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The CIA Was Right - Waterboarding Works

Thursday, 18 December 2014 12:04 PM Current | Bio | Archive

Osama bin Laden’s killing created a patriotic euphoria as across the nation. The image of thousands chanting “U-S-A” from Ground Zero was simply awe-inspiring. It was a great day for America.

According to CIA officials, that achievement was realized because their enhanced interrogation methods extracted information about the al-Qaida courier who led the U.S. to bin Laden. If that’s not the definition of success, then nothing is.

Yet the U.S. is still not fully committed to winning the War on Terror, since we continue to debate whether water-boarding and other enhanced interrogation techniques (EITs) should be used on terrorists hell-bent on destroying us.

Front and center is the report from U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee Democrats — loaded with inaccuracies — blasting the CIA for its handling of terrorists. Such criticism is akin putting up a sign saying, “Welcome, al-Qaida! How can we make your day more pleasant?”

The important issues are, do these techniques work, and should we be using them? Despite denials by partisan Democrats that waterboarding, rectal rehydration, and other techniques are effective, the truth is they worked better than we could have hoped. That we have not been attacked since 9/11 is a tribute to the program’s success.

If we don’t use these EITs, then what? Hope that a terrorist sees the light of his own free will?  We are at war. When at war, you’re supposed to pull out all stops until victory is achieved. But when you fight not to lose — Vietnam, Iraq — the enemy becomes emboldened, and ultimately victorious.

The threat against the West remains high. Yet we continue to needlessly compromise our security in the name of political correctness. President Obama discontinued waterboarding in 2009, and Senate Democrats think singing Kumbaya with the enemy will make everything okay.

Many in the GOP are simply criticizing the release of the report, stopping short of endorsing the CIA’s interrogation methods. It was Republican John McCain who offered an Amendment prohibiting the U.S. from engaging in degrading treatment of captured terrorists.

Now, the military has banned nudity, mock executions and hooding, in large part because McCain disagrees with the assertion we should use every means necessary to extract information that could save lives.

In other words, we’re more concerned with the dignity and well-being of al-Qaida than in preventing another attack. How nice.

Water-boarding entails pouring water over the face, simulating the feeling of drowning. If you’re waiting for the rest of the description, sorry, but that’s it. Don’t misunderstand. It’s very effective, but derives its success due to psychological stress rather than physical harm. Yet somehow, that’s degrading — so we stopped it. Maybe if we politely ask detainees for their financial network, comrades’ whereabouts, and battle-plans, they’ll just tell us.

Or, maybe we should ask the survivors and families of victims of the 9/11 massacre and the Madrid train and London subway bombings if they care whether a prisoner — with possible knowledge of an impending attack — has some water poured on his face, or feels humiliated.

Do we really believe such interrogation methods should be banned, putting the prisoner’s well-being ahead of our own? Are we really willing to jeopardize our children’s future because a combatant’s dignity is affected?

The rationales for banning EITs are, our methods reflect who we are; and if America tortures enemy prisoners, our troops can expect the same treatment when they are captured. Can these critics really be that far out of touch?

The first is easy. If we don’t protect ourselves in every way possible, there won’t be a society to protect. Second, does anyone truly believe this enemy follows Geneva Convention protocols? Haven’t we seen how captured Americans are treated? Don't they have televisions inside the Beltway? So if we water-board an al-Qaida prisoner, they're going to start getting nasty? Get real.

Just look at the numerous videos of Americans — both civilians and military — being decapitated, dragged through the streets, burned, dismembered, and hung from bridges. Our enemy doesn’t feel compelled to reciprocate the care we show our prisoners.

Because we coddle prisoners, refuse to profile, won’t construct a border wall, and tie our troops’ hands behind their backs because of politically correct politics, we have become a paper tiger. And the sigh of despair you hear? That’s the silent majority of Europeans who are too scared to publicly support anti-politically correct measures because their cultures have become the embodiment of appeasement.

There will undoubtedly be demands to bring back enhanced interrogation techniques, but only after the next attack. By then, it will be too late, we will have personified the adage, “We have met the enemy, and it is us.”

Chris Freind is an independent columnist, television commentator, and investigative reporter who operates his own news bureau, Freindly Fire Zone Media. Read more reports from Chris Freind — Click Here Now.


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President Obama discontinued waterboarding in 2009, and Senate Democrats think singing Kumbaya with the enemy will make everything okay.
Al-Qaida, CIA, EITs
Thursday, 18 December 2014 12:04 PM
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