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Democrats Are All In On Big Government Socialism, Not Unity

Democrats Are All In On Big Government Socialism, Not Unity
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The Democrats are rushing to enact every big government program they can in the wake of the Biden inauguration. They are doing so knowing that their policies won’t sit well with American voters and may cost them dearly in the 2022 midterm elections. That’s fine by them, however, because they know government programs almost never go away — and that is the victory they want most.

At President Biden’s recent press conference, he made the ridiculous comment that unless Republicans go along with the Democrats’ spending programs, they will divide the country. Biden could not be more wrong.

In truth, the more government decides, the more it divides.

Every decision government makes, it picks a winner and a loser and someone to pay for it. Every proposed government budget or political desire to spend money sets off a competition among Americans to get that money as well as a competition not to be taxed for that spending.

Of course, there is also the competition to be in charge of making those expenditures. Every two years, Americans compete and spend ever larger amounts of money (over $14 billion in the last cycle) to have their party in charge of government spending — a competition we refer to as elections.

Mathematically, the more government decides or the more it spends, the greater the election stakes become and, therefore, the greater those competitions become. It is true that each election is becoming the most important of all time because government becomes more powerful with each passing day.

When Thomas Jefferson was president, our government spent around 2-3% of the national economy. Today, we are rather close to our government spending nearly 50% of the economy if you include the Federal Reserve’s COVID-related spending.

Throughout history, whether at the end of the Roman Republic or the ancient Greek democracy, big government proponents don’t attempt to sell socialism. Instead, they demonize the private sector/capitalism. They decry inequity and disorder — claiming these are caused by conservative policies or politicians — and demonize conservative leaders.

They also universally say that they will restore unity if only they are given power.

Although Biden campaigned on unifying the country, his big government/socialist allies were never concerned with unity. They want to ''transform'' America into a big government/socialist policy state. Biden’s allies know they must disregard unity to achieve their vision, even if Biden doesn’t.

Recall when Barack Obama told us ''Maybe some just see us divided into those red states and blue states, but I see us as one America: red, white, and blue.'' As soon as he became president, however, he was happy to promote an $800 billion spending program without a single Republican vote and then eventually Obamacare, also without a single Republican vote. His inability to get a green program passed mattered not at all. Instead, he imposed as much of it as he could through regulations.

In his first midterm election, Obama paid the price for that when Democrats lost a historically high 63 House seats and thereafter no other major legislative victory. That was of no matter however. Obama’s programs remain largely intact, from Obamacare to his executive-ordered DACA program.

Today, the Biden Democrats are rushing to spend every dollar they conceivably can. Between the $1.9 trillion COVID Relief plan that spends only 9% related to COVID, to the upcoming multi-trillion ''infrastructure'' plan that will be a similar boondoggle, the Democrats continue their rush to big government/socialist policies.

The removal of the filibuster now that they are in power, despite their use of it over 300 times in 2020, is a necessary price in their view for the common good.

Just as in 2010, fair elections willing, the Democrats likely will pay a price — and, once again that won’t matter to them. Government will almost irreversibly have grown larger. That is their victory.

In the meantime, contrary to Biden’s assertion that unity comes in the form of everyone agreeing to more spending, America will become more divided under the Democrat spending plans.

In addition to the divisive dynamic mentioned above, the higher government spending becomes, the greater the percentage of the economy government becomes. Eventually, that percentage becomes so high that economic growth is strangled.

It is that dynamic, along with very increasing regulations, that has caused economic growth in America to decline from an average of 4% per year in the 1950s to around 2% today – and from 2% to 0% in the European Union.

Lack of economic growth directly leads to disunity in a civilization because stagnant economies lead to unemployment and then an ever greater political competition for spending. Stagnation also begets the class warfare the big government socialists decry, knowing they need it to get elected.

All is not lost. Sweden has reduced government spending from 70% of the economy to below 50%. We could do the same here, but it will take unity among Americans who realize endless government spending not only hurts us all in the long run, it divides us as well.

Tom Del Beccaro is an acclaimed author, speaker and national columnist. As a radio and television commentator. Tom is the Chairman of RescueCalifornia.org, which is raising funds and gathering signatures for the recall of California Gov. Gavin Newsom. Read Tom Del Beccaro's Reports — More Here.

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The Democrats are rushing to enact every big government program they can in the wake of the Biden inauguration. They are doing so knowing that their policies won't sit well with American voters and may cost them dearly in the 2022 midterm elections. That's fine by them,...
Democrats, socialism, big government, unity
Friday, 02 April 2021 08:59 AM
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