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The Essence of Hillary, California Dreamin' and China's Reward

Wednesday, 30 May 2001 12:00 AM

Let's compare one Al Sharpton with the Gold Star Mothers.

OK. We'll start with Al Sharpton. First, he's a liar. He has absolutely no compunction whatsoever about telling lies about facts and individuals in order to advance his own stature or agenda. Second, Al Sharpton is a deadly demagogue. He has encouraged, led and participated in demonstrations that have directly led to the deaths of innocent people and the destruction of private property. Al Sharpton is a race warlord and a civil rights clown.

Now, the Gold Star Mothers. I wrote about them earlier this week, on Memorial Day. Gold Star Mothers started in World War II. The name came from a gold star that would be posted in their window to signify that they had lost a son in combat fighting for his country.

Al Sharpton isn't worth the sweat off the brow of one Gold Star Mother.

Now, how does this all tie in to Hitlary Clinton? Well, during the past week or so The Hildebeast has had the opportunity to meet with both Al Sharpton and the Gold Star Mothers. Her choice revealed the true essence of this loathsome woman.

When the Gold Star Mothers made repeated requests for a pre-Memorial Day visit with Hillary, she declined. Not once, but several times. She simply did not care to met with these women who had lost sons serving in our military.

But When Al Sharpton, one of the few people in public life in this country more contemptible than Queen Hillary, went to prison to cool his heels for 90 days for trespassing on a U.S. military installation, Hillary was right there. Right there visiting Sharpton in prison and administering a great, photogenic bear hug.

So, the lesson? Hillary will pander to the black vote by visiting the cretin Al Sharpton in jail, but she won't honor mothers of servicemen killed in the line of duty with her presence – if only for a moment.

Oh. And she wants to be your president.

That's what California governor Gray Davis said yesterday when President Bush refused to impose federal price caps on power suppliers. Davis demanded that the federal government take action to reduce energy prices.

This after numerous reports say that the two problems with California's energy system are (1) a failure to build more power plants, thanks to environmental nutcases, and (2) Davis' failure to respond to the problems with state deregulation laws.

It's worth noting that Davis has been mentioned as a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2004. He desperately needs to raise his approval rating among Californians ... and picking a fight with Bush seems like a good idea. Price caps are politically attractive. Yes, they're economically BS – just call them political catnip.

Gray Davis knows his political future is tied to the outcome of California's energy crisis. He doesn't want a long-term solution. He wants a short-term Band-Aid to make himself look like the hero.

So typical of politicians. Screw things up with your faulty policies, then blame others for your stupidity and go running to the government for a handout.

What's the end result after China forces an American reconnaissance plane down and holds its crew as hostages? What's the end result after dissidents routinely disappear, religious freedoms are trampled, and Americans who travel to China are arrested and charged with spying?

They get their trading privileges extended for another year! George W. Bush renewed China's trade status yesterday.

So much for standing up to China.

Didn't we get dragged into a couple of world wars by continuing to appease the aggressors?

OK, you don't remember who he is. He's the education professor at Georgia State University who thinks that it is "wrongheaded" to believe that the purpose of our schools is to prepare our children for jobs or careers. You can review yesterday's column for more on this character.

I bring this up again because I wanted to share an e-mail I received from a listener. Evidently she found herself in a classroom with Deron Boyles – and it changed her life.

"I am twenty years old and a Junior attending Georgia State University. When I was twelve I decided I wanted to be a teacher. My major was Early Childhood Education. Fall Semester 2000 I changed my mind after attending one class.

"Mr. Deron Boyles was a guest in our classroom and I disagreed with everything he talked to the class about. When it came time for questions and/or comments I opened my big mouth. By the look on some of the other Students' faces only a few agreed with what I had to say and they chose not to speak up. Mr. Boyles and I argued over a book he wrote about business involvement in our public schools, and I remember him saying he might sound a bit like a communist because of some of his beliefs. This discussion with Mr. Boyles pissed me off to the point that once class was dismissed I marched my butt straight downstairs and immediately changed my major."

I don't want to print the rest of her letter – it might identify her. Suffice it to say that she is loving her new major and already working in her chosen field.

Maybe we need to get Deron Boyles to speak to more incoming education majors.

Now before we leave this, here's a link to a column I want you to read. Walter Williams really takes it to the schools of education, pointing out that these schools are generally homes to the professors with the lowest academic respect. The column is guaranteed to shock you. It might even be the "final straw" that causes you to yank your kid out of government schools. It looks like Williams has heard of Deron Boyles. (http://www.townhall.com/columnists/walterwilliams/ww20010530.shtml)

Now, this is a government school awards ceremony I could get to like.

For the last 10 years, the awards banquet at Gustine Middle School in Gustine, California, has honored eighth-graders who excelled in academics and sports ... and given the underachievers a not-so-subtle kick in the pants. During this year's banquet, teachers gave about 30 students certificates for lying, failing to turn in homework, trying to con teachers, being chronically late, and getting Ds.

That's not all. The coordinator of a class for students with learning disabilities gave her students "high school preparedness kits" containing Q-tips to clean out their ears (so they can pay attention in class) and Kleenex for high school teachers who might get a little teary if the students don't learn.

This tradition of ridiculing the underachievers, naturally, is hurting some feelings. One family is demanding a public apology from school administrators after their daughter received a "high school preparedness kit." They say it hurts students' self-esteem, especially when the students receiving these mock awards are in special-ed classes. One parent said it was a bad idea to make fun of students who could snap, Columbine-style.

Aww, poor babies!

All you thin-skinned parents out there who think your kid is a little angel should sit up and realize that the best way to boost your kids' self-esteem is to get them to perform better in school. Your parental obligation to educate your child does not end when you drop the little rug rat off at school. Hands-free parenting doesn't work.

Maybe there wouldn't be so many underachievers in our society if we subjected them to public ridicule, and I'm just the guy to do it. Then again, someone has to cook the fries.

Want to take a look at the female-in-the-presence-of-Bill Clinton mind at work? Read this excerpt from a disgusting piece in the Times of London. The writer was at a Clinton event and desperately tried to shake hands with him:

"There's no doubt that he has the magic, does Bill Clinton. It's nothing to do with high office. He's the first President I voted for; I believed the Man from Hope and then, as scandals unfolded and lies were told and the office of the President sullied, I was angry and disappointed. But somehow, once I was in the same room with him, I was more disappointed when my attempt to get closer was halted by a secret service agent's quiet 'Ma'am?' in my ear.

"Did I want to shake his hand? Alas, yes, I did; and alas, no, I didn't get to. He shimmered out of my reach, glamorous, untouchable, handsome, appealing.

"I wish I wasn't so sorry I missed my chance. But hell, you know, I am."

This, my friends, was the mindset of all-too-many American female voters when they voted for this rapist and sociopath in '92 and '96. As I've said before, maybe the founding fathers had the right idea.

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Let's compare one Al Sharpton with the Gold Star Mothers. OK. We'll start with Al Sharpton.First, he's a liar.He has absolutely no compunction whatsoever about telling lies about facts and individuals in order to advance his own stature or agenda.Second, Al Sharpton is a...
Wednesday, 30 May 2001 12:00 AM
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