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Government Decisions About Our Lives Divide Us Further Apart

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The following article is Part One of Two Parts.

Americans today are deeply divided.

Nearly every aspect of our society, from our politics, to our entertainment, to our ubiquitous social media, is strife with division. While it may be easy to blame each other for failing to reach common ground, such sentiment is actually misplaced.

It's time we understand that our current divisions are not primarily driven because we hold views too dearly or even by the ideological differences as Republicans or Democrats.

After all, in 1804, Chief Justice John Marshall, wrote of America that, "At length, two great parties were formed in every state."

He then went on to describe those parties in terms familiar to our country today:

"The one struggled with unabated zeal for the exact observance of public and private engagements. . . . The distresses of individuals were, they thought, to be alleviated only by industry and frugality, not by a relaxation of the laws, or by a sacrifice of the rights of others. . . . The other party marked out for themselves a more indulgent course. . . . Viewing with extreme tenderness the case of the debtor, their efforts were unceasingly directed to his relief. To exact a faithful compliance with contracts was, in their opinion, a harsh measure. . . . which the people would not bear."

Along such lines, like most peoples in history, we have always been ideologically divided, but — we have not always been this divisive.

"Our Divided Era," my term for this period in time, even reached Super Bowl LV.

During the game (Sunday, Feb. 7) a Jeep television ad aired preaching unity and common ground, it featured Bruce Springsteen as a Kansas farmer.

For many, it's a nice sentiment.

However, it was cynical, of course, to cast Springsteen in that light given that the New Jersey native suggested he would leave the United States if the last election didn’t go his way.

At the time, he claimed he was only joking.

Nevertheless, Americans want answers as to why we fight so much politically.

In simple terms, we fight so much because there is so much to fight about.

Today our governments, from city councils, to the federal government, inclusive of the Federal Reserve, spend over $10 trillion per year or nearly half the entire U.S. economy.

In doing so, it's important us to recognize that every action government undertakes, every expenditure it makes, and every regulation it promulgates results in winners and losers and someone — or many — wind up paying for it.

We fight either personally or through our parties to be those winners and to have someone else pay for all of it.

Also, and not surprisingly, with our governments writing $10 trillion in checks, human nature takes over and Americans compete to get those spoils of government.

We also compete to have our chosen party be the party doling out such spoils.

It wasn’t always so. According to historian Harlow Giles Unger, "Settlers isolated in the hamlets and woods of New England . . . lived free of almost all government authority for more than 150 years. They had cleared the land, felled great forests, built homes and churches, planted their fields, hunted, fished and fought off Indian marauders on their own, cooperating with each other, collectively governing themselves, electing their militia commanders and church pastors and turning to assemblies of elders to mediate occasional disputes. . . . [T]hey . . . lived in freedom, without government intrusion in their lives and saw little need for it."

I assure you, America of then was less divided then than we are today.

Now, government intrudes in every aspect of our lives, and we are deeply divided.

At one end of the spectrum, city councils decide the scope of our property rights, including the size of our homes — what used to be our inviolate castles.

At the other end of the spectrum, the federal government restricts and regulates the mattresses on which we sleep, the food we eat, the cars we buy, the fuel we use to get to work, the rules that apply at our workplaces, the TV we watch after work, and the lights we turn off at night — not to mention the manner in which our children are taught and the healthcare we receive.

In between are state governments rushing to fill the vacuum of virtually every freedom we leave unattended.

Each such regulation or tax is to someone’s detriment and another’s profit.

We take such competition to new heights in our tax code, which long ago abandoned its principal purpose — to raise money — in favor of political favoritism.

So, as to why we are so divided today versus just decades ago, with so much at stake each day, it has become nearly impossible for any Americans and their businesses to sit on the sidelines while others decide their fate.

In the process, our coliseums, once known for sports, have become our chambers of government, pitting citizen against citizen, business against business, taxpayer against tax user, and endless combinations of the same.

Yes, we have policy differences and always will.

Yes, the Left and the Right believe differently.

So what is so different about now?

Our differences are now being imposed in a previously unimaginable scope by our $10 trillion governments.

In other words, the more government decides, the more it divides — and that is the main dynamic that is driving us further and further apart as the clock ticks.

Tom Del Beccaro is an acclaimed author, speaker and national columnist. As a radio and television commentator, Tom makes over 400 radio and tv appearances a year, across the Country and around the world, including in Ireland, the U.K. and the Middle East and is heard and seen by millions, including on Newsmax. Tom is the former Chairman of the California Republican Party and former U.S. Senate Candidate. His book, The Divided Era, explains how the more government decides the more it divides. Tom is the Chairman of RescueCalifornia.org, which is raising funds and gathering signatures for the Recall of Gavin Newsom. Read Tom Del Beccaro's Reports More Here.

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The more government decides, the more it divides, and that is the main dynamic that is driving us further and further apart as the clock ticks.
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Tuesday, 09 February 2021 03:59 PM
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