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Obama's Radical Plan to Change America

By Monday, 02 March 2009 10:14 AM Current | Bio | Archive

This past November, America elected the most liberal Democratic candidate ever for president.

He promised sweeping “change” and announced that he would be a “transformative” president.

In a short time, it is clear that Barack Obama is attempting to radically change the American political landscape to remake the United States along the lines of Europe’s socialist states and move the country’s political system to a single-party entity.

Abroad he is seeking to reduce American hegemony over world affairs, and notably, shift America’s tilt away from its longtime ally, Israel.

Obama’s actions need to be viewed in the prism of his politics, not in terms of an American president trying to save the economy.

For example, when he came to Washington, Obama announced a new era of bipartisanship, an end to what he called the “old politics.”

We saw his vision of that when Democratic leaders in Congress cut out Republican leaders completely from any negotiations over the $789 billion “stimulus” bill.

Obama, with the help of three betraying Republicans in the Senate, had the votes to push through the most highly politicized, exorbitant spending bill in history.

The bill has little to do with stimulating the economy. Let me break it down for you:

  • Some $282 billion of the package — just more than one-third of the total — goes to tax relief for lower-income Americans. It has been estimated that working families will benefit an extra $65 per month. This will mean more money for their gas tanks (and for the oil states), more money for Walmart purchases (and for China), or more money to pay down credit card bills (which will get lost on bank balance sheets). The stimulative effect of this relief will be small.

  • Another $507 billion of the stimulus is set aside for spending, of which $160 billion is earmarked for direct aid to local and state governments. Another $80 billion is set aside for educational programs.

    Thus, half the spending side of the stimulus, over $250 billion, goes to keep state and local governments from laying off teachers and other government employees (whose unions backed Obama and the Democrats) and to keep current government benefit programs going.

    So this third of the stimulus does not add new money to the economy — it keeps it parked right where it is.

  • The other half of the $507 billion in spending - another $250 billion - is for a potpourri of pork barrel programs, including infrastructure, energy, and healthcare. The money will be spent over the next five to 10 years - adding little to the economic "emergency."

    This money is really Obama’s blank check for his “transformative” politics.

    This “stimulus” amounts to nothing more than a bloated Democratic piggy bank for Obama and his administration to dole out, over the next five years, to political donors and constituencies to win congressional re-election in 2010 and for Obama’s re-election in 2012.

    Obama argued his stimulus was such an emergency that Republicans and Democrats weren’t even given time to read its 1,000-plus pages! Yet, after the bill was passed, he decided to wait to sign the bill.

    Instead, he took Air Force One to Chicago for a weekend getaway with his wife for Valentine’s Day. (He took this trip at the same time he was railing against Wall Street greed and congressional Democrats were expressing outrage over the use of corporate jets.)

    We now see several recurring themes to the Obama presidency.

    The first is his hypocrisy. He has spoken about the gravity of the economic crisis, yet he held the most lavish presidential inaugural in history.

    Another theme is his sleight of hand with the truth. He disarms his enemies and the media with mistruths, but he is honest with his supporters in pushing through a left-wing agenda.

    In the middle of a recession and a crashing stock market, his new budget presses for $1 trillion in new taxes on the public in a massive income redistribution scheme.

    Obama keeps emphasizing this is simply a tax on the rich, who he defines as anyone making more than $250,000.

    But these “rich” folks buy cars and boats; they take vacations and invest in small businesses; they buy high-end products and spend money in ways that are very stimulative. Their spending affects dozens of industries. Obama’s tax increase will reduce their disposable income and will cause a massive economic hit to America — and ultimately hurt the poor.

    My guess is that Obama knows this but doesn’t care. He feels his job is not to make the country better and stronger. Instead, he wants to penalize all the groups that voted against him and aid all the groups that voted for him and the Democrats.

    He wants to change the political and economic landscape of the nation once and for all.

    His trick is to put more people on the public dole and reduce the influence and wealth of America’s richest. If he succeeds in this, he will create a new working majority that will give Democrats power in Washington for another generation.

    Some Republicans think if Obama doesn’t get the economy back, then they will win back the White House easily in 2012. Don’t be so sure.

    Franklin Roosevelt never cured the Depression and used a similar “us-against-them” approach that helped him win four successive elections.

    The Obama administration is clearly using a similar strategy, putting politics and political power above all else.

    We saw that in their decision to grab the Census Bureau and put it under White House control.

    We saw it in the stimulus with handouts of $3 billion for groups like ACORN.

    We saw it when Obama signed onto a congressional spending bill that included 9,000 earmarks, after he campaigned that he would fight to stop the practice.

    And we will see it in Obama’s coming push for naturalizing many of the 12 million illegals in the United States. In late February, Obama was a telephone guest on Univision Radio's Eddie "Piolin" Sotelo show.

    Obama told Sotelo he was still “very committed" to aiding amnesty for illegals and would move on the issue in the coming months.

    “We're going to start by really trying to work on how to improve the current system so that people who want to be naturalized, who want to become citizens, like you did, that they are able to do it; that it's cheaper, that it's faster, that they have an easier time in terms of sponsoring family members,” Obama said, adding. “And then we've got to have comprehensive immigration reform."

    This is part of Obama’s plan to change the political balance in favor of the Democrats.

    In addition to making millions of illegals citizens, he will also move against talk radio. Obama has claimed he opposes the Fairness Doctrine. Yet, in time, Obama’s administration will take full control of the Federal Communications Commission. The FCC will be able to make new rulings, without congressional approval.

    With the votes and the power, Obama will go for the jugular. His record predicts it.

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    This past November, America elected the most liberal Democratic candidate ever for president. He promised sweeping “change” and announced that he would be a “transformative” president.In a short time, it is clear that Barack Obama is attempting to radically change the...
    Monday, 02 March 2009 10:14 AM
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