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Zell Miller to Switch?

Friday, 04 May 2001 12:00 AM

The driving factor here is the consistent haranguing Miller has received from his fellow Democrats for his support of several Bush initiatives, including the tax cut.

Now, here's the class-act part of this story. If Miller does decide to make the shift, he will actually resign his seat and run in a special election next year. He wants the voters to decide whether or not they want a Republican in his seat. Compare this to the actions of Cobb County reprobate Randy Sauder.

Democrats in Georgia have to be frightened. Zell Miller has the highest approval ratings of any elected official in or from Georgia. If he's on the ticket as a Republican next year, it won't be all that helpful for Max Cleland.

This so-called reality TV is getting on one of my last good nerves. We sit around, week after week, worried about who is going to survive the snakes and heat of the Aussie Outback.

Hey, we've got our own "reality" bit going on right here. We need to be worrying a bit more about whether or not liberty, economic freedom and the sanctity of the individual is going to survive the current onslaught from the left and forces of socialism. There's a lot more than 1 million bucks at stake here.

This one comes from Newsmax.com. Last night at the opening of NBC's Nightly News there was an introduction regarding George W. Bush's plan for a strategic missile defense. Brokaw said, "Taking aim at the president's controversial new Star Wars idea - is it really the best defense?" You see what appears to be rifle crosshairs on the screen. As Brokaw says "taking aim," those crosshairs appear on President Bush. Some folks don't seem to be too pleased with this. Here's a link where you can watch a little flash video of the opening:

http://www.orbix.cc/ Just click on the word "Crosshairs."

Yeah, right. Big deal, you say. You do have to wonder if some graphic designer at NBC was having a bit of fun with this – and you do have to consider the possibility that it was just an innocent mistake. One thing for sure: Make the president in the crosshairs Bill Clinton and make this the opening for one of Rush Limbaugh's television shows – and we all know how it would have played out.

It seems that every newspaper and every television news show continually refers to a tax cut as "giving money back" to the taxpayers.

What's the matter with a little accuracy here? A cut in income tax rates does not give any money "back." All it does is allow income-earners to keep a bit more of what they earn in future years. The money doesn't flow from the government account into the earner's account. It STAYS in the earner's account. It is NOT, therefore, a "give back."

As you probably know, London is experiencing a violent crime wave. One trial lawyer there says, "London is more dangerous these days than New York." Last summer, the government's own statistics showed a 19 percent nationwide increase in violent crime. In London, robberies jumped 38 percent.

What's the solution? British legislators are working to abolish citizens' right to trial by jury – a legal right that was guaranteed when King John signed the Magna Carta nearly 800 years ago! There's also a proposal to abolish the double jeopardy rule, which prohibits the government from trying a person twice for the same crime. Remember, it's the British system of laws that provided the basis for America's legal traditions.

All of this legal nonsense is attacking the symptoms, not the cause of the problem.

No one wants to talk about Britain's ban on privately owned handguns. In fact, a CBS News article doesn't even mention the words "gun" or "firearm." No one wants to consider that the British government caused the current crime wave by taking away Britons' right to own handguns for self-defense. It's the awful truth – and the statist politicians and the media just can't face it.

Now the government is working to cover up its mistakes and take away more of the people's rights. After all, the populace is unarmed. They'll have to go along with it, because now only the government has the guns. It's a big-government socialist's wet dream: a citizenry that's powerless to respond to infringements upon their rights.

This is what will happen in America if the anti-gun zealots have their way, my friends. Have you ever heard the saying that the Second Amendment protects all the others? It's true.

Government fears armed subjects. That's why the government wants your guns.

So, the United States has failed to win re-election to the United Nations Human Rights Commission. BFD. The United Nations has been against the U.S. for decades now. They're less interested in protecting so-called human rights than they are in impressing their socialist views on the world. They want to browbeat the U.S. into submission.

Remember – it is the official position of the United Nations that all human rights are suspended if the exercise of those rights interferes with the "goals and purposes" of the United Nations.

They think we Americans are too free for our own good.

Does this really sound like an organization we want to be involved in?

Al Gore has taught his final journalism class at Columbia University. His tenure as a visiting professor ended yesterday. And his students are less than impressed.

One student, Seth Solomonow, said, "It's really a problem to have a professor who's afraid to say what he thinks."

Another, Michael Arnone, said, "I learned how to interact with a very intelligent, highly connected and experienced source who isn´t there to tell me what I want to know; he's there to tell me what he wants me to know."

Students told the New York Times they felt cheated. They complained that Gore treated them more like a studio audience than aspiring journalists when he brought in guests like Rupert Murdoch, David Letterman and Alan Greenspan. He refused to answer students' questions about the presidential election. Gore also refused to answer questions if they involved his political past, present or future.

Essentially, in his own journalism class, Al Gore wouldn't let his students act like journalists.

What have the students learned? They've learned some of the key traits that make up a Democrat. A good Democrat bans the media from attending and skirts the tough questions. A good Democrat thinks he has the best ideas as to how things should be and attempts to indoctrinate his audience accordingly. And a good Democratic elitist doesn't treat his audience like mature adults.

It's an important lesson.

Now ... what would have happened if a Republican had tried to teach a journalism course at Columbia?

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The driving factor here is the consistent haranguing Miller has received from his fellow Democrats for his support of several Bush initiatives, including the tax cut. Now, here's the class-act part of this story.If Miller does decide to make the shift, he will actually...
Friday, 04 May 2001 12:00 AM
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