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Visualizing the Enemy, Part 2

Wednesday, 13 February 2002 12:00 AM

The episode described below, which apparently provides additional clues to the Sept. 11 attacks, didn't appear at all in the Russian or world media – despite the fact that they normally track the movements of Russian FSB Director Nikolai Patrushev.

The little website Buryatia News (www.news.buryatia.ru), located in Ulan-Ude city (capital of the Buryat republic in the Trans-Baikal zone of Russia), to the east of Baikal Lake and covering the events in the Buryat republic and its western neighbor the Irkutsk region, managed to get some information. Excerpts from the website are given below.

(08.23.01) On the evening of Aug. 22, Plenipotentiary of Siberia (something close to a general governor of the huge zone between Omsk city in the west and the Chinese border to the east) Leonid Drachevsky, an FSB/KGB executive, came to Irkutsk from his residence in Novosibirsk city. On Aug. 23, he will participate in a special conference with FSB Director Nikolai Patrushev and regional FSB chiefs.

(08.24.01) The FSB conference took place on Aug. 23 in Irkutsk, in the Baikal sanatorium. Media representatives were not permitted to be present. According to unofficial information, the struggle against terrorism was the major (or only) theme of the conference. Patrushev and Drachevsky participated in the conference.

(09.05.01) At the end of August, a special anti-terrorist campaign was launched in Russia by the FSB and related organizations. In the Irkutsk region particularly, during the 10 days of this campaign, large quantities of firearms and explosives have been found and confiscated.

At the same time, citizens of the Irkutsk region who rent their apartments to foreigners living in Russia without permission (i.e., with no visa or registered foreign passport) are threatened with large fines.

(09.13.01) After the 9-11 strikes in New York, special security measures are being taken in the Irkutsk region and the Buryat republic. In particular:

In Moscow, the forthcoming terror strikes against America were already known about in May-June 2001. That's why the Russian Duma held a special hearing to prepare the Russian economy for the "after-strike environment" and Dr. Koryagina published the article "America and Dollar Will Fall on August 21."

The Duma and its consultants knew quite a bit, but it was only fragments of information provided by the Russian secret services, centered around the FSB.

FSB headquarters, on Lubyanka Square in Moscow, knew much more – from the Cuban secret services working with Mohamed Atta and providing the "suicide squad" with vital terror strike data from the Russian spy base in Lourdes.

And perhaps some of this information came from the

Though the author has given this explanation of the 9-11 attack to NewsMax readers in past articles, some of you may still be unconvinced. This information about the FSB conference in Irkutsk, just 19 days before the strikes in New York City, should relieve your skepticism.

Consider that FSB Director Patrushev – a sinister person and the most influential among the "almighty ghosts" surrounding President Putin – left Moscow in deep secrecy and rushed to Irkutsk city, about 5,000 km to the east, to chair an all-Russian FSB conference aimed at launching an anti-terror campaign.

The conference was held in secrecy, with no coverage allowed by the Russian or foreign media. This trick would have worked – if Buryatia News had not reported the event.

FSB regional chiefs already had some common information about the forthcoming terrorist actions against America, as did thousands of wealthy Muscovites who, on the evening of Sept. 11, rushed to exchange their dollars for rubles at a discount rate.

In the author's estimation, Patrushev gave his closest associates some very specific data – maybe even the exact date – in regard to the forthcoming strikes and ordered them to take strong security measures in advance, particularly to reduce the amount of illegal explosives in circulation and to get rid of suspicious foreigners.

Don't forget, al-Qaeda considered both the U.S. and Russia (along with Western Europe, Israel, etc.) to be its major enemies. FSB had nothing against major strikes in America, but intended to prevent them in Russia. All gains and no losses!

That's how Russia managed to launch an anti-terror campaign two weeks earlier than the U.S., Japan, Western Europe and China. On Sept. 12, Russia merely strengthened its anti-terror campaign.

It should seem obvious by now that the

Let's look now at some articles in the N.R.S. newspaper (the name is deliberately abbreviated), the New York-published Russian-language daily, with at least 50,000 copies issued on weekdays and up to 100,000 copies on weekends.

The paper is well known for its pro-Moscow sympathies and for its work aimed at transforming immigrants from USSR/Russia into a compact mass obedient to the Kremlin – i.e., the "fifth column."

It is also known – at least inside the American Russian-language media – that N.R.S. is financed by the Russian secret services.

The following is an excerpt from an article published by this paper on Dec. 20, 2001, the professional holiday of the Soviet/Russian secret services.

On Dec. 22, N.R.S. published another article, "Illegal Immigrants, in Asylums, in Vanguard of the Struggle Against Terror," which mocked the administration's appeal to include all citizens and would-be citizens in the struggle against terrorism.

The moral of these and other N.R.S. articles: Under no circumstances cooperate with the administration and the FBI.

And N.R.S. is not the only pro-Moscow Russian-language paper in this country.

The efforts of such papers are multiplied by hundreds of individual agents of the Russian secret services. These "masters of psychological warfare" are engaged in spreading rumors, deception and provocation.

The Russian-language immigrants who hate the Kremlin and FSB/KGB, who are eager to join the struggle against terrorism, are becoming the targets of the Russian secret services. FSB agents demonstrate unbelievable ingenuity in silencing their enemies.

These agents also send information about America's weak points to Moscow. This information, after processing in Moscow, returns to "sleeper cells" preparing the new strikes. What's interesting is that these agents until recently worked without any fear. To the contrary, other Russian immigrants are frightened of them.

It's time to exterminate this gang. This will destroy the "spell of fear" over Russian-language immigrants and will significantly increase the potential of America in its struggle against terrorism.

When the Moscow part of the "axis of evil" finally becomes visible, the "Moscow network" – earlier ignored and even tolerated – should be mercilessly eliminated.

The war against terrorism will not be won without destroying this network!

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The episode described below, which apparently provides additional clues to the Sept. 11 attacks, didn't appear at all in the Russian or world media - despite the fact that they normally track the movements of Russian FSB Director Nikolai Patrushev. The little website...
Wednesday, 13 February 2002 12:00 AM
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