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Truth out of Tehran

Sunday, 03 September 2006 12:00 AM

That unshaven, sunken-eyed, tieless terrorist the mullahs allow to think he runs Iran isn't nuts. No, he's outright evil, but he finally got something right.

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has branded the United Nations for what it is – a flagrant fraud. What's more, he gave an honest reason.

No international body, he said, has the right to tell any sovereign nation what to do, let alone try to compel it to obey.

This is precisely what the United States should be saying to the U.N., and then putting its money, and its sovereignty, where its mouth is. (Ironically, if the United States is interested in finding common ground with Iran, this ought to be it. Don't fret; the moment won't last.)

In its own contorted way, Iran has less reason than the United States to tell the U.N. to go jump in the lake. After all, Iran has been playing the U.N. like a cheap fiddle, using it to buy time to do what Iran is going to do, U.N. or no U.N. And that is, by whatever means, to become a nuclear military power.

Indeed, one might even say Iran owes it to the U.N. for what it is today, a rogue nation on the verge of having hydrogen bombs.

It hurts to say this, but it is the United States that has made this nightmare possible, by groveling to the U.N. for permission to use sanctions, which it will never get, that will stop Iran's nuclear-weapons research.

Iran has sized up the whole miserable situation quite realistically. It understands, if the Civilized World may not, that no international body is going to stop a sovereign nation hell-bent on getting nuclear bombs.

Iran knows, as the rest of the world should have learned by now, that the only way aggressor nations can be stopped from enslaving other nations is if stronger nations exercise their sovereign will and military might.

Stated another way, negotiations never keep anything evil from coming to pass. At most, all that negotiations do is ratify an intolerable

It wasn't negotiations that kept Hitler from generating World War II or brought about his final defeat. It wasn't negotiations that prevented Pearl Harbor or dropped the atomic bombs on imperial Japan.

The puppet president of Iran's aggressive theocracy is under no silly illusions, as are the leftists in the United States and Europe, that the U.N. has the authority or the power to stop the mullahs in Tehran from acquiring nuclear weapons or using them to blackmail or explode on free nations. He has the twisted honesty to say so in public, so confident is he that no one, certainly not the U.N., is going to send him to his room.

President Bush, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld are right as rain when they say Western Civilization is in a prolonged, life-or-death war against Islamic fascists. They are reading history correctly when they point to the obvious – that the Free World is today making the same appeasement errors in dealing with terrorism as it made in appeasing fascist Germany and imperial Japan before World War II.

What are the leftists saying about all this? Democratic Party leaders in Congress want to enact nonbinding resolutions demanding Rumsfeld's resignation. They are also gearing up an off-year congressional election campaign they hope will take back enough seats in the House of Representatives to impeach the president. Say, that'll really show ‘em in Tehran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Nicaragua, Nantucket, Cuba, Communist China, Russia, Beverly Hills and North Korea.

Close your eyes and listen to the latest anti-American propaganda, and you cannot tell who's saying it – cave-dwelling terrorists on their latest video tapes, the Iranian president haranguing mobs or Democrats taking advantage of free time on the television news.

In the face of all this, what is the United States' strategy? It is taking its case to the irrelevant U.N. and accumulating even more worthless promises from the likes of the French, who could never get up the courage to defend Paris, and the Muscovites, who would rather sell reactor components to Iran than earn an honest living in an authentic capitalist economy.

If the United States is going through this

Everyone who reads history agrees that ultimate horrible price could have been avoided if the Free World had taken a strong stand earlier. Why must it be necessary to go through a costly remedial history lesson today?

The U.N. is a mortician's joke. It is dead as a doornail, and its demise began the moment Stalin rang down the Iron Curtain across Europe. The U.N. was the dream of FDR, and after what he had gone through it is hard to blame him. He designed the U.N. as a mechanism for perpetuating the Big Three coalition (the United States, Britain and the Soviet Union) that had won World War II. It was his hope that the wartime unity, such as it was, would continue in the post-war era to stop later Hitlers in their tracks before they could ignite another global conflict.

Well, it didn't work. The Cold War of mutually assured nuclear destruction by the United States and the Soviet Union took its place. It's preposterous to suggest the U.N. today, corrupt and moribund as it is, could stop militant Islamic fascism. Neither could any coalition of the willing, for the will is simply not there.

There is only one entity that can either prevent, or defeat, the Islamic fascist master plan to convert or destroy Western Civilization. That is the United States, with its overwhelming nuclear arsenal.

That's a hideous thing to contemplate. The alternative is many, many times more horrendous.

That is the thorny, inescapable choice George W. Bush is going to have to take to the American people in the remaining months of his presidency. If he does not, then who is there who can? Or will even try? Or will be someone the nation will follow?

It is a monumental imperative Bush faces: He must succeed where FDR failed.

He can begin by leaving the U.N. to its own shambles and engaging in unabashed national self-interest. That's what Iran is doing, and it's working.

Bush's enemies on the left will accuse him of politicizing the war. Of course he is, and it's high time.

The Founding Fathers knew from first-hand experience that's precisely what a president must do in time of mortal peril to the nation. That is why they gave the chief executive, and not Congress or the judiciary, the constitutional political power of commander in chief of the nation's armed forces.

George Washington had to get political to win the War of Independence. Abraham Lincoln had to get political to win the war that saved the Union. FDR had to get political to win World War II. Does anyone think Harry S Truman, who used nuclear bombs to end the war with Japan, was not political? Was Ronald Reagan being nonpolitical when he brought down the Berlin Wall and ended the Cold War?

The highest form of presidential politics – good, effective presidential politics – is when a president does what he has to do to protect and defend his country.

George W. Bush is going to have to go to war politically and make the strongest, most effective use of political power in the history of the United States.



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That unshaven, sunken-eyed, tieless terrorist the mullahs allow to think he runs Iran isn't nuts. No, he's outright evil, but he finally got something right. Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has branded the United Nations for what it is - a flagrant fraud. What's...
Sunday, 03 September 2006 12:00 AM
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