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Why I Don't Want Gore to Concede

Monday, 27 November 2000 12:00 AM

He cut loose with a right cross and smashed the kid in the mouth as hard as he could. Instead of fighting back, the bully ran away whining, "I'm going to tell the teacher on you." Jackson smiled and said, "Yeah, right," realizing that this kid would never bother him again.

For all of my life, as long as I can remember, Republicans have been pushed around by Democrats. The man who planned and led the Normandy landing and Hitler's defeat, Dwight Eisenhower, was ridiculed as the "knucklehead" versus the "egghead" Adlai Stevenson.

The presidency was stolen from Richard Nixon, Goldwater was morphed into a nuclear-bomb-throwing lunatic, Nixon crucified, Ronald Reagan – the man who rescued America's economy, gave America its pride back, and won the Cold War – dismissed as an "amiable dunce."

The Democratic Party specializes in intimidation. It is irretrievably corrupt, engaging in every criminal trick in the political book. From presidential theft in 1960, to Maryland gubernatorial theft in 1994, to Louisiana senatorial theft in 1996, to selling classified military technology to the Red Chinese in exchange for campaign donations in 1996, the list is endless – all the while assuming an air of moral superiority of compassion and humanity over the heartless, hapless GOP.

Over the past three weeks in Florida, the Democrats pulled out every sleazy below-the-belt move they have in their intimidation arsenal. Their pathologically biased media allies backed them all the way. (Example: How many times on network news did you see a close-up examination of the Palm Beach butterfly ballot, and how many times did you see a magnified explanation of just what is a "dimpled chad"?)

But for the first time in modern memory, the Republicans fought back. They didn't roll over, didn't wimp out.

To their shock and amazement, the Democrats found themselves in a real fight, a kick-them-in-the-nuts, bite-their-ear-off, gouge-their-eye-out actual street fight. As the Wall Street Journal observed, "This isn't your father's GOP." It's not the spineless GOP of "Go-Along-to-Get-Along" Bob Michel. We've got a kick-butt, rip-your-lungs-out Republican Party in the making here, folks. Which is why I don't want Al Gore to concede just yet.

Every refusal of Al to concede now, every whine, every fruitless lawsuit, every act of increasing desperation digs the hole deeper: a hole in which Al is not only burying himself but – if he will keep digging a little longer – his entire party.

I want Gephardt and Daschle – the party leadership, not only the cartoon fruitcakes like Nadler and Wexler – to jump in feet first. Already polls show over 60 percent of Americans want Internet Al to give it up. I say let the revulsion and disgust grow. The longer Al hangs on, the farther he, and his party, have to fall.

Make no mistake: If the electorate was evenly split on Election Day, it isn't any longer. No one should doubt that if the election were held again today, GW would clean Gore's clock. If there was no "mandate" for either candidate on Nov. 7, GW and the GOP sure have one now. And if Gore will just keep it up to the bitter end, that mandate will balloon.

There were a number of turning points. First was the county map run in USA Today showing an ocean of red Bush counties sparsely sprinkled with islands of blue Gore counties. Seeing the map made millions of people instantly understand why we have an Electoral College, and cut the legs off Gore's total popular vote edge.

There was Bush-Baker-Cheney deciding to go to the mat. Tom DeLay making it clear that the House would not allow Gore to steal the presidency. America's heartthrob heroine Katherine Harris standing straight up to the Democrat-Fascists.

All of this inspired tens of thousands of ordinary Americans to take to the streets to prevent the theft of the presidency, waving signs like "No Recount for Retards," "No Hail to the Thief," "Friends Don't Let Friends Vote Democrat," and of course the immortal "Sore-Loserman."

All of these heroic people guarantee that Gore will lose. I just want him to lose slowly, so the deeper it sinks in to the American psyche that we never have to be intimidated by Democrat-Fascist bullies ever, ever again.

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He cut loose with a right cross and smashed the kid in the mouth as hard as he could.Instead of fighting back, the bully ran away whining, I'm going to tell the teacher on you. Jackson smiled and said, Yeah, right, realizing that this kid would never bother him...
Monday, 27 November 2000 12:00 AM
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