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Democrats Betray Trust Baltimore Placed in Them

Democrats Betray Trust Baltimore Placed in Them

On Thursday, June 23, 2016, Baltimore, Md. police officers walked near the intersection of North and Pennsylvania Avenues, the site of unrest following the funeral of Freddie Gray. (Patrick Semansky/AP)

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Earlier this month, Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh, in a remarkable moment of candor, called on the Federal Bureau of Investigation to save the city from the rising tide of homicides, saying, "Murder is out of control."

The mayor’s plea for help was startling not because it told us anything we did not already know about the epidemic of violence on city streets, but because it constituted such an abject admission of the total failure not only of the current Democratic administration, but also all prior Democratic administrations to effectively administer the city.

The fact is that Baltimore, like so many other major American cities has become a prime example of the total, catastrophic failure of Democratic Party policies over the last 50 years.

Baltimore was once one of the great industrial cities in America. It was home to the largest steel mill on the planet. Shipyards lined the harbor, producing American vessels that plied the planet’s waters. People came not only from all across the U.S. but all across the globe for good jobs, good wages, and the chance for a bright future. It was a boomtown.

No more. Per capita, Baltimore now has one of the top homicide rates in the country. Life expectancy in large chunks of Baltimore is now on a par with that in North Korea. The unemployment rate among young black man is thirty-seven percent. Children in preschool are diagnosed with PTSD because of the constant violence to which they are exposed. In the city, 30,000 homes sit vacant.

Despite spending 18,000 a year per child on education Baltimore’s schools are an abject failure. Thirty percent of Baltimore’s students never graduate high school. Only 17 percent of Baltimore’s students test as proficient in math. Only 21 percent test as proficient in English.

The Democratic policies that have produced this disaster are flawed in at least three fundamental ways.

First, they are based on a complete and absolute misunderstanding of economics. The central premise of this twisted Democratic doctrine is that government creates wealth, and that therefore, higher levels of taxation which are to be somehow then turned into "investment" by government will create jobs.

The truth of course is exactly the opposite. Private industry creates jobs. The prosperity Baltimore once enjoyed was based on a free market, private investment, and private job creation. Higher levels of taxation impoverish the citizenry and drive industry out of the city, out of the state and overseas. Fifty years of this perverse economic philosophy have effectively killed the goose that once laid the golden eggs.

Second, Democratic administrations have demonstrated a strange fascination with protecting the rights of criminals and lawbreakers to the detriment of those of law-abiding citizens. Never has been this on greater display then it has been in Baltimore under Mayor Pugh.

The mayor and the chief prosecutor in Baltimore city have spent the last two years, while the murder rate has skyrocketed, waging war on Baltimore's police department. While drug dealers and gang members celebrate these actions, those citizens of Baltimore trying to raise families and make a living live in fear.

Third, there has been a complete abdication of the fundamental responsibility to ensure that the children of Baltimore receive a decent education. It has been obvious for a very long time that simply throwing money at the public education system in Baltimore is not the answer.

This is a dysfunctional system more focused on pandering to the teachers union then on ensuring that the children of Baltimore are equipped to compete in today's economy. And yet, year after year all efforts at innovation and creativity are stifled.

Charter schools, which have caught on nationwide, and which have clearly improved the quality of education where adopted are opposed. Efforts to allow for school choice, provide school vouchers and introduce competition into the educational system are also opposed. The status quo is maintained. The bureaucracy is mollified. The children of Baltimore are failed each and every day, year after year.

The people of Baltimore, like those of so many once great American cities, have placed their trust for decades in Democratic politicians. That trust has been betrayed. By every measure the situation in Baltimore and the lives of its citizens are worse than they were fifty years ago.

It is time for a change. It is time for the citizens of Baltimore to demand better, to look for other options and to take a fresh look at which party and which politicians can bring back jobs, fix education, restore law and order and build a better future. Baltimore is bleeding, and she needs a new direction to survive.

Charles "Sam" Faddis is a Veteran, retired CIA operations officer, Assistant Attorney general (Wash.) and published author. With degrees from The Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland Law School, he is a Senior Contributing Editor for Homeland Security Today, contributor to sofrep.com, Newsmax, and The Hill among others. He regularly appears on many networks as a national security and counter-terrorism expert. Sam is the author of "Beyond Repair: The Decline And Fall Of The CIA" and "Willful Neglect: The Dangerous Illusion Of Homeland Security."To read more of his reports, Click Here Now.

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The people of Baltimore, like those of so many once great American cities, have placed their trust for decades in Democrats. That trust has been betrayed. By every measure the situation in Baltimore and the lives of its citizens are worse than they were 50 years ago.
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Monday, 15 May 2017 11:53 AM
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