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'The History of Jihad' an Epic Account the World Needs to Know

'The History of Jihad' an Epic Account the World Needs to Know

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Robert Spencer’s "The History of Jihad: From Muhammad to ISIS" contains a wealth of information that Americans (and perhaps especially those entrusted with our foreign and domestic policies) do not know, and need to know. At the same time, it is a sweeping historical epic of an astonishingly broad scope, comprehensive and meticulously documented, yet readable and vivid in its retelling of triumph and conquest, defeat and loss, cowardice and collaboration.

This book not only makes clear how it came to be that the United States is faced with the internal and external challenge that threaten the world’s lone superpower today, but illustrates the human cost of ideas. "The History of Jihad" demonstrates just how important it is that we approach what has been known as the war on terror not just as a military or national security matter, but as an ideological struggle against an enemy that challenges our most basic premises as a free society and a free people.

What is "The History of Jihad’s" most astonishing lesson is that, for all the confusion and denial surrounding that ideological antagonist today, we face the same ideological adversary that has threatened non-Muslim societies around the world for fourteen centuries. One would think by now, we would know exactly whom and what we are dealing with, and how best to do so. Instead, the willful almost gleeful ignorance is more pervasive than ever, which only shows all the more why Americans today need to read and understand "The History of Jihad."

It’s all here: the story of how the Arab armies swept out of Arabia in the 630s with amazing force, and how the Islamic jihadis were from the earliest days of the global jihad emboldened by a religious doctrine that created for them a situation in which they could not lose: if they defeated their enemies on their battlefield, they would receive the possessions and the women of the vanquished; and if they were killed, they would be greeted by the fabled virgins of Paradise.

It was as potent an impetus for military conflict as has ever been devised, and it worked magnificently. Spencer uses the words of people who were on the scene as the jihadis advanced to tell the story of how, within 100 years of the traditional date for the Prophet Muhammad’s death, Muslims controlled an empire that stretched from Spain to India. Not only had they conquered, but the straitened conditions they forced upon the conquered peoples would be removed immediately if they simply converted to Islam. This made for the rapid Islamization of the lands they overran. The Roman civilization of North Africa was entirely obliterated; the ancient and proud people of Egypt almost entirely Arabized, and generations of Iranians, an equally proud people, taught to despise and disparage their native pre-Islamic civilization.

"The History of Jihad" contains much more as well. Spencer goes into immense detail about the jihad against India, which was waged for centuries in a manner even more brutal and bloody than it was waged elsewhere. Drawing on the accounts of contemporary court historians, who enthusiastically recorded the brutality of the Muslim rulers in whose courts they resided as if it were a magnificent achievement, Spencer provides an unparalleled tale of oppression and destruction, resulting in the deaths of millions of Hindus and the razing of tens of thousands of Hindu temples. Amid this unremitting story of inhumanity and barbarism, the Hindus only find respite when Muslim rulers, for whatever reason, set aside the restrictions upon them required by Islamic law. Akbar the Great, for example, the Mughal emperor in the latter half of the sixteenth century, grew disenchanted with Islam, and accordingly set Islamic law aside and granted relative freedom to the Hindus; his son and successor Jahangir, on the other hand, a Muslim hardliner, looked upon his father’s magnanimity with contempt, had the scholar who led him away from Islam beheaded, and reinstated many of the oppressive measures upon the Hindus.

The pages of "The History of Jihad" are full of such stories, demonstrating again and again that the ideology of jihad leads human beings to think that when they are brutal and inhumane to other human beings, they are serving the creator of all. This is the harsh lesson put forth by Spencer that all policymakers should heed, and ponder.

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Robert Spencer’s "The History of Jihad: From Muhammad to ISIS" contains a wealth of information that Americans (and perhaps especially those entrusted with our foreign and domestic policies) do not know, and need to know.
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Wednesday, 15 August 2018 01:17 PM
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