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Who's Redistributing the Wealth?

Thursday, 02 November 2000 12:00 AM

"What he [George W. Bush] is actually proposing is a massive redistribution of wealth from the middle class to the wealthiest few. It is a form of class warfare on behalf of billionaires."

There is one undeniable premise to Gore’s remarks – that wealth is distributed, not earned.

Bush is proposing an across-the-board tax cut. Everybody who pays taxes will get their taxes cut. The more taxes you pay, the more of your own money you will get to keep. In other words, you

Nobody gets any money BACK. All of the money that has already been seized through taxes will stay in the hands of the government. There are no rebates. No checks written to rich folks. No money flowing from government back into the hands of the wealthy, the middle class, or anyone. It’s a tax "cut," not a tax "rebate." The government just takes a few percentage points less from your earnings than it took the last year.

But hold on! Gore says it’s a "redistribution of wealth!" The only way you can "redistribute" anything is to first collect whatever it is from whoever has it and then redistribute it. If a person goes out there and earns a thousand bucks and the government lets that person KEEP that thousand bucks, how can it be said that the money has been "redistributed"?

It’s still in the hands of the person who earned it. Where’s the redistribution?

On the other hand, if the money is taken from the hands of the person who earned it and given to someone else – someone who did not earn it – THAT’S redistribution. And that, my friends, is the Democratic proposal.

What’s Gore up to here? He’s trying to stir up the emotions of poor and middle class voters by convincing them that the evil rich are trying to take this election so that they can steal money from poor people.

And you know what? It will work! These people aren’t trapped in poverty – or the middle class – because they’re particularly smart!

The obvious answer is yes.

Take this past Sunday, when the smartest woman in the world appeared at St. Michael's Church in Rochester, N.Y. She spoke to an assembled group about her advocacy for health care and families.

There's just one problem. Her appearance at St. Michael's was a violation of church policy. Area parishes and priests were reminded in late June that the church is not in the business of endorsing political candidates. The bishop has launched an investigation, hoping to find out who invited Queen Hillary to speak.

So would Hillary Clinton use a church audience to further her own political goals? You bet she would. Rules and regulations don't matter much to a woman who values political power and influence above all.

An 8-year-old kid comes home from a day at his government indoctrination center to confront his parents. He wants to know why his Republican parents don’t stand up for the poor.

The parents start to ask some questions of their child and find that he got this idea about Republicans from his government school teacher. Calls are made and finally the parents get some answers.

It turns out that a document with "talking points" has been passed out to the teachers at the State Bridge Crossing Elementary Government School in Alpharetta, Ga. The document is supposed to help the teachers discuss politics and this election with their students.

Now, brace yourself – here are some of the "talking points" provided to these teachers as set forth in this document.

· "The Democrats are known as the liberal, or generous, party. This group is known for standing up for the poor. It has drawn much support from several groups, such as farmers, factory workers, immigrants and minorities." · "The Republican Party began in 1854. It calls itself the Grand Old Party. … Republicans have a reputation of taking care of the concerns of the more powerful people in America such as owners of large businesses and corporations and wealthy people."

Propaganda – pure and simple propaganda! This is an example of government schools engaged in promoting (what else?) the party of big government! This is the most powerful union in America, the teachers union, promoting and protecting its benefactors in Washington – the Democratic Party.

And you’re taxed to pay for this indoctrination.

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What he [George W. Bush] is actually proposing is a massive redistribution of wealth from the middle class to the wealthiest few. It is a form of class warfare on behalf of billionaires. There is one undeniable premise to Gore's remarks – that wealth is distributed,...
Thursday, 02 November 2000 12:00 AM
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