter would function as a key online platform for robust debate and deliberation.
To Win, Conservatives Must Forge Consensus With Catholic Latinos
Conservatives must appeal to the new Catholics populating our inner cities: Mexicans, Venezuelans, Columbians, and Cubans who have a politics based on family and neighborhood.
Left Wants You to Believe Americans' Views on Roe That Aren't There
For nearly 50 years radical, far-left feminists sold a bill of goods to a generation of women, from the 1960s into the 2000s, that abortion was a necessary evil to uphold "women’s rights," sadly, with little regard to the rights of the little human forming inside of them.
GOP Must Seize Control of Health Care Narrative
Republicans have an opportunity on health care. A large majority of the country believes the health care system is either in crisis or has major problems.
Highlighting Abortion Not a Good Plan for Dems
Unleashing mobs chanting in favor of abortion with menacing intensity does frighten people, but it also brings widespread attention to the abortion issue which is what the Democrats can’t possibly want.
Ignorant, Arrogant Economic Policies Surefire Way to Destroy Prosperity
One would think that creating prosperity and lifting millions out of poverty would be welcomed by government and social activists. But no.
Abortion Right Not in Constitution, Doesn't Mean It Doesn't Exist
A problem with rights not written into law is that people may have widely varying views of them. Without legislative language, for example, one person’s idea of a right to an abortion may collide with another person’s view of a fetus or embryo having a "right to life."
Iraq Needs Strong Leadership to Make It One Nation Under God
The Iraqi people need to model their future not on decades of dictatorship and sectarian separation, but on the hope of Making Iraq Great Again.
NLRB Word Games Trap Healthcare Workers in Unwanted Union
Unfortunately, the NLRB has wide authority to establish its own rules and precedents.
Ruddy: I Back Support for Ukraine
We must continue to see Ukraine as the frontline in our own struggle to keep the West free, and continue our aide to this embattled nation.
World Events Shouldn't Overshadow Urgency to Stop ISIS
If left alone to grow and to recruit, ISIS will morph into an entity even bigger, even more ominous, than it was in 2014.
Jordan Option: Biggest Game Changer Since Six-Day War
The Jordan Option, when implemented, will prove to be the biggest game changer since the Six Day War.
 Team Biden's Weak Plans Will Accelerate Market Volatility
Team Biden's Weak Plans Will Accelerate Market Volatility
Heinous Gerrymandering in NY's Invalidated Redistricting
Judge Patrick McAllister, who is overseeing the drafting of the new redistricting map, should start in Montauk, in New York’s southeastern corner. Then he should work westward through Suffolk and Nassau counties.
The Hearings Are Coming! Durham, GOP on Jan. 6, Hunter Biden
Our future will be full of microphones, oath-taking, Fifth Amendments, verdicts and juicy details about the swamp we call government. I'm here to preview three major subjects that will ultimately clog our airwaves and rattle the internet.
High Court Can Prevent Abuse of Constitution by Clarifying It
We must rely on the Court to be ready to clarify the Constitution and to do what it must to make sure the Constitution is not abused. That’s exactly what Justice Alito has done in his decision in the Dobbs case: Roe and Casey must go.
New Book Can Teach DC to Think Strategically Again
Along the way, Washington missed the opportunity to escape the Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) trap by making nuclear weapons obsolete through space-based defenses.
Criminal Justice Reform Will Widen the November GOP Landslide
With victory seemingly guaranteed, conservative candidates and legislators need to begin looking beyond the short politics of the movement to consider the long-term implications of a governing majority.
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