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To Combat Ebola, Fire the CDC Director

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“There is zero risk of transmission on the flight.” “We will stop Ebola in its tracks.” “One hundred percent of individuals getting on planes are screened for fever.” “We'll be strengthening our screening procedures both at the source and at entry.”
These gems were uttered by Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the government’s Centers for Disease Control. 
If only they were true.
Riddle me this, Dr. Frieden. How can our government protect 300 million Americans from an extremely lethal disease when it can’t even protect the most powerful man in the world in his well-guarded house at a time of heightened alert?
An intruder penetrated deep inside the White House, a system-wide failure of unprecedented proportion.
Yet such incompetence is not limited to the Secret Service. The CDC, whom Congress and the Obama Administration are blindly trusting to manage the Ebola crisis, is rife with ineptitude. Despite Dr. Frieden’s rosy absolutes, his track record has been horrific.
To combat Ebola, America needs to take immediate action:
1. Fire Dr. Frieden. Despite knowing that Ebola would come to America, the CDC was inexcusably unprepared. Two glaring examples: The first two Americans treated for Ebola were producing 40 bags of highly contagious medical waste daily. The CDC’s response? It sent workers to Home Depot to buy 32-gallon trashcans. No joke. It had absolutely no plan for disposal, so, for over a week, mounds of Ebola-ridden waste sat at the hospital. This, from the “smartest” infectious disease entity in the world?
Worse, the CDC had no plan to dispose of the belongings of Texas Ebola victim Thomas Duncan. It forced Duncan’s family to stay inside the infected apartment for days, and allowed police to enter unprotected. The CDC completely dropped the ball. Again.
2. Excoriate leaders for their irresponsibility. Clay Jenkins, the Dallas official in charge of re-locating Duncan’s family, purposely eschewed protective gear both when he entered the contaminated apartment and while escorting the possibly infected family to their new quarantine facility. Incredibly, at a press conference, he announced he hadn’t changed his clothes, a move that could have infected others.
ABC News Medical Editor Dr. Richard Besser didn’t quarantine himself after spending time in Liberia, instead freely walking the streets of New York.
And Dr. Nancy Snyderman, NBC medical editor, broke her self-quarantine agreement after returning from West Africa.
How can these leaders ask for people’s cooperation when they engage in such dangerous behavior? And how can we contain Ebola if the “experts” can’t even contain themselves?
3. Don’t fear panic. If Ebola spreads quickly, fear would, ironically, be the ultimate prescription, as people would stay home. A three-week “vacation” (Ebola’s known incubation period) for all Americans, with only healthcare professionals reporting to work, would be the best way to strangle Ebola. If the unthinkable occurs, it should be the go-to solution.
4. Seal the borders. Constructing walls would create a barrier against virus carriers seeking American medical treatment; until then, the entire border must be heavily guarded.
Most important, let’s get serious about air travel, our greatest vulnerability. Incomprehensibly, direct flights from West Africa still aren’t banned. No citizens from those nations should be permitted entry until further notice. Additionally, any Americans who have traveled there should be quarantined overseas at an American military base for 21 days.
Spare us the “travel restrictions don’t work” line. Of course they do. Like border walls, restrictions will dramatically decrease the inflow of potential carriers. That’s indisputable.
And enough gimmicks. Taking temperatures is a joke, as people can mask fever with medicine. And let’s not forget that some seeking entry might include suicidal terrorists who’ve deliberately infected themselves to spread the virus.
Our ace-in-the-hole is the NSA. They’ve spent billions trolling every detail of our lives; it’s a layup for them to know who was where, and when. If we ever needed their help, it’s now.
Screening passengers after they’ve arrived (at a whopping five airports) doesn’t do much good if someone was contagious in-flight; the time to enact a zero-tolerance policy on potential Ebola carriers is overseas.
History shows that countries restricting travel from pandemic-affected areas, such as Japan during the Spanish flu, greatly reduced infection levels. That’s not xenophobic; it’s common sense, and a mandatory weapon in the Ebola Wars.
Americans, as the most mobile people on earth, is a boon to spreading Ebola. We go to the coffee shop, work, school, coffee shop, practice, mall, and the coffee shop, traveling more in one day than most Ebola victims do in a lifetime. 
Before Ebola becomes the “new normal,” Americans need to demand containment policies rooted in self-preservation.
But first, we must cure ourselves of an even deadlier disease: incompetence. Do that, and, with Lady Luck, we might just halt one of the planet’s deadliest killers.
Chris Freind is an independent columnist, television commentator, and investigative reporter who operates his own news bureau, Freindly Fire Zone Media. Read more reports from Chris Freind — Click Here Now.

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The CDC, whom Congress and the Obama Administration are blindly trusting to manage the Ebola crisis, is rife with ineptitude. Despite Dr. Frieden’s rosy absolutes, his track record has been horrific.
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Wednesday, 15 October 2014 09:30 AM
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