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Prepare for the Coming Freeze! Excerpt from 'Dark Winter' by John Casey

Prepare for the Coming Freeze! Excerpt from 'Dark Winter' by John Casey
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By    |   Monday, 27 October 2014 10:09 AM

What Can We Do About the Coming Climate Changes?

An excerpt from
Dark Winter: How The Sun Is Causing a 30-Year Cold Spell by John Casey

"What do you expect us to do, build a greenhouse over Nebraska?"
— Executive at a global agricultural corporation, after hearing about the solar hibernation

My first reaction to this executive’s greenhouse idea, after we shared a short laugh, was to advise him that perhaps he should review options for planting at lower latitudes or planting different crops with more resistance to cold weather. Then later, after I hung up the phone, I realized he had the same reaction I had that day in April 2007: a feeling of hopelessness against the advancing climate change, realizing there was no way whatsoever to deflect its wrath. He seemed to sense the same stark lack of options that the projected temperature change would bring. His knee-jerk comment about Nebraska was a Freudian slip of his inner frustration over having to deal with something that, if it really happened, would be nothing less than catastrophic for him, his company, and his family. It was like the feeling you get in an auto accident. Everything appears in ultra-slow motion as you see the oncoming vehicle. You’re powerless to move. All you can do is get that sick feeling in your stomach that comes when you know pain is about to strike and there is nothing you can do about it. Then, excruciating, painful reality hits you hard . . . full force . . . WHAM!

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There aren’t many choices for us. We are just going to have to hunker down and weather the storm. That metaphor has little comfort now, as the climate’s cooling begins. We just have to use the short time we have wisely, learning as much as possible, preparing for the worst, and adapting as best as we can. That is going to be the key: adaptation. But we can adapt better if we know what is coming, if we know when it is coming, and if we have a plan to adjust to the new natural order.

We will have to downshift and retrench, just as the natural world will around us. As the Sun goes into hibernation, the plants and animals will automatically, instinctively know (most likely before we do) what is coming and how they must respond. The question here, then, is will the human race be able to adjust also? Will we have time to adjust our complex lifestyles and technologies to enable a smooth transition into decades of colder temperatures, or will we flounder in a chaotic world where no one has viable and timely solutions? Will politicians use this as another opportunity to sell us even more powerful snake oil, blaming mankind for the processes of nature?

I think the signs are abundant and crystal clear. While we are in desperate need of a national preparedness strategy to deal with the next climate change, we would be hopelessly, and unrealistically, optimistic to expect that one will be developed. Remember Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath in New Orleans? There will be no US president, no UN panel of "experts," and no congressional leaders standing up any time soon, touting the need for an international conference to identify goals and standards to address the next cold era. Will we be left stranded, waving our hands from metaphoric rooftops?

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We can hope for a response to this book from the mainstream media in the coming years, but we should not expect one. Even now, after the brutal, record-setting winters of 2008–2009 and 2009–2010, and after setting new records during the winter of 2010–2011, we still see an unwavering AGW community, led by a recalcitrant presidential staff of enviro-socialists. The prospect for catastrophic earthquakes and volcanic eruptions during the current solar hibernation, fully predicted by me and other scientists, may further serve to divert attention away from cold weather preparedness.

My wife, mother, two daughters, son-in-law, and our first two grandchildren are in the same boat with every other citizen on this "blue marble" we call home. We will get no help or advice from the government, and we are not planning on it. We, who go about our daily lives struggling with layoffs, lack of jobs, moving, bills, hospitalization emergencies, caring for our parents, and helping with the grandchildren, will, as always, be on our own.

Most people will have few options when cold weather starts to affect the availability of food in the quantities we now take for granted. Americans and most people in Western nations are used to having plenty to eat. It would be a mighty struggle for most of us to adjust to less food, and we would be pretty upset if food prices doubled or tripled in one or two months’ time.

So what can we do? The best plan is to have one! Here is a starting point to get you to begin considering what types of concessions you may need to make:

Think through what the likely effects of serious food short- ages will be in your home, neighborhood, town, city, state, and region. Are you living in the right place if the worst-case scenario develops and does so quickly? Do you have a sanctuary away from a major metropolitan area?

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Do you live in a region that is volcanically active or is a high risk for earthquakes, which could cause electricity, water, and communications to be out for weeks or even months? If any of the above scenarios apply to you, do you have a plan to address them? If you think you can survive tough times with help from others, think again. They may be planning on you as their lifeline. Be the industrious ant in Aesop’s famous fable and not the idle grasshopper and begin preparing now.

Friends, if there is one lasting message I can give you, it is this: become an expert in adaptability and self-reliance. For when the cold comes, jobs will be even scarcer, bread could be gone from the store shelves, and ethanol gas will be in short supply. You will find no help in newspaper articles, TV newscasts, or in the promises of politicians. You will have to prepare as best you can on your own. You need to start today . . . now!

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My first reaction to this executive’s greenhouse idea, after we shared a short laugh, was to advise him that perhaps he should review options for planting at lower latitudes or planting different crops with more resistance to cold weather.
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Monday, 27 October 2014 10:09 AM
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