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A Tribute to Women Leaders

Tuesday, 05 June 2007 12:00 AM

"I've about decided that we ought to let women run everything; make more time for golf."

— Bill Clinton, joking at an NAACP event in South Carolina

As reported in Newsweek, on May 28, the former president was making a humorous endorsement of his wife and her own presidential aspirations. And though I realize he wasn't dead serious, it did crystallize my thoughts on a widespread and growing phenomenon — the emergence of women in leadership positions, on practically every front and level of life.

I'm tempted to call this treatise "Weak Men Make Strong Women."

Consider the women, in our day, who have become the heads of state in India, Pakistan, Israel, and Great Britain. Question: Is it likely that these very accomplished and brilliant women would have attained these positions — if there had been men in evidence who seemed equally or perhaps even better qualified? Or was the ascendance of these women made possible by the public perception that there weren't men of sufficient stature, integrity, and experience available?

Don't get all defensive, ladies; hear me out. I'm praising and complimenting you here. Thank God for you!

As we look at the current political situation, we see Nancy Pelosi as Senate majority leader, women senators and representatives, and a certain lady senator from New York State actually considered to be the front-runner for the Democrat nomination for president of the United States. We're getting used to seeing women as chief executives of huge international companies from Hewlett Packard to Xerox, Lucent, and eBay.

These women have not only occupied positions of power, they've been doing man-sized jobs.

A personal note: I grew up with two capable sisters, fathered four remarkable and exceptional daughters, and now have 10 terrific granddaughters to go with the five talented grandsons God gave Shirley and me. And my wife Shirley herself has proven so capable, so wise, so energetic and perceptive, that I've said honestly many times "If somehow Shirley were made President, she'd have this country humming like never before, in a matter of weeks! She's just that amazing!"

But my question, again: Is it likely that women would be chosen for our leaders in politics and government and business — if men assumed their traditional, time honored and expected responsibilities of leadership and direction? Or is the phenomenon largely explained by the growing wimpiness, indecision, compromise, and laxness of character among our men?

Like you I hope, I get scores of newsletters from activist organizations every week, groups that have been created to address the moral decay in our society; groups that are devoted to protecting our children, and defending the institution of the family; huge groups of concerned parents determined to hold back the immoral influences in television, movies, music — and the school systems! — that are clearly corrupting the minds of our young. Of these valiant groups, so many are led by women!

The organization www.cwfa.org, Concerned Women for America, is a dramatic example. Conceived and led by Beverly LaHaye, this dynamic women's organization is far bigger in numbers than NOW, the liberal pro-abortion group, and far more representative of the thinking and concerns of the majority of America's women.

She and her army of strong women are significantly and effectively addressing major issues like the very definition of marriage, the deadly scourge of abortion, immoral sexual indoctrination of minors in our schools, and frequently actual proposed legislative measures like H.R.1592, often referred to as "hate crimes legislation" that many see as a stunning threat to freedom of biblical expression.

I urge you to visit their Web site www.cwfa.org, and get acquainted with these valiant women, who are taking up the moral slack created by weak men!

Phyllis Schlafly, along with her dynamic organization, Eagle Forum, www.eagleforum.org, of course has been an actual general in her crusade nationwide to mobilize America's women to protect their families from the avalanche of tawdry, downright decadent influences fostered by men (many of whom have families themselves) in every area of entertainment and political deconstruction. She's been subjected to overwhelming ridicule and outright slander, but she's unbowed and stronger, more determined than ever. She'd certainly not make a bad president herself!

Barbara Wheeler heads up AMERICA'S PRAYER NETWORK, a dynamic network of praying women who stay informed on political issues, especially as they affect our children and families, and bombard Heaven with prayer on behalf of our most precious treasure, our young.

Most recently, I've been reading about this network's campaign to restore freedom to America's school kids that want to have some kind of prayer in the schools where they're subjected to drugs, sexual immorality, and even violence all the time. She's not afraid to take on Nancy Pelosi, another woman who seems to think quite differently on issues like this. I'm glad — and grateful — to see the women slug it out in the public arena. She's doing it for us, for our future, and I hope you'll check out her organization.

I've just heard from Rep. Sue Myrick of North Carolina, announcing that over her strenuous objections, Nancy Pelosi et al., the new Democratic majority, have immediately created the largest tax increase in American history, $400 billion over 5 years! And Sue quotes the House speaker, "We must share the benefits of our wealth beyond the privileged few," echoing the announced aims associated with communism. Sue Myrick has at least as much guts as any man, and she's running for reelection so that she can offset the female speaker as much as possible. Go to www.suemyrick.com to look into her personal crusade on our behalf.

And not surprisingly, a number of able Christian women have joined the fray, women like Marilyn Hickey of Colorado, Tracy Bunn of the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund in Merrifield, Va., and Judie Brown of the American Life League. And I'm recommending the marvelous book "Home Invasion," by Rebecca Hagelin, subtitled "Protecting Your Family in a Culture That's Gone Stark Raving Mad."

People I respect, like Dr. Laura Schlessinger (herself a strong warrior for the family), Michael Medved, and Sean Hannity all are enthused about the book.

In the book of Judges in the Bible, there's the story of Deborah, who described herself simply "a mother in Israel," though she was a judge and prophetess, who delivered God's directive to Gen. Barak. The word was "The Lord, the God of Israel, commands you," and the command was to take 10,000 Israelites and attack the greatly superior army of the Canaanite Sisera. God would give Barak the victory. But Barak wasn't sure; he told Deborah he'd only obey God's command if Deborah went with him. And the prophetess said, "Very well, I will go with you. But…the honor will not be yours, for the Lord will hand Sisera over to a woman."

That's exactly what happened. When Barak's men completely routed the enemy army, and Sisera ducked into a tent to hide, a woman named Jael gave him some milk and covered him with a blanket, and while he slept, she took a tent peg and a hammer and drove the peg through his temple into the ground! And Jael and Deborah were national heroines, celebrated to this day by the people of Israel. And that's my observation.

As men, who are the obvious candidates for leadership, abdicate their responsibilities and sell their birthrights for personal gain, strong and dedicated women will, please, God, step into the gap, rally their fellow citizens; and point us back toward the prize of the high calling. Toward the dream of a moral, strong, and truly caring America.


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"I've about decided that we ought to let women run everything; make more time for golf." - Bill Clinton, joking at an NAACP event in South Carolina As reported in Newsweek, on May 28, the former president was making a humorous endorsement of his wife and her own...
Tuesday, 05 June 2007 12:00 AM
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