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Who Profits From the Immigration Bill?

Thursday, 14 June 2007 12:00 AM

Only days after the amnesty-for-illegal-immigrants bill was defeated in the U.S. Senate, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., declared that as soon as 25 of his Republican colleagues pledge to support it he will bring this controversial measure back for another vote.

Trailing clouds of glory from the cheering crowds that greeted him in formerly Communist Albania (where our national media somehow neglected to tell you, today a majority of religious believers are Sunni and Bektashi Muslims), President George W. Bush has returned home.

In the United States, the NBC News-Wall Street Journal Poll this week reported that only 29 percent of Americans support Mr. Bush (but less, only 23 percent, approve of the Democrat-dominated Congress).

Mr. Bush hit the ground running, twisting Republican lawmaker arms to win resurrection and passage of this bill that would grant legal status overnight to America's 12 million, or 20 million or more illegal immigrants.

Why all this pressure to force into law a bill that, according to one recent poll, is opposed by three out of four Americans?

To discover who committed a crime, our legal system asks an ancient Roman question: Cui bono? "Who benefits?"

Will, e.g., a nephew inherit millions because his uncle was murdered?

Asking "Who benefits?" about the immigration bill reveals many special interests that could profit, financially or politically or ideologically, from it becoming law.

Some of these selfish suspects are more obvious than others. By examining a few of the bill's supporters through this lens, some facets of the immigration issue can be seen in new ways.

President George W. Bush appears to have a variety of motives. He might believe that his historical legacy will shine brightly if he is credited as the president who "tore down this wall" that once separated the United States from Latin America.

History, as the old saying goes, is written by the winners — and the swelling Hispanic vote will eventually determine which political party and policies rule here. (Democrats are betting that government-dependent Latinos will vote their way.)

Mr. Bush is clearly taking steps to merge the U.S. into something like a European Union of the Western Hemisphere.

President Bush is also aware that the United States, almost alone among advanced industrial nations, is sustaining the 2.1 babies per couple needed to maintain a country's population. Japan and Western Europe already face demographic doom in the long run (and a shrinking workforce to fund their Social Security systems) because of their below-replenishment birth rates.

But the only reason that the U.S. has this is the high birth rate of our illegal aliens, more than half of whom come from Mexico.

President Bush grew up speaking Spanish in Texas, where cities such as San Antonio are nearly 90 percent Hispanic and at least one border city has conducted its official business only in Spanish, not English.

President Bush has a sincere affection for hard working, family-loving Latinos. His brother Jeb, former governor of Florida, converted to Roman Catholicism to wed a Mexican girl, and Jeb's children symbolize the merger of Latin America and Anglo America that President Bush apparently sees as the inevitable and good future of the Western Hemisphere.

The Roman Catholic Church has explicitly supported the cause of illegal immigrants and implicitly supports the immigration bill to grant them permanent legal status and eventual citizenship and voting rights here.

Today's Latino illegals are mostly Catholics. Their growing numbers increase the political and social power, and fatten the Sunday collection plates, of the Roman Catholic Church.

A cynic might reasonably wonder whether the Catholic Church would show its current zeal if Protestant illegal immigrants were flooding by tens of millions into a majority-Catholic United States.

Ironically, many American capitalists and communists want exactly the same thing from Latino immigration: to import a proletariat.

Capitalists want cheap labor. (But if today's illegals are given the security of legal status, they will demand higher wages — prompting businesses to encourage a new wave of illegals who will work for less, as happened after the migration incentive of the 1986 amnesty.)

Communists have always failed in the United States because our social mobility and opportunity for success do not fit the model of class warfare concocted by Karl Marx, who envisioned workers as trapped at the bottom with "nothing to lose" but "their chains" by supporting the violent revolutionary overthrow of capitalism.

Such exploited, uneducated, potentially angry, and resentful workers have always been hard to find or recruit in the United States, making communist revolution all but impossible — until recently.

But the Left's century-long policy of importing poor, uneducated peasants from foreign lands provided fodder for radical politics and continues to do so with today's illegals.

Latin America in many ways does fit the Marxist model, a society where a wealthy minority of padrons rules over millions of landless, illiterate peons who have little hope.

Mexico has multiple motives for encouraging a northward flood of such peons into the United States and has many ways to profit from Mr. Bush's Western Hemispheric Union.

Mexicans working in the United States send $20 billion or more each year back to their families in Mexico — a gusher of easy money that has made these workers Mexico's second most profitable export. Only oil fetches Mexico more.

Illiterate workers who go to the U.S. are no longer a burden on Mexican social services. The cash they send home is cost-free pure gravy.

And those so dissatisfied with Mexico that they take the risks of going north are the ones most likely to cause problems for Mexico's ruling elite. Illegal immigration to the U.S. is a safety valve relieving political and social pressures within Mexico.

But immigration causes pressures here, where longtime Democratic constituency groups African-Americans and Organized Labor see their jobs and wages undermined by this flood of cheap Hispanic labor. The Democratic Party is stabbing these loyal allies in the back.

The wise, betting who will write future history, are teaching their children Spanish — and their grandchildren Chinese.


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Only days after the amnesty-for-illegal-immigrants bill was defeated in the U.S. Senate, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., declared that as soon as 25 of his Republican colleagues pledge to support it he will bring this controversial measure back for another...
Thursday, 14 June 2007 12:00 AM
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