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The Midair Collision Above the South China Sea – What's Next

Tuesday, 10 April 2001 12:00 AM

This is the heritage the Clinton-Gore administration, which ignored the main problems of this country's national security for a long period of time, bequeathed to the present Bush administration. It is also the result of new developments in those countries whose regimes consider the U.S. at the very minimum their "military adversary" and are trying to challenge America with their constantly growing military power.

The mainstream media tell us that the so-called accident with the U.S. "spy plane" could jeopardize our relations with Beijing, which they claim have never been as good as they are now. But the U.S. Navy EP-3E aircraft forced to land after a midair collision with a Chinese fighter jet was not a "spy plane."

It was a regular reconnaissance or patrol plane, clearly marked "U.S. Navy," and its whereabouts were always known to those it was monitoring. EP-3E was in international airspace on a mission so routine that countless others have been flown continuously by the Air Force and Navy aircraft over the past dozens of years.

It's very difficult to say what actually happened at the time of the EP-3E collision with the PLA fighter jet. The Chinese pilot might have tried to repeat the aerial maneuvers of the former Soviet interceptors, who during the Cold War harassed U.S. patrol aircraft, trying to turn them toward the mainland, where they could be forced to land or shot down. Influenced by Beijing's propaganda, which officially declares the U.S. the "main enemy," the pilot of the Chinese jet was very aggressive in his maneuvers and made a mistake, which cost him his life and seriously damaged the American patrol plane.

What else could we expect from Red China's military personnel, whose minds are controlled by propaganda that has sought for years to convince the Chinese people that every loyal Chinese has to sacrifice his life for the protection of his country from "international imperialism" – read the U.S.

Also it is very possible that the air collision was authorized by the Chinese leaders, but we will never know exactly who made this decision that appears to have been very profitable to Beijing. In capturing the U.S. patrol plane and 24 American hostages Chinese leaders received huge advantages in any future negotiations with the White House over many of the problems in bilateral relations.

Moreover, Chinese experts gained access to the top secret data and equipment on board the American reconnaissance aircraft, which they can use for their military preparations against the U.S. And it wouldn't be any surprise that in the current penetration of American secrets on board the EP-3E on Hainan Island, Chinese specialists are found to be working together with Russian intelligence experts in mutual cooperation.

The damage from this case to U.S. national security cannot be overstated. We can no longer sustain the policy of the previous U.S. administration. The evidence of Red China's military buildup with Russian weapons and its hostile, aggressive actions toward the U.S. and its friends and allies is overwhelming.

During the past year or so, NewsMax.com has reported many times on Red China's aggressive ambitions, its penetrations of the U.S. establishment and capital markets, and Chinese Communist military preparations for the future war with America. It has also reported on the creation of an anti-American coalition of so-called rogue nations resulting from the Moscow-Beijing alliance, which could be officially formalized this summer.

Last month this trend led to a new development. If some media reports are correct, the U.S. Navy patrol plane was conducting a reconnaissance mission of the Russian Sovremenny-class destroyers now in Chinese hands. These warships are armed with supersonic, nuclear-capable SS-N-22 missiles, against which the U.S. Navy has no current defense.

According to intelligence reports, a new model of Sovremenny-class destroyer is secretly under development for China. It will have vertical launch tubes and all the latest missiles. In addition to the Russian-made weapons systems, there are thousands of Russian military engineers now in China developing long-range, land-attack cruise missiles and other up-to-date arms.

Moscow is also offering Red China practically everything from its stockpile of weapons systems, all of which were originally designed by Soviet experts to kill Americans. There is no question against whom these weapons systems were designed, and experts believe that many of the new Russian weapons systems are more advanced than anything the West has in its arsenal. When Beijing buys these weapons it pays in hard currency, thanks to the profitable trade with the U.S. and other Western countries.

With these the PLA is flexing its muscles and is already trying to demonstrate the growing power of its military machine by challenging America and its friends and allies. There is no doubt that without an appropriate reaction from the U.S. administration, the latest demonstration of Chinese military power could be repeated at any time, and we will soon hear about new conflicts involving the Chinese, with much more dangerous consequences.

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This is the heritage the Clinton-Gore administration, which ignored the main problems of this country's national security for a long period of time, bequeathed to the present Bush administration. It is also the result of new developments in those countries whose regimes...
Tuesday, 10 April 2001 12:00 AM
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