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Founding Fathers Wouldn't Recognize the US

By    |   Tuesday, 07 August 2012 10:58 AM

Recently, some of our politicians have publicly accused today’s Americans of being “the greediest generation” and are advising us to “tighten our belts” as we experience a critical state in the economy in which millions have lost jobs, homes, savings, benefits and worst of all, our collective hope of ever again seeing the America that used to be.

The same politicians that accuse us of greed have overseen this collapse and still entitle themselves to every benefit, pay-increase, vacation and whim they feel is owed to them for running our country.

They hold us, the American people, responsible for every failure and collapse and yet they leave us and future generations with the burden of overwhelming debt to pay for their mistakes.

It seems that when bad things happen in government, instead of replacing these self-serving politicians, we reward them by keeping them in power.

Indeed, we react by giving them more power as our beloved America morphs into a duplicate Europe.

Some people have come to believe that we should be more like the rest of the world. Well, maybe they’ve never lived outside this country, and maybe they should go experience the other side. Or maybe they could just learn from the experiences of those of us that have lived on the other side.

Maybe then they would become a believer that America’s freedoms, liberties, and opportunities are far superior when compared to the rest of the world.

I can say that because I came from the other side, and as much as I love my native country, I have come to love America even more because she gave me the opportunities my native country couldn’t.

America opened her arms to me and blessed me with the same freedoms she offered to her native sons. She embraced me as one of her own.

Because of that I will always be grateful and protective of this wonderful nation. I am driven to restore America to her former greatness and ensure that she remains the America in which all laws are congruent with the supreme law of the land: the Constitution. It is the Constitution that makes us unique among countries and the greatest nation in world history.

The Founding Fathers left us explicit details and instructions to guard our freedoms in this document, which provides for future generations the protections and provisions of how they envisioned America.

Don’t forget, our forefathers came from the other side and suffered at the hands of tyranny. They knew firsthand that throughout history there were and will always be leaders who oppress their people into submission by exploiting their ignorance, leading citizens to the false belief that people actually need government to feed them, lead them, even nurture them from cradle-to-grave.

Currently, most of our leaders seem to believe that our Constitution is a relic of the past and that we must move forward, and forget our past.

Forget our Founding Fathers, forget our Constitution, and forget our forefathers and the sacrifices they made. We’re told to embrace change, that we will be better off when we’re more socialized, more globalized and more like the rest of the world.

Should we change? Before one can actually embrace change one has to understand it. Whose change is it? Who will gain from this change? Is it for the better? Think before you vote.

Before the next election imagine that first ancestor of yours who dared to leave all behind, like my grandfather, and imagine they are standing over your shoulder watching you vote for this new “progressive” system of government.

Would they really want you to vote for a system that denies everything they stood for and every sacrifice they made?

Would they vote for America to become more like the rest of the world where there is want and dependency and where Big Government rules and the only freedom of speech is silence?

Our forefathers realized America was the best country in the world, and I know deep in your heart you know it, too. Let us again celebrate America’s superiority and make no apologies for her greatness and distinction.

Let us truly make our forefathers proud and reclaim the America with which they gifted us by removing from power those who want to erase our fathers’ dreams and destroy our Constitution. We can make a difference and we must keep the dreams from our fathers alive for all future generations.

Remember the warning of President Eisenhower, "Every step we take towards making the State our caretaker of our lives, by that much we move toward making the state our master."

Let us keep alive the true dreams from our fathers.

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Tuesday, 07 August 2012 10:58 AM
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