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The Deanocratic Party

Tuesday, 14 December 2004 12:00 AM

The Democratic Party – or, rather, what the Democratic Party has become – rightly belongs to Dean.

Dean, more than any other Democrat of national prominence today, represents faithfully what the far left has turned this nation’s oldest political party into.

Those leftists, who have been plotting and working and waiting for this day for more than half a century, are entitled to a national Democratic chairman who reflects their ideology, and will labor day and night to serve their purposes.

If you don’t believe that you don’t believe in the democratic process.

So what’s all the fuss and feathers about Dean’s open candidacy for the chairmanship when the Democratic National Committee convenes early next year to select a replacement for Terry McAuliffe, who has led the party to defeat after defeat after defeat?

Already, outspoken fellow leftists are slamming McAuliffe as not only a congenital loser but also a –

While we’re at it, let’s not refer to as liberals those radicals who now possess the heart and soul of what was once the Democratic Party. They have moved far, far beyond anyone’s definition of liberalism.

They have transmogrified into today’s neo-reactionary radicals, striving frantically to turn this nation back to a make-believe Marxist paradise that never existed anywhere but in their embittered minds.

And now they own the Democratic Party, make no mistake.

Why then all this furrowed-brow pondering going on in the left-elitist press about whether the party should move to the left or move to the right if it’s ever to win another presidential or congressional election?

That decision’s already been made. The party is going to remain hard a’port. The radicals aren’t about to turn it over to anyone with an ounce of common sense.

Howard Dean is their poster boy. He knows it, and he’s demanding his due.

Is there anyone else the Democrats have who can post a valid claim to the party chairmanship?

Where is there a Democrat of any consequence or believability who is calling for a return to something even resembling political sanity?

No nominal Democrat in the American political mainstream wants to try to steer a self-destructed party controlled by radical loonies.

Howard Dean is the only national figure ideologically, emotionally and mentally equipped to step into the leading role in a remake of “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.”

It’s amusing to hear disgruntled Democrats carping that the reason they lost the 2004, 2002 and 2000 elections is that they couldn’t get their message or their values across. Good grief! They were in possession of every megaphone known to modern man and, in their most-recent debacle, out-raised and out-spent their Republican opponents.

Their problem was that they got their message out only too well, that the American electorate understood exactly what their values were.

Joe Trippi, who conceived Howard Dean’s astonishing campaign, wrote a fascinating piece for the Wall Street Journal on Nov. 30 reviewing the “staggering defeat of the Democratic Party and its ever-accelerating death spiral.”

Had it not been for Dean’s “Internet-driven, small-donor fund-raising and a corresponding surge in support from the youngest voters,” he wrote, “John Kerry would have suffered a dramatically larger defeat.

“ … Democrats are on the brink of becoming a permanent minority party.”

The problem for Democrats, Trippi wrote, “is that they’re doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. That’s the definition of insanity.”

He’s right. But he’s also wrong when he sees “the same thing over and over again” as being “moderate, moderate, moderate.”

What he and other Dean ideologues see as being moderate is what most Americans see as being uncomfortably to their left. What Trippi and Dean regard as their recipe for winning elections is a form of radicalism that scares the pants off most people who elect most people to public office.

That is why George W. Bush received more votes than any other presidential candidate in American history.

Trippi and Dean believe with conviction that if only the Democratic Party were to recruit more young voters a Dean-type Democrat could win. They believe this because they have bought their own ideology.

What they ignore, or more likely simply cannot see because of their doctrinaire blinkers, is that the youth of this country, like just about every other segment of the population, is shifting inexorably toward the right – not the left – of center.

Instead of rescuing the Democratic Party, which is what Trippi argues he wants to do, a stronger dose of Howard Dean would drive it only deeper into obsolescence.

If Trippi and Dean would only take a good, hard look at the Democratic Party they would see that what they call moderate is what most Americans call over the left-field fence.

After more than half a century of writhing and slithering in that direction, the national Democratic Party is now fully committed as America’s left-radical party. That is what its genuine value system has become.

There it reels, amid its own wreckage.

There looms Howard Dean, on the burning deck.

Republicans who are rubbing their hands in glee at the prospects of a DNC Chairman Dean plunging the Democratic Party off the road and into the dismal swamp of political demise are making a serious mistake.

This is no occasion for Republicans to loll around, smirking at the opposition’s misfortune.

Howard Dean and friends have no intention of sitting on their hands. They’re going to work, and Republicans would be well advised to do the same, only more so.

The opportunity is there for Republicans to open wide their doors (and their minds) to voters who couldn’t stomach where the radicals were steering the Democratic Party.

Those Americans want what Republicans want – leadership to which they, along with most Americans, may look to with confidence and pride.

Especially after so many of them gave George W. Bush their support this year, they deserve a lot better than just another alternative to a Deanocratic Party.


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The Democratic Party - or, rather, what the Democratic Party has become - rightly belongs to Dean. Dean, more than any other Democrat of national prominence today, represents faithfully what the far left has turned this nation's oldest political party into. Those...
Tuesday, 14 December 2004 12:00 AM
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