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Latest Opinion Posts
Did It 'Just Happen'? Probing Impulsivity and Infidelity
The ability to resist temporary temptation signals self-control. People who are successful in maintaining a diet or exercise routine, or able to go the entire 40 days giving up a favorite food during the season of Lent are also more likely to remain faithful.
W. Va. Treasurer Uses Conservative Power for the People
Red state elected officials at every level have a wide variety of power at their disposal, it’s way past time for all elected officials to start using that power.
By Michael Reagan with Michael R. Shannon
Trump's Lawfare Persecutors Not Immune to Same Fate
Desperate lawfare and other election interference attempts to keep former President Trump in court trials and off campaign trails make a tragic mockery of Democrat claims of concerns regarding his alleged threat to "democracy."Ironically, those most responsible for the...
'Christian Nationalist' Code for Left's Divisive Intolerance
So what exactly is a Christian Nationalist? To the best of my knowledge it's a phrase that is currently being used to foment hatred against those who believe in the New Testament and who view the Founding documents of our country as a national treasure.
Israel Must Confront UN, Demand Action Without Politics
Amidst the delicate negotiations for a ceasefire, there exists a pivotal opportunity to go further and not only halt the ongoing conflict but also lay the groundwork for lasting peace. This proposal, marked by its seriousness and urgency, is to be presented to the United...
Trump's Fainthearted SCOTUS Picks Could Doom Him in DC Election Case
The truth is that none of the Trump-era triumvirate of Justices Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett can hold a candle to their two reliably conservative senior colleagues Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito.
DEI Policies Could be the Death of Us - Literally
If we continue to use DEI standards to admit med students, and hire and promote employees in life-and-death positions, we should at least be honest enough to rearrange the words to call it what it is: Diversity, Inclusion and Equity, DIE.
Worldwide Grid Key to Solar Viability
Gas-burning peaking generators may be short-run necessities. But in the longer run we won't need them, since peak demand does not occur simultaneously everywhere.
NY's Hochul Missing in Action, Destined to Fail
Kathy Hochul is creating a legacy of mediocrity because, unlike one of her predecessors, Theodore Roosevelt, she speaks softly but only carries a twig.
'Never Trumpers' Should Cast Aside Haste, Weigh '24 Choices Carefully
They should weigh the pro's and cons of Trump and the other candidates.
CPAC 2024 Revealed a Much-changed World
It was a very different mood than in 2023. Though, of course, there was cheering for the exciting speakers, the idee fixe throughout was neither panic nor giddiness, but more of thoughtful, steely determination.
Now More Than Ever, Trump Must Stay Focused
Winning can lead to delusion and over-confidence. Keep your eye on the ball. Mr. President. We still have a ways to go before we reel this baby in.
Why It's Time to Separate State, Federal Elections
Separating state and federal elections would allow for a more focused and efficient electoral process.
Torturers Have Poor Memories
The U.S. Supreme Court made this clear in one of its five major rulings against the George W. Bush administration over its behavior at Gitmo.
City Leaders Close Eyes to Reality: Killers, Gangs Grow
The left denies migrant crime is a problem. The public knows better. A new Pew Research Center report says 57% of Americans believe the huge influx of migrants is leading to more crime.
Sanders Won't Let Facts Get In Way of a Good Pharma Shaming
Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders' fixation on drug prices ignores what the United States actually spends on drugs — not to mention the enormous value they deliver.
St. Patrick's Day Flap Highlights Bigoted Agenda of Elites
Who’s behind this attempt to compete with, and undercut, the traditional St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Staten Island? The elites who work in the media, business, and government.
Despite Marketplace Noise, the Dollar Isn't Going Anywhere
The Dollar's dominance is good news for Americans and pretty much everyone else globally. And it's not just because there are no viable alternatives, or the headaches and costs of de-dollarization might be too harsh to bear.
Why We Must Unite Against Left's War on Christians, Jews
Przybyla admitted "that so-called 'natural law'" was great insofar as it was used by Martin Luther King Jr. to advance the cause of civil rights for Black Americans. But in defense of human life? Unborn children? Marriage and the family? Quelle horreur!
May Olympic Truce Day Align our Troubled World Through Sport
What is the Olympic Truce? It's the oldest international agreement in existence to ensure peaceful passage and participation each games. Its high moral purposes constitute the pinnacle of the Olympic movement and all its works.
Our Families Not Safe Until Trump's Law and Order Returns
We Americans are at crossroads between decline and restoration. Like a sturdy oak stool, our democratic republic has always sat upon four sturdy and essential legs: individual safety, economic prosperity, international security, and the absence of an elite ruling class.
Can Australia Be Key to Containing China's Naval Pacific Power?
Since 2021, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States have been working together in a trilateral partnership called AUKUS. In December, Congress authorized a sale of three Virginia-class submarines to Australia.
Rude Nation Signals That Civilization Is Breaking Down
We have become a nation of rude people. Does that matter? I actually think it does because there is a link between manners and morals.
U.S. Must Strengthen Forced Labor Laws
A report published on Feb. 14 revealed that the Chinese Communist Party is continuing to target and enslave Uyghurs through an expansion of forced labor in China.
Election '24 About Abortion, Future of Religious Liberty
Since the overturning of Roe with the Dobbs ruling by the Supreme Court, millions of dollars are being spent to redefine Christian morality by among other things, Christianizing abortion.
Biden's Border Crisis Reaching Boiling Point
In a survey of South Carolina Republican primary voters conducted by Edison Research, 37% of voters claimed that immigration was the most important issue, followed by 33% who listed the economy as the most pressing concern.
Hunter Biden Oddly Plays Hardball Trying to Avoid Prison
In case any of the characters drawn to Hunter Biden - back in the years when now-President Joe Biden's son was trolling for dollars by dangling access to his father - missed the warning federal law enforcement delivered this month, the Department of Justice sent it twice.
Michigan Makes Tragic U-Turn, Sets Back Workers' Rights
What happened last week in Lansing, Michigan, is a tragic setback for workers' rights and for the economic competitiveness of the state where Henry Ford rolled off the assembly lines the iconic Model T some 100 years ago. 
Middle Class Dying a Hard Death
The Democrats once attracted these voters, but they've moved on to the social justice crowd and don't appear to want to anymore.
Why Online News Isn't Saving Journalism
The wipeout of hype-driven, placeless new media isn't a cause for celebration, but it's not a disaster for our republic.
U.S. Military Recruiting Falters Under Democrats
Six days after Palestinian Gaza terrorists committed the heinous pogrom against Israeli civilians, former President George W. Bush righteously declaredthat "we need to support Israel, no ands, ifs or buts."
Would Another Child Tax Credit Expansion Help Families?
In the well-intentioned rush to support American families by expanding the Child Tax Credit (CTC), critical questions are often ignored: Aren't we already doing enough, and is this the best way to help?
Are Some NATO Countries  Allies or Dependents?
America has been called the "indispensable nation." But indispensable to whom exactly?
Should States Serve as Laboratories for Democracy?
Brandeis was right. The “laboratory” in Colorado just found a “new and novel” way for “big government” to part you from even more of your money. And, voters just saw a whole bunch of “red flags” pop up ...
Judge Boeing, U.S. Aerospace on How They Handle Failure
In the process of any great discovery, mistakes are inevitable. Which is why we should measure the true strength of a company by how it responds to its mistakes.
Embryos Are Not Children
The gift of a healthy baby is not something any court should have the power to threaten or take away. These life-changing personal decisions should be protected as private, not manipulated as props in a political and ideological sport.
Biden's Anti-Faith Climate Fuels Hostility to Churches
From shattering stained glass and spray-painting relics to lighting five-gallon drums of gasoline on fire and riddling altars with bullet holes, houses of worship have become an increasingly dangerous target.
Nation's Demise No Longer Stuff of Hollywood Fiction
We can live and vote on our values and act on our constitutional rights daily. We must invest ourselves in our communities while we tell our political class this is unacceptable. We can do it and win.  Pray indeed. Our nation’s survival depends on us all.
Trans Activists Want Women Erased
For all parents who want to make sure their daughters are protected. How can they learn when they have to fear for their safety on a daily basis? And what are taxpayers funding now that radical inclusion has become such a threat? It’s time we all take a closer look.
Putin's Appeal to U.S. Audience Duplicitous
Ukraine defended its independence and fought the Russians to a stalemate, which is a victory, considering a difference in their military potentials. Russia cannot win. But Putin cannot tolerate it.
Biden Traps Veterans in the VA Corral
Now, to abuse America’s beloved veterans even further, the VA spent $63.6 million in Fiscal Year 2022 to process illegal-alien health claims, even as the medical paperwork of US citizens gathered dust.
Can We Really 'Drain the Swamp'?
Donald Trump likely will not be the last to proclaim “drain the swamp.” Neither was he the first. That was George Washington himself. And it almost bankrupted him.
45 Years Ago, Saint Lucia Gained Independence From UK
Forty-five years ago, on February 22, 1979, Saint Lucia became the 51st country to gain independence from the United Kingdom. The country remains part of the British Commonwealth, with Charles III as its King.
Police Crisis Has Reached Small-Town America
Most recently, the town of Moose Lake, Minn., joined fellow Minnesota towns of Goodhue and Morris in disbanding their police forces.
America Now the Land of Excuses - How Long Can It Last?
As we look towards the future, the success of our nation hinges not just on economic or military might, but on the common pride and unity of our people. If we lose that, the shortages we face at the supermarket today might just be the very least of our worries.
As Long as Jews Are Seen as Subhuman, Atrocities Will Continue
Jews and Israelis are seen as subhuman. That is why, without a second thought, a social worker can join forces with, and even become, a mass murderer and mass rapist and kidnapper.
With Biden, Foreign Policy Sacrificed on Altar of Domestic
Immediately following the Oct. 7, 2023 massacre, in which innocent Israeli citizens — men, women, senior citizens, and infants, were slaughtered, mutilated, tortured, raped beheaded, and incinerated, the Biden administration appeared staunchly supportive of Israel’s right to self-defense.
No Need to Wait for Arc of History Before Judging Joe Biden
While the American people have rendered judgement that Biden is elderly, enfeebled, and forgetful, they know well he is seemingly one with streaks of mendaciousness, shallowness, and insincerity.
Now Saving a Child's Life Is a Federal Crime?
Mother Teresa would be outraged to know how the FACE Act is being used by the Biden administration to arrest, try and convict peaceful anti-abortion adherents whose only goal is to save babies from abortion and their mothers, from a lifetime of regret.
Does Antisemitism Explain Feminists' Failure to Condemn Oct. 7?
Under today's leftist paradigm, Israel, and by extension all Jews, are regarded as privileged oppressors while those adhering to many of the same social justice crusades tucked inside the feminist umbrella are labeled as "oppressed."
Media an Arm of Democratic Party, Especially on Immigration
That’s the dilemma in today's America for Republicans. You can’t win an argument with someone if they never hear your side.
Is GOP Seeking Political Outcomes or Sideshows on Border Issue?
And if the Republican Party is a political entity, don't voters have a duty to understand political realities, including that this was a unique moment to achieve their cherished objective?
Reflect on Black History: Embrace Service, Love
Reflect on Black History: Embrace Service and Love
For the Flying Public It's a Lose, Lose
Exactly how deaf or blind can one be before FAA diversity bureaucrats perceive any practical problem in employment involving airplanes flying at hundreds of miles per hour?
Fascists Would Rejoice Over Antisemitism
Out of nowhere has burst the most unequivocal racial hatred against Jews in the history of our great nation. It is not safe to be a Jew on college campuses now.
Are We Facing the End of Women's Sports?
Females should never be forced to compete against biological males in sports at any age, or at any level; this is common sense.
Give Blacks Economic Opportunity, Not 'Social Justice' from Gov't
Data shows that winds of political change are blowing among Black voters.
Are ​Pols' Social Agendas Legal Robbery to Bribe Voters?
The public must also play a role in holding elected officials accountable for the misuse of taxpayers' dollars. Through advocacy, activism, and voting, taxpayers can demand greater transparency and accountability from their representatives. The time to denounce this is now.
Blacks Reject the Left and Its Standard Bearer Joe Biden
Rather than make a positive case for these unpopular progressive policies — including those of the Biden administration — the main thesis appears to be that the skeptics are bribed or somehow on the take in exchange for “selling out.”
Will '24 Prove to Be a Race All About Women?
The great thing about the four women in my sights is that they are all identifiable by their first names.
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