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Vindication? Hardly

Friday, 17 May 2002 12:00 AM

They're coming out of the woodwork. Everywhere you look you see logic-challenged leftists poking their pointy little heads out of their collectivist burrows to scream a high-pitched "See? She was right! You should apologize" before withdrawing again into their intellectual darkness.

The "she," of course, is Georgia's logic-challenged congresswoman Cynthia McKinney. Cynthia and her followers are beating the drums of vindication after this week's news that President Bush had been told that Osama bin Laden's goons might try to do something ugly.

Before I calmly explain why Cynthia was and is full of it … I bring to you a few samples of the idiotic rantings you can find in today's Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

You'll find this type of idiot everywhere. Since Cynthia is black, it naturally follows that all criticisms of her are racist. Cynthia, herself, subscribes to this view.

Sorry, Dee. Cynthia's assertion was that Bush had specific warnings of a specific attack against a specific target on a specific date – not, as you so glibly put it, "possible terrorist attacks on the United States."

Right, Steve. All she was doing was seeking inquiries. She wasn't trying to accuse Bush of intentionally permitting American civilians to die so that his buddies could make money. She was just asking questions.

There's a common thread here. In order to support their claims that Cynthia McKinney has been "vindicated," most people have paid attention to only one portion of her comments – and have completely ignored the second and more outrageous point she made.

Let's remember what Cynthia McKinney said. I'll let the editorial board of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution tell you what she said. It's a left-wing editorial board, hardly friendly to Bush, so maybe the words will carry greater weight:

Now – what did we learn this week? Only one thing. We learned only that Bush was briefed that terrorists might hijack an airplane. There was no warning of an attack on the World Trade towers … nor was there any specificity as to a date.

Furthermore, we learned that Bush instructed America's defense and law enforcement agencies to be alert to the possibility of the hijacking.

Question: If Bush asked our security forces to heed the warning, how can it be said that he allowed the attacks to take place?

There were, as I said, two elements to Cynthia's charges. One, that Bush was warned. The second, that he consciously allowed the attacks to happen so his friends could profit.

Cynthia's apologists concentrate only on the first of her accusations. They say that now that we know Bush did receive some generalized warnings we should all be bowing and scraping to Queen Cynthia with fawning apologies.

Sorry. No apology due. Her statements are just as disgusting now as they were when she made them in March. A generalized warning cannot be translated into a specific warning of the specific events of Sept. 11. Again, I'll let the editorial board of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution carry the water on this one:

Maybe Zell Miller says it better: Cynthia is "loony."

Cynthia has had a few things to say since yesterday, too! Like this: "I am gratified that today there are many members of Congress who have come around to my way of thinking."

Oh yeah, Cynthia? Name one. Name just one member of Congress who agrees with you that President Bush had specific knowledge that Osama bin Laden intended to crash those airplanes into the World Trade Center on Sept. 11 and that Bush sat back and let it happen so that his buddies could make money.

Just one, Cynthia. Just one. You said that there are many. Name just one.

What we really see here is an effort by The Cutest Little Nutcase in Congress and her supporters to cleanse her image by trying to clean up what she actually did say in March.

This claim of vindication is just additional evidence of the astonishing depth of the stupidity of this woman. The more you listen to Cynthia McKinney, the more you realize that she wasn't elected on the basis of her intellect.

By the way, just thought I would remind you – from Sept. 11 until the end of 2001, the majority of contributors to Cynthia's re-election fund were Muslims and people of Middle Eastern lineage.

Just a direct quote from David Horowitz from FrontPage Magazine:

Not exactly important news … but our federal legislators are wondering what happened to all of those gold dollar coins they minted a few years ago. The U.S. Mint still wastes millions printing one-dollar bills – all because people just don't seem to want to use the coins.

The answer – and the way to saving taxpayer money – is simple. Just stop printing dollar bills. If the dollar coin is the only dollar denomination available, people will use it. Here we have a good example of the inefficiencies of government.

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They're coming out of the woodwork.Everywhere you look you see logic-challenged leftists poking their pointy little heads out of their collectivist burrows to scream a high-pitched See?She was right!You should apologize before withdrawing again into their intellectual...
Friday, 17 May 2002 12:00 AM
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