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Those Peaceful Muslims

Friday, 22 February 2002 12:00 AM

Wall Street Journal reporter Danny Pearl is dead. The "peaceful" Islamic radicals took a videotape of Pearl's throat being cut and apparently sent it to his employer and U.S. officials.

Be listening today. Let's see if those same people who are so loudly condemning U.S. treatment of the "detainees" at Camp X-Ray will step forward to say a few words about the wonderful, peace-loving Muslims who cut this innocent man's throat.

This should be a wake-up call. The war against terrorism is far, far from over.

I couldn't believe it. I tuned in to CNN's "Talk Back Live" Wednesday afternoon. It was a wide-ranging discussion of the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. As I tuned in, the discussion centered around the question of whether or not there was enough racial diversity on the U.S. Olympic Team.

Why are we discussing this? Is this really an issue? Are people upset because there aren't enough black faces on the U.S. Olympic team? Well … it would seem so.

One person actually suggested that there is a government solution to this dire problem. The government needs to spend some more money to attract blacks to winter sports.

If I were to walk up to this person and ask her just where in our Constitution she would find authorization for such expenditures, the response would probably be, "Constitution? What Constitution?"

I truly believe that most Americans, and virtually ALL so-called liberals, recognize absolutely no limitations whatsoever on the power of government. Whatever the people want the government to do – the government should do.

This is the essence of a democracy, not a republic. This the type of demand you get from people who believe in a government by majority rule, not a government of law.

So, if you're upset that there aren't enough black faces on the U.S. Winter Olympic Team, the solution is simple! Just seize some more money from hard-working Americans and use that money to create some sort of a government program to attract blacks to winter sports.

There's also the element of anti-individualism here. To become a part of the cabal calling for more blacks on the Olympic team, you have to join the group-identity crowd. People aren't to be judged by individual merit and achievement. Instead, they are to be judged first and foremost by their group identity. What color are they? Are they black or white?

By the way … are these same collectivists ready to step forward and demand government funds to attract more young white males to a career in the NBA?

Then there was a segment about the wonderful snowboarders. I told you a week or so ago that these snowboarders were simply grungy teens who took the wheels off their skateboards for the Olympics. As soon as the snow melts, the snowboarders will be back in city parks defacing benches, stairway railings and anything else they can find to slam, scrape and gouge with their precious skateboards.

You want to know just how "mainstream" these boarders are? There have been charges that the Olympic snowboarders "sold out" by their participation in the Olympics. Sold out? What kind of childish nonsense is this?

Oh … and don't forget that group of snowboarders who were hired to run some commercial venue in Salt Lake City. They were housed in some frat house at a university. Evidently they've trashed it. No word on the degree of difficulty for trashing a frat house.

Oh … one more thing. They are looking for a group of snowboarders in Vail, Colo., who attacked a skier who complained about their conduct on the slopes. They beat him with his ski poles. "Slope rage," they're calling it.

Well, we all know that a good snowboarder shouldn't ever accept any criticism for bad conduct on the slopes. That would be "selling out."

Businesses like to provide perks for their best customers. Restaurants will shorten the wait for frequent diners, and they'll get the best tables. It's all part of customer care.

After airport security became a government show, airlines started looking for a way to appease their best frequent-flying business customers. They started establishing special screening stations for first-class and high-volume customers.

Well … the federal government is having none of this nonsense in its new "professionalized" airport security screening system. The order has been given. Commercial airlines must close down their VIP lines. The Transportation Security Administration ordered the elimination of these lines. They want to make the screening situation more "equitable."

This will obviously be bad for airlines. On the one hand they were working hard to get business fliers, especially those on the shorter routes, back into airline seats. On the other hand they were eager to have the federal government take over all security operations at the airports.

From Atlanta it would take a business traveler six or seven hours to drive to Orlando. If that business traveler elects to fly – and if checked luggage and rental cars are in the picture – the business traveler can drive just as easily.

Perhaps you've heard. Some students at UCLA, on the left coast, are upset. They're upset because first lady Laura Bush has been invited to deliver the commencement address this spring. Spokesmen for the protesting students say that Laura Bush has "shallow credentials."

What do they mean by "shallow credentials"? Are they upset because she's honest? Are they upset because she hasn't lied to the American people? Are they upset because she's not a crooked lawyer who helps clients draft documents to be used to bilk American taxpayers?

We know why they're upset. They're upset because Laura Bush is the wife of a conservative, Republican president. She's not a leftist. She's not a collectivist. They just don't think that she is as smart as they are – at this critical time in their lives when they actually really DO know it all.

OK … and just what area of academia do these protesting students come from? The School of Education, that's where. The septic tank of higher learning. The last refuge for the academically inept. The people who will be teaching your children the wonders of government in a few years.

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Wall Street Journal reporter Danny Pearl is dead.The peaceful Islamic radicals took a videotape of Pearl's throat being cut and apparently sent it to his employer and U.S. officials. Be listening today.Let's see if those same people who are so loudly condemning U.S....
Friday, 22 February 2002 12:00 AM
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