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Democrats' Contempt for American Success Is Mind-Boggling

Democrats' Contempt for American Success Is Mind-Boggling
U.S. Rep Steny Hoyer (D-MD) and U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) watch during the State of the Union address in the chamber of the U.S. House of Representatives January 30, 2018, in Washington, D.C. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

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In January, the Democrats made it clear that they cared more about people in the U.S. illegally than about Americans.

In February, the Democrats are poised to prove that they care more about people who might want to enter the U.S. some day than they do about those already here, legally or otherwise.

Where will they go in March? Where will they be by November’s election?

The obvious contempt that today’s Democrat Party has for the country it seeks to govern, and for the people who need a trustworthy government, boggles the imagination.

In the brief stretch between the fiscal cliffs they’ve engineered, Congressional Democrats demonstrated a distaste for America — and Americans — so strong that they couldn’t hide it. Their facial expressions and body language during the State of the Union spoke volumes.

A booming economy? Rising employment? President Trump expressed pride in America. Republicans cheered. Democrats looked ill.

God? Family? The pledge of allegiance? The national anthem? President Trump expressed pride in America. Republicans cheered. Democrats looked ill.

Record levels of employment within America’s black community? President Trump expressed pride in America. Republicans cheered. Democrats looked ill. The Congressional Black Caucus — allegedly the D.C. Democrats most concerned with that community — sat stonefaced. Dour. Deeply displeased with the achievements of those they claim to represent. Resentful of policies that are helping.

Do today’s Democrat leaders care about anyone other than themselves? Anything other than their own power?

If so, they have an odd way of showing it.

It’s been a generation since the Democrats fielded a presidential candidate who even pretended to care about America’s struggling workers. Barack Obama denigrated them for clinging bitterly to guns, religion, and bigotry. Hillary Clinton simply deplored them. The GOP cut taxes to let hardworking Americans keep more of the money they earn. Hundreds of American companies announced bonuses or raises of $1,000 or more. Major corporations announced they were returning jobs to our shores. “Crumbs!” screamed Nancy Pelosi derisively. Is the Democrats’ leader in Congress — herself reportedly worth almost $200,000,000 — unaware that such “crumbs” are almost 2 percent of the median American income? Or does she just not care?

As recently as 2016, the Democrats claimed to care about women. Then the #MeToo campaign highlighted how they’d been selling indulgences to serial rapists in exchange for campaign contributions. Pimping and pandering or Democrat fund-raising? You decide.

D.C. Democrats claim to care deeply about minorities. They will fight tooth and nail against statues and logos — symbols unlikely to fight back. But improve minorities’ actual circumstances? Help them get gainful employment? Raises? Promotions? The Democrats running Washington apparently loathe those ideas. They defame President Trump for programs that actually benefit America’s minority citizens. They embrace instead multimillionaire rap artists who made their fortunes off the backs of those they denigrate and insult. It isn’t surprising, but it’s ugly. The more self-sufficient people become, the less they need the only thing the Democrats have to sell.

In early January, the Democrats’ top priority was funding for sick children. Until the Republicans voted full funding. The Democrats tossed the sick kids aside to champion the most sympathetic of the eleven million illegal aliens currently in the U.S.

Nothing could be more important to the Democrats than those “DREAMers.” Until President Trump offered them a path to citizenship — as long as we secure our borders and ensure that future arrivals will truly help our nation. Chuck Schumer rejected it out of hand. Sure, it would help the very people for whom the Democrats had claimed they shut the government, but it might reduce the effectiveness of a prized Democrat talking point.

Democrats have been down this road before. In 2006, President Bush backed the McCain/Kennedy bill reforming immigration. Harry Reid delayed the vote until he was certain it would fall. In 2013, the bipartisan Gang of Eight proposed a comprehensive immigration reform. President Obama chose to savage it and deride Republicans.

Thanks to President Trump’s extraordinary first year, the Democrats’ dirty little secret is becoming harder to hide. They don’t want immigration reform. They don’t want to help the DREAMers. They don’t want employment, middle-class economics, or minority empowerment. They’re indifferent about the treatment of women. They want only one thing — power. And if — Heaven forbid — they reclaim that power in November, they’ll know that exploitation works as well for them as for their misogynistic sugar daddies.

Democrats’ leadership in Washington and their leftist collaborators in media and academia are the true privileged class: wealthy, powerful, and protected, exploiters out to hold minorities down and keep Americans dependent on government. President Trump’s reassertion of the American dream is killing them. In D.C., it’s no longer Democrats v. Republicans; it’s Democrats v. America.

Bruce Abramson is the President of Informationism, Inc., Vice President and Director of Policy at the Iron Dome Alliance, and a Senior Fellow at the London Center for Policy Research. Jeff Ballabon is CEO of B2 Strategic, a Senior Fellow at the American Conservative Union's Center for Statesmanship and Diplomacy, and an advisor to Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. To read more of their reports — Click Here Now.

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The obvious contempt that today’s Democrat Party has for the country it seeks to govern, and for the people who need a trustworthy government, boggles the imagination.
democratic party, economy, prosperity, american dream
Monday, 05 February 2018 05:00 PM
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