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Michael Savage to Newsmax: Apathy and Illegals Tipped the Election to Obama

By    |   Wednesday, 14 November 2012 12:38 PM

Michael Savage says he believes voter apathy, as well as millions of votes cast by illegal aliens, were responsible for tipping the election to President Barack Obama.

Savage, one of the nation’s top radio show hosts, has a new collection of stories out called “Train Tracks: Family Stories for the Holidays.’’

And from a New York Times bestselling author of many hot-button political books, it’s a different kind of tome from what his fans may expect.

Watch the exclusive interview here.

It's compromised of tales based on stories he wrote about his life, his family, and his friends in the years before he went into radio.

“There’s almost no politics in it, as you’ll notice. There’s no Obama, no Romney, no Democrat, no Republican,’’ Savage told Newsmax TV in an exclusive interview.

“Except for my uncle who, I found out after he died from a newspaper obit, had been a lifetime, small town Democrat operative.’’

Not that Savage, who just inked a new deal with Cumulus Media and is now on 142 radio stations, doesn’t have a lot to say about this year’s explosive election results.

“Three million fewer Republicans voted in this election than they did in 2008. Nine million fewer Democrats voted than they did 2008. Yet, Obama won both the popular vote and the electoral vote.

“Well, the math doesn’t work … Something’s wrong with the picture. Every poll was wrong – Rasmussen, Gallup.’’

The reason for the huge discrepancies?

“They interview probable voters or registered voters. They never interview illegal aliens because they’re not in any database,’’ Savage said.

Editor's Note: Get Michael Savage's New Book 'Train Tracks: Family Stories for the Holidays.' Click here now.

“Yet, millions of them voted. Why did they vote? Because the Democrats sued for a year straight to prohibit a voter ID requirement, which, by the way, we are the only Western nation on Earth without a voter ID.

“The only one in the West that does not require even a photo ID or voter ID. It’s shocking. So, to me, the illegal alien – meaning, in plain English, the non-citizen who has no right to vote – millions of them cast votes in this election for Obama.

“That is the hidden factor. That’s why everyone scratched their heads on Wednesday morning. It didn’t make sense. They couldn’t understand why all of their polls were off. At least that’s one man’s opinion.’’

While disappointed with Mitt Romney’s disastrous election numbers, Savage is excited about his new book, now on sale in bookstores and on Amazon.

Savage said “what inspired me is that I began as a writer long before I was in radio.’’

He began sifting through “all of my old stories from [the] early years and retold them so that people could understand that all of us are on a train track of our lives, meaning that the story of our lives is a long ride.

“There’s a long history in that person’s life that began at birth and maybe they have some interesting events in their life that occurred that shaped them. Maybe people would be interested in those events.’’

He said one story he selected was, “Dead Man’s Pants,’’ where “I grew up so poor I was actually given hand-me-downs from old men who died to wear.

“People don’t realize it in a day like today because who the heck wears a dead man’s pants? Well, clothing was proportionally much more expensive in my day than it is today.’’

Stories like that “are not only entertaining, almost quaint in a sense, but they are quite telling as to why I have such a strong work ethic, why I have such a strong work ethic to this stage of my life,’’ Savage said.

“I could have retired a long time ago but I refuse to retire because the country’s in such trouble and must be kept from a cliff.

“Not so much the fiscal cliff which I can’t do much about, but from the social cliff and the other cliffs. Some would say we’ve already gone over them.’’

Savage said all of the stories in his book are about “ordinary incidents in my life and ordinary people.

“I had no idea they would shape my world view. You know what I’m saying? Children don’t know that. You have no idea things are important to you unless they hit you over the head.’’

Another story in the collection is about a man who worked with leather “who rose from poverty to have a whole chain of stores only to lose them all when the tide of haste changed in America.’’

“I’d be sitting in my parents’ house when I was a young man with a child to look me and say he wished that he had brain cancer rather than what happened to him, losing his money,’’ Savage said

“And then a year later, he dies of brain cancer. I mean it’s kind of chilling; be careful what you wish for. Also, the rags to riches back to rags again.’’

Savage said nobody should take a successful life for granted.
“Don’t take too much comfort in the fact that you’re successful today because tomorrow could bring failure. There’s no surety in life,’’ he said.
In another tale, one of Savage’s friends sets a peanut seller on fire.

“My old friend who I haven’t seen in 40 years, he was a mean kid; a very mean kid,’’ Savage said. “And he wasn’t mean because he was born mean. His mother happens to have been crazy.

“She’d go to a doctor in New Jersey to lose weight, he would inject her … and she’d come back totally insane and hurt her child and pick on her child.

“So, even the bad kid, there was a reason for him being a bad kid.
Savage said his book is not a “message book, nor is it a “preachy’’ tome.

“It’s a book of stories of my life and some of them are very funny and entertaining,’’ he said.

“Some of them are tragic and sad, such as those about my poor brother who was institutionalized at a very early age and died inside in the home.
“I call it a tragicomedy looking family because family is tragic and comedic; it’s not a straight line.

“And the more you try to make it just pleasant and life with father and mother, you know that’s not the way life really is.

“I guess I wanted to people to see that there’s much more to an individual, like myself, than the stereotype that they may create.’’

Getting back to politics, Savage is not thrilled with the GOP.

“I have no faith in the leadership of this Republican Party right now. I really don’t,’’ he said.

“There are a lot of disappointed conservatives right now who don’t know which way to turn.

“They need to turn back to family, turn back to tradition and turn back to just being family.’’

Savage also praised Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy for his “fabulous postmortem’’ on the election.

Editor's Note: Get Michael Savage's New Book 'Train Tracks: Family Stories for the Holidays.' Click here now.

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Michael Savage, one of the nation's top conservative radio hosts, says he believes voter apathy, as well as millions of votes cast by illegal aliens, were responsible for tipping the election to President Barack Obama.
Wednesday, 14 November 2012 12:38 PM
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