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Thursday, 16 December 2004 12:00 AM

For Motherland gratefully acknowledged the receipt of my article, my gift to Israel – and has not published it. I have not heard from them since September.

I can guess why. In 2002, I ridiculed in my Internet column Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who had devastated the West Bank with 60-ton tanks to show the suicidal terrorists how ferocious he is, and at the same time he declared how he loved Moslems and was looking forward to the Palestinian state (see my three-part article

I also recalled that Sharon said in the New York Times of April 4, 2002, “The Jewish people are indestructible.” Well, the number of Jews in today’s world is 11 million, and in the 1940s Hitler destroyed 6 million Jews, that is, more than half of the number of Jews today, and more Jews than the number of them living in Israel.

In response I received a page-long e-mail in Russian, explaining that I am a second Hitler, and a shorter mail (in English), arguing that I was a Palestinian terrorist.

I recognized the approach. Those who disagreed with a Soviet patriot merely proved that they were Gestapo agents. On the other hand, the chairwoman of an association of American Jews in support of Israel went to Israel and was received by Sharon. She called me to request that I deliver the first lecture in the cycle of lectures they contemplated.

I quoted to her Sharon’s stupid slogan about the indestructibility of the Jewish people and said that should Israel be destroyed, contrary to Sharon’s boast, he could and perhaps would be considered as having been a major cause or milestone of the destruction. She said, “Mr. Navrozov, whenever I speak with you, it is enlightening.”

Members of For Motherland behaved not like this chairwoman of an association of American Jews in support of Israel, but as Soviet patriots in their former Motherland. They evidently decided that since my article ran counter to their or Prime Minister Sharon’s views, I am a second Hitler or at least a Palestinian terrorist, and they should stop knowing me – or at least they do not owe me an explanation of why they have not published my article that they had commissioned.

In my article, I contended that the West, a particle of which Israel is, survives precariously between the Islamic world (population: 1.3 billion) and China (population: 1.3 billion). The Islamic world is fragmented into many countries and is still “underdeveloped” technologically and scientifically. Hence its key weapon is suicidal terrorism. On the other hand, China has been developing, since 1986, post-nuclear superweapons. Hence, “the China threat” can be willfully unnoticed, while Islamic suicidal terrorism cannot.

Even an amoeba, which has no brain or senses to perceive an attacker at a distance, perceives an attack when an enemy is invading its body. Before Sept. 11, 2001, not a word had been said publicly in the U.S.A. about Islamic suicidal terrorism, and 1.3 billion Moslems seemed never to have existed. But when 19 Moslems rammed three airliners into three buildings in New York and Washington, D.C., this had to be perceived.

Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir (1969-74) requested to invite to her home Chinese officials to have with them a private heart-to-heart talk to convince them that Israel is a friend of China. On the other hand, Islamic suicidal terrorism has had to be perceived by Israel, since from 2000 to 2003 there were in Israel about 20,000 terrorist acts, so many because Israel is surrounded on land by the Islamic world.

To go to the United States an Islamic suicidal terrorist has to cross the ocean. Into Israel a suicidal terrorist can walk and carry the bomb, which can readily be built on the cheap. It is said that the Islamic suicidal terrorism in Israel is caused by the terrorists’ desire to accelerate the founding of an independent Palestinian state. What then causes it in Europe or Saudi Arabia or caused it in 2001 in the United States?

Israel has been relying on the United States. But will this save Israel?

Predictably, following Sept. 11, 2001, dozens of Americans cooked up “books about Islamic terrorism,” rushed their concoctions into print, and became televised experts in the field. In more than three years I haven’t heard a single one of them who would understand the ABCs of suicidal terrorism. To begin with, none of them has mentioned or source-noted a single study (in the British medical journal Lancet, for example), establishing that suicide is genetic.

In 1994, 11.2 per 100,000 Americans committed suicide. And in 1995? Again 11.2! At work is a genetic constant and not miseries and misfortunes, which were once assumed to be the causes of suicide. Even in the United States the living conditions of women are worse than those of men. But 3,559 males aged 15 to 24 years committed suicide in the USA in 1997, while the figure for females of the same age was 627, about one-sixth! A similar discrepancy is observed in all countries, no matter how bad the living conditions of women are. Male genes produce a suicide rate far higher than do female genes.

But a suicide does not leave a note saying “I commit suicide because such are my genes.” A beautiful cause is ascribed to the suicide either by the self-murderer or by others, such as Goethe, who depicted unrequited love as the cause of Werther’s suicide. In the opera “Werther,” the suicide sings beautifully about his unrequited love. This ascription of a beautiful cause to a suicide is known as sublimation.

Incidentally, Goethe, the creator of the sublimation of Werther’s suicide, lived to 83 years, courted many women (and men), but it had never occurred to him to commit suicide because of unrequited love. His last flame was in her late teens, and when Goethe, in his 80s, was asked how he could expect her to reciprocate his love, he answered that woman loves in man the mind of their future son.

All this does not fit into the Islamic world. A Moslem can have up to four wives provided he is rich enough to keep them, and he does not wonder whether any of them does not reciprocate his love. On the other hand, there is a beautiful Islamic sublimation of a suicide: death in jihad, as a result of which the suicidal terrorist goes to paradise, where he will keep deflowering beautiful virgins who regain each time their virginity. How far from Werther bemoaning his unrequited love!

The exact number of suicides in the Islamic world is unknown, but the figure is definitely near 200,000 a year.

Another sphere of ignorance of the newly baked “experts” in terrorism is their failure to understand the psychology of a suicidal terrorist. Hence these “experts” see a suicidal terrorist as a kind of soldier, agent, hireling, “recruited” by a bureaucracy like Hamas or the head of a bureaucracy like Osama bin Laden or the late Yasser Arafat.

Actually, the only treasure indispensable in suicidal terrorism is the genetic wish to commit suicide. Everything else, including money for operating expenses, is taken care of automatically, since the required money is infinitesimal in the wealth of the Islamic rich supporting the jihad.

Hence the illusions connected with the death of Arafat. It is ridiculous to believe that he ordered about suicidal terrorists though they could kill him. If he was “the government,” well, suicidal terrorists may wage their terrorist war against any government (recall the Russian terrorists who assassinated Czar Alexander II and then gravely wounded Lenin, which contributed to his sickness and death). If Israel retains a square foot of its territory (just enough for Sharon to stand on) the suicidal terrorists may continue their terrorist war to kill Sharon and take away that square foot of land that he stands on. They do not fight for anything except their suicide, beautifully sublimated and taking them to paradise.

It was admitted by Sharon that Arafat had been elected by a Palestinian majority. The word “majority” is sacred for many Americans. The majority is always right. It is forgotten that Hitler’s party received in 1932 more votes in the Reichstag election than any other, and the German majority definitely supported Hitler before his defeat at Moscow in the winter of 1941-42. Even years after the collapse of the Soviet dictatorship in 1991, public polls showed that four times more Russians regarded Stalin as “the greatest political leader in Russia” than they did Yeltsin.

The Palestinian majority supported Arafat and believed that Israel should be thrown out of “Palestine,” a Latin name given to Judaea and Samaria by Rome, which killed or deported the Jews from the land known as Israel about half a millennium before the words “Moslem,” “Islamic” and “Koran” appeared.

Of what avail will be the replacement of Arafat if he did what the Palestinian majority wanted him to?

It is admitted that an Islamic hatred for the United States has grown in connection with the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Israel is affected by this hatred, but it is far harder for Israel to survive.

Nor can Israel regard itself as a self-contained world. The annihilation of the West by post-nuclear superweapons being developed in China since 1986 will also be the annihilation of Israel, no matter how immortal Sharon may feel. Nor will a possible closer alliance between China and the Islamic world make the predicament less tragic.

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For Motherland gratefully acknowledged the receipt of my article, my gift to Israel - and has not published it.I have not heard from them since September. I can guess why.In 2002, I ridiculed in my Internet column Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who had devastated the...
Thursday, 16 December 2004 12:00 AM
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