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Latest Tweet 41m ago

New plan for affirmative action in college admissions: Ban rational thoughts! https://t.co/60iTDF6Awm

Latest Tweet 2h ago

I strongly disagree with John Brennan on his criticism of President Donald Trump, and I also disagree with Brennan’… https://t.co/GuCRywK0Nz

Latest Tweet 20h ago

RT @Austin_Police: APD is asking the public to remain vigilant and report anything suspicious. If you come across ANYTHING that looks suspi…

Latest Tweet 1h ago

Oh, the joys of riding @amtrak—esp. when the window next to your seat is loudly leaking cold air. Tweet me your S… https://t.co/phzmmmr0Oc

Latest Tweet 10m ago

RT @jpodhoretz: Moral cretin https://t.co/bFeAZVh6QG

Latest Tweet 1h ago

RT @Rambobiggs: Control detonation supposed to happen at fedex by my place #AustinBombings https://t.co/JdIwgsKlZl

Latest Tweet 17h ago

#ICYMI Check out the segment from tonight about the changing demographics in America https://t.co/eM1VJkN8OG

Latest Tweet 5h ago

I get a kick out of people STILL telling @realDonaldTrump what he should be doing. They have been doing this since… https://t.co/QMBPKBJJYb

Latest Tweet 22m ago

Height of hypocrisy department: https://t.co/VoyLxcxx5Z

Latest Tweet 1h ago

@Rick_Barkley42 @ChrisLoesch Congrats and welcome!

Latest Tweet 1h ago

Good guy with gun ends shooter threat https://t.co/S7L1wR1foc

Latest Tweet 40m ago

MUST WATCH: Trump Derangement Syndrome on FULL DISPLAY https://t.co/k11Y5gaxQn

Latest Tweet 19h ago

RT @FRCdc: U.S. Supreme Court to hear oral arguments tomorrow on Calif. law forcing pregnancy care centers to advertise abortion. @latimes

Latest Tweet 1h ago

RT @CR: Fact check: No, Sen. Mike Lee is not an 'Iran helper' https://t.co/O20uK46j2y

Latest Tweet 1h ago

Jason Chaffetz urges Congress to stand up for itself | https://t.co/wSKOnzQItf

Latest Tweet 17h ago

Even Dems are backing away from Hillary's hateful comments on her international sob tour, but the media are still d… https://t.co/nqf9rU9SpG

Latest Tweet 31m ago

Wonder if Stephanie Ruhle will be an equal opportunity insulter for every person of faith who makes a similar remar… https://t.co/HjoS41yNbF

Latest Tweet 1h ago

Many Americans are afraid to voice their opinions these days because of the vengeful PC culture. Who is responsibl… https://t.co/lkWgJDB7ru

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