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The Truth About Tom Daschle and the Arsenic Rule

Monday, 30 April 2001 12:00 AM

Dig a little deeper and you'll see just how much of a hypocrite Tom Daschle really is.

Flash back to October of last year. The Senate was debating whether to give the EPA more time to implement the new arsenic rule. California's Barbara Boxer wanted to tack an amendment on to the VA-HUD appropriations bill. Her amendment would have forced the EPA to finalize its new rule by January 1, 2001, instead of June 22, 2001.

Boxer's amendment didn't pass. Daschle was one of the 18 Democrats who voted against it.

So why is he now so eager to slam the Bush administration for dragging its feet on the arsenic rule? It's because there's a Republican president in the White House. This is just one more opportunity to get a jab in at the president.

Remember ... you will consume more arsenic by eating ONE lobster tail than you will by drinking 1,000 gallons of typical drinking water.

Does this sound like a major environmental issue that absolutely, positively has to be dealt with right now?

Or does it sound more like a convenient issue for the Democrats to sink their talons into?

And do the liberal media have the cojones to ask Daschle how he voted last October?

Okay. Jenna Bush screwed up. Royally. She got caught drinking at a bar in Austin. She's underage. She got ticketed for illegal possession of alcohol. Reports of her run-in with the law have been spread far and wide.

Fact is, you're probably not used to this kind of coverage of the president's daughter. That's because, for the last eight years, children of the Clintons and the Gores got a free pass from the press.

For instance, you probably never heard about Chelsea Clinton's spring break drinking spree in Aspen, Colorado, last month. Or how Al Gore's then-16-year-old daughter Sarah was cited for underage possession of alcohol back in 1996. Or when Gore's then-14-year-old son Albert III was suspended from St. Albans prep school for smoking pot at a school dance that same year.

The mainstream media kept its collective trap shut on these stories. And you never heard about Albert III's drug bust because dear old Dad personally contacted news editors and asked them to kill the story!

But there's no Democrat in the White House anymore, is there? That means anything goes. Anything that can be used against Dubya makes it to air. Next the pundits will be accusing Dubya of driving his daughter to drink.

The Democratic Party is running a little advertisement on television slamming Bush after his first 100 days. The ad is business as usual for Democrats. In other words, it contains wild, hysterical charges designed to appeal to the marginally informed Democratic constituency – charges that have little, if any, basis in fact.

It's important to note that the Democrats have to resort to lies in order to mount their anti-Bush campaign. There's one line in the Democratic ad which illustrates this point. That's the line "George Bush's first 100 days … brought to you by the chemical industry."

So, what do you think they're referring to? The arsenic bit, of course. The Democrats are trying to explain Bush's cancellation of Clinton's last-minute arsenic standards by implying that it was a payoff to the chemical industry. Bush didn't want to lower the allowable arsenic in the water supply because it would cost the chemical industry – the companies who supply all that arsenic – too much money.

So, why is this a lie? Simple enough. Because ALL of the arsenic found in our water supply comes from natural sources. NONE of it comes from chemical companies. Arsenic occurs naturally in water – and is, in fact, an essential ingredient in human nutrition.

Daschle, Gephardt et al know, though, that the core Democratic constituency is of below average intelligence and, thus, can be expected to fall for their lies – especially since the media are so willing to help.

Good news for you parents out there who think that it's admirable parental conduct to drug your kids into submission in the classroom. Now you can get rid of your child's shyness through drugs!

Doctors are expecting a rush from parents demanding prescriptions for the drug Luvox. Evidently this wonderful drug makes shy or anxious children more confident. Yup, your kids can make friends more easily and will be less prone to panic when left alone.

Oh, by the way – isn't this the stuff that one of those Columbine idiots, either Harris or Klebold, was on?

Vice President Dick Cheney is warning Californians that they might be in for a somewhat rough summer. There will be shortages of electricity and rolling blackouts or brownouts are to be expected. Californians, of course, are waiting for the rest of the country to come bail them out.

Question: The voters of California put these anti-capitalist, left-wing politicians into place. The voters of California were dumb enough to accept the premise that you can control what a company charges for its product while allowing the company's expenses to increase without any limitation. In other words, the voters of California put politicians into office who ignored the basic economic laws of supply and demand – and now they're paying the price.

Just why does the rest of the country owe them any bailout? They elected these leftist state leaders … now let them pay the tab. Maybe they'll be a bit more careful about whom they vote for in the future. What will they ever learn if they don't have to suffer the consequences of their decisions?

That goes double for the people of Davenport, Iowa. They go year after year without a flood wall – because the Mississippi River bank is such a great place to have a picnic and concert – and now they're under water. We've bailed them out twice with millions in taxpayer money in the past 10 years. Why should the American taxpayers be forced to do this again?

Over the last couple of months I've been telling you about the full-page ad David Horowitz has tried to place in more than 70 student-run college newspapers nationwide. About 40 of them have refused to print his ad – including the Technique at ever-moving-leftward Georgia Tech.

The ad, you see, details Horowitz's "Ten Reasons Why Reparations for Slavery is a Bad Idea – and Racist Too." It's not exactly popular among the politically correct crowd or the members of the protected class who want their 40 acres and a Lexus.

At the 28 schools where the ad ran, the student editors have found themselves under siege. Just look at Indiana University, where the Indiana Daily Student published Horowitz's ad on April 13. Last Thursday, a group demonstrated at the university's gates and presented their demands. Leftists just love to present demands, you know.

What do they want? They want the staff of the Indiana Daily Student to attend "diversity training." They want the newspaper to diversify its staff. They want the newspaper to consult with university administrators before publishing "racist material." And they want university president Myles Brand to issue a statement articulating the university's stance on the issue.

"Diversity training"? A better term would be "diversity indoctrination" or "diversity re-education." What do you learn at "diversity training"? You learn that individuals should not be judged on the basis of individual merit, ability, accomplishment, character or personal values. Instead, individuals must be judged on the basis of their membership in a group. They are to be considered not as individuals, but only by their racial, ethnic or sexual identity.

Forcing the newspaper to consult with administrators takes away the paper's independence. Populating the staff with more minorities makes the paper less likely to approve such "racist material."

In essence, the protesters want to hobble the Indiana Daily Student to prevent them from ever printing such "hateful" material again.

There's no mention of if, or when, the people who protested against the Indiana Daily Student will present their own rational rebuttal of David Horowitz's ad.

If David Horowitz is such a bigot and a racist, then why not refute his ad instead of calling him names?

It's so easy to accuse someone of racism and "hate speech." But it takes some thought to issue a calm, factual rebuttal. Apparently that's more work than the protesters at Indiana University are willing to put in. They're content to accuse the editors of racism and make demands without resorting to a logical dissection of the claims presented in the ad.

At today's colleges and universities, "diversity" means only one thing: diversity of skin colors. True diversity, however, includes intellectual diversity. That's something these protesters have failed to grasp.

Just think – some of these narrow-minded leftists will be the future business and political leaders of America. Isn't that great?

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Dig a little deeper and you'll see just how much of a hypocrite Tom Daschle really is. Flash back to October of last year. The Senate was debating whether to give the EPA more time to implement the new arsenic rule. California's Barbara Boxer wanted to tack an amendment...
Monday, 30 April 2001 12:00 AM
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