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82 Percent: Already Know Enough About Trump, Biden to Choose
Eighty-two percent (82%) of voters say that they already know enough about President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump to make a decision in this year's election.
God, Prayer, and His Word Still the Answer to All
These are crazy times. How does one retain sanity in these tumultuous days? Read the world's bestseller - and read it often - and it will give a great deal of comfort. Indeed, many of our great American leaders have found comfort and solace in the word of God.
Time for All Nations, UN to Embrace Tolerance Toward Jews
The recent attack by Iran on Israel has once again highlighted the longstanding animosity toward the Jewish people. However, what is truly remarkable about this event is the miraculous 100% protection displayed by G-d toward the Jewish nation.
Trump In Court, But Was There a Crime?
I can't tell you how many people I know who do not like former President Donald Trump yet nonetheless smell prosecutorial overreach in Manhattan.
Why Is the Left Always So Miserable?
In a new study by psychologists in Finland assessing the state of mind of radical social justice devotees, it was found that those who bought into progressive ideas are profoundly unhappy.
Will Haley Voters Ever Support Trump?
There are still some Republican primary voters who are still unwilling to support former President Donald Trump. A few of them were pro-Nikki Haley, but the rest of them were anti-Trump.
While the 2nd Amendment Sets Rules, Blue States Play Games
State and local lawmakers continue defying rights, and denying their citizens of the ability to lawfully keep and bear arms.
Open Border Is for More Voters for Democrats, Not America
We can’t presently be certain what entity produced Biden boosting flyers, there can be no doubt whose interests and agendas they serve, namely to reward Democrats with illegal migrant national, state, and local election advantages.
'Irreplaceable' Philippines a Key U.S. Ally in Pacific
The United States neglected Philippines for the past 30 years after U.S. troops withdrew in 1992. But in view of Chinese threats toward Philippines and Taiwan, it's ready to shore up its defenses by cooperating closely with these countries and also with Japan.
Reciprocity, Fairness Must Guide Israel, West's Mideast Strategy
The actions of the United States, Great Britain, and even Jordan in intercepting Iranian missiles and drones are significant. Trump and Biden sought an alliance between Israel and moderate Sunni Arab states, including Egypt, the Persian Gulf countries, and Saudi Arabia.
Biden Disconnected From Bread-and-Butter Issues
Taxing the rich isn't on everyone's mind. The cost of groceries is. And telling people inflation is going down is also a bad message, because the prices themselves have never come down.
Tried by Day, Trump Should Stump Northeast at Night
Trump needs little sleep. Slumbering after events might be all the rest he needs before resuming each morning’s persecution. Trump will contrast starkly against Sleepy Joe Biden, who seldom shuffles far. Trump’s appearances would refute the left’s big lie.
Foreign Policy Divides the Parties From Within
For Joe Biden's party, Israel is the fault line, with Democrats split between supporters of the Jewish State and those of Palestinian sympathies. For the party of Donald Trump, the internal conflict is over Ukraine, and the bitterness of the battle risks costing Mike Johnson his speakership.
Small Business Is Big Govt's Punching Bag
It's no wonder that men and women who put their life savings on the line to build their businesses from scratch feel they're under assault. They are being taxed and regulated to death while too often inflation eats away their modest profits.
Calif. Clunkers May Outperform Stocks, Costing Only Your Liberty
The justification for Big Brother in the engine compartment is classic leftist government. Create a problem and then solve it by taking away your liberty.
By Michael Reagan with Michael R. Shannon
Can We End the 'Crisis' Crisis?
I hereby invite all my fellow right wing spiritual justice warriors to dispatch their creeping "snowflakery" back to the left. That’s where hypersensitivity belongs. Not among conservatives!
Is the Right to Assembly Endangered?
When the Giants last beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl, two drunks had a fight in the stadium. Can they sue Tom Brady? Of course not.
Americans Want Less Abortions Not More
The survey demonstrates that there is widespread antipathy not only toward late term abortions, but taxpayer funded abortions, lack of parental notification, abortion on demand, and forcing medical professionals who oppose abortion to support or perform abortions.
Alvin Bragg Evokes Images, Memories of Ken Starr
Neither Bragg nor Starr could prosecute their targets for having an affair. So each is trying to so embarrass their adversary so much that he has to endanger himself legally — by testifying under oath.
OJ Simpson Trial Not Ancient History
Thirty years ago, O.J. Simpson got away with murder. Politics was to blame, in the form of racism and sexism. His lawyers put the LAPD on trial for racism, even though Simpson himself was not a victim of the police department's racism. That was Rodney King, who was brutally...
Military Aid Will Let Trump End Ukraine War in '25
For Trump to end the war, Ukraine has to make it through 2024. Mike Johnson risked his speakership to give the former former president a chance to do this.
Biden Should Step Down, But Who Will Replace Him?
So if Joe Biden actually decided to leave the White House and return to his modest beach house at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, who would be the most formidable candidate to go forth and do battle with Donald Trump?
Would UK, US Take Advice Not to Respond?
Whether and to what extent Israel should launch a reprisal should be considered by cooler heads less obsessed with their own politics and more interested in the long-term interest of regional peace.
Obama-Biden Foreign Policy Brought on Oct. 7
Under the Obama-Biden foreign policy doctrine, an Iran so emboldened that it feels free to wage offensive war against Israel in such brazen fashion is not a bug — it's  feature.
Wikipedia Founder's Wise Words About Free Speech
Maher’s statements have created a major backlash. She has basically rejected Internet freedom, admitted that collaboration with government to censor content has been occurring, and seemingly embraces relativism over objective truth.
Joe Biden Day Trades on Israel's Future, Endangers World
Joe Biden's Day Trading on Israel Spells Global Endangerment
Trump Strengthened Israel, Biden Has Weakened It
Analysis of Biden and Trump's support for Israel should focus on the measures that they have taken. Two facts are abundantly clear. President Trump has taken actions to support Israel. President Biden has taken steps to weaken Israel.
Looking Younger?  Beauty May Be in Mindset of the Beholder
As a practical matter, there are a myriad of ways people seek to look younger, from surgery to diet and nutrition. Yet the most attractive qualities shine from the inside. Kindness, compassion, humility, love, and respect draw others like moths to a flame.
Does IVF Turn Humans Into Manufactured Commodities?
The Church and the "pro-life" movement have been and always will be in the forefront of loving and welcoming every human life, regardless of the circumstances of a person’s creation.
Like Other Game Announcing Greats, Sterling Was a Joy to Hear
This reminded me of Mel Allen and his golden voice leaving the Yankees. It also reminded me of the wonderful Scooter Phil Rizzuto also leaving.
Tax Time Myths Include Raising Taxes
The payroll tax is the heaviest burden for most taxpaying Americans, but the income tax is more visible and painful to a lot of people.
Eroding Electoral College Won't Make Elections Fair
Leftists are doing everything they can to eliminate these safeguards and create a system where a bare majority will control every level of political power.
Mike Rowe an Inspiration for Achievement, Success
Mike Rowe's journey and insights offer a blueprint for a more patient and joyful approach to life and work. It's a narrative that enriches our understanding of success and invites us to participate more fully in the tapestry of human endeavor.
Trump Is Right - More Violence, Turmoil Under Biden
In less than four years under President Joe Biden, we have witnessed the disastrous pullout from Afghanistan and subsequently the Russian attack on Ukraine, the Hamas attack on Israel, and now the unprecedented massive attack by Iran on Israel.
In NY More Money Doesn't Mean Better Services
If you pay New York state taxes, you're paying top dollar and getting bupkis. Nothing in the budget deal announced in Albany on Tuesday changes that.
Why Donald Trump Would Make a Lousy Dictator
The overall evidence is clear. Biden crossed the line from bad governance to the verge of dictatorial actions. A Trump second term, like his first, would bring America a competent chief executive and a poor excuse for a dictator.
Fmr. Gov. Branstad a Model of 21st Century Statesmanship
Our on fire world is one existing in uncertain times and more than full of chaos. It’s a time demanding American statesmanship at home and abroad. Terry Branstad’s example provides a blueprint for American statesmanship in the 21st century.
FISA Warrant Amendment Failed, but Our Liberty Still Threatened
Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (FISA) Act authorizes warrantless surveillance of foreign citizens. When the FISA Act was passed, surveillance state boosters promised that 702 warrantless surveillances would never be used against American citizens.
Biden, Sanders Took on 'Big Pharma' and Patients Lost
The Democrats' assault on the drug industry will result in fewer cures, less access to state-of-the-art medicines, and more avoidable death and suffering.
Biden Favors Laziness Over Brave Soldiers
Those who risk their lives and earn their educational benefits are being told they don’t deserve those benefits as much as people who simply don’t want to pay back their education loans.
Caitlin Clark Just Getting Started Inspiring America
As Clark embarks on the next chapter of her career with the 2024 WNBA draft, where she was to No. 1 pick by the Indiana Fever, she leaves Iowa without a championship ring but with her head held high.
A Global Electric Grid Now Possible
After the 1986 disaster at the Chernobyl atomic power station in the U.S.S.R., I took advantage of an opportunity to interest the major world powers in replacing conventional sources of electricity with solar energy.My original proposal in 1972 had gone nowhere and had...
Abortion Is a Multi-Faceted Tragedy 
Abortion is such a tragedy, this is why we must do everything we can to uplift the least among us and protect the unborn who do not have a voice to speak for themselves.
Boycotts Are Many Layered, Can Hurt More Than the Brand
A boycott has many layers that marketing executives must consider when taking on controversial progressive issues that could eventually estrange many more than its core customer base.
Does Biden Get That Israel Won't Lose This War?
There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind or calculus that April 13th and October 7th are integrally linked. Linked not just because Iran sponsors Hamas, but because with Iranian guidance and planning, Hamas, too, attacked Israel.
Criteria for VP Pick Still of High Importance to Nation
(Editor's Note: The following column does not constitute an endorsement for any political candidate or political party on the part of Newsmax.The Vice-Presidency is an interesting phenomenon in American political governance. There are 350,000,000 people in America and the...
Senate Must Remove Unfit for Office Mayorkas
While repeatedly lying to Congress that our southern border is secure, Secretary Mayorkas has taken every step necessary to allow illegal immigrants to flood into our country.
The World Needs Peacemaker Trump Again
After 39 months of the Biden presidency, the world is in total chaos. The southern borderof our country is porous and millions of individuals from around the world have descended on our country.
Third Obama Term Rules the Day, We're Poorer for It
The Biden withdrawal from Afghanistan must terrify Taiwan and embolden the Chinese. The method in which American forces were ordered to withdraw from Afghanistan is an eerie reminder of the spineless response to the terrorists' attack on Benghazi.
Are Democrats Feeding Into Anti-West Rhetoric?
In recent weeks, coverage of the Biden administration's pivot against Israel has consumed the media narrative surrounding US policy towards the Jewish state.
In '24 Trump Can Win With Jewish-Americans
In the 19 presidential elections since 1948, the Republican candidate with the highest share of the Jewish vote was incumbent Dwight Eisenhower’s 40% in 1956.
Carefully Decide If College Is For You
For millions of would-be college students, especially those who want to enter fields like hospitality, manufacturing, or construction, it would be best to think twice before pursuing a four-year degree.
Senate No Longer Works for Americans
When Lyndon Johnson became Senate minority leader in President Eisenhower’s first term, he said “there are two courses open to a minority party, it can indulge in the politics of partisanship, or it can remain true to the politics of responsibility.”
Too Many Don't Get the CCP Mindset, They Should Start - Now
Like the ideology of Iran’s regime, Beijing’s in fact also aims to conquer the West, which means first destroying the United States of Amerca. Our failure to understand this already has brought us to a dangerous pass.
Biden Jumps on AI Bandwagon Way Too Fast
With his executive order, Biden has jumped on the AI bandwagon that carries all the baggage of the media’s AI disinformation and hype.
Tax Season Online: Navigate With Diligence
Did you know identity theft cases have increased over the last five years? And tax fraud ranks among the top 5 types of identity theft? Taxes are stressful enough. Don't let identity theft add to your worries.
Vermont's Pesticide Bill Ignores Key Data
Just six months ago, I wrote about a pesticide bill in New York state that will ban the use of neonicotinoid pesticides starting in 2029, laying out why the bill was a bad idea, that it would hit vulnerable farmers and consumers and put the state at an economic disadvantage.
Gotham's Crime, Migrant Crisis, and Mayhem Open Door for Trump
To Democratic leaders and their progressive allies, a few rapes, sex trafficking, and other criminal behavior, including murder, by illegal immigrants are small prices to pay for achieving their ultimate goal: turning millions of illegal immigrants into Democratic voters.
Trump's Abortion Curveball Misses Golden Opportunity
Those who want a total ban have nowhere else to go and those who want unlimited abortions weren’t voting Republican anyway.
Few, If Any Will Miss Joe Biden
He’s made imprisoning his political enemies not only specialty, but a matter of draconian routine. This can only mean he's succeeded in demeaning the moral authority of the presidency.
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