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'Obama's America' Director: Obama Cares Only for His Agenda

By    |   Sunday, 22 July 2012 10:52 PM

With two thumbs up from Texas Gov. Rick Perry, New York Times best-selling author Dinesh D’Souza tells Newsmax.TV that his new documentary, “2016 — Obama’s America,” didn’t set out to lambaste President Barack Obama before the November election.

“Well the idea of the film here is not sort of a ‘Don’t vote for Obama’ film. It’s really more of a ‘Who is the real Obama?’ film,” D’Souza said in an exclusive interview on Tuesday. “It’s a film that sort of raises the curtain on this mysterious man in the White House, a man who is sort of different than other presidents we’ve had before.”

An impressive 82 percent of audience members liked the movie, according to the movie website Rotten Tomatoes, while former presidential hopeful Perry tweeted it’s “this summer's must see movie!!” after opening in a single Houston theater that took in an estimated $31,750 on a recent weekend and had to turn away 200 people in a strong showing for an independent release, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

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Based on D’Souza’s best-selling book, “The Roots of Obama’s Rage,” the film is billed as a gripping visual journey into the heart of the world's most powerful office to reveal the struggle of whether one man's past will redefine America over the next four years. The film seeks to answer the question, what will America be like in 2016 should the president be re-elected to a second term?

“Traditionally you know Democrats want to sort of redistribute income in America. But Obama wants to realign America in the world. In his inauguration speech he called it ‘remaking America,’” explained D’Souza, who interviewed President Obama’s half-brother, George, for the film in Kenya.

But that’s not the only surprise in store for moviegoers.

“Well, in a way, the whole film is a surprise, and by that I mean it really for the first time shows Obama’s world. We have this idea that Obama is a sort of multicultural guy. He’s the first African-American president and over the months — and really the last four years — some sort of odd mysteries have surfaced about him. A lot of them are sort of personal mysteries,” he said.

For example, “What was his SAT score? Unknown. Who were his at friends at Columbia? Unknown. What were his grades? Unknown. What was his LSAT score? Unknown. Who were his girlfriends? Unknown, for the most part,” said D’Souza, who dismissed the president’s characterization as an amateur based on the best-selling book by the same name.

“It’s kind of funny because there is a view on the right among Republicans and some conservatives that sort of ‘You know, Obama is an amateur, Obama is a bungler. He wants X but he gets Y,” according to D’Souza, who wrote and directed the film.

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“Obama does get it. He knows what Assad believes. He knows what the Mullahs in Iran stand for. He knows what the Muslim Brotherhood is all about. He is not trying to get X and accidentally getting Y. He wants to get Y! He intends the results he is getting,” insists D’Souza. “He works really hard to get those results and he is amazingly successful in achieving his agenda. He may not be successful in achieving our agenda, but he doesn’t intend to achieve our agenda.”

While the president’s policies have exacerbated the economic hardship of middle- and lower-class Americans, Obama doesn’t necessarily see it that way.

“I thought to myself ‘why would Obama do these things that even hurt middle-class Americans, that even hurt poor Americans? And then it occurred to me that here’s a possible explanation: even though we have middle class and poor Americans who are middle class or poor, that’s by American standards,” he explained. “If a guy makes $11,000 a year, he’s poor by American standards, but he is not poor by world standards. In fact, by world standards he’s rich.”

Based on his research, D’Souza said it is obvious that Obama has a hidden agenda. “How do we know? When he was talking to the (then) Russian President Medvedev, he says to him, ‘Hey, listen. We’re talking about missile defense. I need more space. I need more flexibility. After the election, I will be able to do things that I can’t do now.’ So Obama’s basically saying — and he’s basically saying this when he doesn’t know the mic is on — he’s saying, ‘Look, Medvedev. I would like to give up things on missile defense. But if I told the American people now what I want to do, they might not re-elect me.”

While it’s not yet clear what those concessions might be, D’Souza added that it would be “very shocking” if the president merely were to stick to his first-term agenda. He pointed to the 40 percent loss of wealth by American families since 2007 citing statistics from the Federal Reserve.

“Now, if that happens again — if we see a second 40 percent decline over the next four years, America will cease to be a first-world country,” he added. “Under Obama, we’ve added $5 trillion of debt, about the same as was added from George Washington through Bill Clinton — $5 trillion. If we add another $5 trillion, American would be $20 trillion, which is $20 thousand billion in debt. We’d be going to a tipping point from what you could call decline to the verge of collapse.”

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Sunday, 22 July 2012 10:52 PM
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