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Top Ten Losers of the 2016 Election

Top Ten Losers of the 2016 Election

A woman holds a poster during a rally against President-elect Donald Trump in Union Square on November 12, 2016, in New York. (Kena Betancur/AFP/Getty Images)

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10. Pollsters — Mark Twain exposed their central flaw: “There are lies, damned lives and statistics.” No matter how often they survey, or which poll they hype to the media, even using an average of top polls on a given day, it turns out to be wrong. By falling for dubious polls, rather than investigating on their own, not one newspaper, TV network, cable news, or talk radio station chose Trump to win. By treating polls as the Holy Grail of politics, so-called experts are relying on wishful thinking.

9. The Democratic Party — For touting hackneyed issues to an electorate still reeling from the 2008 Wall Street crash. Instead of focusing on recovery, President Obama pursued his world socialist views that took precedence over leading a recovery. Instead, funds were wasted on questionable green investments, global warming, and the mother of all flawed government initiatives, ObamaCare. Now we’re broke.

8. The Republican Party — For refusing to recognize Trump’s chances of engineering a Republican victory after he trounced 16 primary contenders. The party regulars opined that Trump was either not a true Republican, nor a genuine Conservative. But he was a winner, despite the venomous attacks from his own party.

7. Fox News Channel — One reason Fox leads cable ratings is attributed to the evening news hosted by Bret Baier, featuring a panel of respected journalists. Of the varying panel, the stars are two conservatives, George Will and Charles Krauthammer, both respected political commentators. They dug in like GOP die-hards, refusing to read tea leaves, refusing to recognize Trump could win. As far as anyone knows, they have not apologized to their TV audience, nor admitted to their peers they got the most important election since in recent memory all wrong — from the get-go through to election night.

6. The New York Times — Trump’s victory elicited a joint editorial by the publisher and executive editor of The New York Times, apologizing to their readers for the left-wing bias of the Old Gray Lady, now and in the past. One would think, so what? But it’s “huge,” as Trump would say. The paper’s left-wing influence over other media for the past 50 years helps explain Politically Correct and Multicultural trends. To the chattering classes, the Times was envied and admired as the reliable source for every important national issue. Not anymore. The statement from the publisher and editor could be Trump’s most significant victory: releasing the media from the grip of The New York Times.

5. Hillary Clinton — Did she and Bill figure, once safely in the White House, their alleged crimes and misdemeanors would be gone with the wind? They know the State Department email insinuations will not likely bring criminal charges.The Clinton Foundation is dicey but it will take years to uncover malfeasance. Neither issue sank her campaign. She lost because the political Berlin Wall, that used to keep her and the Democratic Party insulated from reality, came tumbling down. And the back-up issue Hillary counted on backfired. Voters did not want a woman president. Anyway, there is the perfect female candidate waiting in the wings.

4. James Comey — What’s with him? He played a bit role in the campaign until the last few weeks. Then, days before the vote, he becomes a leading man again by making public statements about Hillary’s email imbroglio. Is the FBI incompetent? The nation should know. Or was Comey caught in political machinations he needed to erase from his bio. The biggest rumor resulted from media reports Comey and the FBI are not convening a grand jury to question Hillary. But the agency can not demand a grand jury anyway. The FBI investigates, secures evidence, and makes criminal arrests. Therefore, it is plausible Attorney General Loretta Lynch did not convene a grand jury for Hillary, based on pressure from her boss, Barack Obama.

3. College Students — We all know colleges are the holding pen for politically correct modes of behavior. Ironically, they have destroyed free speech in the name of free speech — their version. Now, safe spaces for sensitive students who are offended by people that express different views are available. After Trump won, students started crying and worried their friends weren't safe. From whom, you might ask? Donald Trump, of course, who is measured by radical college students and faculty in terms of nuclear throw weight. He has frightened sensitive souls who utter eschatological warnings to rid the world of the gruesome dragon. As usual, student causes are lacking in fact with no visible goal.

2. Vladimir Putin — I remember saying in summer 2015, under a Trump presidency, America’s enemies will not sleep as well as they have under Obama. Especially Russian leader Vladimir Putin. He has had the most fun gallivanting here and there, flexing his muscles while America slept. Now he could become a larger danger, expanding Russian power before the U.S. reacts. I am acquainted with former KGB major general Oleg Kalugin, who warned attendees at my Raleigh Conference in 2003 that Putin is a dangerous egomaniac. Kalugin fled after false charges for treason were brought by Putin. He fled to the U.S. and became an American citizen to irritate Putin further. With Trump in place, and the gullible peacenik Obama gone, Putin must be exposed as the pompous poseur he is.

1. Global Warming — Under Trump, at long last the propaganda saying that the earth is heating up is cooling down. For the past 30 years, eco-radicals have used dubious data to bludgeon rich nations into accepting the accusation that climate change is largely their fault. The zealots who push human-caused climate conferences extol scientists who put their name on yet another report to wave in front of rich nations to cause them to cough up billions to go right down a rat hole. World climate is warming but that's not caused solely by business. How savvy people think the earth is small enough to control is a continuing mystery.

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Trump’s victory elicited a joint editorial by the publisher and executive editor of The New York Times, apologizing to their readers for the left-wing bias of the Old Gray Lady, now and in the past.
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Tuesday, 22 November 2016 10:58 AM
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