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OK Boomer?

OK Boomer?

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The Millennials are dissing us Baby Boomers with a terse “OK Boomer.”

Vox — sort of the Newsmax for hipsters — sums it up:

“With all this repetitive back-and-forth — seriously, there are bingo cards — it’s no wonder the most polarizing meme of the year is a two-word dismissal of the whole debate. ‘OK boomer,’ which floated into the internet mainstream and rapidly gained traction this fall, is an attempt by millennials and Gen Z to both encapsulate this circular argument and reject it entirely.”

OK Millennials. Bring it on.

It’s in the nature of things for each generation to challenge its predecessor. With the Gen Xers having neglected to overthrow us Boomers I’ve been awaiting the Millennials’ uprising. But mere sarcasm doesn’t cut it.

We, the reigning Boomers, will not passively give up all the goodies that come from running the show. (You wouldn’t either.) We ourselves militantly tackled and whupped the “Greatest Generation” who heroically beat the Axis Powers. We had to supplant these noble souls to get our piece of the action.

You, too, will have to take it from us.

We Boomers marched in the streets against the draft and Vietnam, in favor of civil rights and women’s liberation. We took power. Now, it’s your turn to rip the power from our hands. Mere “OK Boomer” sarcasm is inadequate.

What I want to know is … what’s taking you so long?

We Boomers are the grandchildren of the soldiers of World War I who fought to make the world safe for representative democracy. That was an epoch that saw the collapse of 5,000 years of Imperial world order. Epic!

We Boomers are the children of the “Greatest Generation.” That’s those who heroically fought and conquered Fascism and National Socialism in World War II. Our parents moved Western Europe and Japan to classical liberal republicanism. While at it, they moved humanity from horses and wagons, oxcarts and clipper ships, to automobiles and airplanes. They moved the world from tallow candles and whale oil to electric light, movies, radio, and TV. And computers.

Then, we took over. They beat the Nazis but we beat them.

And then, we Boomers heroically fought and conquered Communism, moved the Communist superpowers from totalitarian to authoritarian, liberated the Soviet constituent republics and captive nations, tore down the Berlin Wall, and moved Eastern Europe and most of Central and South America closer to liberty and justice for all.

Not bad!

While at it, we Boomers moved humanity from mass starvation to abundance, put men on the moon, deployed the Internet and World Wide Web, and put a laptop and cell phone supercomputer into the hands of hundreds of millions. Maybe billions.

A great run!

Around the turn of the millennium — the cue for you Millennials to supplant us — America’s advancement of what Jefferson called “the empire of Liberty” stumbled. We Boomers ran out of steam.

Where you been, kids?

Not overindulging in avocado toast. You Millennials are just too… nice. We’re not just handing you our power. You have to take power. Just like we did.

Your ineptitude in grabbing power resulted in 20 years of economic stagnation in America and erosion of geopolitical liberalism. Had America continued to grow at the epic rate and equitability of those Boomer-era presidents, JFK, Reagan, and Clinton, we all would be half again as prosperous. Liberty would be spreading. But… you Millennials went AWOL.

This Boomer says Bummer!

Bismarck is reported to have said, “We must save some problems for our grandchildren to solve.” Your turn.

To go on to glory first you must seize power.

Some challenges we’ve generously left for you:

· Fight corruption, including opposing the curse of Crony Socialism and the unhealthy symbiosis of Big Government and Big Business. Get economic growth back up to 4%. Make yourselves epic.

· Unwind the web of obscene student loan debt woven by the axis of Washington in collusion with obscenely greedy Universities. Debt bondage is for wimps!

· Fight for Dr. King’s dream that people be judged based on the content of their character. In the words of George Washington, give to bigotry no sanction. Eradicate invidious discrimination based on race, sex, national origin, or creed. Fight religious intolerance both sectarian and secular.

· Invent new technologies to raise living standards all over the world …while eliminating pollution, nurturing a clean environment. Demand a vibrant, natural habitat for all species to flourish.

· While you are at it, bring forth Sarfattian post-quantum-mechanical low-power-warp-drive for interstellar travel (yes, it is a Thing) into being. Way cooler than the Star Wars franchise!

We Boomers ran out of steam about 20 years ago.

That said, we had an epic run.

Where you been, kids?

What you got?

Bring it on!

OK Millennials?

Ralph Benko, co-author of "The Capitalist Manifesto" and chairman and co-founder of "The Capitalist League," is the founder of The Prosperity Caucus and is an original Kemp-era member of the Supply Side revolution that propelled the Dow from 814 to its current heights and world GDP from $11T to $83T. He served as a deputy general counsel in the Reagan White House, has worked closely with the Congress and two cabinet agencies, and has published over a million words on politics and policy in the mainstream media, as a distinguished professional blogger, and as the author of the internationally award-winning cult classic book "The Websters' Dictionary: How to Use the Web to Transform the World." He has served as senior advisor, economics, to APIA as an advocate of the gold standard, senior counselor to the Chamber of Digital Commerce and serves as general counsel to Frax.finance, a stablecoin venture. To read more of his reports — Click Here Now.

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The Millennials are dissing us Baby Boomers with a terse “OK Boomer.”
baby boomers, millenials, generations
Monday, 23 December 2019 02:05 PM
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