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D'Souza: Obama Has Put America's Superpower Status in Jeopardy

By    |   Friday, 17 August 2012 09:16 AM

President Barack Obama has placed America’s status as a superpower in jeopardy by allowing the debt to reach dangerous new levels and endangering its security by slashing its nuclear arsenal, author Dinesh D’Souza told Newsmax.TV in an exclusive interview.

A former domestic policy advisor for President Ronald Reagan, D’Souza said America could lose its superpower status in the next four years if Obama wins another term.

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“The American founders 200 years ago wanted to build; they felt they had the recipe for building a new kind of country and they felt that if America adopts this recipe, over time America would be the strongest and most prosperous, the most successful country in the world,” he said. “And the past 60 years have proven it to be true.”

The author continued, “America has been a superpower since World War II and America has been the sole superpower since 1992. So I think the great danger is that under Obama and really in the next four years, we could see America lose that superpower status. We won’t be the world’s number one anymore. We may not even really be a superpower in the way that we have been over the past six decades. We might see a real change in the American dream. The American dream is for young people to live better than their parents, to have expanded horizons of opportunity. We’re accumulating the kind of Obama debt that’s going to make that very difficult to be able to promise the future generations.”

D’Souza, author of the previous New York Times bestseller “The Roots of Obama’s Rage,” has a new book out called “Obama’s America,” which has become the basis of a major new film called “2016 — Obama's America. “ He told Newsmax.TV that he thinks Obama is unmaking the American Dream with his economic policies.

“In his inaugural speech, Obama said he wanted to remake America,” D’Souza said. “That’s his phrase, the remaking of America. But look, in order to remake America, you have to unmake the America that’s there now. And Obama has set about doing that with a vengeance. So, if you look at what’s happened in the last four years, we’ve seen two things happen: one is the downsizing of the American economy.”

“Between 2007 and the present, Americans have lost about 40 percent of our wealth. Forty percent. If that happens again, if we lose another 40 percent in the second Obama term, if there is a second Obama term, Americans will be two thirds poorer than they were when Obama came to office,” he said. “In a way, America will stop being a first-world country.

Also, internationally, we’ve seen a great downsizing of American influence, a dramatic reduction of our nuclear power, a weakening of America in the Middle East. So, these aren’t the accidental results of Obama’s policies. They are, in a way, the deliberate outcome of what Obama set to do from the beginning.”

D’Souza, who is also president of The King's College in New York City, predicts that if Obama wins and keeps on the same debt trajectory, America will stand to be $20 trillion in debt.

“…When Obama took office, the national debt was $10 trillion,” he said. “He’s increased to $15 trillion, so $5 trillion of debt in a single term. The highest deficit under Bush was $500 billion. The lowest deficit under Obama is $1 trillion. So, if Obama gets a second term, let’s just say he keeps going. He adds another $5 trillion to the national debt. America will then be $20 trillion in debt and half of that would have been added by one man, Barack Obama. So from George Washington through George W. Bush, $10 trillion of debt; $10 more trillion from Barack Obama alone.”
D’Souza continued, “He’s straddling our children and grandchildren with levels of debt that they can’t possibly pay. And so, here, when everyone else is talking about American decline, we’re facing the possibility of collapse.”

Turning to Wall Street and the 99 percent vs. one percent debate, D’Souza said Obama doesn’t just want to redistribute income in America, he wants “global reparations.”

“You know the Occupy Wall Street guys, it’s really funny, most of them are going around thinking that they’re the 99 percent,” D’Souza said. “’Hey, look at Goldman Sachs and look at all these investment banks, that’s where the one percent lives.’ And many of us tend to think of this 99 percent and one percent as being a division that applies in America, but not for Obama. Obama is a global guy and he thinks in terms of the global 99 percent and the global one percent.”

“Now here’s the key point, even middle class Americans, even poor Americans are rich by world standards,” he said. “If someone makes $20,000 a year, that puts them in the very upper echelons of income globally. So what Obama’s about is not just redistributing income within America; he’s ultimately about global reparations. So traditional democrats want to recirculate you may say money within the country. Obama wants to realign America in the world.”

Discussing defense, D’Souza said Obama is being naïve in reducing America’s nuclear warheads because other countries are not following suit.

“When Obama came to office, America had 5,000 nuclear warheads,” D’Souza said. “Now, thanks to the START Treaty (STrategic Arms Reduction Treaty) we’re going down to 1,500 warheads. Obama has asked the Pentagon to study cutting down even further to three hundred warheads and he’s given speeches saying that he wants to have a world in which no country has nuclear weapons.”

“Now here’s the key point,” he continued. “This may sound like a dreamy idea, no nuclear weapons but the truth of the matter is the rest of the world is ignoring Obama. China, India, Pakistan, North Korea, Iran is trying to get nuclear bombs. So the countries that don’t have it are trying to get it and the countries that have nuclear bombs are modernizing their arsenals. Meanwhile, Obama is slashing the nuclear arsenal of the only country that he controls, which is the United States of America. So there’s a sort of unilateral, if you will, slashing of America’s nuclear weapons going on even while countries like China are showing no interest in this Obama project.”

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Friday, 17 August 2012 09:16 AM
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