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What Gun Show Loophole?

Wednesday, 16 May 2001 12:00 AM

You’ll hear more about it today. McCain has joined with the anti-Second Amendment crowd to post yet another gun control law for our books. Yet another law - we could number this one 30,001 - designed to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and reduce gun violence.

The thirty thousand laws that preceded this one didn’t work. This one will make the difference. Yeah, right.

So - just what is the gun show loophole? Strangely, there isn’t one. Every single law in every single state that pertains to the sale of a firearm in a gun store or in a private home also pertains to the sale of a firearm at a gun show. There is no separate law for gun shows, and there is no loophole.

A challenge for Cynthia Tucker - and for John McCain. Tell us just what the "gun show loophole” is! Set it out! Tell us how this loophole applies to gun shows and not to other sales of firearms! You keep writing about it! You keep yammering about it! So, tell us what it is! Expose this "gun show loophole” so that the rest of us can share your righteous indignation and work with you to get this terrible loophole closed!

Truth is, folks. No loophole. It’s a myth. These people just want to expand their gun control laws and advance their gun-banning agenda, and they can’t do that without building huge, evil mythical bogeymen for the public to fear. That bogeyman is the fictional "gun show loophole.”

Nasty McCain said Tuesday that gun shows are the second largest source of guns used in crimes. He took those statistics form an anti-gun group and presented them to us as the truth.

Why didn’t McCain use the government’s own statistics on gun shows and crime guns? He’s a government official, isn’t he? So why not use government statistics? Simple - because the government statistics don’t set up the frightening scenario McCain wanted.

The Clinton Department of Justice said that from 1.5 to 2 percent of guns used in crimes come from gun shows. Those stats won’t help McCain, so he goes to a private anti-gun group to get some numbers that suit his cause more.

He’ll be a presidential candidate again. Fear this man. Fear him mightily. He’s hungry for power, and he’ll step on anyone and say anything he needs to get it. He’s a nasty-tempered self-serving viscous SOB.

Rather appeared on O’Reilly’s Fox News Channel show. He was promoting a book - otherwise, I’m sure you wouldn’t have seen him there. Rather calls himself a "journalist.” Tell me, would a true journalist hold these opinions?

First, Rather said that he believes that Bill Clinton is "an honest person.” Multiple affairs, perjury, lying to the American people, lying on his income tax returns, and Rather thinks he’s an honest person.

Rather says that he "barely remembers” the Juanita Broaddrick matter. He says the story didn’t run on his newscast because it was "about somebody’s private sex life.” Thus, we find that Rather thinks that rape is just another part of somebody’s private sex life.

Oh - just one more. Rather says that the whole Broaddrick matter was "Republicans trying to bring down Bill Clinton.”

And you think the mainstream New York media isn’t biased?

Ohio's charter schools have taken off like a bottle rocket. In 1997, there were no charter schools in the state. This year, there are 67. Charter schools in Ohio will receive at least $92 million in tax money to educate about 17,000 students.

They’re working so well that Ohio state Rep. Jon Husted is sponsoring legislation that could expand Ohio's charter school movement even further.

But there's trouble in education paradise. Houston, we have a lawsuit.

On Monday, a group of plaintiffs filed a lawsuit contending that charter schools are unconstitutional, the state has failed to oversee charter schools, and the state has allowed a for-profit school company to violate state laws.

Who are the plaintiffs? The Akron teachers union; Ohio, Cleveland, and Cincinnati federations of teachers; the Ohio PTA; and the Ohio School Boards Association. All groups of government educators and their advocates.

What do they want? They want a court order to stop the flow of state and local funds to the charter schools. They think these private companies are exploiting children just to turn a profit.

Isn't that horrible? For-profit companies wanting to ... gasp!...make a profit! Shouldn't the most important question here be, "Are the children learning?"

In other cities where public schools have become privatized, the answer is a resounding "yes." Edison Schools turned around two schools in San Francisco - then was placed on probation by the school board. They would have taken over five of the worst schools in New York City if more parents actually cared about their kids' education.

This is what the government teachers' unions fear. Competition. They fear that someone will come in and give these kids a better education than they ever could. They fear that an established record of performance will prompt parents to pull their kids out of government schools and jump to these privately-run schools - leaving government educators without jobs.

It's not about educating your child, folks, no matter how concerned the teachers' unions may seem. It's about job security. Competition threatens government educators' monopoly ... and they don't like it one bit.

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You'll hear more about it today. McCain has joined with the anti-Second Amendment crowd to post yet another gun control law for our books. Yet another law - we could number this one 30,001 - designed to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and reduce gun violence. The...
Wednesday, 16 May 2001 12:00 AM
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