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The Democrats' 'Old Oak Tree'

Thursday, 14 November 2002 12:00 AM

As an ankle-biter growing up on the frozen wind-swept tundra of rural North Dakota some four decades ago, it seemed as though the NPL (initials of ND Dems) had purpose. Agree or disagree, it was seen as the party that stood for the "little guy."

Farms were still small then and workers weren't as well organized. The GOP suffered from a perceived "country club" atmosphere.

Though overtly anti-war, the Dems led us into three big ones in a row: WWII, Korea and Vietnam ... a moral conundrum from their perspective, no doubt.

Often religious, Catholic at that, often working class. I recall President John F. Kennedy's impassioned plea to Congress for a business tax cut to spur the economy.

Here's a snapshot of the Democratic Party circa 2002. Yep! They're "fighting" for us.

"Fighting" for a woman's right to abortions on demand, performed at taxpayers' expense.

"Fighting" against religion and prayer in the public square.

"Fighting" against big business, the same guys JFK wanted to encourage through tax cuts.

"Fighting" for the "rich" to pay their fair share ... oh, by the way, you're "rich" if your total family income is $70,000 a year or more. Even if you only make $27,500, you're in the upper half and this group pays 95.5 percent of all income taxes. Did you know you were under-taxed? Nope, me neither.

"Fighting" for equal outcomes, versus equal opportunity.

"Fighting" for special group rights for homosexuals. In essence, reward same-sex relationships with special incentives from government and industry, which encourage the behavior.

"Fighting" for moral equivalency of all groups. In essence, allowing same sexes to marry and redefining the family as any two consenting adults (when will it be any three or ...?).

"Fighting" for a socialist and redistributionist Keynesian economic structure that has never heard of a government program it didn't like.

"Fighting" for the environment. Setting aside man's mastery of the environment and engaging in "save the planet" and "global warming" hysteria.

"Fighting to build the welfare state ... the more people on the government dole, the better.

"Fighting" against American unilateralism and for U.N. multilateralism.

"Fighting" against the melting pot and for diversity and multiculturalism à la groupthink politics.

Notice the message is that most of the "fight" is couched in the negative,

Which brings me to the profound nugget given by Pastor Ensrud last Sunday morning. He spun the yarn of the "Old Oak Tree." The tree was reliable, sturdy, solid, big and seemingly impregnable. Over the past century, couples have carved their initials in it, cuddled underneath it and shaded themselves under this ancient oak's leaves.

But alas, our beautiful tree had a "cancer" in it … a disease that couldn't be viewed from the outside, until it was too late. With the autumn winds, the giant branches began to come down one after another until on one particular Tuesday, a wicked nor'easter came through and knocked it down altogether. Few saw it coming. I guess the end must be hard to see when that big old oak seemed as though it would always stand proud.

The cancer in today's Democratic Party is that of secular humanism.

The cancer is the belief that church and state separation should be elevated to all state, no church.

The cancer is the belief that man created God, not the reverse.

The cancer is the deep belief in the essential goodness of mankind that, left to our own, we evolve upward. These "wiser than we" political masters aren't buying "original sin" or any devolution of man's ways whatsoever.

This has happened in such swift order that many of the party faithful are either in denial or just plain unaware of the speed and tempo of their party's decline.

Is there a tree doctor in the house? One that sports a blue collar, carries a lunchbox ... to a JOB? One that goes to church and is married with kids ... married, that is, to a member of the opposite sex? If so, you're needed in surgery immediately, doctor. The patient is on life support and the prognosis is ... well, he needs attention, doc.

Have a blessed day.

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As an ankle-biter growing up on the frozen wind-swept tundra of rural North Dakota some four decades ago, it seemed as though the NPL (initials of ND Dems) had purpose.Agree or disagree, it was seen as the party that stood for the "little guy." Farms were still small...
Thursday, 14 November 2002 12:00 AM
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