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Obama's Missteps Saving Us From His Agendas

Tuesday, 08 September 2009 03:20 PM

All through the Cold War, I could never understand why the Soviets had such contempt for American communists. It took the Obama administration to teach me.

You can't steal second base without taking your foot off of first. But I'm doing it anyway. I am in no way accusing the president of being a communist, but the spectacle of his attempt to ram a far-left agenda down the American gullet helps me understand why those beet-red Bolsheviks in the Kremlin considered their American comrades stupid, weak, and ineffective.

First of all, be aware that no population in history was ever knowingly and willingly delivered into communism with its approval. In 1918 the Russian masses just knew the Czars were oppressive, some fortunate few aristocrats were wealthy, there was no middle class, they were hopeless serfs and life was tough. And things haven't changed much.

In the 1940s the Chinese had no idea of what communist rule would be like when their absence of activism enabled Mao to win the civil war against the Chinese nationalists. The nations of Eastern Europe knew very well what communism would bring, but they had no choice or chance; the victorious Red Army, chasing the beaten Germans westward, gobbled up everything from Estonia in the north to Bulgaria in the south and imposed Communist rule.

I interviewed Yugoslav partisan warriors who had fought so successfully against the Nazis during World War II. They tearfully recalled that their Communist leader, Marshal Tito, never promised them a post-war Yugoslavia like Russia. He promised them a "United States of America" right there in the Balkans. And he was wise to do so. Tito knew that all Yugoslavs had one thing in common: they each had a cousin in McKeesport, Penn. with two cars and a boat.

And I can vouch from personal experience that the people of Cuba expected Fidel Castro to be a Simon Bolivar liberating them, not a bearded Stalin enslaving them.

When you're trying to subvert a successful country with problems, like the United States in 2008, you keep your agenda as hidden as the gentle young man on the first date, with a gift of flowers in his hand, who intends to spend that very night in her apartment. President Barack Obama did it just right early in round one. When he was naming his advisers, he brilliantly named Warren Buffet and Paul Volcker, two poster-boys for being as far removed as possible from the kind of person a communist could love. Obama was wise to omit any reference to Van Jones or Mark Lloyd, both avowed communists. Do we understand "avowed" so we don't confuse today with the McCarthy era? These two "game-changers" are not accused communists. They are avowed communists; self-proclaimed communists. Jones left quietly in the night. Lloyd, the “Diversity Czar” of the Federal Communications Commission, breathtakingly trashes freedom-of-speech. You don't do that when you're trying to sucker-punch free speech. Haven't any of these stupid American leftists read Orwell?

If Obama were a communist and if he were under the old Soviet Union's puppet-mastery he'd have been sacked, purged, or God-knows-what-else once he hit America with that lightning volley of takeovers, stimuli, healthcare confusion, billions morphing into trillions, deliberate demoralization of the CIA, and "czars" like the aforementioned leftists who shout forth their radical toxic hearts into an American population still free enough to say, "what the hell is going on?"

Lenin would have shaken his head in disgust. Stalin would have made a quiet note to have him "taken care of." Khrushchev would have shot him with his own pistol (as he was alleged to have done to then-Soviet Minister of the Interior Lavrenti Beria at a Politburo meeting inside the Kremlin in 1953).

Football fans understand the feeling when a stiff penalty against the other team excuses you for your utter failure to stop a play and leaves you better off than you deserve.

We, the non-Obama voters, don't deserve this much joy at this time. That doesn't mean we have to give it back!

I find myself at the optimistic far end of my group. Most in my group lugubriously moan about the impending communization of America. Even the Obama "school speech" has them depressed. Not I.

I see Obama — no moral equation here; just a situational analogy — as someone trying to enter a residence at night and getting wedged in the crawl-hole, unable to move farther in or out. The alarm goes off and the resident and his four sons head to the crawl-hole with shotguns, the neighbors have similarly rallied, passers-by are at the ready to lend assistance, law enforcement has arrived, and the fire department is responding with a new device that helps extricate hapless individuals caught in such situations.

In other words, America is now awakened, briefed, clued in and paying close attention. The American people are scrutinizing every presidential comment, every proposal, every bill, every Reid-Pelosi proclamation, every appointment, everything, like the proverbial North Carolina duck-on-a-junebug.

How odd and interesting that the advice most needed by those who would turn America communist was uttered, not by a Marxist theorist, but by a thundering British imperialist, Rudyard Kipling, who counseled, "Softly, softly catchee monkey!"

I'm not saying "We shall overcome." That won't be necessary. "They shall overreach!"

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All through the Cold War, I could never understand why the Soviets had such contempt for American communists.It took the Obama administration to teach me. You can't steal second base without taking your foot off of first.But I'm doing it anyway.I am in no way accusing the...
Tuesday, 08 September 2009 03:20 PM
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