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Friday, 03 November 2000 12:00 AM

Is this what we’ve been waiting for all of this time? Is this the big bad story we’ve been expecting to break just before the election, the so-called "October surprise"?

Here are the details:

He was stopped in Maine. Visiting his parents. Cop saw him drive slightly off the side of the road and then back on again. He blew a 1.0 on a Breathalyzer. That’s the legal limit.

He did not pull rank. He did not pull this "My Daddy’s a so-and-so" routine. The police officer who stopped him said he was a "picture of integrity. He gave no resistance. He was very cooperative."

He pleaded guilty. None of this "no local controlling interest" nonsense. Paid a $150 fine and lost his driving privileges in Maine for two years.

So now I’m sitting here in the studio with network news cameras aimed at me; they want to see what’s going to happen on the Neal Boortz show because George W. Bush got a DUI 24 years ago?

Hey, I’m not light on DUIs. I think it ought to be a mandatory loss of license and 30 days in jail for the first one – Bush included. But does this mean the man is not qualified to serve as president 24 years later?

Bill Clinton smoked dope. That was illegal. And this 24-year-old DUI is a big story?

Bill Clinton has yet to respond to a very credible accusation of a violent rape, and this 24-year-old DUI is a big story?

Al Gore wants to initiate the largest expansion in the size and expense of government since LBJ, and this 24-year-old DUI is a big story?


First the Democrats and leftists tried the cocaine bit on Bush. Didn’t work. The story had more holes in it than a Clinton affidavit. Then the Gore campaign pulled out one of its more effective loyalists, Hustler publisher Larry Flynt, to float some abortion rumors about Bush. Try as he might, Flynt can’t get any traction on this Bush-abortion story. Again – no corroborating evidence, too many holes.

Now we get the big Kahuna. Bush had a DUI. Fox News Channel broke the story nationally during the network's six o'clock news. Then something odd happened. Part of the arrest record, along with Maine's documentation of Bush's driving record and arrest record, was faxed to news agencies all over the country. The Gore campaign insists that it had "absolutely nothing" to do with the report and had no comment.

The Gore campaign says they had nothing to do with the disclosure. Yeah, and he missed all of that talk about the fund raiser at the Buddhist temple because he had to take a whiz. And he invented the Internet, and the movie "Love Story" was about him and Tipper. And he was an unwilling participant in those House hearings on dirty record lyrics.

As for Gore’s "It wasn’t me! I swear!" claim. Tell it to one of your supporters, pal. Hell, they’ll believe anything.

But are the American voters idiots enough to allow this to sway them? My guess is that they will see this for just what it most certainly is – a last-minute desperation effort by the leftists and Democrats, in and out of the Gore campaign, to derail Bush support four days before the election.

Odds are, you don't know that one of the House's leading Democrats is in big trouble.

Republican candidate Bill Federer says polls conducted by his campaign show Richard Gephardt and he are tied, each with 40 percent. The remaining 20 percent are undecided.

This dead heat follows a summer in which Gephardt's support fell below 50 percent and has continued to slide ever since.

Gephardt's support has been on the wane for years. In 1978, he drew 82 percent of the vote. In 1988, he pulled in 62 percent. And two years ago, he won with only 55.8 percent of the vote. Translation: Folks in Missouri's 3rd Congressional District are becoming disillusioned with the man who once referred to the wealthy as those who had "won life's lottery."

So why haven't you heard about this until now? Why haven't you heard about how the Democratic Party's front-runner to be Speaker of the House is fighting for his political life?

There's been a total media blackout. The region's major newspaper, the

No news is good news. At least, that's the message a cooperative news media hopes Missouri's 3rd District will take to the polls on Tuesday.

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Is this what we've been waiting for all of this time? Is this the big bad story we've been expecting to break just before the election, the so-called October surprise ? Here are the details: He was stopped in Maine. Visiting his parents. Cop saw him drive slightly...
Friday, 03 November 2000 12:00 AM
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