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Open Borders Mentality Closed to Security Precautions

Open Borders Mentality Closed to Security Precautions

Monday, 22 January 2018 03:12 PM Current | Bio | Archive

Former President Obama and the radical Democratic-socialist politicians have sought to deny America citizens their freedoms. They believe that any criticism or complaint about actions of illegal aliens or the use of the words "illegal aliens" is hate speech.

Whether at the federal, state, or local level, Democratic-socialists, with the complicity of the newsmedia, seek to destroy the fiber of free speech.

Further, any attempt to control illegal immigrant entry is either racist, Islamophobic, sexist, or homophobic. America has no right to control its borders according to the Democratic-socialist new think.

Any criticism of President Trump or Republicans no matter how vulgar or odious is permitted. One need only listen to the late-night shows to hear non-sensical obscene diatribes about President Trump, Republicans. Other such critcism is lodged against Catholics, and other Christians.

The easiest way is to confuse an already confused immigration system is by doing what Democratic-socialist elected officials are doing. They seek to muddle all immigration legislative wording, mix the structure of proposed immigration legislation, disrupt legislative efforts and deadlines. They additionally seek to impede orderly legislative procedures — especially budgets.

Be they politicians like Barrack Obama, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., Mayor Bill de Blasio, D-N.Y., Calif. Atty. Gen. Xavier Becerra, Gov. Jerry Brown,  D-Calif., or financier George Soros, left-wingers and their cohorts seek the disintegration of the American republic. Using their elected status, Democratic-socialist elected officials encourage illegal foreign nationals to demand the same rights as American citizens. At the same time, these officials want to prosecute U.S. employers who obey U.S. immigration laws.

These Democratic-socialist officials want to destroy America from within. Why?

To make America a totalitarian country ruled by moneyed oligarchs, like Soros and subservient political lackeys. Do countries such as China, Russia, Iran, South Africa, Brazil, Japan, Australia, and Canada permit foreign nationals to enter their land illegally and then demand entitlements?

No! But Sweden did. Now Sweden is reeling from an open-borders immigration policy. Youth-oriented gangs made up of Muslim refugees, asylum claimants, and legal immigrants now commit murders, rapes, and bombings the likes of which Sweden never knew. The ethnic Swedish population now realizes the mistake of "uncontrolled migration."

The first major effort for uncontrolled immigration of young foreign nationals was the effort of Sens. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., and Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, as early as 1991. Since 2001, Democrats proposed various forms the DREAM Act (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors) in every Congress including the 2017 Congress  — S.1615 and H.R. 3440 — without success.

Obama’s Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson by memorandum of June 15, 2012, opened legalization possibilities to an estimated 800,000 foreign-born individuals who came into the U.S. before the age of 16 and the year 2007. The actual number may be as high as 3.5 million.

The Johnson Memorandum gave young illegal aliens (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals-DACA) a 2-year non-deportable residency. It's renewable very 2 years and includes work permits and social security cards.

Mixing the DREAM Act illegal individuals with the DACA illegal individuals meant bureaucratic immigration disorder. This disorder in turn meant easier legal residency through governmental ineptitude. Open-border advocates revel in this turmoil. Unfortunately, so do terrorists, drug smugglers, and other criminals.

Former President Obama is responsible for the present-day immigration chaos. Obama and congressional Democrats failed to achieve any comprehensive immigration reform in 2009-2010. The immigration chaos began after 2010 with his executive orders opening immigration doors to line-jumping illegal aliens starting including "Dreamers" a word that has come to mean DACA recipients.

Obama reduced the Border Patrol to mere gatekeepers, yet they made every effort to do their duty.

Slowly the Trump administration is gaining control of the borders, as the days of open- borders is coming to an end. Obama appointed federal judges still try to implement Obama’s open borders policies. These federal judges approve of the dangerous sanctuary cities and states mentality. Fortunately, a majority of the Supreme Court has a sane approach to immigration questions.

Obama and his administration encouraged states, cities, and locales to become "sanctuary" areas, giving refuge to illegal immigrants, many of whom are purportedly murderers, terrorists, rapists, impaired drivers, and other criminals. The reality is, that "sanctuary" areas ignore crimes committed by illegal immigrants. This sanctuary thinking impedes federal law enforcement and encourages illegal aliens to commit crimes and then seek sanctuary.

From 2008 to 2014 illegal immigrants ccounted for 38 percent of all murder convictions in California, Texas, Arizona, Florida, and New York. These figures do not reflect the crimes of international criminal gangs like MS-13 (Mara Salvatrucha-13), etc.

Ninety-four percent of immigrants in federal custody are illegal aliens, meaning 35,334 federal prisoners are illegal aliens. This equals a cost of about $1.8 billion to the U.S. taxpayers. This is just those in federal custody.

When will the U.S. learn that uncontrolled immigration can be costly — and deadly?

James H. Walsh was associate general counsel with the U.S. Department of Justice Immigration and Naturalization Service from 1983 to 1994. Read more reports from James Walsh — Click Here Now.

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Any attempt to control illegal immigrant entry is either racist, Islamophobic, sexist, or homophobic.When will the United States learn that uncontrolled immigration can be costly, and deadly?
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Monday, 22 January 2018 03:12 PM
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