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Liberals Experience Many Stages of Grief After Mueller Findings

Liberals Experience Many Stages of Grief After Mueller Findings
Special Counsel Robert Mueller walks after attending church on March 24, 2019, in Washington, D.C. Special counsel Robert Mueller has delivered his report on alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election to Attorney General William Barr. (Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)

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A few years ago my father died in an accidental fall. It was a couple of days before Christmas when I got the call. It was shocking and left me in a state of utter disbelief. In fact at first I refused to accept the truth of the matter. I even tried calling his cell phone a couple of times. It just couldn’t be true.

My dad was at home getting ready for a trip between Christmas and New Year's when he died. He lived alone with his two dogs and it wasn’t unusual for him to be off the radar for two or three days at a time. When his voicemail filled up — that’s when we knew something was wrong.

When my brother called to ask me if I had heard from him I had a foreboding that something wasn’t right but I convinced myself it would all work out the way I wanted it to. A close friend of mine is a Trooper for the Michigan State Police and he offered to go check and even after he’d found my dad at the bottom of the stairs — I just could not accept that black and white truth of the matter.

We often try to find ways explain the things we simply don’t understand. We grasp at straws and try to rationalize events that traumatize us so completely. This was true when my dad died — in perfect health at the age of 67. I mean after all we had a lot going on and we had a lot planned. Him dying, just wasn’t possible.

I wanted to see the autopsy — I needed to see the autopsy because I knew it would explain what had happened and would fill in what I had missed. It didn’t. I read every page front to back several times over and could not find what I was desperately searching for — an answer. Why did this happen? How could this happen?

In the end the autopsy told me he was a man in fine health and except for the overriding principals of physics and gravity he would still be with us but he wasn’t. My dad was gone forever. The autopsy was my last desperate search for a different outcome a futile attempt to change what had happened. It didn’t.

My disappointment was profound but the facts were inescapable.

The same is now happening with those on the left. Democrats, progressives, socialists, anti-Trumpers of every description are demanding to see the full report compiled by Special Counsel Bob Mueller. They are certain that the quote they have heard and read must be wrong. They are sure his conclusion that nobody in The President's circle colluded with the Russians to gain an upper hand in the 2016 Election must be wrong.

It just cannot be true.

They are going through the five stages of grief. For many they are in the throes of stage one, denial. They insist that the report will surely show a different reality — that somehow Mueller got it wrong. They are determined to dig deeper to find the hidden facts that 19 lawyers and 40 FBI agents overlooked.

Others are in a sordid combination of stages one and two. Their denial is being fueled by a deep seated and powerful anger. They proclaim they will not only find the truth but they will keep going until they do because they know The President is guilty no matter what the 22-month investigation led by the former head of the FBI determined.

For others they have entered the third stage and are trying to bargain their way through this crisis. They want to call more witnesses and look for more information — they are hoping to find some new morsel of information. It is not to be.

What they are likely to learn is that the Democrats that were working for Hillary Clinton either directly or indirectly did everything they could to destroy Donald Trump. They may find that they didn’t want to know the answer to the questions they are asking. They may find themselves realizing there are those on their team that are completely in the tank no matter who gets hurt.

For many the fourth stage of depression is setting in too. The grief is taking over much like it did in November of 2016 and long before the scheme was hatched to go after The President with a bogus Russian Collusion story. This time there is not a plan C — there is no insurance policy to turn to.

In the end there will come a day when stage five is finally realized. Acceptance. I don’t expect that soon for many but for the reasonable people who identify as liberal or Democrat, they will accept that despite the avalanche of lies Donald Trump, his associates and his campaign did nothing wrong.

The real question now is if there is no evidence of collusion as Robert Mueller has concluded, then what on earth was used to start this farce in the first place?

For some of the hard-core never-Trumpers, true believers, social justice warriors, and their minions, this will never be over. Trump is guilty, damn it, and it doesn’t matter what the evidence shows. He is guilty because they hate him and that is proof enough.

You know that moment in a football game when you’re biggest rival just shoved a touchdown down your throat and the clock is running out. Then you try to rally and instead your guy throws a pick six. That’s when people realize it’s over and head for the exits and vow to do better next time. But there are always a few die-hards that just won’t give up. They yell at the refs and blame it on them. They insult the other team. They just cannot handle the truth.

In the end the truth is, the autopsy doesn’t change a thing. My father was still dead and there was no collusion.

Steve Gruber is a conservative talk show host with 25 affiliates in Michigan. "The Steve Gruber Show" launched in 2012 with just four affiliates and has grown into the most powerful name in talk radio across Michigan. Steve has been named “Best Morning Personality” by the Michigan Association of Broadcasters five years in a row. His conservative, common-sense philosophy was developed during his time growing up in rural Michigan. Steve’s early career found him in several newsrooms including WILX, Lansing where he honed his investigative journalism and interviewing skills. He became the main news anchor of the station and before long was offered a job with NBC in Columbus, Ohio. While working for NBC, he covered the incredible launch of John Glenn, age 77, into space at Cape Canaveral, White Supremacists in Ohio, and the deadly game of selling prescription medication online. Steve was nominated for an Emmy in 2000. To read more of this reports — Click Here Now.

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For some of the hard-core never-Trumpers, true believers, social justice warriors, and their minions, this will never be over.
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Friday, 29 March 2019 02:47 PM
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