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The Race Is Still On, and the Stakes Are the US As We Know It (Part II)

The Race Is Still On, and the Stakes Are the US As We Know It (Part II)
A US President Joe Biden campaign flag is seen at a migrants camp where asylum seekers wait for US authorities to allow them to start their migration process outside El Chaparral crossing port in Tijuana, Baja California state, Mexico on March 17, 2021.  (Photo by Guillermo Arias via Getty)

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The race is STILL on. Last month I promised Part II, if, and it’s a big if, H.R.1 didn’t pass the U.S. Senate. For those with short memories, H.R.1 is United States House of Representatives Resolution 1 for the new Congress. My thesis is that if H.R.1 becomes law, the United States, as we know it since George Washington, would cease to exist. And that no political party except the Democrats will ever win another federal election.

The good news? The race (between the passage of H.R.1 and the November 2022 election) is still on. Why is the race still on? Because the Democrats don’t have the votes. At least, not yet. The Democrats need 60 votes in the Senate for passage. They don’t have them. They need 50 votes to end the filibuster. They don’t have those either.

How much trouble are the Dems in? Consider this: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., claimed that she ''has the authority'' and it is her ''right as speaker'' to seat her choices for Congress. Along comes six-vote Republican Mariannette Miller-Weeks’ victory over Democrat Rita Hart, in Iowa. Pelosi has the majority, the ''authority’ and the ''right.'' So why did she just throw in the towel? Because, in fact, she just doesn’t have the votes, ''authority'' or ''right.'' Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Let’s talk about the ever-brightening future. And, as we do, keep H.R.1 in the back of your mind, in case it rears its ugly head and we have to once again address it. The Democrats have a long and broad agenda for completing their hostile takeover of America. They plan to bankrupt us, disarm us and silence us. They plan to brainwash our children and redefine our genders. They plan to reward millions of illegal immigrants and disenfranchise millions of hardworking Americans. But they don’t have the votes.

Every one of these evils require 60 senators. None of them have it. The alternative? Eliminate the filibuster and only need 50 votes, the exact number they have. (Eliminating the filibuster requires only 50 votes, also). They don’t have them. They sure act like they can do whatever they want. What gives?

Let’s examine their possibilities. President Biden has signed more early executive orders than any other president in American history. Why? Because he doesn’t have the votes. But aren’t executive orders laws? Yes, but only until a court voids them or we elect the next Republican president. Then they evaporate like the morning dew. Didn’t the Dems pass a 1.9 trillion-dollar pork bill? Yes, they used a parliamentary trick called reconciliation. It meant: no debate, no hearings, no markup, no due process. It’s all they had. Will they do that with the $3 trillion infrastructure pork bill? They might try, but it gets harder. They don’t have the votes. You don’t believe me? Ask Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin from the Republican state of West Virginia. And the November 2022 elections creep ever closer.

Let’s fast forward to those 2022 elections. What’s going to happen? The Republicans are going to run the table: A majority of senators and congressmen. Probably a big majority of congressmen. It happened to Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. The only way that doesn’t happen is if H.R.1 passes the Senate. Get it? Why am I so optimistic? Because Biden’s approval number was 47% on April 6. Trump’s approval on his last day in office was 51%. Both are from the highly regarded Rasmussen Reports.

And the issues? Amnesty for illegals is a loser. A really big loser. Multi-trillion-dollar pork packages? A loser. Letting boys pretending to be girls compete against those girls in sports? A big loser. Letting those same boys have free rein in the girls’ locker room? Another big loser. Cancel culture? A loser. Social media censorship? Another loser. And there’s more. Gas prices? Up. Healthcare prices? Going up. Taxes? Going up, up, up. What do the Dems have for the 2022 elections? H.R.1. If it doesn’t pass, the Dems will get bludgeoned.

And that’s not all. I haven’t even mentioned election reform. The states are on fire. Stop the Steal is alive and well. Ask the governors. But that’s an issue for another time. Meanwhile, relax and pay attention to the Dems' failures. Watch them not pass bills. And count the days until the November 2022 election. The race is on. It’s still on. And it’s going to remain on.

Sid Dinerstein is a former chairman of the Palm Beach County Republican Party. He founded JBS & Associates, a 600-person financial service company, and currently combines politics and business with Niger Innis in Inclusive Elections LLC, a firm that brings urban electorate voters to the GOP. He is the author of "Adults Only: For Those Who Love Their Country More Than Their Party." Read Sid Dinerstein's Reports — More Here.

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The race is STILL on. Last month I promised Part II, if, and it's a big if, H.R.1 didn't pass the U.S. Senate. For those with short memories, H.R.1 is United States House of Representatives Resolution 1 for the new Congress. My thesis is that if H.R.1 becomes law, the...
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Wednesday, 07 April 2021 03:59 PM
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