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The Democratic Party Platform: Hate Bush

Tuesday, 24 February 2004 12:00 AM

What is motivating the Democrats is not the economy or the war in Iraq but nothing other than sheer and irrational hatred of President Bush says John Podhoretz, author of

In an exclusive interview with NewsMax.com, Podhoretz tackled what he believes will be the Democrat’s strategy in their all out effort to defeat the President in November.

He cited the non-issue of the President’s now well-documented service in the National Guard as one example.

"I think that the issue is part of the way in which the crazy liberal assaults on Bush which have been bubbling around in the swamps of anti-Bush madness, and ended up ultimately in the mouth of Michael Moore. It’s a prime example of how the insane Bush hatred has made it from the fever swamps of the left into the mainstream."

The idea that that everything is wrong about somebody who served in the National Guard and got an honorable discharge is born out of nothing less than hatred, Podhoretz charged. "It’s distasteful that even something as non-controversial as his service in the Guard should become the object of smears, of conspiracy theorizing and

Even more outrageous, he added are claims that Bush committed crimes that are punishable by death. "Michael Moore said that he was a deserter – that’s a crime punishable by death in the time of war, and Al Gore basically accused him of treason, which is also a crime punishable by death.

"There you have what is unbalanced, unhinged hatred of Bush bubbling up and becoming part of the general discussion."

Tragically, he says, the political strategy driving the issue has been partly successful for the last few weeks. "It’s clearly thrown the White House on the defensive. As a political tactic you could say that it’s the first successful one that Terry McAuliffe has ever been involved with.

"Lets us presume for the sake of argument that he did not serve in the National guard heroically. The standard now is that in the liberal political culture that once presumed that it was morally superior to have evaded service in Vietnam because the war was unjust, now expects a level of service in Vietnam that must only have been heroic in order to be legitimate.

"Which is like saying O.K., Bush was discharged honorably but what happened in Alabama? Why isn’t he in Alabama? And there’s John Kerry – look what he did. They have put themselves in a position of judging the degree and quality of Bush’s service, which is disgusting."

While accepting Kerry’s commendable record of service in Vietnam, however, Podhoretz said he feels justified in judging his conduct after the war which involved "libeling and defaming hundreds of thousands of American fighting men by accusing them of committing non-existent war crimes and atrocities. Whatever George Bush has done in his life, he has never gone around talking about his countrymen in such a repugnant way."

Podhoretz commented on John Edwards’ recent revival of the old canard that "Children are going to bed hungry" at a time when liberals are going around shrieking that there is an epidemic of obesity among America’s children.

"What you’re dealing with here is a partisan effort to portray America in the era of George W. Bush as a desperately bad place that requires leadership change to save it. It’s up to the voters to determine when they hear nonsense like that if it is nonsense.

"I find it hard to believe that in a country where the economy is growing by more than 4 percent annually, where the unemployment rate is below 6 percent when in recessions it was at 7 and 10 percent – that this economy resembles the economy in the great depression. I don’t think the voters are that stupid.

"If you take the economic realities of the U.S. – that we have a median income of $47,000 a year - what you need to do to combat those facts is to create the rhetorical conditions for making the claim that this is a bad situation.

"So what you try to do if you’re Edwards or Kerry is highlight economic uncertainties – so there’s some manufacturing jobs lost – so some jobs are being outsourced. You try to convince people that the manufacturing job loss is a catastrophe and that the outsourcing is only the beginning of the destruction of the job base here in America."

Podhoretz cited the current economic facts the Democrats have to counter.

Even the Democratic primary voters proved they aren’t stupid, he said. "They had this moment where had to make a choice whether not they were going to march themselves down the road into total destruction by picking Howard Dean as their nominee, and they woke up and said ‘no, we’re not.’"

"They are going to hammer him on the fiction that he hasn’t told the truth, which is why they are desperate for these reports about 9/11 and the intelligence failure to come out so they could pore through them looking for sentences where they can say see he looks like he’s strong but actually he was worse than weak.

The campaign, he predicts is going to get "very very ugly because of the Bush hatred I wrote about in the book. There’s going to be pressure from the Bush haters – malicious materials, rumors and stuff like that that is going to float to the surface and it’s going to be used against him."

Podhoretz concluded by warning his fellow conservatives who are unhappy with some of the Presidents policies and speaking out against him that they are doing the Democrat’s dirty work for them.


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What is motivating the Democrats is not the economy or the war in Iraq but nothing other than sheer and irrational hatred of President Bush says John Podhoretz, author of In an exclusive interview with NewsMax.com, Podhoretz tackled what he believes will be the Democrat's...
Tuesday, 24 February 2004 12:00 AM
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