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Latest Tweet 3h ago

RT @penelope7usa: Islamic Compound That Keeps on Giving ORIGINALLY FOUND Dead 3-yr-old 11 Children Practicing School ShootUps Assault Weap…

Latest Tweet 13h ago

I applaud President Trump for his revoking of John Brennan’s security clearance. I urged the President to do this.… https://t.co/2qMNh8wOQj

Latest Tweet 14h ago

RT @EmpowerTexans: .@tedcruz made an appearance at a campaign event in #CollinCounty yesterday, telling the enthusiastic crowd, “if freedom…

Latest Tweet 7h ago

Liberals love certain types of racism.... https://t.co/4pzIcBKdSi

Latest Tweet 5h ago

An honor and a pleasure to have a legend like Glenn say something like this! https://t.co/zj6RP02lZ4

Latest Tweet 6h ago

RT @latimes: Suspected Islamic State member accused of killing police officer in Iraq arrested in Sacramento, where he settled as a refugee…

Latest Tweet 12 days ago

#ICYMI check out my exclusive interview with British activist Tommy Robinson who is out on bail. He details his tim… https://t.co/AVIHZmqzZJ

Latest Tweet 32m ago

@AllenWest If we started calling them what they are it might help. Antifa is NOT a protest group, they are INSURGEN… https://t.co/AIQVE7V5uA

Latest Tweet 11h ago

Here’s a cogent review that breaks the movie down into four separate categories and ranks each one. Watch! https://t.co/nOwIH947I0

Latest Tweet 15h ago

RT @ReaganBattalion: Pathetic! This man failed the students at Parkland, failed the 17 people who died, failed their grieving families. Whi…

Latest Tweet 17m ago

My appearance on Hannity last night https://t.co/UEssomhWpJ

Latest Tweet 9h ago


Latest Tweet 11h ago

This doesn’t seem quite right, does it? We have violent, hooded, and masked protesters in America that have not bee… https://t.co/tyM7lnGsnZ

Latest Tweet 19 days ago

Jim Jordan has been the most consistent, effective & courageous conservative House leader for the last decade. He w… https://t.co/EMCCcIpHmV

Latest Tweet 4 days ago

RT @HeyTammyBruce: The same man who said we should give the Purple Heart to FBI’s Peter Strzok... https://t.co/37WWEqe1pB

Latest Tweet 5 days ago

RT @Michael_BMo: .@BrentBozell @TimGraham - The War on Traditional 'Gender Identity' #tcot #ccot #FridayReads #friyay https://t.co/Yf6aBuXw

Latest Tweet 2 days ago

Spot on. Strzok was blind to his own bias or didn’t care. https://t.co/2Gpd9rleHH

Latest Tweet 16h ago

The culture of truth so important for the press and elected officials to embrace has been obliterated by ideology.

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