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The Price Is Left

Wednesday, 20 June 2007 12:00 AM

At Stonehenge in England the latter-day Druids on Thursday perform ancient pagan rites to celebrate summer solstice, the longest day of the year.

For the next six months, days will shorten by about one minute of sunlight per day until late December brings winter solstice.

This week also marked other milestones on our culture's long slide back to a pagan dark ages.

Bullying bigmouth comic Rosie O'Donnell this week told reporters she is in discussions with CBS to fill the shoes of retired legendary game-show host Bob Barker.

This column's unnamed sources confirm that one of liberal Ms. O'Donnell's demands is that Barker's long-successful game show "The Price Is Right," be renamed "The Price Is Left."

Western Civilization, come on down . . . and down . . . and down.

Down has also been the direction of CBS's ratings since the Tiffany Network made perky partisan and former co-host of NBC's "Today" show Katie Couric its evening news anchor.

Couric was and is notorious for injecting a Democratic political bias into almost everything she says. On NBC she once famously referred to President Ronald Reagan as an "airhead."

The roots of Couric's left-liberal prejudice can be traced to her childhood.

Couric's late sister, who was a leader of the Democratic Party in the Virginia state legislature, once told reporters that she grew up in a family where capital D "Democrat" was thought of as the "default setting" for human beings. To be anything else, in other words, was a defect that made a person somehow inhuman.

CBS boss Les Moonves enshrined Couric at $15 million per year and blames viewer misogyny, not Katie's bias or untrustworthiness, for her plummeting ratings.

Moonves counts among his life's most cherished moments his February 2001 party with Communist dictator Fidel Castro in Havana.

No wonder Moonves loves Katie — and Rosie.

Couric shares Moonves' ideology. On the "Today" show, she once said: "Considered one of the most charismatic leaders of the 20th Century . . . Castro traveled the country cultivating his image, and his revolution delivered. Campaigns stamped out illiteracy and even today, Cuba has one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world."

Even Michael Moore could not have lied any more directly than Couric did in favor of Marxism.

Speaking of which, with Moore's anti-American documentary "Sicko" about to infect a theatre near you, the media never tells you that Moore was briefly editor of the independent socialist magazine Mother Jones. Moore was fired after spiking an article because it criticized Fidel Castro, a heresy Moore deemed deserving of a literary death penalty.

Moore's new documentary claims that Communist Cuba has a healthcare system superior to ours. But Cuba went from being the third richest Western Hemispheric nation before Castro to its poorest under Castro.

When I was in Castro's Cuba as a journalist, ordinary people who needed hospital treatment were required to bring their own sheets and light bulbs for the operating room. When Castro himself was ill a few months ago, he imported a doctor from Spain rather than rely on Cuba's glorious healthcare. Don't hold your breath waiting for Katie Couric to report such things on CBS.

As to Couric's claim that Castro stamped out illiteracy, the only reading permitted in Cuba is of Communist propaganda. Cubans are nominally taught to read but are not permitted to think, express ideas freely, criticize their government, or leave — facts Couric has been too busy criticizing America's prison for terrorists next door in Guantanamo, Cuba, to mention.

I remember visiting a Potemkin village school near Havana where foreign journalists are taken for show — the only place in the island I saw where a black man nominally in charge in this white-run island slave colony.

Students studied for half of each day, this principal told us proudly, and then spent their afternoons at the adjoining factory making batteries. Imagine what Katie Couric would report about an American factory that exploited child labor and coerced children to risk burning their hands and burning their lungs daily on battery acid. But Katie reports no such human rights abuses in Marxist dictatorships such as Castro's Cuba or Hugo Chavez's Venezuela.

We, by contrast, are a nominal democracy attempting to secure fledgling democratic institutions in tribal Iraq, which such transplants are at best a long shot.

But in Washington, D.C., leading senators are now using procedural gimmicks to ram through a bill granting amnesty to between 12 and 20 million illegal aliens, despite its defeat last week and polls showing that more than 70 percent of Americans oppose such amnesty. Is this democracy?

Hispanic protestors this week are marching around Capitol Hill carrying banners denouncing the "separation of families" that will end if the immigration bill permits illegals in the country to bring relatives from Latin America to join them.

But who caused this "separation of families?" They did, by leaving their families in Mexico and elsewhere to sneak illegally into the United States.

It's the same illogic used by Hispanic California lawmakers who demand state driver licenses for illegals — licenses, these lawmakers demand, that must carry no special mark or symbol that identifies the bearer as a non-citizen. That would be discriminatory. But those illegals are permitted to drive in California already by using a Mexican or Salvadoran driver license which these citizens of such foreign countries could have brought with them.

They do not need a California or Arizona license, yet several states now provide illegals such identification — the same "open sesame" genuine licenses carried by several of the 9/11 skyjacker terrorists.

The immigration bill is evidence that America is no longer a democracy in any meaningful sense of the word.

Neither are Western European nations, where after voters rejected the European Union at the polls in France, the Netherlands and Great Britain, it is being imposed via international "treaty" that neither permits nor requires a vote of the people.

Why should we be surprised that our notions of imposed "democracy" are failing in Iraq, when we no longer practice democracy here?


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At Stonehenge in England the latter-day Druids on Thursday perform ancient pagan rites to celebrate summer solstice, the longest day of the year. For the next six months, days will shorten by about one minute of sunlight per day until late December brings winter...
Wednesday, 20 June 2007 12:00 AM
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