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An Urgent Message from General John K. Singlaub

Wednesday, 20 November 2002 12:00 AM

Dear Fellow American:

While decent people throughout the world recoiled in horror as they saw two airliners crash into the twin towers of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, the reaction of official state media in China was joy and celebration.

That's your first clue to the existence of a secret war against America that has been going on for decades. Even more disturbing was my discovery that Chinese military planners had proposed bin Laden's bombing of the World Trade Center - and after 9/11 even took credit for it!

A new book - first released in China by the Chinese military - offers the disturbing proof. You can find out more by

America's Real Enemy

Remember the Cold War? Like you, I celebrated the fall of the Berlin Wall and thought the days of evil communism were numbered everywhere.

I had fought on the front lines of freedom since WWII, when I parachuted behind enemy lines in Nazi-occupied France and later in Japanese-occupied China. I spent three years after WWII in Manchuria, China as an intelligence officer observing the Chinese communists. Later, I worked closely with the CIA in Vietnam. During the Korean War, I commanded an infantry battalion fighting the Chinese communists. You may remember that I was Chief of Staff of U.S. Forces, Korea, when I challenged President Jimmy Carter's decimation of America's military there.

No one wanted to defeat the Evil Empire and her allies more than I.

Unfortunately, reports of the deaths of America-hating nations have been greatly exaggerated.

The Soviet Union is gone, but evil communism lives on in dozens of countries, including China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, North Korea, Libya and Cuba - the influence of these countries has actually grown since the collapse of the USSR.

The major media won't tell you, but these regimes remain among the most vicious and brutal the world has ever known - gleefully torturing and murdering all dissenters ... imprisoning thousands in slave labor camps ... and wreaking economic disaster upon their enslaved peoples.

However, the most incredible aftermath of the Cold War has been the rise of China as a world power - thanks to a massive infusion of American capital, investments, and trade, and the education of hundreds of thousands of Chinese students in our universities (including China's top nuclear scientists).

Thanks to Bill Clinton, China even got our latest nuclear and ballistic missile technology!

The idea was that if we befriended China, helped China, traded with China, communism would die and democracy would blossom.

That experiment has been almost a complete failure. China's communist government continues to maintain the world's largest system of slave labor camps and ruthlessly murders Christians, dissidents and anyone who even tries to work for freedom.

China's current leaders are, in fact, the exact same thugs who shot and crushed to death thousands of young students and workers in Tiananmen Square.

What's more, China's leadership makes no bones about its ultimate goal: the utter destruction of America, with China replacing us as the world's only superpower!

Before you say I'm a crazy old coot and throw this letter in the trash, please read on for the undeniable evidence. The fact is...

The proof of every claim I just made is explicitly spelled out in a 1999 book, "Unrestricted Warfare," published and endorsed by the highest levels of the Chinese government.

To find out more about this book, now available in English,

"Unrestricted Warfare" was written by two top Chinese colonels, published by China's Red Army and endorsed by China's leadership. As it says in its introduction, this book is nothing less than a step-by-step plan for the destruction of America.

"Unrestricted Warfare" is arguably the most important book for Americans to know about. Its predictions, and our awareness of them, may change the course of history.

And now - for the first time - you can have your own copy of the official translation of this work, commissioned by the CIA and shared with our highest officials in Congress and the Pentagon.

"Unrestricted Warfare" is nothing less than China's master plan for the destruction of America. It even says so in the introduction!

As the CIA's translators warn in their preface, this book's aim is simple: the end of America as a superpower!

Now every shocking detail of this secret book is available to you through NewsMax.com - America's leading news source for Americans who share our values.

In "Unrestricted Warfare" you'll learn dozens of shocking revelations that vitally affect our future.

You'll learn how China plans to attack America using everything from virus attacks on our computer networks and financial systems ... to destroying our economy with cheap foreign imports ... to manipulating America's liberal media ... to using illegal immigrants as a fifth column to infiltrate America en masse ... to corrupting our children with drugs and pornography.

Most shocking of all, you'll learn how in 1999, "Unrestricted Warfare" explicitly called for an attack on the World Trade Center and in the exact same paragraph mentions Osama bin Laden by name! (Read it for yourself; we even tell you what page it's on.)

This is a must read that will change how you view the world.

After reading "Unrestricted Warfare" you'll understand...

** Why the two Chinese colonels who wrote it were treated like heroes in China after 9/11;

** Why communist leader Jiang Zemin cheered as he witnessed the World Trade Center destroyed (as reported by London's prestigious newspaper The Telegraph);

** Why China's official news agency produced a documentary saying that the destruction of the World Trade Center was "just punishment for America's arrogance";

** Why China's defense minister has repeatedly declared that "war with America is inevitable."

Nothing less than the survival of our country and way of life are at stake - which is why you must read "Unrestricted Warfare."

And there's much more! In "Unrestricted Warfare" you'll also learn:

** China's plan for "total war" against our country, employing every conceivable tactic - from more terror attacks to environmental warfare, to the mass murder of millions of innocent men, women and children;

** How China uses "smuggling warfare" to flood our society with illegal immigrants who will sabotage our economy;

** How China has secretly used "drug warfare" against children in America;

** How China steals our technology, including nuclear weapons technology, to use against us;

** China's plans for all-out electronic attacks on our computers, banking system and key social services such as electricity, water and national defense;

** How China can now collapse the U.S. stock and bond markets - because we let them in!

"Unrestricted Warfare" is an absolute MUST READ for anyone who cares about the future of our country and the greatest threat ever to our way of life and future as a free society.

The price of "Unrestricted Warfare" is just $24.95. But you can receive your copy FREE, simply by subscribing now to NewsMax magazine.

When you do, you can also receive a second great, FREE bonus book edited by award-winning journalists Christopher Ruddy and Carl Limbacher Jr.: "Catastrophe: Clinton's Role in America's Worst Disaster."

Click here to find out how to get both "Unrestricted Warfare" and "Catastrophe" FREE --

In "Catastrophe," you'll learn precisely why the events of 9/11 were not only predictable after eight years of Bill Clinton's rule, but also preventable!

You'll also learn ...

** How Clinton's defense cuts and secret deals with dictators and despots made 9/11 inevitable;

** Clinton's shocking explanation of why he refused to have Osama bin Laden extradited from Sudan - in Clinton's own words;

** How Clinton's gutting of the FBI and CIA allowed dozens of known Islamic terrorists to enter the U.S. - including several of the 9/11 suicide bombers;

** China's hidden ties with the Taliban and al-Qaeda;

** How Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky helped Osama bin Laden survive and indirectly encouraged bin Laden's attack plans for the U.S.

Equally important, you'll learn what is likely to happen next as a result of the War on Terror, including:

** Why two top U.S. military commanders believe that weapons of mass destruction will soon be used against us;

** Evidence that West Nile virus - now rapidly spreading across the U.S. - was the first bioweapon used by Iraq;

** FEMA's secret plan to build emergency camps to house millions of Americans after our cities are attacked by biological, radiological and atomic weapons;

** The next terrorist attacks on America. Warnings from a top adviser to Russian President Putin, who warned months before 9/11 that a catastrophic "financial attack" on America was about to take place.

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NewsMax magazine reports the "real" breaking news the media won't.

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The information you receive will change forever the way you view the world and will help you understand the greatest threats ever to our country and what we can do to preserve our country and defeat them!

Sincerely yours,

Major General John K. Singlaub, U.S. Army, (Ret.)

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In this special tape, Bodansky reveals what al-Qaeda will do next, the shocking details of the group's nuclear and biological weapons uncovered by the Mossad, the major U.S. cities next on its target lists, and much, much more.

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Dear Fellow American: While decent people throughout the world recoiled in horror as they saw two airliners crash into the twin towers of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, the reaction of official state media in China was joy and celebration. That's...
Wednesday, 20 November 2002 12:00 AM
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