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My Tirade on Government Schools

Wednesday, 25 April 2001 12:00 AM

"I caught part of your assessment of 'government schools' this morning. As a retired non-union 'government school' teacher, I would ask that you keep the heat on. You are absolutely right about the NEA and AFT. The decline in the quality of education in this country coincides beautifully with the rise in power of the teacher unions. They have a stranglehold that must be broken if any improvement is to take place.

"Programs such as yours that reach a wide audience may be our only hope. The politicians certainly aren't interested in quality education. The only thing they know how to do is throw more money at the system, because that's what the unions say they need. My sincere thanks for expressing your views on this issue. Sorry that you didn't insult me today. Better luck next time."

Much appreciated. I absolutely believe that the biggest crisis facing this country today is government education. American parents have surrendered their responsibility for the education of their children to government – and increasingly to the Imperial Federal Government. The results aren't good.

Before we move to the next topic, let me recount something that happened on an edition of Hannity & Colmes earlier this week. Sean was questioning a guest about the "constructive math" system now being used in so many government schools. This is a system of math instruction where the students are not required to learn such boring things as multiplication tables or how to actually add, subtract or divide.

Sean asked his guest if there was a correct answer to the question "What is 3 + 4?" Do you know that Sean's guest, a supposed "expert" on education and a proponent of constructive math, wouldn't admit that there is only one correct answer to that question? He just couldn't bring himself to say, "Yes, the answer is 7."

These people are teaching your kids. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

You do know, don't you, that there is a brutal war going on in Washington over just how much additional money is going to be poured down our government education rat hole. Bush wants to spend a bit less than $2 billion additional dollars. The Democrats are insisting on almost 10 times that much – and this is NEW spending, on top of the old budget!

So, why are the Democrats so hell-bent on spending so much more money on education? Well, they'll tell you that their goal is to improve the quality of education. Americans, being generally uninformed, will buy that explanation and say, "Right on, Democrats! You go for it!"

Does more money help? Sorry, no evidence that it does. The American Legislative Exchange Council just released its eighth "Report Card on American Education." This study covers two generations of students, from 1976 to 2000. To sum up the study, per-pupil expenditures have increased by a nationwide average of 22.8 percent in the past 20 years. The average now is close to $6,400 per pupil per year. Yet, during these same 20 years there has been no improvement in the scores on standardized tests – those scores have remained relatively stagnant.

So it's not the money. Then just why are the Democrats always pushing to spend more? Two reasons.

First, to pay off their loyal supporters in the teachers unions. The teachers unions are the most powerful unions in Washington, D.C. These unions are dedicated to preserving jobs and benefits for teachers, not to improving the education product delivered to the students. The Democrats know that more money means more benefits and more union teaching jobs and more support and votes for Democrats.

Second, the Democrats want to make sure the money isn't available for tax cuts for evil rich people who probably vote Republican anyway. The more money they can slip into the education budget, the less money the Republicans can say is available for a tax cut.

Now, what about actually improving the quality of education. I want to ask you to think seriously about something. Ask yourself, do these politicians really want our education system to work well? Do they really want all of your children to become educated, capable, self-sufficient citizens? I seriously don't think so. The equation is simple: Education = self-reliance. People who can rely on themselves need government less than those who must rely on the charity of others. Self-reliant people don't need politicians. It's as easy as that. These politicians know that to truly improve the schools is to reduce their power and perhaps eliminate their jobs.

Here's something I want you to try with your friends and co-workers. Test their knowledge. My guess? They'll be surprised. Hell, you might even be able to make them think!

Here's the bit. Recent news stories have been trumpeting the huge increase in profits for Exxon Mobile .Corporation. In the first quarter of 2001 Exxon Mobile profits were $5 billion dollars! That's a 44 percent increase from one year ago!

Oh, the outrage! The gnashing of teeth! The threats, the condemnations! It seems that Exxon Corporation (an evil oil company hell-bent on destroying the environment, you know) has posted these obscene increases in its profit margins – this at a time when gasoline prices are going up!

OK. Here's the test. Tell your friend, boss, employee, co-worker, wife – whatever – tell them that Exxon Mobile profits just went up by 44 percent and ask them what they think. Most likely, the reaction will be negative.

Then ask them if they know what Exxon Mobile's profit margin is. They may well say 44 percent! Nope, that's wrong. That's only how much Exxon's profit margin increased! So – just what did it increase to? What is Exxon Mobile's return on its investment?

They don't know? Do you? Come on, take a wag. What do you think it is?

Well, after the most recent quarterly increase of 44 percent, Exxon's profit margin is now 6.9%. Yup, that's it. Only 6.9 percent. You could probably do better in a good mutual fund.

So NOW, where's the outrage? Are you starting to get an idea of just how uninformed most Americans are?

The head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency has apparently asked just why federal taxpayers should continue to pay to provide disaster assistance to Davenport, Iowa, a city on the Mississippi River that has refused to build a seawall to protect it from flooding.

The city, you see, doesn't want the seawall because they think it would affect the tourist trade. So – when the Mississippi floods, Davenport drowns.

What did the mayor of Davenport have to say in response to the FEMA head's intemperate question? Well, he said it was an "insult" to people who were fighting to save their homes.

Insult? Here you have a city that could protect itself from these floods, but chooses not to – and the U.S. taxpayers keep shelling out the bucks to the business and home owners after every flood. Then someone speaking on behalf of the taxpayers asks why they have to continue to pay for the city's decision … and the mayor says it's "insulting."

Let's stop the damned money NOW! We're the ones being insulted, not the people of Davenport.

O.K. So the Cincinnati prosecutors have charged about 64 people with various crimes resulting from the Cincinnati riots. Sixty-one of the indictments are against blacks. Three are against whites.

We all know of the widespread reports of black thugs dragging white folks out of their cars and trucks and beating them. Police have a video of black kids pulling a white truck driver from his cab and beating him. On one bizarre incident an albino black woman named Roslyn Jones was hit with a hail of bricks. The attack stopped when someone yelled, "She's black!" The attacked stopped. What does that tell you? Easy. She was being attacked by these black kids solely because they thought she was white.

So, just how many charges have been logged for hate crimes? You have the videos. You have the witnesses. So you have the hate crime charges, right?

Nope, sorry. Only one. One white guy – charged with hate crimes for shouting racial slurs.

I know there are exceptions, but what we have here in these hate crime laws is a series of crimes that are only charged to white folks.

Oh, and don't forget that sign you saw on an MTV special this past weekend: HATE SPEECH = HATE CRIME.

We're on a rather slippery slope here.

The government education outrage rolls on.

Santa Rosa (Government) High School in California was planning a weeklong series of seminars for the students. They billed it as a "Week of Diversity." Not a "Week of Excellence" where they identify and applaud individual students for their individual excellence, but a "Week of Diversity" where group, rather than individual, identity is celebrated.

How nauseating – and how typical of government schools to promote liberal social engineering. Still, not wanting to offend any parents, Santa Rosa High School administrators sent home "opt-out" forms for parents to sign if they didn't want their kids participating in the "Week of Diversity."

Several parents returned these "opt-out" forms to the school, asking that their children be excluded from the "Week of Diversity" activities. But school administrators forced students to attend the "Sex and Stuff" assembly anyway! During the assembly, students were instructed to choose from various sex acts as an alternative to intercourse. Other topics included molestation, rape, unwanted pregnancies and the HIV virus.

So it's no great surprise that the parents who signed those "opt-out" forms are hopping mad. According to Brad Dacus of the Pacific Justice Institute, the incident was "a serious violation of the rights and trust of parents." The Institute is working with parents to help them draft and file complaints against the school.

Do you get it, parents? Are you getting the message the Santa Rosa High School administrators are sending? They don't give a flying damn about your wishes! They have your children. They are the government. They will continue with the indoctrination of your child even if it is against your express wishes. After all, in their minds, they're the ones who have exclusive rights to your child's education. Your objections mean nothing to them. You're unqualified to decide how your child should be taught. When it comes to your own child's education, you have no rights.

Don't think it only happens in California. It happens every day, all over the country. Our government schools are putting in place a curriculum that under-educates your child while training him to be an obedient slave to the state.

If you want this country to have a future, you'd better think about wresting your kid from the clutches of government "indoctrination/education." Otherwise, plan your escape route.

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I caught part of your assessment of 'government schools' this morning. As a retired non-union 'government school' teacher, I would ask that you keep the heat on. You are absolutely right about the NEA and AFT. The decline in the quality of education in this country...
Wednesday, 25 April 2001 12:00 AM
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