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Thursday, 26 February 2004 12:00 AM

But this bus, number 18, is different. The young woman getting on board is overdressed for this autumn morning. Her zipped up leather jacket contrasts with the sweaters or light jackets of the other passengers. The series of explosives in her vest are in this way hidden.

Like so many fashions in Israel, this too is imported. The vest and the explosives come from Iraq, imported by Hezballah, distributed by Yasir Arafat’s Palestinian Authority.

The news of the attack is greeted with outrage in Israel, euphoria on the West Bank. An amount equal to twenty-five thousand American dollars is wired from Baghdad to Jericho to the suicide bomber’s family.

They say 9/11 changed everything. And mostly they are right. Having sent tanks into Kuwait, nerve gas into the Kurdish streets, scud missiles over Tel Aviv and suicide bombers onto Israeli buses, Saddam Hussein had worn out his welcome.

The Butcher of Baghdad is no more. He lies rotting in prison – beaten and bloated. The greatest threat to Israel in the world is no more, as Iraq moves from Saddamization to civilization. Libya has given up its terrorist ambitions. Syria is muted.

The Saudis are rounding up their own terrorists. Iran is bickering between the forces of oppression and the friends of freedom. Pakistan is giving up its nuclear arms sales business. China is trading. India is emerging. And the Liberal Jewish Community is overcome – with its hatred for President George W. Bush.

For them President Bush committed unpardonable sins. He made the world safer, stood up for Israel, revived the economy and restored dignity to the Office of the President – as a Republican. He cannot be forgiven and he cannot be pardoned. They seek to replace President Bush with John Kerry, their kind of President. Mr. Kerry would have Kofi Annan run our military, “Hanoi” Jane run our State Department and friends of Bill define our culture.

As a youngster I was taught the two words that unite Jews globally: Never Again! And I learned that those words meant that:

Never Again would we stand by and watch our families get slaughtered, Never Again would we be silent as our national leaders did nothing, Never Again would the world equate Judaism with weakness.

And here in the dawning of a new century, the Jewish State is attacked by Scud missiles from Iraq, suicide bombers from the West Bank and rhetoric from the United Nations. And the majority of Jews in America, the left behind Liberals, respond with appeasement, apologies and apathy.

President George W. Bush has enacted his own “Never Again” policy: Never Again will an American President propose the Clinton-Gore “End of Jerusalem” Peace Plan,

Never Again will an American President send his United Nations Ambassador to be a Madeline Albright “honest broker” between peace seeking Israelis and terror promoting Palestinians,

Never Again will oil dealing Europeans deter America from the vigorous defense of our allies.

To my friends who think they can be both pro Israel and bipartisan, I say this: The Democratic Party needs the American Jewish Community way more than the American Jewish Community needs the Democratic Party.

American Jews who curry favor with Clinton, Gore, Kerry, Daschle, Corzine, Mulkowski and Kofi Annan show a desire for political bipartisanship over Israeli survival, personal recognition over geopolitical reality.

My recurring nightmare is that one day, Joe Lieberman, Chuck Schumer, Diane Finestein, Barbara Boxer, Robert Wexler and Burt Aronson arrive at the Pearly Gates to see God. And they ask: “God, we gave so much as elected officials and still we could not save Israel. Why didn’t you help?” And God replied: “Who do you think sent George W. Bush?”

The Liberals use “Never Again” the way John Kerry uses his Purple Hearts, as a shield against closer inspection. The anti-Israeli attitudes of the Liberals and the anti-soldier attitudes of John Kerry will find no cover here. We, Republican Jews in America, did not ask to be Israel’s first line of defense. But we rise to the challenge that others shrink from.

So it’s a new day in Jerusalem. The wall is going up and suicide bombings are coming down. There will be no land for peace but only land for freedom.

It is no longer Israel that must explain why it should no longer exist. It’s Israel’s neighbors that must explain why they should exist as they do, despotic and poor.

And it’s a new day in America too. The front line on the war on terrorism has been moved from New York to Kabul, from Washington to Baghdad, from Pennsylvania to Bali. There will be no appeasing the terrorists.

And there will be no appeasing the appeasers. They can be pro Kerry or they can be pro Israel. But they can’t be both.

We, the Republican Jews in America, stand with patriotic Americans throughout our country. We stand with friends of freedom throughout the world. And mostly we stand with our “mishbucha” in Israel, strong supporters of President George W. Bush.

And when the others, the Liberal American Jews, rush to the microphone to pretend to speak on behalf on American Jews, we know what to say:



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But this bus, number 18, is different. The young woman getting on board is overdressed for this autumn morning. Her zipped up leather jacket contrasts with the sweaters or light jackets of the other passengers. The series of explosives in her vest are in this way hidden....
Thursday, 26 February 2004 12:00 AM
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