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The Marxist Wars Aren't Over Yet

Tuesday, 17 April 2001 12:00 AM

While much of the nation struggles with rising energy costs, the Marxist environmentalist movement and its allies in Congress battle to keep the chains on the oil and gas and nuclear power industries and prevent them from doing what must be done to end the growing crisis.

The American people are being taxed and taxed and overtaxed, having their livelihoods seriously diminished by the burden Congress has placed on their shoulders, but the Marxists in Congress and their allies in the media are attempting to gut the president's tax plan and keep the people's money in Washington where they can squander it on Marxist schemes.

Marxism is indeed alive and well in America.

Here's what I wrote about that last January.

It ended almost five months ago. What was probably the bloodiest century in mankind's long history became an unpleasant memory at 12:01 a.m., Jan. 1, 2001.

While there's certainly no pleasure to be had in recalling the unspeakable horrors of the 20th century, it's vitally important to our future that we take the time to consider one of the lessons we can learn from that horrendous period in our history – the slaughter of tens of millions of our brothers and sisters all across the globe, and who did the killing.

The great majority of the victims of this murderous century were slain by Marxist governments. The executioners were the Marxists in Communist Russia, Red China, the Soviet puppet regimes in Eastern Europe, Nazi Germany (yes, dear liberals, like it or not, Germany was governed by the National Socialist Workers' Party – NAZI for short). All regimes that marched to the tunes composed by Karl Marx.

Now, it can be argued that these regimes distorted the economic doctrines espoused by Marx and turned the form of government he promoted into something he had not envisioned. But that misses the point. At the very heart of Marxism, or socialism as it is better known, is coercion. A socialist government by its very nature is, and must be, coercive – and coercive regimes cannot avoid evolving into ruthless dictatorships. They cannot otherwise survive.

They may pay lip service to some of the vestiges of democracy that survive the emergence of a socialist government, or even maintain a sham republic, but they are, and must be, authoritarian. It is the only way they can govern. Human nature, being what it is, will always in the end reject the lock-step regimentation socialism demands, so human nature must be hobbled and controlled.

And, sooner or later, the concentration camps become necessary and the killing begins. If we learned nothing from the 20th century, we should have at least learned that.

Why do I belabor these unpleasant facts? Simply because Marxism survives and lives on here in the United States of America. Sure, it's far from being what it became in Russia, China, Germany and Eastern Europe, but make no mistake about it: Allow socialism to make further inroads into our system of government and we will have set off down the road that inevitably leads to a coercive police state and all that it entails.

It took a while to get here, but now that we are, let it be said loud and clear that as the new administration settles into office and begins to attempt to implement its plans and programs George Bush is going to run head on into Karl Marx.

He's already encountering him on Capitol Hill, where the Democratic leadership is Marxist to the core; in the corrupt and thoroughly socialist mainstream media; and marching through the halls of academia and the leftist think tanks and environmental activist organizations that infest Washington.

In other words, the war against socialism has not been won. Like it or not, we're still in the trenches and we are about to fight the climactic battle that will determine whether this republic of ours will survive or simply sink into a Marxian nightmare.

I am not exaggerating. The agenda of the Democratic leadership in Congress is a socialist agenda. Their mindset is Marxian, and if you look back at the Clinton administration you will see the stark outlines of a coercive state – the state the Democratic leadership envisions.

We had a small glimpse of the socialist mindset that rules these people in Mr. Gore's tax cut proposal. Remember how it was "targeted"? Targeted, that is, at those taxpayers who behaved in a manner demanded by Mr. Gore. Be a good little citizen and drive the right kind of vehicle, and we'll reward you with a tax break. Drive what you want and there will be no tax break.

That's right out of the socialist playbook, and that's the game plan George Bush and the GOP are facing. And make no mistake about it: These people are playing for keeps.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not accusing the Democratic leadership of planning to set up concentration camps or killing fields. Sure, they are ruthless and largely corrupt, but they aren't a bunch of incipient Heinrich Himmlers or Joe Stalins. But if they get their way and plunge us deeper into the socialist morass, that will be the end result, even it it's not what they envision.

They may not be the tyrants, but, inevitably, their successors will be.

Those of us who do not want our children and grandchildren living under a coercive socialist regime had better be prepared to go to war alongside George Bush against Karl Marx and his modern-day heirs.

The Marxist wars are not yet over.

Faugh 'a Ballagh!

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While much of the nation struggles with rising energy costs, the Marxist environmentalist movement and its allies in Congress battle to keep the chains on the oil and gas and nuclear power industries and prevent them from doing what must be done to end the growing...
Tuesday, 17 April 2001 12:00 AM
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