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The Reasons Why Your Dog Does These 8 Weird Things

The Reasons Why Your Dog Does These 8 Weird Things

By    |   Tuesday, 06 August 2019 12:18 PM

Have you ever wondered why your dog does something strange, like bark at the window? Or spin around in circles chasing its tail? These quirks can be hilarious, but there actually may be a good reason behind them. Here are eight of those weird dog behaviors explained:

1. Running in their sleep. This generally means that a dog is dreaming. However, if your canine friend appears to be "sleep running" excessively, it could hint at an underlying medical condition, Gary Richter, DVM, integrative veterinarian, and veterinary health expert at Rover.com, told Reader's Digest. It is best to get this checked out by your local vet.

2. Those "crazy" bursts of energy. It is a typical lazy afternoon when suddenly, out of the blue, your dog jumps up and starts running around the house and backyard, over and over again. This weird dog behavior is so common it even has a name- "the zoomies" - but why do dogs do this? It is because they are happy, Leanne Jakubowsky, DVM, owner of All Creatures Mobile Clinic in Texas, told Insider. "It's a way to release pent-up energy, but only happy, healthy dogs get the zoomies."

3. Chasing shadows and patterns on the wall. It is entertaining to watch your dog chase a light, or shadow patterns, on the wall but the more you react, the more your dog will continue to engage in this weird behavior. This is because dogs enjoy the attention and positive reactions they get, veterinarian Dr. Sophia Yin, author of "How To Behave So Your Dog Behaves," told CBS News. 

4. Barking at the window. Why does it drive your dog nuts seeing the mailman deliver your mail every day? Surely by now they should be acquainted? It has to do with territory, said Richter. "Barking at people outside is a protective behavior," he explained. "Dogs see their house as their territory and anyone approaching or near their territory is a potential threat, so they bark to ward off the intruder." In other words, your dog thinks it is saving your house and keeping you safe.

5. Spinning around and chasing their tails. Dogs will do this every now and again out of pure happiness however, if yours is doing it excessively it may be time to visit the vet. According to Jakubowsky, this weird dog behavior could signal "inner ear infections, brain lesions, and even seizures."

6. Barking at its reflection. This is normal. Imagine you had no idea who that person was staring back at you from the mirror. It could be unnerving. Your dog does not recognize its own reflection but is seeing another odorless, moving dog in your house. This explains the barking, said Yin.

7. Rolling around in smelly things. Of all the weird behaviors dogs do, this is the most inexplicable one to pet owners. Why would your dog choose the worst smelling patch of grass to roll around in? It may be because their idea of smelly differs to ours, Jennifer L. Summerfield, Brown Veterinary Service, DVM, told Reader's Digest. "Their opinions about what constitutes an attractive scent are often different from ours," she said, adding that "the behavior of rolling in dead or especially stinky things may have originated as a way of disguising the dog’s scent, which could be useful for hunting."

8. The famous head tilt. What is more amusing than that notorious head tilt your dog does, which is usually accompanied by that goofy look? The reason why dogs do this is not just to look cute. They are actually trying to hear better. "The outside of the ear flap is called the pinna and the dog can use it much like a radar dish to hear better," said  Jakubowsky.

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Have you ever wondered why your dog does something strange, like bark at the window? Or spin around in circles chasing its tail?
dog, weird, behavior, chase tail, bark
Tuesday, 06 August 2019 12:18 PM
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