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For Nation's Sake, Trump Must Skip the Pointless Personal Attacks

For Nation's Sake, Trump Must Skip the Pointless Personal Attacks
U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting about cutting business regulations in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, D.C., October 17, 2018. (Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images)

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Dear Mr. President, with all due respect can you please just shut up, for once? Please. We are so close to getting everything we want if you can control yourself and your smartphone.

You’ve had a terrific couple of weeks in the White House. Maybe the best since you took office. You were able to stay the course and get Justice Brett Kavanaugh confirmed to the United States Supreme Court and in doing so you were also able to oversee a sea-change in attitude heading into the midterms. Republicans and independents are motivated and ready to vote to keep the momentum going.

The Blue Wave is receding in the wake of your victories.

The economy is posting eye-popping numbers Mr. President. Unemployment is at the lowest level in my lifetime at just 3.7 percent. There are more than 7 million jobs — good jobs open and waiting for good people to fill them. As a result, wages are on the rise and optimism is soaring for businesses and the people that work for them.

One of the Democrats expected to jump into the race to challenge you in 2020 also made a calculated decision to fight you on her alleged Native American heritage and it self-destructed in front of all of us.

Senator Elizabeth Warren failed miserably in her feeble attempt to push back against your attacks on her alleged Native American heritage. Warren is tired of being called Pocahontas each time you bring her up and she decided to get a DNA test in an effort to help hold up her preposterous story that she is part Cherokee. The results that she thought would exonerate her actually made her look even more foolish. In fact her Native American heritage could be as little as one part in more than 1,000 and could date back ten generations or more.

The Cherokee Nation was so appalled by the performance they actually issued a statement saying the DNA test was for all intents and purposes totally worthless and a sham. They said such an attempt actually denigrated the Cherokee Tribe itself. Warren was rebuked by the tribe and ridiculed by the nation. You won again.

Then another victory came down the pike.

A Federal Judge in California tossed out a lawsuit filed by Stormy Daniels. It gave you the last laugh on a strange chapter in your always-colorful administration. It also gave you the chance to rub salt in the wound of Michael Avenatti one of your most vocal and vile critics. Avenatti has already seen his stock collapse after being blamed in part for the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh because of completely outrageous allegations of gang rape he put forward by a client that self-destructed during a televised interview on NBC.

But instead of saying something perfect like #Winning — you instead took all the focus off your series of wins and put it back on you sir and how you think of women in general. Instead of doing a victory lap with the smallest modicum of class you instead took to Twitter to call Daniels Horseface! Horseface, this is where you took the conversation.

Really? Are you six?

I understand you are a street fighter and I appreciate that you are prone to hit back when you get hit. Your first instinct is always to return fire. But when you call a woman names (a woman that just lost to you in court) about how they look — you only reinforce the negative impression many women and potential swing voters have about you. That kind of pointless comment reflects poorly on you, not her.

Mr. President, you are standing on the precipice of history because you have done more to advance the cause of conservatism than any president in my lifetime — maybe in modern American history but somehow you seem to want to squander that. Your winning streak could extend through the midterms and beyond but these kinds of reckless comments could be the difference between winning Senate seats in states like Florida and Missouri or letting them slip through the fingers of Republicans again.

Why would you put that in jeopardy?

Stormy Daniels I might remind you is a porn star. You, are The President of the United States. Stop punching down and stop lowering yourself into the gutter. With everything else going so well on so many fronts you need to show some self-control because instead of discussing the lawsuit getting dismissed today (a nice win by the way) the news networks are discussing how you refer to women, again.

This is not a winner for you and it’s perfectly predictable. Frankly Sir, you should know better. The anti-Trump media is going to turn your accomplishments into something less every time so when you give them ammunition you’re not helping yourself and you’re not helping the rest of us either.

Please remember the millions of people who gave you the keys to The White House — many did so with deep reservations. Trust me on that. Those are the same voters that will be the difference between controlling the Senate and the House after the November 6 midterms too. So when you go shooting some obnoxious Tweet into the world without thinking, insulting a woman you’d already beaten in court it’s completely asinine.

Honestly, what are you thinking?

For a guy who considers himself the greatest negotiator in the history of the world, this is a pathetic performance when it comes to negotiating with voters. You can and you must do better.

Let me spell it out for you.

Mr. President you have made dramatic strides in accomplishing your many promises to voters. You have done so while being dogged every step of the way by snipping obstructionist liberals and an antagonistic press. You have done things people on all sides said were impossible but there is a lot more to do before you leave because who knows what will happen when the angry left gets its hands back on the steering wheel.

You cannot squander this moment. You cannot let it slip away and leave us saying “what if or if only.” This is your time Mr. President and therefore it is my time and a once in a lifetime opportunity to correct some very important things that have been in need of correction for a very long time in America.

Sir, I need you to focus. There is simply too much more that must be done to insure my kids and grandkids and yours have the same opportunities in this great nation that you and I have enjoyed. We can’t get there if you act like a petulant child when you should be acting like the Commander in Chief.

Please understand, millions of us are willing to make accommodations for your idiosyncrasies and your crass outbursts but when you go to the lowest common denominator for no apparent reason to attack a woman who you’ve already beaten — you look terrible and I fear it will turn voters away and at a very critical time.

Please Mr. President for the sake of a nation, keep yourself together and skip the pointless personal attacks because we have far more important things to do.

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Dear Mr. President, with all due respect can you please just shut up, for once? Please. We are so close to getting everything we want if you can control yourself and your smartphone.
trump, horseface, personal attacks
Wednesday, 17 October 2018 01:16 PM
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