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The Right and the Left in Politics

Thursday, 09 December 2004 12:00 AM

So, the Right and the Left in politics make sense in countries with elected legislatures. But they make no sense in a dictatorship, because the dictator does whatever he thinks necessary or beneficial for the preservation and growth of his power whose maximum is world domination. Hence it is absurd to regard Stalin’s Russia or China today as left-wing and Hitler’s Germany as right-wing.

Stalin accepted up to the late 1920s Lenin’s decision to permit private enterprise – capitalism, as in China today. Surely this is not left-wing! Then Stalin abolished it. Why? In the 1930s, he was in a great hurry to carry out his “industrialization,” that is, to create the most advanced “industrial base” for the development and production of the most advanced weapons. Now, private enterprise was an obstacle because it spent resources to supply the demand of the population for consumer goods and services, and Stalin intended to put the population on minimal rations. His new departure was originally called officially “state capitalism,” and surely it was no more left-wing than private capitalism.

In 1943 Stalin began to promote the Orthodox Church and to replace Marxism with Russian nationalism. Before his death in 1953, there were mass dismissals of Jews. He was planning to become a Byzantine emperor (about whom he had learned in his youth, in his Orthodox seminary). That is, he was to be God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, as a Byzantine emperor had been. As for the Jews, being dismissed, they were to be dealt with in Stalin’s version of Hitler’s Final Solution. What is left-wing about all this?

Hitler called his ideology “National Socialism” because the word “socialism” had (in contrast to the United States today) a wide appeal in Europe. At the same time the word “national” (complete with anti-Semitism) was to appeal to German nationalists, including anti-Semites. What is left-wing about Hitler’s extermination of 6 million Jews, including the poor, the sick and the children among them?

At the same time, surely the Left in Europe and the United States has not been anti-Semitic and condemned Hitler¹s mega-massacre. Hitler launched the mega-massacre of Jews after his defeat at Moscow in the winter of 1941-42 because he wanted to make his subordinates heinously guilty in the eyes of the English-speaking countries and thus prevent his subordinates’ betrayal of him.

When I lived in Soviet Russia, up to 1971, I witnessed a horrible political illiteracy of many Russians. I had learned English, read books and periodicals in English, and listened in English to the BBC and the Voice of America (all foreign broadcasts in Russia were jammed). But even those Russians who rejected the Soviet propaganda rarely knew anything else, and their political notions were often more fantastic than the Soviet propaganda. But I dismissed their fantasies, for nothing depended politically on them – the dictators did what they wanted.

But in the United States, the wild political fantasies of some of my Internet readers scare me because they are voters, and U.S. politics largely depends on the voters.

On Nov. 28 I received a page-long e-mail. Its author (from Andover, Minn.) requested through the Internet my agreement to confirm my receipt of his e-mail, and I clicked my agreement. So the author was worried that I would not read his e-mail and thus would stay unenlightened by him, or, still worse, that I would pretend that I had not read his e-mail and would continue to spread my political mistakes, which my Andover reader calls “nonsensical.”

My Andover reader begins his e-mail of Nov. 28 by quoting my column

What about the “Extreme Right”? Thank God: “complete freedom of the individual,” for Nazi Germany was “on the extreme [!] left.”

So “on the extreme left” is the Nazi destruction of the German Communist Party and all socialist or social-democratic parties or other parties of the Left. What about Mussolini in Italy, Franco in Spain, Salazar in Portugal, etc.? Are they are also “on the extreme left”? Then, perhaps, all kings, emperors, sultans, khans, etc., under absolutism are also “on the extreme left”?

Says my Andover reader: “Both Stalinist Russia and Nazi German were on the extreme left. Nazi is short for NATIONAL SOCIALISM. Take note of the word ‘SOCIALISM.’”

But why take note only of the word “socialism,” which Hitler ascribed to his creed because he could ascribe to it anything that helped him to gain and maximize his power? Why not take note of the word “national,” that is, his nationalism, based on racism, according to which the Germans were the Aryan race, superior to the Americans except for “racially pure” Germans among them. Is this all “on the extreme left”?

Note that my Andover reader gives Mao’s China (1949-1976) as a left-wing example. What about China from 1977 to 2004? Has it become as right-wing as the “right-wing” model of government that “the founders of the U.S.” believed in, according to the e-mail from Andover? If this is not the case, then it can be said that the American “rightist elite” “practically swoon at the sight” of the dictators of China “and visit them regularly” or invite them.

There is a difference between Cuba and China. Castro has been afraid in the past 40-odd years to be assassinated or overthrown by the United States. The dictatorship of China has been developing since 1986 post-nuclear superweapons, able to annihilate the West, to which the U.S. political establishment (both right- and left-wing) has been willfully blind. According to my Andover reader, the enemies are not outside (in China), but within – they are the Left, and above all, the Democratic Party:

Incidentally, without any U.S. support to the Sandinista regime, Violetta Barrios defeated in 1990 the Sandinista leader in national elections, and a “conservative former mayor of Managua” defeated him in the presidential election in 1996. But never mind! What is important? Nicaragua (the population in 1980: 2 million) was a threat to the United States, but China (the population in 2004: 1.3 billion) is not. The left-wingers inside the United States (the Democratic Party) and outside (not China in 2004, but Nicaragua in the 1980s) dream of taking over the world:

That is, what is crucial is not the defense against the development of post-nuclear superweapons in China, in “strategic partnership” with Putin’s Russia, but the victory over the Democratic Party. Indeed, in the three debates before the presidential election of Nov. 2, “the China threat” was not mentioned even once. The goal was not the survival of the West, but the defeat of the opposing party.

The Republican Party defeated the Democratic Party on Nov. 2. Now the Andover fantasy-monger offers a fantasy, according to which the primary – indeed, the sacred goal – is to finish off the Left in this world as the only source of totalitarian or any other oppression and, in particular, finish off the defeated Democratic Party, conspiring against the Right in the United States with the Left elsewhere (such as in Nicaragua in the 1980s).

The only trouble is that the political right-wing fighter from Andover, the U.S. government, the U.S. Congress (with few exceptions, nationally inaudible), the CIA, the Pentagon, the universities, and the mainstream media, have been willfully blind to the threat, endangering the very existence of the United States (or the West as a whole) and have thus been betraying their country to the dictatorship of China “in strategic partnership” with Putin of Russia.

Now, my Andover reader is trying to switch the issue of an external threat, endangering the very existence of the United States (and the West as a whole), onto an internecine feud between the ever “patriotic Right” and the ever “treacherous Left.” Well, Hitler, Stalin and Mao destroyed all left-wing (and right-wing) parties except the “party” of their “patriotic” subordinates, obeying them like their slaves. Is this what the Andover fantasy is bound to lead to?

But will such a victory of the U.S. Republicans over the U.S. Democrats ensure the global victory of the U.S. Right? On the eve of the Coalition’s invasion of Iraq, the U.S. defense budget exceeded 20 times Iraq’s entire Gross Domestic Product. Yet Iraq’s (guerrilla) war does not abate more than 20 months after the invasion. Now, China graduates four times more scientists and engineers than does the United States, and 10 times more students study nanotechnology in China than in the United States. To be willfully blind to “the China threat” does not mean that it will not keep growing and become fatal. Nor does the danger diminish owing to business deals like the latest sale of the IBM to China!

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So, the Right and the Left in politics make sense in countries with elected legislatures.But they make no sense in a dictatorship, because the dictator does whatever he thinks necessary or beneficial for the preservation and growth of his power whose maximum is world...
Thursday, 09 December 2004 12:00 AM
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