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Barr Finds Way to Properly Count Citizens and Illegal Immigrants

Barr Finds Way to Properly Count Citizens and Illegal Immigrants

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Do the math. California has between three and a half and five million illegal aliens living there depending on what source you trust. Some claim those numbers could be much higher. Even the most conservative estimates mean the state is home to millions of illegal residents.

The problem is, nobody is actually sure how many illegal immigrants are living there and with the Supreme Court returning a mixed decision on adding a citizenship question to the 2020 Census it seemed we would be mired in confusion even longer.

Enter Attorney General William Barr, who explained to the president there were other avenues available that might provide better information and solve the problem.

The Supreme Court said adding such a question was legal but returning to court would be a long process and Barr advised relying on an Executive Order to all federal agencies, ordering them to turn over all numbers of illegals they have on the books for various programs. Which is exactly what the president did.

Why does all of this matter? Because it affects the balance of power in our country. And Barr slipped that nugget in during his brief comments.

“There is a current dispute over whether illegal aliens can be included for apportionment purposes,” Barr said and added this data could be important in those deliberations.

This distinction is clearly outlined by John S. Baker Jr. in a piece for The Hill and he explains that almost no country on earth allows foreigners or illegal aliens to enjoy equal standing with its own citizens.

Baker also points out that this strategy to order all federal agencies to provide detailed numbers comes as no surprise. Professor Baker spoke exclusively to the Steve Gruber Show.

"This has been part of Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross's position as stated in his memo in March 2018 that he would ask both the question and collect the data from the various federal agencies that have it,” Baker said. “The staff wanted him to only use the data from these agencies. Now with this, President Donald J. Trump's executive order, although they don’t ask the citizenship question on the census, the U.S. Department of Commerce will be able to get all the data they will need to count both citizens and non-citizens."

Let’s look west for a clear understanding of why this is such an important move by President Trump.

In 2018 California Governor Jerry Brown moved to make the whole state a so-called sanctuary state, meaning instead of following federal laws on immigration the state is actively ignoring the law of the land and giving the green light to millions to openly break federal statutes.

How far is the left willing to go to protect these people? Well it seems they will do anything they can to thwart the law. They will go to great lengths because it means they will also retain greater power than they should.

The problem is they are violating our rights and the rights of hundreds of millions of American citizens in the process. They are taking your representation away in favor of non-citizens violating the laws of our land.

California and 17 other states sued the Trump Administration to prevent the 2020 Census from asking the question about citizenship status and therefore trying to keep secret how many illegal aliens are actually living in the Golden State.

The reason is clear; they want them all counted in the 2020 Census so they can keep the extra 4, 5 or 6 members of Congress they have based on counting illegal aliens and claim the additional political power that comes with them.

To fully appreciate how we are getting the short end of the deal you need to understand the math. You see each member of Congress represents about 733,000 Americans on average but California is gaming the system and stealing from other actual citizens of the United States by getting several extra seats in Congress and a disproportionate number of votes in the Electoral College too.

Counting people living there illegally and then counting them in the Census gives California more political clout than they legally should have. In fact counting people in the country illegally disenfranchises American citizens in several other states.

Those states might otherwise be apportioned Congressional seats they rightfully deserve. Several states stand to lose seats in Congress following the upcoming headcount. States like Michigan, Ohio and Minnesota will likely see seats lost to states like Washington, Texas, and California that have high numbers of illegal immigrants.

And it’s not just California that has its undocumented thumb on the political scale. If you dig deeper you realize that Texas has an estimated 1.7 million illegal residents that are being counted toward their Congressional delegation as well.

Consider for a moment this scenario; what if California, Texas, and New York, states with large numbers of illegal residents, determine the outcome of a very close presidential election but between them they delivered 8 or 10 Electoral Votes they would not have had if those here illegally had not been counted. This is by definition illegal voting. What else would you call it?

If states are awarded Electoral Votes based on counting people violating Federal Immigration Law and living here unlawfully and as a result of their residency some states have more influence on the outcome of elections, that is fraud. It is citizenship fraud that leads to voter fraud and that fraud is being perpetrated on citizens that live in states that actually enforce federal immigration laws.

Why should we allow states that ignore the rule of law to benefit from those blatant violations? The answer is we should not, period.

We must stand up for the rule of law or it is you and I that are being disenfranchised by non-citizens. My Constitutional right to full participation in our Republic is being diluted by states like California and Texas that are failing to enforce immigration laws. Houston is a sanctuary city and it’s estimated more than 750,000 illegal immigrants live in and around the city. That alone is enough to earn Texas one seat in Congress. So while millions of actual citizens are losing their voice in Washington, some states are artificially expanding their influence by allowing illegal aliens to call those places home.

And let’s not forget that the Census is also the basis for Federal funding of just about everything under the sun, which means in addition to getting a disproportionate amount of power in Congress and the Electoral College, billions of additional dollars would flow back to California that it would not otherwise receive. The whole argument over whether or not to ask people if they are legal residents of the United States comes down to political power and money.

Gee, that’s a big surprise.

Let’s be very clear about what this is; this is one group of states stealing from other states that actually enforce immigration law. States that actually follow the law are getting screwed by not getting the number of seats in Congress they would otherwise deserve under our laws.

This is not ok because citizenship matters and the lawlessness of the left can and must be reigned in.

Remember citizenship matters.

Steve Gruber is a conservative talk show host with 25 affiliates in Michigan. "The Steve Gruber Show" launched in 2012 with just four affiliates and has grown into the most powerful name in talk radio across Michigan. Steve has been named “Best Morning Personality” by the Michigan Association of Broadcasters five years in a row. His conservative, common-sense philosophy was developed during his time growing up in rural Michigan. Steve’s early career found him in several newsrooms including WILX, Lansing where he honed his investigative journalism and interviewing skills. He became the main news anchor of the station and before long was offered a job with NBC in Columbus, Ohio. While working for NBC, he covered the incredible launch of John Glenn, age 77, into space at Cape Canaveral, White Supremacists in Ohio, and the deadly game of selling prescription medication online. Steve was nominated for an Emmy in 2000. To read more of this reports — Click Here Now.

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Do the math. California has between three and a half and five million illegal aliens living there depending on what source you trust.
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Tuesday, 23 July 2019 04:06 PM
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