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The Reality of Today's Civil Rights Lawsuits

Monday, 09 April 2001 12:00 AM

Here's how the scam works:

1. A large corporation with huge assets that has not been victimized by a previous class action racial discrimination lawsuit is identified.

2. Lawyers launch a search for a small number of black employees or former employees of this corporation who would be willing to say that they are or have been discriminated against on the job.

3. Amid much publicity and fanfare the discrimination lawsuits are filed against the sitting-duck corporation.

4. Lawyers work the courts and the media to obtain class-action status for the lawsuit. In order to do this, generally unsubstantiated rumors and stories of rampant racial abuses and discrimination are spread and repeated to anyone who will listen.

5. As soon as the class-action status is granted by the courts, the race warlords' attorneys issue immediate demands that the victimized corporation enter into immediate negotiations to settle the lawsuit. These pressure tactics are absolutely essential because the plaintiffs and their lawyers do not, under any circumstances, have to actually go to a trial on the merits of their case.

6. If the target corporation refuses settlement negotiations or an immediate cash settlement – in other words, if the target corporation indicates that it is planning to make the plaintiffs actually prove their case in court – the plaintiffs will immediately cite this as proof that the target corporation is racist.

7. The civil rights lawyers will rely on the good will and fawning of the media to promote the plight of the poor plaintiffs, "who are only trying to receive just compensation for decades of brutal discrimination and abuse at the hands of the white corporate power structure."

8. The civil rights activists, fearing an actual trial, will then arrange demonstrations against the target corporation. Media coverage of these demonstrations is a given. Boycotts will also be threatened as a means of "punishing" the corporation for its refusal to settle the lawsuit.

9. If the corporation happens to schedule a stockholders meeting before the suit is settled, the plaintiffs' handlers will charter a fleet of buses and organize a "freedom ride" to the site of the meeting in order to carry their "grievances" directly to the racist board of directors.

10. The helpless corporation, facing negative media coverage and the prospect of an economically damaging boycott, will finally enter into "settlement" negotiations with the civil rights warlords.

11. A peace accord will finally be reached with the targeted corporation, which will provide for a large sum of money to be distributed to those who joined into the class action lawsuit.

12. Another huge sum of money will be distributed to various causes, funds and organizations headed by the civil rights warlords who brought the initial action. Representatives of these so-called civil rights organizations will be paid "consulting fees" or put on the corporate payroll to monitor future employment practices and to "encourage diversity."

13. The lawyers and warlords will stuff an amazing amount of money in their own pockets.

14. Then they'll head off to find another corporation to target.

All of this, of course, is presented to the American people not as a shakedown operation, but as noble warriors engaged in a fight for racial justice.

And now here's the medical evidence.

There's a new article that appears in the spring issue of the Medical Sentinel, the official journal of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. It's a study that finds most gun violence studies from the last 20 years are based on flawed methodology, and they're unduly influenced by political agendas – thus leading to biased and incorrect conclusions. Supposedly objective studies weren't objective at all, because the people conducting them were blinded by their own prejudices. They set a goal and then tweaked the data to achieve it.

The author of this study is Dr. Miguel Faria, editor in chief of Medical Sentinel. Faria found that:

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons has long been a thorn in the side of the anti-gun groups. They've recently held the feet of several doctors' groups to the fire for their obvious left-leaning anti-gun biases – and their decision to ask patients about gun ownership.

Will the gun-grabbing doctors be able to come up with a logical argument against Miguel Faria and the AAPS? Not likely. Because Faria's statistics are based in rock-solid fact, and the only arguments anti-gunners can counter with are based in emotion. In this battle of wits, they're the ones who are unarmed.

So last Thursday, the media made a fuss about something Hillary Clinton said as she was walking to her car. The New York Post asked her, "So, Senator Clinton, are you ruling out a run for president not just in 2004, but in 2008 and beyond?"

Her answer was yes.


I can't believe the media is taking this as Queen Hillary's ironclad promise that we won't see her name on the presidential ballot ... ever. It's as if she's never lied before. Not even once!

Do these same Hillary-obsessed media remember a March 1994 interview she gave to four New York gossip columnists? Liz Smith of Newsday wrote, "Would she ever run for office herself? She gave a very definite 'No!'"

And here she is, the junior senator from New York.

Also, let's not forget that a certain Arkansas governor pledged to serve out the four-year term to which he'd been elected in 1990 ... then announced he'd run for president the following September.

Don't believe a word you hear from Hillary Clinton's mouth. She and her husband have a well-established track record of lying when it serves their purposes.

Hillary's polls are down now – so NOW she doesn't intend to run for the presidency. Let those poll numbers start up again and see how quick Hillary launches a "listening tour" to see if the American People want her to go ahead and run. It's the same ploy her husband used in Arkansas, and the same concept she used to overcome her previous promises that she wouldn't run for higher office.

Oh – and now that I've brought up these "listening tours," let me make sure you realize how they're run.

We'll use Hitlary's New York listening tour. She told the media that she wanted to hear from the people of New York to see of they wanted her to run. She traveled from location to location, venue to venue, to hear from New Yorkers. Trouble is, every single New Yorker she heard from was hand-picked in advance by her political operatives. She only wanted to hear what she wanted to hear: the message that "Yes, we need you! Please run!"

Same ploy for the presidency.

Ever asked your child what games they play in physical education class at school?

Odds are, it's not dodge ball. School districts are banning dodge ball in greater numbers because it's too violent. Archery and gymnastics are on their way out, too, because of the potential for injury. Now school districts are embracing safer activities – like golf, bowling, in-line skating, weight training … and line dancing.

Even the ways kids are picked for team sports have been altered to prevent girls from being picked last!

All of this is designed to protect students from themselves – and to make them feel good. It's also designed to destroy the concept of individuality.

This is what we've come to in government education, folks. We're so afraid to take risks that we prevent our kids from any activity that might have one shred of danger. And we're terrified of hurting kids' self-esteem, so we take the competition out of sports

It's a generation that, unlike our fathers' generation, would be totally unprepared for war.

We're raising a generation of pampered wimps, my friends. A generation of pampered, government-dependent myrmidons. And I don't know if there's time to reverse this trend.

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Here's how the scam works: 1. A large corporation with huge assets that has not been victimized by a previous class action racial discrimination lawsuit is identified. 2. Lawyers launch a search for a small number of black employees or former employees of this...
Monday, 09 April 2001 12:00 AM
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